F_ _ _ Me Runnin'

Alternative Ending:

The next day...

Amy's house was located in the sub-urban, boondock-like area of Station Square. Amy's bedroom walls were colored a bright burgundy color, her ceiling was a hot pink color, pictures of her and her friends hung around the walls, her shelf was decorated with pictures of her and Sonic when they started dating, that special bracelet she made for him that one time at the beach, and a suspicious VHS tape with no labels on it.

Amy and Sonic were fast asleep in her bed, their heads on light blue pillows, under a red blanket, both facing each other, both having their arm over the other.

Soon an alarm radio was heard, slowly waking them both up as the song "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi was playing. Both of their eyes locked in each other as the song continued.

"An appropriate song, wouldn't you say?" Sonic said, not breaking the stare between them.

Amy giggled as she kissed him on the nose, then turned around to turn off the radio. Afterwards she landed back on the bed.

"Mmm..." She sighed, as she looked up at the blue hedgehog, "Last night was... Ooh!... I'm still tingly just thinking about it."

"You know, I want to take back what I said yesterday afternoon..." Sonic said.

"Huh?" Amy asked in confusion.

"Yeah. That run with you last night was the best ever, period!" Sonic replied, causing Amy to giggle.

They would have continued to reminisce about last night, but then Amy's phone started to ring.

"Oh..." She said in annoyance, "I guess I better answer it."

She got up out of her bed, still nude, grabbed a pink robe that was hung up next to her, and went over to answer her phone.

Before she left the room, however, she felt a swift spank at her rear. She turned around to see that Sonic was still in her bed, with a mischievous grin on his face. She snickered as she put two and two together, figuring out what he did.

She soon entered her living room and answered the phone.

"Hello?" She said once she picked up the phone.

"Amy, are you there?"

"Oh, good morning, Tails." Amy said, recognizing the voice on the other end of the phone, "Is everything okay? You sound like you're in a panic."

"Never mind that, is Sonic there with you?" Tails asked.

"Well, yeah... but what's the emergency?" She said, wondering what was going on.

Sonic soon exited Amy's bathroom after washing his mouth out with Listerine.

"Are you sure?" He heard Amy say over the phone, "Well, okay, I'll put him on." Amy soon entered the bedroom with the cordless phone in her hand. "Uh, Sonic..." She said to Sonic, "Tails wants to talk with you."

"Huh..." Sonic said, as Amy handed him the phone, "I wonder why he's callin' so early for..."

"Yo, Tails, what's up?" Sonic said on the phone to his best bud.

"Sonic, we've got an emergency on our hands!" Tails said, "We've got another alien invasion on our hands!"

"Wait, what?" Sonic said, wondering what the heck his two-tailed pal was talking about, "How'd ya figured? I mean, isn't Cosmo the only alien you're interested in?"

"Sonic, I'm serious!" Tails said, getting a little annoyed.

"Chill, bud, I'm just kiddin'." Sonic said, "But, seriously though, how can you be sure an invasion is going to happen?"

"Because, there's been an unknown crop circle sighting near the city." Tails answered.

"What?!" Sonic asked, "Wait, are you sure it's aliens? I mean, crop circles alone don't really prove anything. For all we know, it could be just a bunch of pranksters."

"Oh, yeah! Well, near the crop circles, they found a red dress and a pair of white panties. Is that proof enough for you?!" Tails said.

Sonic was in shock when he heard this. "A... A red dress, you said." He said, figuring out what was going on. Amy blushed when she was listening in on their conversation. "Listen Tails, trust me when I say this, this wasn't the work of aliens."

"What? How can you be so sure about that?" Tails asked in confusion.

"Dude, just trust me, okay." Sonic simply said, "Look, we'll see you later, okay."

With that, he hung up the phone, leaving his friend confused with the message he left. He then turned to Amy who had a stern look on her face.

"Sonic, during our 'ahem' "little run", did you happen to do something to that cornfield?..." Amy asked.

"Well..." Sonic vaguely started.

"Sonic..." Amy said, with faux anger in her voice.

"Oh, all right. I was saving this for a surprise, but since you asked..." Sonic said, as he went into the living room and turned on Amy's computer.

He soon accessed Google Maps and entered the satellite view to that same farmhouse where they had their "fun" last night.

The image showed the cornfield littered with weird squiggles, courtesy of their run/sex.

"Sonic, what, uh, what is it that you're showing me?" Amy asked, confused at what she's looking at.

"Huh?" Sonic said, as he looked at the image as well, "Ah, damn! It's been shot upside down. Hang on..."

He saved the picture, opened up Adobe Photoshop, and opened the image he recently saved. He entered the Free Transform option and turned the image upside down.

As Amy saw the image, she gasped as she saw the hidden message that Sonic had written in the cornfield.

A message in script writing that simply said: Will you marry me?

Amy looked at the blue hedgehog, as he was out of the chair, got down to a knee, and held a gorgeous blue diamond ring towards her.

"Well, Amy?" He said, as he looked in her emerald green eyes.

Tears were building up in her eyes once again, only this time, she let them fall down on her face. After what had to be an unbelievable night of passion, she didn't think there was anything Sonic could do to surprise her. Once again, the pink hedgehog underestimated the craftiness of her boy -- no -- her fiancée.

"Yes. Yes, Yes! Of Course, I'll Marry You!" Amy said, as she began to cry and embrace Sonic in a loving hug.

"Oh, thank you, Amy!" Sonic said, who was almost on the verge of crying himself.

"It looks like our "If and When" moment..." Amy said, with sobs in between, "...just became our "Here and Now" moment."

"And there's no one else I'd rather share this moment with than with you..." Sonic said, as tears started to run down his cheek, "I love you, Amy Rose."

"Oh, Sonic the Hedgehog, I love you, too." Amy responded as the blue and pink hedgehogs embraced each other in a deep, sensual kiss.

The End... Again

Author's Note: Well, there you have it, my first crack the M rated Sonic Fan Fic. You know, doing this, I feel, I don't know... well maybe a litlle dirty, but more... inspired to do more... Well... I guess we'll just wait and see what happens next. Until then I'm Angel C. and... well... just wait and see...