A Valentine Carol

Author: MoonStarDutchess

Chapter 6: Love

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"I can't believe you don't know where he lives! Don't you drive him around?" Raven muttered as she tapped her nails against the handle on the passenger side door.

"No, not since he moved into his house. Riza usually does it or he drives himself, and what do you mean you can't believe I don't know where he lives? You are practically his sister. He's never invited any of you to his house?"

"Of course he has! I just never felt the need to pay attention to the way he went. I want to be a supermodel Havoc, I don't need to learn directions," she said.

Havoc drove up behind and car and waited. For it being so early in the morning, traffic certainly was busy. Dawn was peaking over the horizon and the city was slowly being illuminated with orange, yellow and red hues.

A cop came over to the car and Havoc rolled down his window.

"Hey, Bill, what's going on?"

"Morning Havoc, you certainly are up early. I suggest you turn around and drive home. There was a crash at the lights," he said, "things probably won't be clear for a couple hours."

"I see, thank you," he said. "We will go home."

"No problem, you have a nice day," he said and walked away.

Havoc carefully turned the car around and began the drive back to Madam Christmas's place.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" Vanessa yelled from the back seat and hugged Raven, throwing her arms around the seat and getting her around the neck. She did the same for Havoc then turned and gave Breda a hug as well, lingering a bit longer than she normally would while giving a hug.

"It's been Valentine's Day since midnight," Raven said.

"Not to me. It's not day until the sun rises. The sun is rising so for me it is officially Valentine's Day."

"So what are you plans?" Havoc said.

Vanessa sighed. "Sadly, I don't have any. I guess I'll stay at home with my ice cream and romance movie."

"Um…" Breda started, "You wouldn't want to go…I mean, would you like to perhaps go out to dinner?"

Vanessa's face lit up at the offer. "Really? Like on a date? A real date?"

"Yeah," he said.

"I can't believe this," Havoc said to himself. He was in awe that Breda of all people, asked a girl as beautiful as Vanessa out on a date.

"YAY! I've been waiting for you to ask me out!" she exclaimed and tackled him. He fell back against the seat and chuckled.

"Okay you two; don't do anything in the backseat. Havoc and I would like to keep our stomachs stable," Raven said. She glanced over at Havoc. "Don't even think about asking me out."

"Don't worry, you aren't my type?"

"Too pretty?" she questioned.

"Too calm," he said. "I go in for the raging harpy type."

"I see," she said with a laugh. "Never would have thought it."

"A year ago, I wouldn't have either," he replied, thinking about Rebecca. He really needed to get his act together and ask her out.

"So I guess my plan is a no go," Raven said with a sigh.

"Perhaps tonight's circumstances were fate's way of telling us not to interfere with its course," Vanessa said, earning odd looks from everyone in the car. She coughed and turned to Breda with a large smile, starting a conversation with him happily.


When they arrived all of them were surprised to find that Madam Christmas was awake with a bewildered expression on her face. She sat on a barstool, curlers in her hair and her nightgown still covering her large body. A large bouquet of flowers rested on her lap and beside her on the bar, sat a pile of other flowers.

Vanessa and Raven rushed over to their, "mother" and shook her lightly.

"Are you all right? Christmas! Snap out of it," Raven said.

The older woman smiled pleasantly, something that terrified Raven and Vanessa. Whatever happened had to be pretty damn good to illicit such a response from Madam Christmas. "Go pass those flowers out to the girls," she said, "their names are on the cards."

"What? But…who are they from?"

"Roy," Christmas answered.

"What!" Raven and Vanessa exclaimed. "Why did Roy give us flowers?"

"He said that he loves us all and wishes us a happy Valentine's Day," Christmas replied, in a tone that displayed an overjoyed disbelief.

"But Roy doesn't believe in—"

"Something changed," Christmas interrupted. "He's different now. It's so strange."

"Where is he now?"

Christmas stood and went behind the bar to put her flowers in a vase of water. "Riza's apartment," she said.

This caused the other occupants in the room to smile widely.

"Finally, he's come to his senses," Havoc said.

"Vanessa, Raven, go wake the girls. We have to get Roy and Riza a nice dinner room ready. I think he's going to bring her here tonight."

"Right," the two women said, gathering the flowers. Vanessa skipped over to Breda gave him a quick kiss on the lips, which caused him to blush lightly. "See you tonight right?"

Breda nodded and watched as Vanessa and Raven rushed up the stairs.

The two men said their goodbyes to Madam Christmas and made their way out to the car.

"I have a good feeling about you and Vanessa," Havoc said honestly.

"Yeah," Breda said with a grin. "Now, you need to get your ass in gear. Rebecca isn't going to wait forever."


Roy knocked at the door to Riza's apartment then tapped his foot as he waited for someone to answer it. As soon as he'd left his house, he'd gone down to the old flower woman's stand and bought all the bouquets he had left. He made sure to get all the girls at Christmas's place and save the most beautiful bouquet for Riza.. He knew that Riza had friends over the previous night but wasn't sure if they were still there. If they were then he knew that they would already be awake. Every one of them was early risers. He hoped they wouldn't interfere in what he set out to do.

The door opened and revealed Maria Ross. He watched as a surprised look crossed her face, followed by a huge smiled, when she saw the flowers in his grasp. He inwardly thanked whatever god that was up there that it hadn't been Rebecca; otherwise, he might have gotten the door slammed in his face.

"Where's Riza?" Roy questioned.

Maria smiled softly at him. "Kitchen," she said stepping out of the way to let him in. She knew that look on a man. Roy was determined to tell Riza something and she knew exactly what that something was. There was no way she was going to stand in his way.

She shut the door behind her quickly and rushed into the kitchen.

Riza and the other women turned toward the door when they heard footsteps that were obviously not Maria's. They were all shocked when Roy Mustang walked in and up to Riza. He stared at her a moment before pulling her into his arms, much to her shock, and leaned down to kiss her passionately.

Riza's eyes widened at first but then they closed and her arms wrapped around his neck, kissing him back. This was something she'd always wanted, and his lips felt so warm and gentle against hers. She didn't care who was watching them, she wasn't going to pass this up, and she wasn't going to push him away.

Maria tapped Rebecca on the elbow and motioned toward the door. Rebecca smiled and got Scieszka and Winry's attention as well. They all slowly made their way out of the kitchen, gathered the things they had in the living room, and left the apartment. Obviously, Roy and Riza needed to be alone and the fact they needed such make them all so happy.

Roy pulled away from the kiss begrudgingly. He wanted to kiss her forever; he wanted all of her for the rest of his life.

"Why…what...?" Riza stuttered, not sure what to say. Of course, she was happy about the kiss but after the things he said yesterday, the fact he did such a thing confused her greatly.

"When I was injured that night at the fuehrer's mansion, you whispered something to me. What was it?" he questioned.

She was surprised at the question. "How did you know that I did that? You were unconscious."

"Answer me," he said.

She looked down at the ground. "I said that," she looked up at him. "I said that I loved you."

"That's what I thought," he said. He paused and took in her appeared before smiling and speaking once more. "You know what?"


"I love you too," he said. "More than anything in this world. More than I ever loved anything else." Roy pulled her tighter against him, taking in her comforting smell and the way complete comfort came to him as she stood in his embrace.

Riza couldn't believe what he said. He loved her? She knew he wouldn't lie and even if she didn't know such a thing she could see his feelings for her though his gaze. "But you said you couldn't love. You said I wasn't your type. I don't understand"

"I don't have a type, and things changed on the love opinion," he said.

"How does that change overnight," she questioned.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," he replied.

"Try me." Roy started to open his mouth to tell the story but found two of her fingers covering his lips. "Later," she whispered, moving her lips closer to his.

He closed the distance between them, never wanting to ever let her go again. He made a vow that he would tell her and show her every day how much he loved her.

He didn't see the three ghosts standing there watching them, before they faded out into the realm where the passed resided, until their loved ones needed help once more.

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