A/N- IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ!!! I need to make a note about my perception of the Castlevania timeline. First, let me note that in the booklet for Symphony of the Night, it notes that Alucard is estimated to be at least 400 years old. In the game, Richter mentions that Alucard fought alongside Trevor at least 300 years ago. Okay, so we all know that. But, I've been watching the storylines for the characters in Castlevania: Judgment. At one point, they make a reference to Lisa's execution…not by name, but we all know who they meant. I'm disregarding that reference. I'm also saying that Alucard was exactly 400 years old at the time of Symphony. These one-shots will go in chronological order, skipping some time here and there, but will be able to stand alone as well. They tell the life of Lisa Tepes…not from birth, but from a significant moment onward to her death. Also, this first one-shot takes place (according to the timeline I'm assigning these stories) in 1392. If my language doesn't quite fit the time, I apologize. Having not lived in 1392, it's hard. But I am trying. Okay, so that was a long author's note. I promise, my other notes won't be as long. Enjoy!

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Youth and Innocence: Scene One


Per se, Lisa was not an unusual child. However, her parents were a bit more lax with her upbringing than the parents of all the other fourteen year old girls of the village. She was obedient and well-mannered, and in reward for this, her parents gave her much more freedom than the parents of the other girls. Though not much.

She was allowed to leave their quaint home without chaperone, but she had to return before nightfall. And she was allowed to be apprenticed to the local midwife, Midwife Rochelle, although she was a year or two too young for such a responsibility. But Lisa loved to help people, and her parents did not want to suffocate such a Christian trait.

Lisa was also kept apart from most of the children of the village, especially the young boys. Her parents kept her away from the boys…but the village girls kept themselves from Lisa. The girls were only interested in what their parents told them to be interested in, whereas Lisa had her blossoming midwifery skills to think on. These thoughts were alien to the girls, so they gave Lisa a wide mark. The boys were harder to keep away, but her parents did a well enough job.

Lisa was already quite beautiful for her age. Her pale blonde hair fell down to her waist, and she often wore it only tied back by a simple ribbon. Her body was developing with slender curves and blooming…assets. And the boys clamored. But Lisa had no interest in any of them. Not Clarence or Roque or Arnold…nor any of the high-class sons of the semi-nobles that inhabited the village that begged for Lisa's kind eye to fall upon them as she gathered her herbs. Lisa was of a one-track mind at those moments. Gather the herbs. Heal the sick.

But her eye did stray, occasionally. She would see a group of the village girls—Melody, Lora, or Allison—playing with their hair and following at their parents heels, and she would sigh. Lisa had no friends to speak of, other than Midwife Rochelle, who was much older than she. Not even Imelda Walsh, the daughter of a man in very much the same social standing as Lisa's own father, cast an eye Lisa's way. In fact, Imelda—Lisa's own age, with braided, black hair and bright blue eyes—would often watch Lisa as though she feared her. And anytime the two girls accidently locked eyes, Imelda's would widen, and she would scurry out of sight. Imelda was the only other girl in the village allowed outside without her parents or a chaperone. So Lisa had no one, save her parents.

But it came about one day that Lisa was sent out by Madam Rochelle to gather a red-petal flower that would aid in the healing of one woman's cough. Lisa grabbed a basket she used just for such an occasion, nodded once, and headed off into the outskirts of the forest—where Madam Rochelle had said the flower could be found.

Lisa did not fear the forest, as some of the other villagers did. Some were superstitious worries, while others feared wild animals attacking. But she feared neither. God watched over her and would protect her. She was a healer of the sick, and she must show no fear.

She broke through the barrier of the forest, finding the little flowers almost instantly. She was careful to take only what was needed. A midwife also had knowledge of the garden, and she knew that the seeds from the flowers she left behind were needed so that they would bloom again next year. However, there was quite a nice carpet of the red flowers, so there was no real fear of a shortage.

Once her basket was half-full of the plants, she turned, ready to deliver the important herb back to her mistress. She paused, however, hearing something odd in the distance. She turned back, facing the depths of the forest. She could hear whispering. Lisa glanced worriedly back at the village, knowing she should not waste any time investigating a potentially dangerous thing. The woman needed her medicine. But Lisa was still a child, and curiosity got the best of her.

She held her precious basket close to her body and watched each step—careful to make as little noise as possible—as she made her way towards the mysterious whispering. She had gone a few feet farther into the forest when she paused. There, in a very small clearing, sat Imelda on a tiny boulder. Lisa hid behind a large tree trunk, crouching down and peering around.

In Imelda's hands was a tiny black and white kitten. She was whispering to it…not unkindly.

"It'll be okay, dear one. It won't hurt much longer," Imelda said.

Lisa's eyes narrowed, focusing on the scene. The kitten was lamed. Its poor little paw was bent around backwards, so that the pad of its foot was skyward. The kitten was mewling almost constantly. Lisa's heart went out to the creature for it must be in much pain. But such animals were usually killed by the adults, seen as useless and beyond help. But Imelda looked as if she had no intention of doing so.

Suddenly, Imelda stopped whispered. Her eyes closed slowly, and she began to rock back and forth, muttering in a language that Lisa didn't know. There was an odd noise, like the sound of bones crunching—Lisa had heard it once when one of the Midwife's patients had broken a bone. The kitten mewled louder than ever…then stopped. Then, the animal was purring. Imelda stopped her otherworldly chanting and smiled at the kitten. Lisa leaned forward a bit. Imelda sat the kitten down on the forest floor. The kitten's paw was completely healed!

Lisa gasped loudly right before she remembered that she was supposed to stay hidden. Imelda leapt off her boulder, staring wide-eyed at her. Lisa turned, grabbing her basket, and tried to run. However, her foot caught a tree root, her ankle twisted, and she cried out, falling to the ground. Imelda was over her in a second.

"Please!" Lisa said, putting her hand up. "Don't--!"

But Imelda ignored her, bending down over her ankle. She began to chant, not rocking this time, her hands wrapped around the wounded area. Within seconds, the shooting pain Lisa was feeling disappeared. Imelda stepped back, looking timidly away as Lisa tested her foot on the ground. Finding no pain when she applied pressure, she stood. Then, she looked at Imelda.

"You're a witch," she said.

Imelda nodded. Then, she looked worried. "Please, Lisa! Please don't tell! I don't do anything bad! I only heal…like you! Only, I heal the things you can't. I've never done any harmful spell, I promise!"

Lisa looked down at the kitten, who was rubbing against Imelda's leg and still purring. Her eyes then turned towards her own ankle, perfectly healed.

"You really only use your…magic for good?" Lisa asked.

Imelda nodded quickly.

Lisa crossed her arms in front of her. She knew what would happen if she told her parents…or anyone in the village. She was sure Imelda knew as well. Death by a purifying fire. She looked at Imelda, who looked near tears. She sighed.

"Swear to me that you use it only for good. For healing," Lisa said hesitantly.

"In the name of Our Lord Christ, I swear it, Lisa! Please, don't tell!" Imelda said quickly, making the sign of the cross over her body.

Lisa smiled, picking up her basket. "I have seen evidence that you are a…good witch. I'll keep your secret. Would you--?"

But Lisa paused, looking away and muttering, "nevermind." Imelda's brow raised.

"What?" she asked.

"It's nothing. I'm sure you won't want to."

Imelda crossed her arms impatiently. "You're saving my life and endangering yours by keeping my secret. Let me help you in anyway possible. What is it?"

Lisa blushed. "It's just…would you like to walk with me…back to the village?"

Imelda's eyes widened again, and Lisa's blush deepened.

"Never—" but Lisa was cut off.

"Yes, I'll walk with you. Happily," Imelda said, hooking her arm around Lisa's.

Lisa blinked a few times. Then, she smiled. The two girls made their way back to the village, making slow conversation.

End Notes: Okay, so here's the first one-shot. I know it feels a little…random, but it has a purpose. I promise. The length of these one-shots will vary, I think. Some may be shorter than others. Also, I use "midwife" but obviously she's just the town healer. And, one final note, I have names for Lisa's parents, they will just come up later. Please review!