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Prologue: "My Soul's Been Broken…"

Sephiroth was worried. Why hadn't his friend answered his phone? Why hadn't he answered the door? Was he sick again? Was he alright? …What if he wasn't?

Sephiroth banged harder on the door. Still no answer. Damn it, where are you?

He couldn't wait any longer; the anxiety was tearing at him from inside out. There was only one way to enter since the apartment's occupant had changed the entry code. Sephiroth equipped a Thundara materia to his armlet. He stood back, cast the spell, BOOM! Sparks of electricity buzzed and crackled on the now half-open door and the fried control panel. No time to worry over that…

Sephiroth shrugged passed the door. No lights were on in the entire apartment, but no matter; Sephiroth could see in the dark almost as good as in the light. He checked the bedroom first. That was the room his friend had attempted something stupid the last time. Nothing. Passed the living room, passed the extra bathroom, passed the balcony, (Thank Gaia—odd as it may sound—nothing was there or under it), the guest room was empty. Only one place left--

A sudden noise made Sephiroth jump a little. It wasn't very loud, but it did definitely catch his attention. He paused and listened. A few seconds passed and he heard it again: sounded like…shuffling? From the kitchen. Sephiroth wasted no time in hurrying over, albeit as quietly as possible.

A faint silhouette seemed hunched over by the sink, back turned to the general. No, it was clutching it for support. Alarm bells went off in Sephiroth's head; however he tried with everything in him to stay calm. He flicked on the light.

The figure spun around as soon as light filled the kitchen. The sight wasn't pretty: dark circles under the once sparkling blues eyes; clothing, once worn with pride and individuality, was now wrinkled, tattered, uncared-for; posture slouched and weary. The subject in question half-faced his friend, arms gripping the counter lest his weak legs gave out.

"What are you doing here?" his fatigued voice demanded weakly. "Go away; leave me alone." his voice was raspy, but tried to sound threatening. Sephiroth was certain now something was amiss.

"Genesis…" he said gently, easing his way closer. "What--?"

"Get away!" the SOLDIER snapped almost hysterically. He stumbled, but caught himself once again. A fairly-sized kitchen knife slipped onto the tile floor. The detail about it that disturbed—no, panicked—Sephiroth was that it had blood all over it. Oh, no. Not again!

"What did you do?" the general's voice dropped an octave, worry and anger laced in his tone.

"Get out! G-Go away!" Sephiroth ignored these demands. He steadily and quickly covered the short distance between them, but Genesis had recovered the knife. He didn't threaten his friend with it, but rather held it close to him as if it were a lifeline. "Leave me alone, Sephiroth! I'm warning you, get away from me!"

"Give me the knife, Genesis," Sephiroth calmly ordered, insistently holding out his hand.

"No! Leave…leave me al-alone!" Genesis backed away ever more. Blood dripped from his sleeves and made faint pfft sounds on the floor. Sephiroth advanced, though tried not to appear threatening.

"Just give it to me. I'm not going to--"

"Genesis!" both SOLDIERs snapped their gazes towards the kitchen door. Their old friend, Angeal, burst through a split second later, but froze upon seeing the sight before him. "Gaia, no."

"Genesis," Sephiroth continued, and they met eyes again. His voice was now soft, almost pleading. "Listen to me. There's no need for this. Just hand over the knife and we'll--"

"No!" a bare hand gripped the blade harder, causing a trail of blood to trickle down the already-stained steel. "You don't understand. You wouldn't understand. Just go away, both of you! Let me be!"

"You're bleeding to death," Angeal reasoned, unnoticeably working his way around the other end of the kitchen.

"That's the idea."

Sephiroth held his hands up a little as he advanced slower, sneaking quick glances at Angeal over Genesis's shoulder. "There are other ways to deal with this."

"Easy for you to say."

"Let's just talk, alright? We can work this out."

"No! No more talking! There's nothing left to say!" the copper-haired commander backed away even more, but was running out of places to go. Genesis knew this, and now he held the knife in a fist, blade down—as a stabbing weapon in obvious warning. "Get away from me. I don't want to hurt you, Sephiroth, but if you make me--"

"Put. The knife. Down." Genesis tried to stifle a flinch as Sephiroth's words turned cold and harsh. Nonetheless, he shook his head and held it close to his throat. "Don't, Genesis."

"If you want to watch, you can't say I didn't warn you."


Genesis couldn't make another move, for the brawnier SOLDIER quickly grabbed him from behind, locking his arms around the smaller male's body and pinning his arms down. Genesis struggled and fought, but his strength was clearly wavering. This was Sephiroth's cue.

The SOLDIER general immediately grabbed the bloody hand gripping the knife in attempt to pry the blade from already-clammy fingers. But the harder Sephiroth tried, the tighter Genesis held. His other hand worked between trying to shove Angeal off and push Sephiroth away, but the general took his free hand in his own. "Drop it. Now."

"Get…away…from me!"

There was a quick flick of the wrist. Then some blood. Not much, but clearly noticeable. The eight-inch kitchen knife now stuck in the wall by the window above the sink.

"Seph, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Angeal. Help me get him to the bedroom."

"Fuck…no!" again, Genesis fought and kicked and screamed as Angeal easily scooped him in his arms while Sephiroth held his profusely-bleeding wrists in a grip that could have broken an average person's bones.

Upon reaching the master bedroom, the two stronger SOLDIERs immediately set Genesis down on the large bed. Despite the blood loss, said commander was still putting up a fierce fight; Sephiroth had to practically lie on top of him while he ordered Angeal to fetch some insulin Tranquilizers (prompting another violent thrashing from Genesis).

Consoling words fell on deaf ears as Genesis thrashed the more Sephiroth tried to calm him, his hands loosing their grip on smaller wrists due to all the blood. "Listen," he muttered. "Calm down. We're trying to help you."

"You want to help? Go away!"

"We can't do that; you're our friend and we care about you."

"I don't…care!"

"I'm sorry about what happened, but this…isn't…the answer!"

"Shut up! You're one to talk; you got the easiest part of the whole ordeal!" this made Sephiroth freeze. Truth be told, as much as he hated to admit it, Genesis was indeed right. Sephiroth did have the easiest part of the emotional struggle that's been going on for the passed few months. As if to further remind him, a faint movement between their pressed stomachs made the general's eyes burn. This was his fault.

A single drop of blood from the mild lesion on Sephiroth's cheek dropped and landed ironically on Genesis's own, as if compensating for the tears Sephiroth wouldn't permit to fall.

Sephiroth let go of one of Genesis's wrists to run the back of his fingers over a flushed cheek, leaving a faint red trail. Genesis made no further struggle as he did so. "I'm sorry." The slightly smaller SOLDIER merely turned his gaze away. A single tear dropped onto the pillow beneath him.

The sound of Angeal's heavy boots broke the silence that seemed to stretch on forever. Neither Sephiroth nor Genesis moved until their friend's voice spoke up, "Seph, I've got it." But the general made no sign as Angeal took one of the now-motionless Genesis's arms to administer the Tranquilizer. The only change that seemed to take place was that Genesis's fierce eyes now became serene and somewhat glazed before eventually sliding shut. Sephiroth at last sat up, but kept his ever sad gaze on his smaller friend.

"Seph," No reply. "Seph," the general slowly met Angeal's eyes. Said SOLDIER held out a few rolls of gauze, cotton wrap, and medical tape. "I figured we might need these."

Sephiroth just silently nodded and took one roll of each, reaching to push up one of Genesis's sleeves. A sickly map of red zigzagged and overlapped all over and up to the elbow of the SOLIDER's forearm. Sephiroth couldn't help but wince. Glancing over to where Angeal started on the other arm, he confirmed that the other looked much the same. If they had been but a moment later…

"How much did you give him?" the general asked after a moment.

"The regular dose, plus a half—300 milligrams. I didn't want to risk putting him in too deep that he may not wake up." True, lately, when Genesis's hysterical emotional psychosis managed to take over at times, the two friends had been resorting to using twice the prescribed dose of Tranquilizers lately; Genesis's immune system seemed to want to fight it off. However, tonight, they had to be unusually careful, given the circumstances.

They completed their task in silence, both too caught up in their own troubled thoughts to make conversation. They had been through similar routines time and time again. Only every time was a different attempt: Poisoning; overdose; starvation; drowning; leaping from the tallest building; even confiscating an infantryman's rifle only to blow his head in, the most recent attempt. Thank Gaia Sephiroth, Angeal, or even Tseng managed to catch him just in the nick of time during all these occasions. Yes, Genesis Rhapsodos had a death wish. Several, if you want to get technical.

Sephiroth and Angeal carefully shrugged Genesis out of his long trench coat. They did the same for his boots and armor before untucking the covers to drape them over their sleeping friend. Finally, Angeal made for the door, but turned back upon noticing Sephiroth hadn't moved. The commander knew what was going through his head.

"Seph?" he quietly called, laying a gentle hand on his friend's shoulder. Sephiroth tilted his head a fraction of an inch to acknowledge him.

"Why does he do this to himself?"

The question caught Angeal off-guard, but he nonetheless answered, "I suppose he figures there is no other way to deal with this. He's just looking for a way out."

Sephiroth heavily exhaled, letting his shoulders slump as he watched his unconscious friend, "And I made him this way. I caused all of this."

"No, Seph. It wasn't your fault. You did the only thing you could. That does not make this your fault. None of us are to blame."

"Would you feel the same if it were you in my place?" Angeal had no answer; he wasn't so sure if he would.

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