This is my first fanfiction, so don't hate me if it's bad. Usually I just read other people's stories, but I got bored and wanted to do my own. It's all human, I changed some stuff around so it would work. It will be in Bella's point of view and Edward's point of view. Reviews are welcome :]

Description: Isabella Swan was a nerdy, self-conscious, quiet girl who was constantly picked on by the popular kids in junior high, especially the biggest jerk, Edward Cullen. When she moves back after almost six years during her senior year of high school, how will things change? AH, ExB.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, that is all Stephanie Meyers doing.


"Have a nice fall dork?" The cafeteria was filled with laughter, while I laid face down on the ground, covered in today's meatloaf surprise and chocolate milk. Usually I was a huge klutz, but this time it was deliberate, someone had put their foot out in front of me.

I got up slightly, a little sore from the fall, and looked down at my favorite shirt. It was wrecked beyond fixing, that added to my complete embarrassment made a tear escape from my eye. The fall had also broken my new glasses, which I had just gotten because somebody stole my last pair. I looked up to see Edward Cullen, even though my vision was blurry, I could still make out his smug crooked smile.

Of course it was his doing, he was always there to make my reality a real life nightmare. There was no way to wake up from the hell that is my life, trust me, I have tried.

"What a loser." I heard a boy say. "Nerd needs to learn how to walk." Another boy said, agreeing. "Isabella-will-never-have-a-fella is at it again." Said a girl, who I already knew was probably Rosalie, I hated her so much.

I saw a hand in front of my face, I knew it was Alice, she was the only Cullen who actually had some form of a heart. "Here, I'll help you up." I took her hand and she helped lift me up.

"Come on Alice, you always ruin the fun." I heard Edward laugh.

"This isn't 'fun' Edward, you are just being a jerk." It was true, he was the biggest jerk in the entire school, next to his brother Emmett and his best friend Jasper Hale. Don't even get me started on Rosalie Hale…

"She probably would have ended up tripping anyway, she's a total loser." I started to cry, not being able to keep it in any longer. A girl can only be put through so much. "Aw does the baby need a bottle? I would get you some milk, but you are already seem to be wearing it." He said, getting a laugh from everyone in the cafeteria, except for Alice and Angela Weber, who was the only other nice person in this school.

I took a blurry glance at everyone around me. Alice's sympathetic face. Emmett and Jasper laughing hysterically. Rosalie and her stupid friends all whispering to eachother. Angela Weber's kindhearted smile. Last, but not least, Edward's giant smirk that was plastered on his face all of the time.

Then I turned around and ran out, slipping a little bit every few steps. The laughter filled the room behind me while the tears fell in front of me.

There was a tap on my shoulder, waking me from my thoughts. I turned my ipod off, taking the earphones out of my ears, and looked up to see a flight attendant.

"Sorry to interrupt, but you have to put your seatbelt on, we are about to land." She said with a smile.

"Oh sorry, I was lost in a day dream. Thank you very much." I smiled back, buckling my seatbelt.

"No problem, enjoy your time here in Seattle." She said, walking away to tend to a nervous looking passenger.

Enjoy. Yeah, that was definitely a word that would not be in the vocabulary of my time here along with fun, happy, and great. The flashbacks alone of sixth grade are enough to make me get on the next plane trip back to Arizona. There I atleast had my mom, lots of friends, and most importantly it was miles and miles away from here.

I was really content with the life that I was living, then my mom married Phil and it just changed. Don't get me wrong, Phil is great and makes my mom really happy, but his constant traveling because of his work has led me back here. I couldn't stand seeing my mom sad anymore, every time he had to leave, she was stuck at home with me.

"Mom, can we talk for a second?" I asked, sitting down at the kitchen table next to her.

"Sure, what is it sweetie? You aren't pregnant are you?" She said with a look of panic on her face. This made me want to laugh and also made me want to block the Lifetime channel.

"No, of course not." This made her let out a sigh of relief. "I wanted to talk to you about Charlie."

She tensed up, making me wonder if she would rather have me be pregnant than mention my dad. It isn't that she hated Charlie, he was her first love, it was probably just odd for me to be talking about him. It had been six years since I have seen him, although he gives me a call once a week to check up on me.

"What about your father?"

"I was just thinking, maybe, err…" I knew this would be tough to get out, my mom would be sad and I really didn't want to do go anyways, but it was the only plan I could come up with.

"Maybe…what?" She said, with a raised eyebrow.

"I was wondering if I could go stay with him for a while." There I got it out.

"What!? Isabella, are you not happy here? Did I do something wrong?" She started to cry hysterically, this made me feel slightly more like the adult in this conversation. I didn't cry, ever, it just seemed easier to keep it in.

I put my hand on top of hers to sooth her. "I am happy here mom, really happy. I just thought it would be nice to have a little change in scenery. Plus, I want to see Charlie, it's been a long time." I said, giving a less than genuine smile.

"But Forks is so far away, and its cold there. You hate the cold, and the rain." She was trying to convince me to stay.

"I know all of this. We can talk on the phone though and then there's email, texting, and a million other different technologies that are overwhelmingly taking the world by storm."

She sat there in thought for some time, complete silence.

"Plus, look at the bright side, you can go on the road with Phil. You love visiting new places, it will be great." This was the whole reason I was doing this.

"You aren't doing this because you feel like I don't want to stay here with you when Phil goes away?"

I lied. "Of course not, I'm doing this for me. A year in a different place before college, it will be good."

She smiled sadly, "Have you discussed this with your father?"

I lied again. "Yeah, he thought it was a great idea." I knew he would be happy for me to go back to Forks, I just didn't want to ask before I told Renee about it.

I thought I heard her mumble something about Charlie and there were a few swears thrown in. This made me laugh a little. She threw her arms around me into a hug. "I'm going to miss you so much Bella!"

"I will miss you too mom."

When I came back from my thoughts, I looked around the airport for Charlie. I hoped he looked the exact same or else this was not going to be easy. He was really happy when I asked if I could move back in with him, he isn't one for emotion but there was some excitement in his voice.

I spotted the uniform before the actual person, the old blue jacket with 'POLICE' written in bold yellow writing, and of course the badge that I used wear while pretending to be the best chief in town. I made some pretty crazy arrests back in the day.

I then looked up and saw his smiling face, which made me smile right back. Other than a couple gray hairs that have made there way onto his head, he was the same old Charlie.

He walked over to me, giving me a surprising hug. He was never one for hugging, and in public at that. I returned the hug, I really did miss him after all this time.

He let go of me, keeping his hands on my shoulders. "Wow Isabella, you look all grown up."

"Actually, its Bella now. No one really calls me Isabella anymore, except mom when she's mad at me."

He let out a laugh, "Okay Bella...lets go get your stuff."


"You got rid of your glasses?" Charlie said, looking over at me while we drove to the house.

"Yeah, contacts now. I still have my glasses, I just usually save them for when I'm not out in public." I stopped wearing them when I started school in Phoenix, not wanting to start my time there being called 'Four eyes'.

"Too cool for the specs?" He said with a smile.

"Oh yeah, glasses dare not touch my face in the presence of other humans, it's not acceptable." We both laughed.

"I don't want to get all sentimental here, but you have turned out to be such a beautiful young woman and I really missed having you around Bells." He said, not taking his eyes off the road.

I loved it when he called me Bells, he was the only one who could. It really made me elated to hear him say what he said, it's good knowing that he cares. "Should I get out a handkerchief?"

He laughed, "Nope I'll save the tears for when I'm watching the game later."

I smiled. "I missed having you around too dad."

He smiled slightly, "I guess we are both gonna be crying during the game then."

"Yeah, but I'll be crying because I hate watching sports." That made him laugh.

"We need to change that, sports is all I am, it's my life."

"I thought saving the innocents of Forks was your life?"

"It's Forks, crime isn't really an issue here." Unless they counted crime in school because I am pretty sure that the kids were assholes to me back then.

When we got to the house I grabbed my suitcase and a duffle bag from the car while Charlie grabbed two more of my suitcases. I couldn't bring all of my stuff, but I had managed to bring quite a bit. I had to leave my books and cds back home though, that was a bummer.

The house hadn't changed at all, nothing has moved and inch, if it weren't for a new flat screen TV on the wall I would have thought I had went back in time. It was nice to see that he had spent money on a TV though, my guess is he spent many lonely nights in front of it.

I followed him upstairs, almost falling backwards a few times. It was nice to know that I would always be clumsy no matter how old I get. Charlie led me straight into my room.

Déjà vu much? It was exactly like I had left it, right down to the embarrassing Backstreet Boys poster hanging on the wall. I definitely would need to be redoing my room over. My bed was even unmade, the way it was the last time I slept in it. This was weird, I felt like the eleven year old me again, and that was not a good thing at all.

"I have some money for you to spruce the place up a little. It's probably a little strange for you."

"Yeah, just a bit. Thanks." There was a loud roaring sound outside that scared me a little bit.

"Just in time. Okay, I have a surprise for you, follow me." I walked behind him, thinking about what it could be.

He led me outside, I looked in the driveway and saw a big red truck. "It's yours." He said with a smile.

"No way!" I said, running over to it. Just as I got there, I saw a tall guy with longish black hair and another man in a wheelchair with the same exact hair. "Jacob? Billy?" I asked excitedly.

"Isabella, it's been so long!" Jacob said giving me a big bear hug.

"Actually Jake, its Bella now." I heard Charlie say as he walked up behind us.

"What was Isabella too long for those Arizona people?" Billy said with a laugh, I let go of Jake and went over to give Billy a hug.

"I just grew up. Bella was just better I guess." I said, letting go of him. "You look good Billy."

"I get better looking with age, just like that George Clooney guy." This caused a laugh from everyone.

"You might want to check the air quality out there in La Push." Charlie joked, and then he and Billy started talking amongst themselves, giving me time to talk to Jacob.

Jake was my only friend growing up, he was always good to me. When I left it was really hard for the both of us. We ended up losing touch after awhile, it was just easier. Now as I stood here, he looked like an absolutely different person, before he was a short, awkward, little kid and now he was…all grown up.

"You look so different." He said, eyeing me up and down which was giving me a different vibe from when Charlie was looking at me.

"You too." I shifted a little bit, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"Six years will do that to you." He said with a nod.

"Yeah." I nodded back. "So, how are you?"

"Good, going to school, you know the usual. Um, you?" This was a little awkward.

"Uh, well I'm gonna start school tomorrow, that should be interesting." I was going to say it would be completely sucky and I would rather stab my eyes out but I thought it would have been too much.

"You must be pretty nervous. School wasn't really fun for you back in the day." He said, I could hear the sympathy in his voice, which gave me hope that we would get back to our old selves, seeing as though I have no friends here.

"I am, but I mean, I'm over it. I grew up, I could care less about those assholes that made my early years complete hell."

"Good for you." He smiled, "No one will recognize you anyway, I wouldn't of if my dad hadn't said it was you."

"Do I look different in a bad way?" I didn't think I was attractive at all, but hopefully I was a little better than the frizzy haired, four eyed, nerd that left here at eleven years old.

"Are you kidding?" He looked surprised I even asked that. "You are really, um, hot…err pretty." He blushed.

This made me blush, I wasn't expecting that from him. Don't get me wrong, I've had some not so serious boyfriends and boys who I have flirted with but I never got used to compliments. "Um, thanks." I let out a nervous laugh.

"So Bells you like it?" Charlie said, putting a hand on the car. Thank you dad for getting me out of that conversation.

"Yes, I more than like it…I love it!" I smiled, excitedly. "Is it really mine?"

"Yeah, bought it from Billy here, Jake fixed it up all nice for you. You'll need something to get to school and back, plus you have extra freedom to roam the town."

"Thank you so much, all of you."

"Hop in and see how it feels." I heard Billy say and I happily obliged.


While Charlie drove Billy and Jacob back to La Push later that night it gave me time to unpack and settle down a bit. So far my time here had been okay, I was with my dad which was good, it was nice to see old friends, and now I had my very own car. If I didn't have to start school tomorrow it would be a great trip.

School. Ugh, the thought alone was hell. I for one was not looking forward to going back to school here with all of them. They were already into a month of school and I would be starting late. I knew this town all too well, I would be tomorrow's hot gossip.

"No one will recognize you anyway, I wouldn't of if my dad hadn't said it was you."

Jake's words kept playing back in my head. Yes, I did look a lot different than I did six years ago, but to the point where no one would know me? If that was true, it could play in my favor. I could go to school as Bella Swan, the confident seventeen year old girl who doesn't give a shit about what people say.

I guess only time will tell.