Readers :),

First off, thank you to everyone who has read this story, it means the world to me and it still floors me that I keep getting reviews/alerts after all this time. I didn't know the story would appeal to that many people.

Reading this you probably think I am updating about a sequel, but no, no sequel. I tried writing one a thousand times, there's just one thing keeping me from doing it…I don't like how the first story turned out, AT ALL. It's been eating away at me that I hate how I wrote Double Take, since it got so much attention.

This is why, I've decided to rewrite the story, make it completely different. I disliked how easily Bella forgave Edward and everyone, it should have been different, she should have had more backbone, maybe get a little revenge while doing so. ;)

Basically it's the same plot, I am just changing everything else, I feel like I made a lot of mistakes with how I wrote out Bella and the concept was poorly executed. This Bella will be completely different, as are the situations and dialogue. Let's just say that this Bella isn't as nice.

It's called Masters of War, and should be up later tonight. I hope some of you read it and enjoy. You don't have to read, it's more for me, I want to go back and fix what I didn't like.