"What… are… you… talking about?" Naruto gasped out, "I can see just… fine. Except for the squiggly lines and… dots."

The woman went pale as a sheet, "One in three and a half million," she whispered and the other three medics looked vaguely betrayed.

"Yo lady… why is your heart on the outside? It's racing too, are you okay?" Naruto asked as he sat up and looked around, "Whoa, everything's funky."

"Naruto… Naruto, look at me," Gai ordered and Naruto's head turned, "What do you see when you look at me?"

Naruto frowned, "It's like the time I saw things from indigestion, right before Jiji [the old man] removed me from the orphanage… it's like I can see inside and outside of you all at once," he said with a slightly green expression, "And the weird tube thingies with the dots."

"Watch carefully Naruto and tell me what you see," Gai said as he slowly made a series of hand seals and switched places with a chair.

"Whoa, it's like your hands just spit out these weird strings, and then they connected together into a weird design," Naruto said in awe, "What were those weird squiggly line shape thingies that look like the junk on Jibaku Fuda [Exploding Tokens]? They appeared when you stopped the hand seals and just kind of floated there before the next one joined it and connected to it."

"You can see chakra, Naruto," Gai said in amazement, "You've just won the lottery."

"Lottery? Wha?" Naruto said and the woman began cursing up a storm.

"And in the name of the Sandaime [Third Lord] Hokage, for violation of the healers oath with malicious intention to permanently maim an active duty shinobi," Gai said in a dark voice and Naruto was amazed as he saw a faint sort of trail of chakra left behind, before his eyes widened in horror and the sound of four loud 'CRACK' noises caught up with his mind.

The four healers in question slumped to the ground with the back of their heads touching their spines, their necks broken like toothpicks.

"You… killed them," Naruto whispered, more than a little frightened.

"They just committed treason," Gai said and gave him a sad smile, "It is sometimes hard to perform the duties of a shinobi."

"So what happened? What's with the lottery and how much did I win?" Naruto asked as he tried to shake away the images of the dead healers and calm his stomach.

"Why don't you go in that room there and rest for a bit, I can imagine the after effects of all that pain aren't pleasant," Gai said with a gentle smile, "I need to go find someone who can explain to you what happened."

Naruto just nodded before wincing. His head was throbbing worse than the time he'd tripped and fallen head first down all three flights of stairs at the academy. He stumbled off into the room that the healers moved aside to let him enter and laid gingerly on the bed, closing his eyes and disappointed to find that it didn't do much more than shift the center of his focus to behind his eyelids. He could still see the rest of the room, in fact he could see the entire city and a little bit beyond, which was really disorienting.

He was also starting to feel a bit faded and his eyes widened as he remembered his clones and they dispelled, only making his headache that much worse. He groaned softly as the faded feeling increased before he yawned tiredly and fell asleep.

"Sarutobi-sama, why have I been called here?" a tall and aristocratic white eyed man with straight black hair asked.

"Maito Gai claims that something not at all short of miraculous has occurred," Sarutobi said as he puffed on his pipe.

"Naruto-san… before I could warn him, during one of our taijutsu lessons he attempted to enhance his eyes with chakra," Gai said excitably, "You won't believe what happened."

"Oh dear," Hiashi groaned and palmed his forehead, rubbing his temples in slow circles, "This is not what I needed today."

Sarutobi gave a quiet chuckle, "Your youngest is becoming quite the spitfire," he said with more than a little amusement in his voice, "I hear that she rather soundly laid out my grandson this morning, with a right hook, no less. I fear what her skill with the Jyuuken could have done."

Hiashi just rubbed his temples harder.

"One in three and a half million people," Hiashi grumbled, "The odds of lightning striking twice. And it has to be him. The branch house will have a conniption."

"He isn't a Hyuuga and we're not sure this is the Omowazu Byakugan [Spontaneous White Eye]," Sarutobi said, "That is what you are here to determine. You, if anyone other than Tsunade, know enough about genetic chakra imprinting to tell, and have keen enough eyes to check."

Hiashi just groaned and stood before nodding his acquiescence.

Hiashi stared at the boy with bulging eye veins on his temples as he peered at him, before turning to Sarutobi without deactivating them, in order to observe his responses.

"Permission to discuss speculative and perhaps vitally secret subject matter, Hokage-sama," Hiashi asked formally.

Sarutobi's eyebrows went up but he held a hand up to both Kakashi and Gai who were about to leave the room and performed a fuuinjutsu that sealed off the room to any and all senses of those outside. Technically the room didn't even truly exist within reality anymore, just sort of adjacent.

"Speak freely," Sarutobi said.

"Why do you continue to refuse to announce his heritage?" Hiashi asked as he gestured to the unconscious boy.

"I don't know what you're talking about Hiashi, he's an orphan," Sarutobi said.

"It's going to become obvious quickly, the changes the seal is working are beginning to manifest," Hiashi said as he peered at the child, "There is a chakra-genetic structure bonded to his cells, regenerating them at an astounding pace, he'll stop aging completely at seventeen unless I miss my mark. His death and life gates are both altered by a similar chakra-genetic structure. There are other such structures all throughout his spine, brain, and nerves, enhancing sensory-motor sensitivity and relay speed. And unless I'm missing my mark there's another beginning to form that is eerily reminiscent of a more refined version of a certain genetic structure of Jiraiya of the Sannin that we are both familiar with, though it's only partially developed."

Sarutobi's expression was stone faced.

"All of them are linked to one of the Hakke [Eight Trigrams] in the central seal. It is entirely original work, so I have no clue what the remaining four Hakke will do once activated, or when they will," Hiashi said, "This boy is an experiment in Kekkei Genkai creation. The Yondaime would never entrust something like this to a random orphan, especially not one so eerily physically reminiscent of him."

Sarutobi's voice cut through the thoughts of those present, "Anything you have heard or will here while here is considered an unranked secret. I will personally attend to you if I even have the slightest suspicion that any soul other than you knows of it, and it will be long, painful, and whispered about fearfully in the deepest and darkest corners of hell for eternities to come," Sarutobi said in a voice that chilled them all to the bone.

"And no Hiashi, I did not know it was the seal doing so," Sarutobi said as the marrow freezing feeling disappeared like fog in direct sunlight, "I assumed it was simply the presence of the Kyuubi [Ninetails]. You have confirmed the ability to survive channeling Senjutsu [Sage Arts] chakra?"

"Not yet, but it is developing," he said firmly, "I believe it is somehow… actually consuming the energy of the Kyuubi to enact the changes, pushing it toward the abyss of chakra-death."

Kakashi peered at the currently visible seal, as did the Sandaime, before nodding.

"And the eyes?" Sarutobi asked curiously.

"Also linked to the seal, but not to any of the Hakke," Hiashi said with a curious expression, "It's as though the link is more primitive, like the energy was forcibly plugged into it and now it's being drawn out, just as with the other Hakke to complete the development directly. I don't think it will interfere with the development of the other traits, as even the energy draw the seal indicates they will likely have will be insufficient to completely destroy it, merely bring it down to roughly the energy level of a dozen jounin. I have no idea why it's still drawing it in, nor how much it will drain, but at its current rate the rest of the seal should imprint itself before its finished reinforcing itself with that last portion."

"So is it the Omowazu Byakugan?" Sarutobi asked curiously.

"Originally, yes, and I'd like to go on record as saying that this boy has an absurd level of sheer luck, to be the third person to achieve this is remarkably lucky," Hiashi said, "And without the taint of the addition to it they received. The energy from the seal reinforcing it is being purified by the secondary pair Shizou Fuuin [Elephant Seals]. I'd assume the additional set was placed as a backup for any unexpected activation of a Hakke, though it serves the same purpose in this case. So long as none of the other Hakke activate unexpectedly there should be no problem, and if they do… well the Shizou Fuuin isn't nearly as unique as the Hakke Fuuin no Shiki [Eight Trigrams Time of Death Seal], so if absolutely necessary for seal integrity we could add another."

"Can you see any way in which it is different?" Kakashi asked.

"With him unconscious, no, but from Gai's description…he can see chakra after it has emerged and is no longer contained within the coils, as well as after it has collapsed into it's true Fuuin form," Hiashi said, "And that is beyond the capabilities of anything but their doujutsu."

He spat on the clean hospital floor, a gesture so entirely at odds with the stoic Hyuuga, but completely understandable, considering the relationship between the two clans.

"So he could… feasibly… learn like the Sharingan?" Kakashi offered and Hiashi shook his head.

"The photo imagery capture effect of the Sharingan is what enables its monkey like mimicry. However if performed incredibly slowly, for the sole purpose of teaching, he would be able to see the seal diagrams once formed and theoretically mimic any such technique, assuming he had the requisite control," Hiashi said with a shrug.

"Huh… I wonder what the old farts… urk… sorry, the council will say about this," Kakashi said, looking embarrassed under Sarutobi's gaze.

"They will say nothing, as Naruto has just become an extremely valuable resource to this village," Sarutobi said, "More so than they already have refused to admit."

"He's beginning to awaken," Hiashi said, "It seems as though he fell asleep to conserve chakra. He doesn't seem to be showing the signs of nearing the limit, but it was likely just a standard physiological response to shock and sudden chakra leakage."

"Chakra whatage?" Naruto mumbled as his eyes opened and he looked around.

Memory rushed back into him as he saw the world through strange eyes once more. However his vision couldn't seem to see outside of the room, even through the window that the sun was shining in via. It was just like there was nothing there. He winced as Kakashi swatted him on the head.

"No more using chakra on anything to do with the senses!" Kakashi said, scolding him as though he were a dog.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked in confusion, "Why did my chakra suddenly drain away so quickly?"

"It wasn't that much of a drain, you just fell asleep because you've never experienced steady drain of that level before and you instinctively reacted to stop the flow," Hiashi said, "And it seems you've awakened a variation of my clan's bloodline."

"Wait, I've got a bloodline?" Naruto said in a shocked voice, "Are you my daddy?"

The silence in the room was deafening. It was surprisingly the Hokage himself who cracked and began laughing, then wheezing, then coughing and trying to breathe before righting himself.

"That wasn't funny Sandaime-sama," Hiashi said, "And no, I am not your father. You're just absurdly lucky."

"So umm… why isn't it draining fast now?" Naruto asked with a humiliated expression.

Hiashi coughed into his hand, "Sarutobi-sama has enclosed this room in a way that prevents such vision from seeing beyond its limits. It was likely draining so quickly because you had extended its range unduly far," Hiashi said sternly, "The Byakugan is hardly chakra intensive, especially compared to other doujutsu, so long as it's range is restricted. You however are incapable of deactivating it for some reason."

Naruto frowned, "But if it's a bloodline, and it's a constant drain and can't be deactivated… I can't ever have a family or it would kill them," he said as a stricken expression crossed his face.

"No, the child would simply naturally learn to restrict its range of focus as it grew, and if the drain ever became excessive or reached a dangerous level they would simply fall asleep," Hiashi said, "In my clan, such throwbacks happen occasionally and cope with it well, my deceased brother was one of them."

Relief crossed Naruto's face in a way that made the men present uncomfortable. It was a bit unnerving to see a fourteen year old so concerned about his possible future family.

"So umm, how do I learn to do that restricting thingy?" Naruto asked curiously.

"It follows the subconscious," Hiashi said, "It's range is limited by how far you want to see, though extended distances make it incredibly hard to handle it all mentally and most of the information is simply lost. Despite this the drain is often far too exorbitant to extend beyond a mile for more than a minute or so."

"So the forests outside the village…." Naruto asked.

"Would drain a genin into unconsciousness in seconds," Hiashi said, "For someone with C or B-rank reserves, maybe a minute, and with A-rank reserves, possibly a half hour, assuming no other chakra is expended."

"Oh, so I've just got to not want to see that far," Naruto said and his range of vision instantly decreased to a few feet.

"That's not exactly…"

"Okay, got it… I can only see about as far away as the end of my fingertips," he said while extending his arms, then pushing his range of vision outward, "Alright, now I can see you all, but not the door. I think I've got the hang of this. Oh… Eww… BLARGH!"

Naruto turned his head and vomited all over the floor, "Oh god… it won't go away. HIDE YOUR SHAME!"

Sarutobi looked queasy, Kakashi looked panicked and Gai was standing there with his legs clenched together, a hand over his groin, and for some reason one across his chest, despite lacking anything to cover. Hiashi was just smirking. This reaction wasn't exactly uncommon when a child first awakened their Byakugan.

"Get used to it kid," Hiashi said, "Unless you simply refuse to allow your mind to focus anywhere near someone you'll see everything, inside and out. You just learn to ignore it."

"You sick freak!" Gai squeaked at Hiashi and clenched his butt cheeks, remembering the hundreds of missions they'd been on together in which the man had been looking at him with the Byakugan active.

Hiashi just groaned and rubbed his temples, "I knew this was one of those days," he said with a frown before switching over to Gai-speak, "Think of it as a youthful child walking in and seeing their parents doing something they shouldn't."

"Oh, okay. I'm sorry you had to see that Hiashi-san," Gai said, no longer making the futile gesture of covering himself.

"You're forgiven Gai… But for the love of god, wear underwear under that monstrosity from now on. It makes it easier to ignore," Hiashi said with a shudder and Gai turned bright red.

Kakashi cleared his throat, "So… Sandaime-sama… how should I explain this to my team?" he asked curiously.

"Tell them that Naruto had an accident that awakened an extremely rare random mutation causing a bloodline trait similar to that of the Byakugan," Sarutobi said, "Just tell them the truth."

Sarutobi's gaze allowed him to leave the rest of the message unspoken and Kakashi nodded.

"Do you feel capable of meeting with the team today?" Kakashi asked him and Naruto nodded, "Alright then. Thank you very much Gai. I know you did your absolute best to get him here in time. He'll be by tomorrow for your practice."

Gai looked slightly ashamed but nodded.

Sarutobi deactivated the fuuinjutsu array separating the room and made a motion to Hiashi as Kakashi led Naruto out of the room. Naruto's cheeks were blushing furiously, and he felt funny. The female dominated staff of the hospital was on average, very pretty, something that aided their bedside manner. However… this was the first time Naruto had seen any girl… exposed. Even the swimsuit magazines he'd used for his Iroke no Jutsu [Art of Sex Appeal] didn't show the entrancingly puffy aureole and tiny buds of their nipples, or the cleft between a girl's legs… or that the nurse bent over at the front desk didn't have any hair down there, unlike all but two of other seven women in the lobby.

"Naruto," Kakashi said as he led his student out the recently replaced front doors and handed him a tissue, "You have been given a gift by the gods themselves. Cherish it."

Naruto stared at the tissue for a moment before experimentally dabbing his nose and coming away with a small amount of blood, much to his surprise and horror.

"Have I become a pervert Kakashi-sensei?" he asked nervously.

"You're only a pervert if they can prove you were looking," Kakashi said, "It's just like how a shinobi is only stealing enemy documents if they get caught."

Naruto nodded and accepted the excuse, if only to prop up his quickly flagging morals on the subject of perverts. He wasn't a pervert. He could look without getting caught; hence he was not a pervert. He was just confused as to why he had to have his hand in his pocket to hold his thing down so it didn't stick up embarrassingly. It had never done that to him before, and he felt faintly betrayed.

He was coping a little better by the time they reached the bridge. At least until he saw Sakura…. Mmm, Sakura… her breasts were small but she had full and light pink aureole and her nipples were so… nice. And between her legs there was a faint fuzz of pink and…

The world went black.

"Naruto, stay with me," Kakashi said, slightly slapping his face as he came to.

"What's wrong with him Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked.

"He had a training accident that caused a dormant kekkei genkai to activate, a variation of the Byakugan. You'll have to excuse him, but the strain has made him a little light headed and put some strain on his capillaries, hence the blood loss," Kakashi deftly explained.

"Sakura-chan?" Naruto said dreamily.

"Shut up Naruto-baka," Sakura snapped out.

"Alright, now Naruto… if you would, have you learned the technique from yesterday yet?" Kakashi said and Naruto snorted.

"I already knew it, I just didn't feel like using it," he said.

"Then please, perform it," Kakashi said and Naruto nodded.

He quickly formed the snake seal, before staring in fascination as the strings of chakra curved in different directions as he performed the technique; however the distraction caused him to lose concentration.

"Sorry, drifted off for a moment there," he said before repeating the hand seal. This time the strings bent and connected together before collapsing into the weird seal thing floating in the air, but not actually there, just sort of existing like a visible idea... or whatever... as he made the second seal and it linked to the first. He froze motionless.

"Very good," Kakashi said with a grin and Naruto moved, breaking the technique.

"Alright. On to the next technique. It's the Nawanuke no Jutsu [Art of Rope Shedding]," Kakashi said, "I'll demonstrate it for you."

He pulled out a piece of wire and tied his hands together, cinching it with his teeth. Once it was completely secure his hands very slowly formed the hand seals. Naruto watched very carefully as the lines of chakra coming out of his hands bent slightly to connect up together before collapsing into the weird floating seals, then other seals connected to it before the technique activated. The wire seemed to simply slide through his wrists and fall to the ground, as though they weren't there.

"Let's see you three do it," Kakashi said, pulling out more wire with a gleam in his eye and binding their hands. Sakura of course performed it immediately, but it warmed Naruto's heart to see that Sasuke took a little longer than she did to get it, and had a look of concentration on his face. Of course he already knew Sasuke could use the technique. It's how he'd escaped when he'd tied him up their first day as genin. When Naruto's turn came he was certain he would get it. It was just a matter of bending the lines into the right shape.

He formed the hand seals, concentrating on molding the chakra properly, but the strings didn't seem to want to listen to him and wouldn't force them connect up properly. The harder he tried to drag them into the right place the more they refused to go the direction he wanted and the jutsu failed utterly.

Kakashi looked vaguely disappointed, "Well, I see you're still struggling with the basics Naruto," he said with a sigh.

"I don't see why this junk is important anyway," Naruto groused.

"Do you have any clue why these techniques are taught in the academy?" Kakashi asked him.

"Because they're weak enough to be safe in the hands of academy students," Naruto answered confidently.

"So wrong it hurts," Kakashi said, "It's because we expect ninja leaving the academy to be able to perform all of the most often used skills. Even the greatest of ninja use the basic six academy techniques more often than any other set of jutsu. They are all a ninja truly needs to be extremely dangerous if used properly."

His eye turned up into a grinning pose, "Each of these basic jutsu can be taken to levels far beyond their original and most simple uses at the highest levels of mastery," Kakashi said, "And the implications of that high of a level of Mastery are terrifying. I myself am a full master of the Kawarimi no Jutsu [Art of Replacement]. It is my best skill. I've reached the point where my ability with it is so great I can perform it without hand seals, nearly instantly."

The genin's jaws dropped as Kakashi popped around the field, leaving little plumes of floating grass in the air in his wake.

"This is the power of true mastery of the core techniques," he said with a laugh.

Sasuke just grunted at that. They didn't seem particularly useful, as most of the academy techniques were about either escaping or hiding from an enemy. They wouldn't do him any good against Itachi.

"It seems like Naruto has more catching up to do," Kakashi said with a smirk, "I'll be back at midnight to see if you got free."

Naruto groaned as they walked off, leaving him behind, again. And this time Kakashi-sensei didn't even leave him with a scroll containing tips. He growled and began trying the hand seals again, desperately attempting to force the lines into the right shape.

"Oh thank god," Naruto muttered as he walked into his usual morning training grounds of doom. At least today Gai was wearing underwear, and Hiashi-san had been right, it did make it easier to ignore.

"Naruto!" Gai shouted, "I think it is time you met my youthful student Rock Lee!"

Naruto gaped at the nearly identical miniature clone of Maito Gai before reeling back and hissing, "For the sake of all that is holy, cover your goddamn shame!"

"Lee-kun… are you wearing underwear like I asked?" Gai asked curiously.

Lee looked embarrassed, "They leave lines in my spandex and are uncomfortably distracting Gai-sensei!" he protested.

"Then I will take you shopping after our practice and I will show you the wonders of the thong," Gai said and Naruto began screaming and covering his ears.

"Lee-kun, I would like you help Naruto-san work on coordinating his movements to the enhanced strength, as well as helping him reach a level of control over the level of internal control," Gai said and turned to Naruto, "Continue working on tree climbing as well while you work with Lee."

"Hai Gai-sensei," Naruto said and formed a set of shadow clones to continue his improvement. When he turned back around he saw Lee looking a little hurt.

"Gai-sensei?" Lee asked softly, "Can he really train to be stronger just by making clones to do the work for him?"

"It is more than that my precious pupil," Gai said, "The memories of the clones rejoin Naruto-san when they disperse, and each one is as much him as the original. At the end of the day it feels and he will remember every moment of training. It is though he worked harder in a shorter amount of time. It is a truly youthful training technique, considering how hard he winds up working in our short sessions."

Lee's eyes became the size of 10 ryo coins and tears welled up in them, "Such hard work! I only wish I could use such a technique. I would train so hard Gai-sensei!"

"I'll teach you, okay Lee?" Naruto said enthusiastically, "As long as you promise not to teach that jerk Sasuke!"

He was confused when both Gai and Lee suddenly looked very sad.

"I cannot use ninjutsu [Ninja arts] or genjutsu [Illusionary arts]," Lee said, "They don't work for me. That is why I train my taijutsu so hard, so I can prove that I can be a splendid ninja even without such techniques."

Naruto frowned, "But why can't you use them? I mean, you have the coils and dots, and you can push it into your muscles just fine," he said in confusion.

"Lee cannot feel his own chakra," Gai said, "He can perform taijutsu because he can alter his control over it using the feeling it causes in his muscles, but outside of the body he has no way to sense it in any way, and thus cannot mold it."

"Then why don't you have someone tell him how to mold it?" Naruto said in confusion, "Like in those team building exercises in the academy where we'd get blindfolded and the others tell you which direction to move?"

Gai frowned, "But I cannot see chakra like you can," he said gently.

"Oh," Naruto said, having already forgotten that he now saw things completely differently than others. It had already become just as much a part of him as his hands and feet, and just as instinctual.

"Well then, can't one of those white eye people tell him?" Naruto offered.

Gai shook his head, "No Hyuuga would be willing to do so. They do not hold a high opinion of Lee because of his difficulty," Gai said as he thought sadly about his student Neji.

"Wait, I can see it too! I can just kind of tell Lee how to move it and he can figure it out that way," Naruto said and Lee's eyes widened in hope.

"Yes, but he still will not be able to feel it to memorize the way it must form," Gai said and Lee's face fell again.

Naruto scowled in frustration, "Then… we change the shape of the hand seals so it makes the same sign without him having to bend it. If his finger is curved, it should be the same as if it curved outside of his body. The chakra will connect the same," he said as his face lit up.

"Gai-sensei? Is this true?" Lee asked and Gai's jaw dropped.

"We must attempt this," Gai said, "I am unsure if it will work, but we cannot let this pass unattempted."

Naruto nodded and paid careful attention to the way his chakra took shape and the seal it made as he produced and dispelled clones one at a time, focusing on the shapes things took. Lee and Gai simply sat and watched him intently, unwilling to interrupt his seeming concentration. Finally Naruto looked up with a broad grin.

"I've got it!" he said, "I had to make it into three parts to get it to work instead of just the one that I use. They're even weirder than the crossed hand shape I usually make."

Lee's eyes shone as Naruto put his hands together in a hand seal that looked utterly dissimilar to any hand seal Gai had seen before. It didn't even look like a hand seal as there was no sort of symmetry or rhyme to it. Some of his fingers were twisted around and crossed and others were touching points on his wrist or palms as he made the hand seals, and to Gai's shock a trio of kage bunshin appeared and they started cheering at their success.

"Oww... those make my hands hurt and cramp up," Naruto said as he shook his hands and wrists out before going over to Lee and helping his move his fingers into the convoluted positions, "Now you just have to sort of push yourself into the jutsu when you use it."

After nearly twenty minutes of work three clouds of smoke appeared around Lee, perfect copies of himself and tears welled up in their eyes as they dropped to their knees, covering their faces and weeping. Gai rushed to his side and knelt beside him, clutching him to him as he rubbed his hair.

"I did it Gai-sensei… I used ninjutsu!" Lee cried out through teary eyes before looking up at Naruto, "Naruto-san! I will be your friend forever, help you to become a genius of hard work like myself and fight alongside you as best as I can. I swear it!"

Naruto looked sheepish and smiled at Lee, unsure of how to respond to that.

"Naruto-san," Gai said soberly, "You have given my precious pupil a gift that nothing else could rival. I give you my solemn vow to teach you not just the taijutsu you required to reach the proper level of a genin, but any knowledge I have, is yours to learn."

Naruto was dumbstruck at the offer before his face crinkled up and he joined Lee in sobbing and hugging Gai, no matter how uncomfortable it made him. No one had ever offered him something like that, and it made him feel… like someone truly wanted him to succeed.

"Lee, I will handle Naruto's training for the rest of the day. Go practice your ninjutsu technique until you have mastered it. I am sure that Neji will be most surprised by your youth when you practice today," Gai said with a tiny smile. Even Neji could not possibly face four of Lee at once. Lee ran off to practice further while cheering wildly.

"Alright Naruto-san, let us begin by teaching you to walk," Gai said with a grin.

"This is so exhausting," Naruto groaned as he shambled to their meeting spot, only to find that Kakashi had arrived on time again.

"You're late Naruto," Kakashi said with an evil gleam in his eyes before blurring forward with a kick. Naruto channeled chakra to his legs and jumped for the tree line. A slight pain shot through his legs as he stuck to the tree branch and disappeared into the trees before using the Kakuremino no Jutsu to disappear until Kakashi-sensei hopefully cooled off.

"Sneaky," Kakashi called out as he stalked into the trees before throwing a spray of kunai in all directions, "But not sneaky enough."

Naruto was confused, as all of them had missed him but then he heard a slight sizzle from one of the kunai buried into the tree trunk near him and his eyes widened as he saw the paper tag wrapped around it moments before it exploded, throwing him from the tree with a scream, even though it wasn't enough to really hurt him.

Kakashi's kick smashing into his head was. It made him wince and his head felt like it had split open as he woozily stumbled to his feet before being driven back down again.

"Feh, you're not aware enough to bother with," Kakashi said as he turned and walked away, leaving Naruto with the peace to actually cry, which only made the pain in his head worse. At least Sasuke and Sakura couldn't see him. When his head finally subsided enough that extending his vision more than inches out didn't give him a headache he stumbled back toward the clearing where Sasuke and Sakura were sitting with paper, ink and brushes in front of them and smirking at him.

"Sit down Naruto," Kakashi said, "We're going to test your ability to use the fuuinjutsu taught in the academy, the Jibaku Fuda no Fuujin [Sealing Art: Exploding Token]."

Kakashi grabbed a brush and in rapid strokes dashed out a flawless exploding seal on the tiny strip of paper he had for himself, rather than the larger papers he'd set before them. He blotted it and waved it to dry it before wrapping it around a kunai and throwing it. Once it was embedded in a tree he made a hand seal and it detonated.

"As you should all know there are three ways to create fuuinjutsu, by drawing a diagram and channeling chakra into it, by drawing a partial seal diagram and using a hand seal, like the Jibaku Fuda requires to complete the diagram, or by the use of hand seals alone to form the seal," Kakashi said, "Now show me your ability with this."

Naruto swallowed hard, trying to squelch the feelings of inadequacy these sessions always gave him. He knew his absolutely sucked at making Jibaku Fuda. His calligraphy and drawing abilities were absolutely horrible. The day predictably followed the same pattern as the previous day, but before they left him behind Kakashi whispered something in passing.

"Actually drawing the seals requires no chakra… you can use a much larger number of clones to practice it," he said, trying to keep a smile at the progress Naruto was making in leaps and bounds from his face before tossing a scroll with the seal drawn on it in large detail to Naruto.

"I don't get it," Naruto grumbled as they were out of sight, "He doesn't punish them like he does me… and they're always making me feel stupid and leaving me behind. Then why does Kakashi-sensei always try to leave me hints on how to learn a technique?"

Naruto scowled as he tried to puzzle it out before giving up when all it did was make his headache worse.

"Anyway… he'll probably do another academy technique tomorrow… what was the one we learned after the Jibaku Fuda?" he mumbled before his face lit up, "Henge no Jutsu!"

He grinned wildly. That was one technique he could actually perform right. That just left the Kawarimi no Jutsu [Art of Replacement] and the Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Art] and the stupid Genbunshin [Illusion Clones] it made. That was one technique he doubted he could ever figure out and had given up on long ago. He resolved to work on the Kawarimi no Jutsu tonight while his clones practiced the Jibaku Fuda. He refused to be left behind the next day.

"I don't feel like it Lee, you're not good enough to be a challenge," Neji said with a snort as he began to move away to work on his Jyuuken.

"I have learned a new technique that will surely help me show off my blazing youth and finally defeat you my rival!" Lee said firmly and Neji groaned.

"He's not going to stop until you've drubbed him senseless again," Tenten commented from where she was throwing shuriken at a far distant target.

"Fine, let's be quick about this," Neji said dropping into a taijutsu stance and Lee smiled broadly.

"Prepare, my rival," Lee cried out and Neji quirked his eyebrow as Lee put his hands into the strangest positions ever before crying out, "TAJUU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"

Three clones appeared flanking Lee and Neji froze in his tracks. Tenten dropped the shuriken she was about to throw.

"Let's go!" Lee cried out as all four copies of himself closed on Neji, moving at full speed, and immediately forcing Neji on the defensive.

"Impossible!" Neji grunted as he rolled to his feet and licked his split lip, "This must be a dream. They're all identical… which is the right one? Grr… Hakkeshou Rokujuyon [Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms]! Two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty two, sixty four palms strike!"

As he cried out his strikes he moved with blinding speed, his fingers jabbing all over Lee's body before he came to a stop, panting and his eyes widened in horror as Lee went up in smoke.

"Impossible," he stammered, "I felt it… it was real!"

His only answer was Lee's axe kick to the back of his head, which he barely managed to dodge… right into a roundhouse that cut off conscious thought.

Lee came to rest breathing heavily and his clones disappeared. He stared at Neji lying on the ground unconscious. His face was filled with as much shock as Tenten's face, which was gaping dumbly at the strongest genin she'd ever met lying unconscious on the ground in front of the worst student of their graduating class.

"I won?" Lee asked in confusion and Gai's clapping filled the air as he appeared.

"You did it Lee. But you will have to continue improving! A genius like Neji will overcome this if you do not seize the advantage and train yourself until you can train no more!" Gai cried out.

"Lee… beat… Neji?" Tenten asked while pinching her cheek, "Lee used ninjutsu?! GAI-SENSEI! How can Lee use ninjutsu?!"

"A student of my eternal rival, who is much like Lee, the last of his class but a genius of hard work designed special hand seals that allow Lee to perform this jutsu," Gai said while beaming with pride as Neji groaned and slowly came to.

"So that's what those weird gestures were? They didn't look anything like hand seals!" Tenten said in shock.

"I… what happened?" Neji asked as he sat up and looked up at Lee, causing memory to rush back in to his splitting headache, "I… lost… to Lee…"

He growled and struggled to his feet before stumbling off, desperate for a place to think about what had happened. Gai held up a hand to forestall Lee and Tenten from following him.

"Give him time to think about what has happened. I promise you he will return, and be even more determined to avenge his loss," Gai said with a grin at his students.

Tenten was a bit concerned about that but Lee gave a joyous 'YATTA!'

Naruto was still sleepy when he stumbled to their morning training grounds. He was in a relatively good mood, considering that for the past two days he hadn't been left behind, and had even managed to beat Sakura in taijutsu… once. The look on Sasuke's face the first day after the failed attempt at creating Jibaku Fuda would stay in his memories forever. He had picked up the brush and dipped it into the ink before dashing out a Jibaku Fuda diagram just as quickly as Kakashi-sensei had, if quite a bit larger. He'd spent the entire evening having over a hundred clones practicing it. He'd also learned the very important lesson of releasing clones one at a time after training rather than all at once.

"Gai-sensei!" Naruto called out as he arrived.

"Naruto!" Gai called back as he suddenly appeared with outstretched arms before Naruto leapt back in terror to avoid the ensuing horribly creepy scenario he'd seen occur with Lee several times, and the most terrifying genjutsu he'd ever seen that accompanied it. What was even more disturbing was that neither of them used any chakra to create it… it simply manifested into being independently.

"Today is time for your first assessment, are you prepared Naruto?" Gai asked with a smile.

Naruto had promised him to practice his coordination with the basic forms as much as possible at home. He had achieved enough skill with tree climbing after three days to no longer fall from the tree unless he became heavily distracted, and Lee had begun teaching him the most basic forms of the Konoha Senpuu Ryuu [Leaf Whirlwind Style] which was the basic academy taijutsu style, and a very firm base upon which to build greater expertise.

While Naruto's clones were practicing the forms he was being taught by Gai. Gai covered the important concepts behind taijutsu other than the forms themselves, such as remaining relaxed until the moment of impact, and not having his muscles resisting themselves as he struck. He'd also taught him about letting everything but the fight fade away when in combat, but he wasn't too good at that yet.

"Hai, Gai-sensei," Naruto said as he fell into a taijutsu stance and faced off against Gai before moving forward with a tight and controlled snap kick that was entirely at odds with his wild flailing at the beginning of the week.

As Gai moved around him, actually blocking one or two of the blows rather than just dodging them, he analyzed Naruto's performance. Occasionally he'd wince, showing that he still hadn't gotten a very strong grasp on the body enhancement, but it was at least enough to show significant improvement. His body's limit to the chakra was also quite low, just above the limits of a final year academy student, which was actually rather surprising considering until this week he'd never performed proper taijutsu. Gai could only attribute it to the healing factor of his cells, in that they could heal fast enough to allow him to work at a slightly artificially increased level of chakra over what their limit would normally be before beginning to break down faster than they could recover.

His form was also jerky, incredibly easy to read, and no where near polished. Some of his kicks were loose and it opened up many opportunities for him to slip clean past his guard and lightly tap him to remind him. It was reassuring to see him quickly tighten up each time that happened; though it loosened the longer he went as his concentration faded. It just wasn't near instinctual yet.

It was still astounding though. Naruto had made more progress in the first week than Lee had made in their first month together. His enhanced sensory-motor abilities imprinting the movements far more quickly than Gai would estimate any other human could, and his experience to go with it only accelerated the growth further. Of course Lee was already skilled in taijutsu when Gai had taken him as a student, which left Naruto quite a distance behind where Lee had been when he graduated from the Academy.

It was still astounding to see. He was quickly realizing it was a bit of a misnomer to call Naruto a genius of hard work alone. He was most definitely a genius in the true sort, at least with physical skills and his fledgling multiple kekkei genkai, something he doubted any other person could boast of. His determination and hard work made him both sorts of genius, both of natural talent, and of hard work, and he was willing to bet that in six months he could bring him up to the level of an experienced genin in taijutsu, even if his bodily limitations would lag a bit behind due to disuse.

Lee had begun accelerating in skill as well. He didn't have enough chakra to get nearly the double paced gain each day that Naruto could have if Gai had permission to work him to the very edge of exhaustion, but his training speed had improved by at least 40%, and he was beginning to catch up with Neji in ability alone, even though Neji was beginning to cope with fighting kage bunshin as well as the original. It would be a long while before Naruto could catch up with Lee, but given his constantly increasing chakra reserves he did not doubt that he would someday reach that level and surpass it.

The trick was keeping his interest and keeping him from becoming discouraged. He'd been a bit flighty at first, but it seemed as though Kakashi's regular beatings were giving him a determination he'd lacked before. Kakashi had brought him into his little discussions with Iruka. He understood the necessity of what Kakashi was doing, but like anyone who had become close to the boy, hearing about it was painful.

Kakashi and Iruka were both going crazy about the boy who had been long deemed an 'irreparable failure'. It seemed that if he was taught in just the right ways, his genius could possibly surpass Uchiha Itachi, or even his father. It was just a matter of hoping he could grow enough as a person to cope with those changes.

"Excellent," Gai said, coming to a rest as Naruto's arms quivered from the build up of all of the small spikes of chakra poisoning, "I think… you are ready to continue onward. I have gotten you a gift as a sign of your progress."

Naruto's eyes went wide with horror at the thought of receiving one of Gai's terrifying spandex outfits and Gai resisted the urge to smirk. He'd managed to fight Kakashi to a compromise and he pulled out a completely black spandex suit. Naruto didn't run screaming because it wasn't exactly horrible. Gai then produced a white chest plate and orange arm plates with the black Uzumaki clan Shirasen [Death's spiral] on them, along with white shin guards.

"It's not… creepy," Naruto said in amazement that anything from Gai could manage that feat.

"It is designed to allow the greater range of movement that advanced taijutsu techniques require in order to perform them without tearing your clothing. I spoke with your academy teacher Iruka about what sort of preferences you had," Gai said, not mentioning Kakashi's role in it, as they knew that Naruto didn't understand the importance of keeping his mouth shut, or how to analyze the situation with his teammate yet, "The arm and leg plates are for your weights."

Naruto looked ecstatic for a moment before frowning, "Wait, why weights if it's not about the physical body but your chakra instead?" Naruto asked curiously, "And won't taijutsu just tear through armor?"

Gai laughed and shook his head, "The weights used aren't to strengthen your muscles themselves, but rather force you to use progressively larger amounts of chakra constantly to move normally," he said, "Allowing you to constantly train your resistance to your own chakra."

It was a method mainly used by taijutsu specialists, as once the weights reached a certain level they could put a sizable drain on the total chakra a person had throughout a day. But unlike simply using up chakra for jutsu or tree climbing and such training methods, it was always funneling it into the muscles and causing them to adapt, as well as subtly improving a person's control over their internal chakra levels.

"Oh, awesome!" Naruto said with a grin, "But still… why the breastplate? I mean, wouldn't armor just collapse?"

Gai laughed, "I've heard that you have some rather impressive talent for learning fuuinjutsu, and it's only with such talent that armor becomes useful," Gai said, "Fuuin [seals] can be used to enhance armor to resist blunt or cutting impact, and with great skill in the sealing arts have other impressive effects."

"Wait… seals can do more than blow things up?" Naruto said in confusion, "Or… you know… seal things away?"

Gai nodded with a huge grin. According to the Plan™ fuuinjutsu was an ability that would not upset the Uchiha boy due to being relatively useless in his quest until he achieved a high enough level of prowess to use the advanced abilities. Considering Naruto was innately capable now of seeing the Fuuin that composed actual jutsu he even had a profound advantage, though no more so than anyone with the Sharingan could possess had they any inclination.

"Those seals you see when jutsu are performed, they are like any other sealing method, except they are not anchored physically and never visibly manifest," Gai said with a smile, "Fuuinjutsu are the basis upon which all jutsu are built. This was the great discovery that the Rokudo Sennin [Sage of Six Paths] made in order to create modern ninjutsu and genjutsu, as well as fuuinjutsu that require hand seals to safely use like the Jibaku Fuda."

Naruto's jaw dropped and you could faintly see the mouse in his head running frantically on its wheel in order to turn the gears.

"Holy Yondaime on a Stick!" Naruto shouted as he managed to work out at least the key points, something he was beginning to do with some of the stuff Gai said, "TEACH ME!"

Gai laughed, "I'm not that skilled at fuuinjutsu," he said, "But I am certain Kakashi-san knows quite a bit about it."

Naruto's eyes gleamed in anticipation. Kakashi hadn't really taught him anything yet that wasn't just making him try to catch up with the academy level, but he was determined to make his sensei teach him fuuinjutsu if it was the last thing he did.

"Now, put them on. I've already placed weighting seals, one of the few fuuinjutsu I know, on the inside of them," Gai said, "They should be set to the proper level for you."

Naruto nodded and grabbed the outfit, pausing to use chakra so he could heft the armor, and hurrying into the woods to change. When he emerged Gai couldn't help but smile. While it was obviously not as youthful as the outfits of he or his student, it had a bit of fierceness to it. The suit covered him from head to toe, save for his hands, feet and head, though Kakashi had insisted that it at least mask the lower part of his face in 'tribute to his incredible sensei and his dastardly plan' despite the fact that it was truly Iruka who came up with the plan. All Kakashi had done was go to Iruka with his problems and ensured the plan worked smoothly.

His face only showed from the eyes up, and his forehead was covered by his Konoha headband. The suit wasn't nearly as baggy as his usual clothing and displayed that he was actually rather stocky and muscular, not short and scrawny as the baggy clothing indicated. Such a build was likely due to using his sheer muscle power rather than chakra for taijutsu until recently. It did give him and advantage in having more muscle volume to distribute the chakra over, gaining more strength with the same resistance limitations due to the total amount of chakra he could cram into them being larger. All in all it made him look significantly more serious.

"Freaking awesome," Naruto said with a grin, "It's heavy though, but not as heavy as my limit."

Gai nodded, "It's not supposed to be. Moving at your limit will drain your chakra rather quickly, and your limit grows much faster proportionately than your total chakra, well maybe not your total chakra, but in general," Gai said, making a qualification to account for his particular physiology, "But it will still reach the point where a half hour moving at top speed will exhaust you fully, at least once you reach the limit level that people like I have."

Naruto nodded, "Umm, so why is Lee so much faster than me? Has he been wearing weights since he was little?" Naruto asked, shifting uncomfortably before his chakra leveled out properly again.

"No, it is because a different method of enhancement is used for speed alone than for strength," Gai said with a grin, "But until you've finished polishing this level you won't be ready to move on to the next, though I think that next week I will begin showing you the training technique similar to the tree climbing that goes with it, but it will probably be quite a while before we reach the point where you reach the point where you can actually use it."

Naruto gave a frown and a sigh before nodding. Gai-sensei hadn't steered him wrong yet, even if what most of he said made no sense. He could see just how much better he'd gotten. He actually had some skills to back up what he said now.

"So are you ready to practice some more of the forms?" Gai said with a broad grin, "There's a latch on the back of your shin and arm guards that will release them to drop your weights when you need to train a technique that they would slow you too much to train."

Naruto rapidly nodded.

"Alright, you can remove them, and make some clones to work on perfecting tree climbing," Gai said before grinning, "Why not have them practice the forms while on the trees? If they dispel themselves they can just make more to compensate as long as there's one left."

Naruto's eyes widened and he quickly made the clones which ran off to work.

"Now let's see the movements of the Tachimono [Cutting Paper] kata of Konoha Senpuu Ryuu," Gai said and Naruto settled into the basic ready stance before beginning to work through the motions, occasionally stumbling and restarting.

[AN: The early training episodes will be coming to an end in the next chapter or two with the beginning of the wave arc and the expansion of focus from Naruto alone now that I've managed to deliniate his character thusfar and his progress. Here's to hoping you enjoy the story.]