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This is going to be an AU fanfic so it is not going to be much like the Fast and the furious or like Twilight. Somethings might happen the same way and somethings are happening differently. Someone asked me to write this so I am trying my skills, if you don't like it, don't read. Flames or stupid comments will be ignored. Constructive criticism will be appreciated. Kira and Tara were modeled off 2 of my good friends here in town. Some of these adventures are things we have done. This is being mixed with twilight happenings.

What happens when a well known street racer clashes with the world of Karaoke in a Redneck country hick bar out in the sticks and Vampires?

Bella was pissed again, but nobody would understand why. She is known as the King of street racing's queen and she had won her race tonight, there was 10 grand riding on this race and she had won it. She was in heaven, full of adrenalin and excited. Dom had treated her like a trophy up until he got back to the house and seen someone else that caught his eye, and then disappeared. Sure they weren't together officially, but if she had done the same thing to him Dom would have freaked out and wouldn't have let it go... It would have been hell at the fort (as they referred to the house.)

After searching for a bit to see where Dom went she found him and Linda. They were laying in the bed laughing. Ok most people wouldn't think anything about this until they noticed that it looked like the 2 weren't wearing any clothes. Bella tried to shut the door as quickly as possible, but was sure he noticed her staring at him.

She couldn't understand why he would do this to her again. She had put up with it for a while, but didn't know how much longer she could take ignoring the situation and knowing he would lie to her face. Bella ran down the stair muttering words of a drive to Jesse along her way out of the house.

Bella wasn't in the mood to fight or really to party with the usual. She had won she should want to party and revel in her glory, but she was in the mood to take a drive. She didn't know where she was going or where she would end up. She just knew she was driving.

After about 45 minutes of driving. Bella passed a little bar that didn't seem too bad. It looked to be a few trailers sandwiched together with a sign calling it a bar. Pulling into the parking lot she realized she wasn't in her realm. She wasn't in the street racer norm hang out either. In the parking lot sat some rusty ol' beat up pick up trucks very few brand new trucks. Some car's here and there, but everything pointed to her that she didn't have a worry of knowing anyone. This was new, different and interesting. Some engines in the distance caught her attention. In pulled a Trans Am WS6 and a Camaro Z28. Thinking this was going to be some arrogant boys, she started walking. Standing on the porch she decided to smoke before going inside.

Looking at the 2 domestics that pulled in previous she realized that females were driving them. Must be their boyfriend's cars she thought. As the 2 girls started walking up the steps she could tell they knew this place. They were regulars she would have guessed. The one was blabbing on about how they had to do this dance and this dance and so on and so forth. The other was talking about the race they just seen where some mustang had won... This caught Bella's attention. Could it be her they were talking about. Could they be street racers as well? If they were then why where they out here, Why weren't they at the house party? Maybe they weren't known or popular enough or weren't liked. Though she didn't know how that would be.

They were good looking girls. Both skinny, tanned and pretty faced. Bella decided now that they were inside she would check out their cars. They both appeared to be stock... The WS6 was hot. White with some size graphics... seemed to be custom.

"Those are some nice cars" the voice brought her out of her thoughts about the cars she was looking at.

"Yup, they are stock. But still pretty quick and a couple of nice ride." Bella stated back being nice.

"You're not from around these parts."

"Am I that obvious? What gave it away?" Bella didn't know why she was talking to this guy like this, but he was warm, inviting and didn't seem intimidating at all.

"The way you are dressed, the car you drive and the fact that the owners of those 2 cars asked me who you were, since I didn't know either I decided to come check you out." He smiled with almost a smirk on his face.

"And it would be any of their Business why?" Bella wasn't in the mood for some man to be telling her what she should think say or do.

"It would be our business because you are leaning on my car" The lady with WS6 responded with a smirk on her face. Yup she was a regular, she was known here and they were looking out for her. Something the group used to do for Bella.

"Shit dude. I didn't even realize it. I'm Bella and that's my ride over there." She proudly pointed to her mustang.

"I figured as much. No many like you around here. What brings you to BFE?"

"Get away."

"Well if you can tell me what's done to your car, then we will let you hang with us so we can tell if we like you or not."

"One I don't need your approval. As for my car not many gets to see what's under the hood, only the Mad Scientist, but if you know anything about anything you would know who Dom is and that will vouch for me alone." Bella said with a proud smile.

The 2 girls talked back and forth a bit in whispers and then decided to give this girl a try. She had the attitude and the cockiness to get along with them from what they could tell.

"Instead of fighting out here why don't we all go inside I will buy you guys some drinks and I can finish running my show." The man talked again smirking at the other 2 girls.

"Sure." one of the girls answered grabbing his arm and heading for the door. Looking over her shoulder she smiled and called, "last one inside buys next round."

Bella took her time getting inside. No she didn't want to be liked for buying the round; she just wasn't going to rush for free drinks either. As they all walked inside the man from outside, was handing them drinks.

"What will it be?" he asked questioning Bella.

"Vodka, Rock star please." She doesn't normally drink like this unless she knows that she has someone to drive for her or she was going to be here for a while. She decided this was her limit and would just stay until she was sober.

Getting to know each other a little more they realized that they were all pretty much alike. Bella was happy that these girls weren't like Mia or most of the women she knew. They weren't Barbie dolls and they defiantly weren't skanks.

"So, who's the guy smoothing things over with us?" Bella broke in looking up at him behind the DJ booth.

"That's Robbie. He's the greatest around here. If he likes you, then you will be safe." Kira answered seeing Bella's stare, "Need a napkin to wipe the drool?"

"Why yes I do thanks." Bella played into it smiling.

Bella didn't know what it was about this guy that drew her in like this. He was not her type. Seemed to be getting drunk pretty quickly, long hair, above average appearance and he chewed which was the grossest thing in the world to her, but some how some way for some reason she couldn't keep her eyes or attention off him.

"Better back off girly, that's his woman over there." Tara said bringing Bella from her thoughts.

"He's not my type anyways." Bella smiled.


Back at the "fort"

Dom had gone upstairs with an old fling. She talked him into going and "talking". Sure most people would have seen right through this, but Dom had started drinking before the races and wasn't really thinking or seeing anything, but this chic asking to talk. She was what you would call a super model Blondie. She had the long legs excellent body and a way with words. After about 10 minutes they were no longer talking. Laying next to her in bed Dom remembered to some one had been standing at the Bedroom door. He knew it was Bella, but didn't register anything. He was going to hear about this, so he might as well have some fun.

After being in the room for a while with Linda he decided it was time to go smooth things over with Bella. He walked down the stairs and started looking for her, but he couldn't find her. Going out front he noticed her spot empty and her car missing. He walked inside to see if any of the guys had maybe sent her for more beer or something.

"Yo Vince, have you seen Bella?" Dom questioned with an I'm in trouble look.

"She was talkin to Jesse then kind of ran out of here." Vince smirked. He didn't like seeing his friends fighting or Bella hurt, but knew that Dom was in trouble and that he deserved it.

Dom walked over to talk with Jesse after getting a skank off of him.

"Dude where's Bella?" Dom questioned in a tone saying he was worried.

"She ran out of here saying something about needing to go for a drive about 3 hours ago dude." Jesse wasn't one to question this from her. He was use to Bella driving to clear her mind or have fun.

"Shit, I screwed up dude, she knows. I need to find her and talk about this. I need to make this right."

"When you ever going to learn? one day for her sake I hope she comes to her senses and leaves. I hate to say it, but you ain't going to understand and realize what you got any other way." Jesse wasn't one for words but was tired of seeing her get hurt.

"Have any Idea where she might have gone?" Dom was hoping that Jesse was good enough to have someone follow her or at least ask her where she was going or coming back.

"Some one followed her to a bar out east, then I had a friend that I knew went there keep an eye on her dude she is safe. I would just let her come home on her own." Jesse suggested not wanting to get in the middle of this.

"I want to go bring her home. You coming with me?"

"Yeah, lets go." Jesse didn't want to be known for ratting her out, but he wanted to make sure he was there to keep Dom from making a complete ass out of him self.

They started driving to where Bella was at. Dom was getting pretty angry the further that they went. He didn't like being out this far east. This wasn't their world and he didn't want her out her either.


Back at the bar

Some very bad singers and some dancing later they were making plans to meet up again. Exchanging numbers, Bella was about to walk out the door when a commotion caught her attention.

As Dom, Vince Leon and Jesse pulled up to the bar they felt very uneasy. Anything went down here they knew it was going to end bad.

Walking in the bar Dom was confronted by a few people at the door. " Can we help you?" The guy at the door was intimidating to Dom. About twice his size on the muscles. He was a UFC fighter after all.

"Just looking for someone." Dom said a little more forceful then needed.

Turning to the door there stood Dom, Vince, Leon and Jesse. Were they following her? Did they really care? She didn't have much time to ponder all of this as Robbie and Dom were having words. By this time some of the locals including the bar tender had come to join Robbie's side.

"Chill Dom," Bella hissed in a half whisper. "This is Robbie, Robbie this is Dom, Vince, Leon and Jesse."

"You want them gone?" Robbie asked catching Bella's Sea green eyes and getting lost in them for a moment making sure that no one else around them could see what was going on. He was reading her eyes to make sure there wasn't fear there.

"Nah I'm leaving. It was nice meeting you all, text me late." Bella smiled at everyone and walked out the door. She wasn't going to specify who she was telling to text her. She wanted Dom to realize what he was going to be missing and that he shouldn't think that he was getting out of this so easily.

Walking out to her car Dom grabbed her arm stopping her. "What the Hell was that back there?"

"Back where, in there? I was making friend Dom that not allowed?" I spat back at him not caring who heard or what they were thinking about me. Chances are I wouldn't be welcome back here even if I had wanted to be. Now or never was all Bella could tell herself.

"You shouldn't leave the fort like that. I was worried when I couldn't find you." Dom said easily rubbing her arm.

"Worried about me... Haha. That's funny. I have been gone for ohh about 4 hours now and you just now came to find me?"

"Jesse knew where you were. Was having someone watch out for you here. I was waiting for you to come home, but you weren't so I came to claim my trophy." Dom smiled picking her up and setting her on the trunk standing between her legs. He had his hands resting high on her toned thighs. He was lingering like he was going to kiss her.

"Where did you disappear to? What chic this time Dom?" Bella asked pushing him off her. "I am not doing this right now. Jesse Drive me home" Bella tossed her keys at Jesse seeing that there was only 2 cars here from the team.

Bella got into the passenger side hoping that they would get out of there before she broke down, before Dom made to big of a scene. Something about this bar made her want to have the option to come back. Being pulled from her thoughts Bella received a text message.

HT: I kept everyone inside. You ok?

Bella: U didn't have to do that. I'm not afraid of him. But thank you. Yeah I'm good. Have a good night.

HT: Will I see you again?

Bella: U should keep to ur woman, I'm not the person u might think I am. We r from different worlds.

HT: What Girl? How is different worlds a matter?

Bella: I was told that chic in their wit u is your girl. And it matters. I am the "Trophy" for the king of street racing. I don't belong in Ur world, I will never be accepted.

HT: You will always be accepted in "my" world. That is not my girl. And I want to see you again.

Bella: I have to go we are leaving now.

Dom wrestled the keys from Jesse and joined me in my car.

"Bella, we don't belong out here. This isn't our world." Dom stated as he was pulling out of the parking lot.

"I didn't come here to belong. I came here to get away." Bella whispered as tears fell down here face. What was it about this bar and those people that made her wonder what else she was missing in life.

"Why would you want to get away? You have the fort, the guys and me." Dom emphasized the "ME" part.

"I'm not telling you if you don't realize. I'm going to grab some stuff and stay with my sister for a few days." Bella stated more then asked.

"Why are you going to do that, she hasn't been your family since she abandoned your and you came to live with me? You're just trying to meet up with one of those guys aren't you?" Dom stated louder then what he had meant to.

As they pulled into the drive way Bella got out of the car just after telling Dom what he didn't want to hear. "I'm not like you." The anger and pain cut him like a dull knife working at the flesh of his heart.

Running up the stairs and grabbing a bag she got the essentials from the room she shared with Dom. It smelled like a cheep hooker had been in there. No doubt he was in there when he had disappeared. She wouldn't let her self think about why she couldn't keep him satisfied, why it seemed she wasn't good enough.

The last thing to do... Bella walked into the room where her son shared with Mia's son. Packing some of his stuff into her bag, she picked him up quietly and started walking down the stairs. Walking out to the car Bella slowly put Jay-Jay into the car and strapped him in. Putting the bag in the back of the car she noticed Dom outside.

"Watch him while I get some of his stuff from the kitchen." Bella waited a few seconds to get an ok from Dom. While Bella was in the house Dom moved all of their stuff and the baby over to the WRX STI. He wanted her to have the AWD, better tires and freshly tuned up car. He knew there was a full tank of gas in here. For some reason he took it and filled it up before races though no one was driving it tonight.

Once Bella had everything and had said bye to the group telling them this wasn't permanent, this was just the way it had to be right now. She walked out to the car, Dom took the stuff and put it into the front seat of the car in case she needed it mid drive.

"You have a full tank of gas. I want you guys to be safe and not have issues. The mustang was just raced tonight. You know we don't like you driving that thing after a race with out Jesse looking at it." Dom didn't want her to go, didn't want to let her go, but didn't know how to make her stay. He just now realized how much of an ass he had been to her and how badly he had fucked up. In the past she would sleep in Mia's room or on the couch. Sometimes even with Vince. He was like her brother. There was no doubt in my mind that nothing would ever happen between them. Now it was different she was leaving and she was taking his son. Sure he was a jerk and cheated sometimes and didn't seem to know what he had here with Bella, but he didn't want to lose it. Fearing it was too late he tried one more thing.

"Thanks, I'll get it back to you once Jesse has taken a look at the mustang" was her short reply.

Slowly Dom pulled Bella into his arms, her resistance faded as he stated rubbing her back and kissing her softly, he knew these moves way to well, this got her every time. Dom picked her up wrapping her legs around him... Moving to the trunk of the car, he sat her down.

"Bella please, I'm sorry, I know you hear it a lot because I say it a lot and screw up a lot, but please. Don't take you and Jay-Jay from me." Dom had tears in his eyes. This wasn't his element. He realized he was losing her and didn't like this.

"I need to do this Dom; I can't live in your shadow anymore. I should be back, I can't promise. All I can say is that you will see your son, but right now we are not together and I do not know if we ever will be. I will bring Jay-Jay back to see you this coming up weekend. For now I need to get on the road. Alice is expecting to meet me half way in about 2 hours." Bella slid from his grip. She didn't want to hurt him, but she had to think about her son and her self.

"Will you at least let me know when you guys meet up with her and when you make it to her house?" Dom questioned seeing the best option is to let her go for now.

"Sure. Ohh did you want some of the winnings from tonight?" Bella knew she needed the money, but also knew they needed it as well.

"No, keep that in case you guys need anything. Let me know when you need more if you are not back soon." Dom kissed her forehead not sure if she would allow a kiss on the lips form him. Told her he loved her and to take care of her and their son. "Bella one more thing"

"What?" Bella swung around annoyed with him. She wanted to leave before she didn't have the strength anymore.

"You always have a home here even if you don't want to be with me." With that he handed her a decent sized envelop and walked inside. Bella wasn't sure what it was, to big for money, but maybe money and something else. Mentally filling it away she put it in the glove box.

Bella pulled out of the drive way and sent a message to her sister.

Bella: On the road this is harder then I thought. How close are you guys?

Alice: We will meet you in 10 minutes at McDonald's off hwy 74.

Bella: Thank you.

Bella drove in silence, no radio no nothing to pull her mind out of her thoughts. She knew Alice had seen something to cause her to fly in tonight. Going through the drive through she ordered something to drink and something to snack on. She knew she couldn't stomach a full meal so she got some fries.

Bella got out of the car and did the one thing that calmed her down, but she hated doing so much. She leaned against the hood of her car and lit her cigarette. She could feel the release of tension and the release of struggle. She didn't know why, but she had tears streaming down her face and this wasn't something that she was worrying about stopping. This was what she needed. She needed to cry, to let go.

Headlights stopping next to her and shutting off brought her out of her thoughts.

"Alice, it's nice to see you again. Thank you for risking yourself and your family for me." Bella smiled as she was being pulled into a deep hug. "What did you see?"

"You know you are the world to me. I just had to make sure I would be ok around you. The vision was of you leaving, and coming home. I didn't want you to make the trip alone. I brought a friend." Alice said walking away to open the passenger door.

Bella's breath caught her throat as this God like guy got out of the car. His eyes were dark and mysterious. His golden hair was messy atop his head. He was every girl's dreams. The kind that made you stop and stare no matter how much of an ass you look like if they caught you. "Stare much" he muttered. "Just means you were looking too." Bella spat sarcastically.

He had much the same reaction. His reaction was for a different reason though. Bella noticed Alice having what appeared another vision.

"We are riding back with you. We need to take the car back to the rental place. Want to follow us or want someone to drive?" Alice pixie voice asked while looking to be bouncing on the inside.

"Someone drive if you would." Bella said softly. She didn't want to be behind the wheel with the way she was feeling.

"Edward can you handle it?" Alice asked. So his name is Edward, Bella thought to her self. He looked almost like he was in pain or that he hated her.

"Yeah I'll be fine." He grimly got into the drivers side adjusting the seat and mirrors.

"You don't have to do this. I can just follow you guys." Bella suggested not wanting to be the source of his pain or dislike.

"I'll be fine. Can we crack a window though?"

"Sure do yours though. Need to keep the wind off the baby please." Edwards face scrunched up into a weird reaction and threw his head in the direction of the back seat. He hadn't notice until now that someone else was in the car. Sure enough there was a little version of Bella. Looked like his father too though. Alice had pictures plastered everywhere of her former life.

"Sure, you were crying when we showed up. Want to talk about it?" Edward didn't know why he was being nice and talking to her or why he cared, but something from this woman had drawn him to her.

"Just life is taking different turns then expected. I'm not supposed to have this type of help or back up system. I'm supposed to be the one that people see and can tell isn't happy but has nothing to do about it. Alice wasn't supposed to keep in contact with me was she?"

"No, she wasn't. It's considered to risky."

"Are you like her then?"

"Like her how? Say it Bella, Say it out load."

"Vampire" Bella was startled not even realizing that they had stopped. She could see the same features she has learned to recognize. The eyes, the skin and the coldness, Bella inadvertently jumped when Edward growled and jumped out of the car quickly.

Bella climbed out of the car not sure what she had said or done wrong. "What's the matter?"

"You don't understand. You shouldn't be coming back with us. Human and her baby, this could end badly very badly. Your smell, it's driving me insane." Edward wasn't sure why he had admitted the last part.

"What smell?" Bella shyly sniffed her hair and started backing away from him.

No one was looking, Edward quickly pinned her against the car between his arms and body. "Shhus, don't move, be very still."

Edward slowly moved his lips across hers then down her jaw line and onto her neck. Kissing softly and very softly sucking. Edward pulled away; he could feel the monster raging. His throat was burning. His eyes turned a hint of red. He could almost taste it, the sweetest tasting thing around, the venom in his throat mixing with what would be the sweetest tasting blood in his life.

"Stop looking at her like she is lunch Edward." Alice voice broke our silence.

"Alice, I don't know if I can do this. This isn't a good idea. Not only a human, but her very human baby." Edward hissed in a very low growl.

"You are going to have to. I have to stay here. Carlisle needs me to get some things and I'm not going to be able to do it till the morning. We need to get her out of here." Alice put in a tone that said to do what she was saying.

"Fine, Bella car now," Edward jumped in and started it up looking at them impatiently.

"I don't want to do this if he can't handle it or don't want to help us." Bella said gesturing towards him. "He hates me"

"Bella you are his soul mate and he don't know what to do with it." Alice wasn't going to hide this from her sister. "He hasn't ever had a connection with someone like you before, he doesn't know if he can handle it with you being human and all."

"Really? But he's... and I'm... And Dom and Jay-Jay." Bella couldn't place a thought together.

"You can make your choices, but just know what is out there. Now go before he has a hissy fit."

Bella made her way around the car to get back in. She didn't know what to think or what to say. She just sat there pretending to be interested in her nails. Jay-Jay started to wake up. It was about time to feed him. Bella made a bottle quick and then started to climbed into the back seat to feed him.

"Bella please forgive me. I'm normally a gentleman I just don't know how to handle this. I need to hunt. Anywhere I can go around her?" Edward hated being weak in front of a human, but it was being weak and hunt or possible give in to his temptations.

"Go right at your next light. Follow it out about 30 miles. You will run into the forest. You can pull into the gas station right there and I will fill up the tank and feed the baby. Hour give you enough time?" Bella didn't find this at all weird. She knows what Alice has told her and prepared her for if she was to ever come and visit or live with them.

"Ok. Can we turn the heat off until we get there?" Edward knew it was cold out, but the heater wasn't helping his case to not taste her.

"Yes, let me cover him up." Again Bella went to move to the back seat. This was driving Edward insane. "It's pretty warm and he is covered up so you are good to turn off the heat."

"Thank you."

"Can I ask you a question?" Bella wanted to know his thoughts on Alice vision.

"Yes, I can't read you and it's driving me insane. Please tell me what you are thinking and ask your questions."

"I'm pretty stupid to be in the car with you right now, right?"

"I should be able to control myself that is why I want to hunt. You just have to realize you are like my favorite drug. My own special personal brand that I can't say no to, the powers drawling me to you is worse then some coke addict trying to kick the habit. It's a lot like you and your smoking." Edward through the last part as he remembered her smoking when they pulled up.

"I can drive the rest of the way alone if that helps you?" Bella didn't want to make things worse on him.

"Alice would kill me, I have been told to take you back to our house. And for some reason I can't stay away from you. I should, I'm not one of the good guys Bella" Edward looked sorrowful at her.

"Is it the vision?" Bella didn't know if Alice really had told him, but she had to know.

"The picture is unreal. Alice has the subjective ability to see the future, as you may know. I can't get it out of my head, why are we even talking about this?" Edward didn't want to reveal the powers he had since they weren't working for Bella and were barely working on her son. Babies even have thoughts.

"Sorry. I just want to know. Was her description that detailed?"

"Bella please?" Edward pleaded. "I'm not ready to give you the intimate workings of me yet. I don't even know how long you are going to stay before you go back to that guy."


"Yeah, I've seen some scary things. Bella trust me when I tell you that I am not good, but I will not leave you as a protector, just try and stay away from him. He is no good. Alice has had some visions. We were trying to get you out of the Bar, but didn't make it in time. We are just glad that Dom changed his mind." Crap. Edward had gone to far. Here came the flood of questions.

"What did she see? What do you mean he changed his mind? What do you mean as a protector?"

"My mission as you might want to call it is to be yours and the baby's protector, Bella right now is not really the time to talk about this. I need to get out of the car for a bit. I'm sorry."

"You have about 5 miles till the gas station. Can I ask that you stay with the baby long enough for me to use the bath room and grab some snacks or are you afraid?" Bella questioned staring into his dark eyes.

"I will be fine." Edward half smiled

"Thanks," Once they pulled into the parking lot, Bella ran into the gas station to take care of what she needed to, as quickly as possible. Heading back out to the car about 10 minutes late she didn't know what to think. Slowly she made her way to a shocked and scared looking Edward and her son sleeping in his arms.

Opening the door she cautiously looked at Edward and her son. What a sight. "Did he wake up or you get thirsty?" Bella questioned in a playful tone not even thinking about what she had said before she said it.