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"Yes baby it's me. I'm so sorry; I don't even know where to start. I…" Brian trailed off as Mia interrupted him.

"I'm going to ask you one question, I want the honest to God truth no matter how much it will hurt me and then I will decide if I will continue this conversation."

"I will give you that. What's the question?"

"Why after everything blew over didn't you come back for me?"

"I didn't have anything but lies to show you. My love was the only thing I wasn't lying about and at that point I didn't know if you would believe it was real or not. I didn't have anything to give you. And I figured after all that was said and done your brother and the rest of the team wouldn't let me with in 100 miles from you. If I could do it all again I would be right there after I got you guys cleared."

"Brian this is the last time I'm letting you into my life, if you fuck this one over I'll let the guys take turns beating your ass. Why don't you come back with Bella when she comes to get her car? We can see what happens from there."

"Can I call you if that isn't sometime soon?"

"Yeah, get my number from Bella."

"Sounds good, thank you and Mia I still love you very much. My love was never fake" With that Brian handed the phone back to Bella as Mia asked to talk to her again.

"Hello!" Bella knew Mia was going to be pissed.

"What the fucking hell was that about Bella? You really could have warned me about it or at least let me know you were trying to give me a heart attach."


"It's ok. Everything going ok there? How's that hunk of a man you are shacking up with?"

"I'm not shacking up with him. And everything is fine. I will be heading that way in a few weeks."

"Your not coming back to stay are you?"

"Not a chance in hell. Sorry Mia I love you guys and miss you guys like hell, but I can't do this with Dom any more. Things are great here."

"Totally understandable, I don't blame you and not sure why you didn't leave sooner, but then I know the history. Just make sure this trip isn't the last time I hear from you. And bring Brian back with you please"

"It won't be I promise. I will see what I can do to get him back with us. Other wise I will get him out to you as soon as possible. I need to get to class. I love you. Tell the guys, minus Dom of course, that I love them and miss you guys like crazy."

"Bye Bella"

With that Brian and Bella exchanged phone numbers and Bella headed to her next class. Looking at her phone to make sure she didn't miss any calls she realized she had 2 missing text messages.

Bella who's the guy are you ok? Alice is worried. – Emmett

I didn't think you knew anyone here. Someone more important to you then your son and me? – Edward

Sighing Bella replied a text out to Emmett and Alice.

Things are fine, just someone from the past. Tell you guys at home.

Then after a few long moments she replied to Edward.

Jealous much? No one is more important then my son and you know you are starting to grow on me. With out you I would be no one. He is someone from my past that seems will be in my future for a bit. I will tell you all about it when I get home. I promise. How are things back there?

Walking into class and sitting down Bella kept staring at her phone wishing for a new text to come in.

Edward: Things are great. Talk with you in a few hours.

Bella looked at the text not sure what to make out of it. She felt that there had to be an underlying tone to it, but before she could get up to go call him the teacher walked in and started talking. It was a very long 2 hours in a class with a teacher that talked so mono toned you would rather stab your eyes out, but then with doing that you would still be able to hear it. Class finally got over before Bella could go insane. She met Alice where they started their day and followed her to her car.

Once inside Alice started in. "Who was that? Why didn't you want to introduce me?"

"Alice I would have loved to introduce you and all, but there is something's about my past I'm not ready to talk about. Him being one of them. And no I haven't dated him. I just wished you wouldn't have alerted the mob. Emmett and Edward both texted me wanting to know who he was and if I was ok."

"Sorry, Edward read me, he was with Emmett and they both freaked."

"I'll explain about Brian and some other things before we all make a trip to get my car, but I'm not ready yet and appreciate that you aren't going to push on it."

"Nope, we are ok. I won't push."


They drove home in silence while Bella stared out of the windshield trying to put her thoughts together for the conversation she wasn't ready to have with Edward, but knew if she didn't talk about it there would be issues with moody, brooding pissyward and she didn't want to deal with that either.

Once they had pulled into the garage Bella realized she was ready for some of the past to be reveled and that she didn't mind telling him about how Brian played a part into this.

Bella walked into the living room to Emmett standing in tightie whities shaking his ass to the gummy bear song on TV.

He was belting out at the top of his lungs

"Oh. I'm a gummy bear
Yes. I'm a gummy bear!
Oh. I'm a yummy, chummy, funny, lucky gummy bear.
Oh I'm a movin', groovin', jammin'n gummy bear. "

"OH… MY… DAMN!" Bella stated through fits of laughter while recording him.

"You didn't see that. Please tell me you didn't see that."

"That shit's going on YouTube." Bella squealed while running up the stairs to lock her self in the bedroom.

"You know this door isn't going to hold me back." Emmett's voice carried through the door.

Bella was thankful that her laptop was left on. She sent the Video to herself via email and then uploaded it to her YouTube account. And forwarded the link out to the family. After hiding her phone Bella went back and opened the door.

"You know you should go get dressed in something besides those or Edward and Rosalie is going to think something about us that I don't want to deal with." Bella smirked while looking at Emmett in his Thighty whities!

With a large smacking sound and Emmett's "OW" Bella glanced up to see Rosalie being on the other end of that sound.

"Don't worry Bella, I got the link. That was some funny shit. Come on Gummy Bear." With that Rosalie walked Emmett back to their room shutting the door.

After Bella realized that she couldn't find Edward anywhere and didn't see anyone else to ask if they knew where he was, pulling out her phone she decided to call him.


"So, I'm home in the bedroom alone and my son and this like total God like creature seems to be missing. Know anything about that?"

"Sorry, we are on our way back there now. I had to run and do somethings. We are about to pull into the drive way now."

"Ok. I will come down and meet you guys. I miss my boys." Bella disconnected the phone before Edward could make any type of a reply. She did miss Edward, but wasn't sure how to tell him the way she was feeling about it. Mainly because she doesn't know her self way.

Bella made her way down stairs and into the garage just as the door opened for Edward to pull his car into the garage.

Bella walked around to the passenger side to get Jay-Jay out of his car seat.

"Hey Mijo, mommy missed you. Did you have fun with Edward?" Bella cooed to her son while pulling him out of the car.

"He missed you too. He's saying Mama all the time now. We worked on that today." Edward smiled while grabbing the diaper bag to replace the things they used and then shut the door behind her.

"Really? You worked with him to say mama? That is so sweet. You Mr. Cullen are trying to earn some brownie points."

"Am I succeeding?" Edward questioned while wrapping his arms around both Bella and Jay-Jay. "I missed you today as well, if that counts for anything."

"Thank you for watching him today. Are you sure you don't want me to put him in day care?" Bella questioned while backing out of his arms.

"Nope, we had fun. And he got me some phone numbers," Edward gave his signature loop sided smirk and took Jay-Jay from Bella while empting the contents of pocket to Bella and walked away.

"Why aren't you keeping these? Might be able to find a date, but you can't take Jay-Jay with you, wouldn't want him getting in the way of the mojo."

"Told you I'm a one woman man and you are it for me baby. No mojo to get in the way of."

"Hmph, can we just go upstairs and talk." Bella said irritated while heading for the door.

"Sure, lead the way Miss cranky pants." Edward sarcastic laced comment came out while he was holding the door for her.

Bella dramatically stomped her way up the stairs, she didn't know why he was putting so much into them being together. Sure she was physically attracted to him, she owed him for everything that he and the family has done for her, but she didn't like him putting his life on hold for her.

Once upstairs Bella took Jay-Jay from Edward and walked over to Rosalie and whispered asking her to take him for a while. Rosalie agreed eagerly and went to take Jay-Jay and the puppy outside to be a little away from the scene that was about to take place. After that Bella walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed.

"You wanted to talk so talk." Edward started in the moment he shut the door. He was leaning back against it with his arms crossed over his chest. If she didn't know any better she would think he was bored.

"Where would you like me to begin? You're not going to like anything I have to say and you are going to fight me with everything so why bother." Bella didn't know why her insecurities and self esteem was turning into anger, but then again this was the best way for things to get to a point and then go back to normal. At least that's how it all seemed to work when she was at home with the team.

Edward wasn't sure how to react to this anger, he figured it wasn't directed at him and that there was something else going on, but he wasn't sure. Walking to the edge of the bed where Bella was sitting with her head down cast he kneeled in front of her and pulled her into his arms. Bella started to resist him and struggle, but then realized it was a losing cause.

"Why are you doing this?" Bella whispered out.

"I don't know where the fire is coming from. I don't like it. Bella if I have hurt you or pissed you off or made you uncomfortable you need to tell me. I can't read your mind. Please you have to tell me where this is all coming from. If I'm coming on to strong tell me, but please don't try to make me hate you out of a feeling that you don't deserve this."

"Can you let me go please so I can look at you while we talk?" Bella requested pulling back lightly.

"Please don't shut me down. What's going on?" Edward pleaded with her.

"I'm sorry. I don't even know where to start." Bella paused. "If you guys followed the news at all you would know about a year ago there were semi's being stolen and a big bust around it. Bella looked up at Edward to gage his reaction.

"I remember some of it." Edward didn't know where this was going, but had a feeling she was going to shatter his world.

"It started as a way to get a little more income, and then turned into the rush of not getting caught; the driving and team work with it. The guy that I was with today, Brian, had worked his way into the team and accepted with open arms. He started dating Mia, Dom's sister. Well as things turned out it he was a cop sent to take us down. He succeeded. After all his work he threw away his badge to get us cleared. He was in love with Mia. After all of that was when things started getting really bad. We didn't see Brian again, he never knew about his son."

"Wow." Edward didn't have anything else he could think to say. How do you reply when you find out the raving beauty in front of him was involved in the biggest heist known in the country. They were making movies about it.

"Yeah, he swears he didn't know I was here and I believe him. He isn't going to give away where I am. When we go back to get my car I'm supposed to drag him back with me."

"How do you know you can trust him?" Edward was a little worried about this being worse then them housing two humans.

"I can't explain it, but I know he wouldn't lead Dom here. He was always trying to get me out of things. He went as far as to pack our bags and try to disappear with Mia and me. His downfall was Mia saying she couldn't leave her brother."

"I don't like it. I don't want you talking to him with out one of us there. I don't want him knowing where you live. We need to tell Alice so she can be more careful coming home."

"I know for fucking sure you didn't just try to tell me what I could and could not do. Don't go there Edward. You will not win this fight." With that Bella started to storm out of the room. She got to the top of the landing when Edward grabbed her.

"You will not put your self of this family in danger. If that means I have to dictate what you do then I will." Edward had fire in his eyes. He was to pissed to see the tears in Bella's.

"You better let her go Edward of I'm going to take your ass out." Emmett was making quick work of the stairs.

"Fuck you Edward. Don't worry about us anymore. I will have our stuff out of your room and house before the evening." With that Bella started down the stairs. As she got into the kitchen she fell to the ground clutching her elbow. She left one guy that did this to her for what?

After getting her self together she made her way outside.

"I'm going to kill him." Was all that came out of Alice mouth as she started into the house.

"Don't worry about it Alice. He isn't worth it. He's no better then Dom. I really appreciate you guys helping me get here. I need to leave." She hoped Alice and Rose got her meaning. "I'm not running from you guys, but I want nothing to do with him and will not stay in the same house as him anymore." Tears started leaking out of her eyes as she seen how happy her son was in the yard with his puppy. Why couldn't life be easier, why did it always seem to deal her the hand of shit.

"Please don't let him do this to you. We can move you guys to the room in the basement and you don't have to see him." Rose was pleading.

"I can't. Can you please watch him while I get some stuff together. I don't want him around Edward. I don't trust him anymore." Rose just nodded.

Walking into the house she slowly made her way up the stairs to the room she had felt so safe in. Trembling as she stood in the door. The room was destroyed. Like a burglar broke in. What she didn't expect was to see Edward sitting there with a bag beside him. He had his elbows resting on his knees pulling at his hair. Catching her eyes she could tell he would be crying if it was possible for him.

"I am leaving you. I'm not going to up root you guys again. I hope one day you will tolerate me enough to be around me. I'm sorry." With that he got up and slowly slid past her and started making his way down the stairs.

"That's it?" Bella didn't know why she was going at it with him again, but she didn't understand his actions.

"Yup." He had stopped but wouldn't even turn around to look at her.

"Some protector you were." She turned on her heals and walked into the room. She didn't know where to start. She could hear him half growling in the hallway, but didn't care. She wasn't going to leave this mess for anyone else. He could leave, but she was still leaving.

"What the hell do you want from me? You don't want to be with me, you hardly seem to want to be around me, your getting what you want." Edwards growl was low and his voice was even lower.

"What I want? You think I wanted to come in here a get hurt? You think I wanted to tear your family apart? You don't get to walk away from this. I am leaving you get to stay here and deal with the aftermath of your choices." Bella started picking things up slowly attempting to figure out what to do with it.