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The Next Dragon Warrior
Chapter 1
The Dragon Warrior

I was excited when I had first heard that there would be a kung fu training camp in the Valley of Peace. I was even more excited to hear it was going to be at the Jade Palace. It was a magnificently beautiful temple made nearly 900 years ago to honor the Valley's many warriors. The camp would last for nearly a month where we would become trained in the ancient art of kung fu. I had only been to the Jade Palace once before; the day they announced the Dragon Warrior. I can only remember too well that day. My parents and I, along with what seemed like the rest of the Valley, had gone to the palace arena on top of Jade Mountain. Master Oogway and Master Shifu, the valley's most prestigious kung fu teachers, presented their pupils "The Furious Five."

It was incredible! They each displayed unbelievable acts of Kung Fu. They seemed unstoppable, especially after hearing about their many acts heroism in battle outside of the Valley. But what made that evening amazing was when Master Oogway chose the Dragon Warrior. The great panda fell out of a flash of fire and explosions in the sky. He was tall, meek, and some how, the second I saw him, I knew I wanted to be like him. Later, that evening my parents asked their inevitable question.

"Jo, what was your favorite part of the evening?"

All I could think about was how cool the Dragon Warrior was. I had always liked kung fu, but now I loved it. I wanted to master all the techniques. Maybe someday I'd be like the Dragon Warrior. I wondered what he was supposed to do to protect the Valley.

About a week later, he defeated Tai Lung.

I wasn't alive when Tai Lung went on his rampage over the Valley, but my parents had told me it was a very dark day. Ten people were killed and many others injured. Some buildings were completely destroyed. Anyone who defeated a guy who could do all that was officially my hero.

But this, right now, about a month after Tai Lung's defeat, was my seventh year living in the Valley of Peace. I was brought here when I was just around three when I was taken in by my foster parents. Well, they're who I call my foster parents, which they were until they officially adopted me right after they took me in. I was with them long enough for them to feel like family, but it never felt complete. I figured most people in the village knew that they weren't my real parents, being that I was a badger and they were both foxes.

They knew of my fanaticism of the Dragon Warrior, so when they heard about the camp all they could think was "Jo wouldn't be able to resist" and they were right. But there was another reason that I wanted to go to this camp that I still don't think my parents knew about.

I wanted to make friends. I never had the heart to tell them I didn't have any. They just assumed I had made friends in the village, but never really saw them.

I was tired of always watching the other kids in the streets have fun and not be a part of it while I was just by myself. I tried a few times to make friends, but I was never successful. Maybe it was just because I was the only badger in the village but I never could seem to fit in.

But this camp could be my chance. I could meet some other people and they might even like me. That was all I could hope for.

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