Hello Scrubs fans! I hope you like this story, even though its...technically not a Scrubs fic. It is JD/Cox in the sense of their actors though, so bear with me and read! hehehe, naughtiness will come in the second part.


They were so close now, closer than they should have been.

If anyone else was in the room, they'd be demanding one thing and one thing only. "Why?" Sure, their little flings were not unusual nor unexpected. They had hooked up so many times throughout the years, it was almost a routine. This time, however, it was different. Different, because one was about to get married in a few days, to someone that was definitely not the person she was with now. The other, well... he was having a baby with a wonderful woman, a woman that he was supposed to be salvaging some sort of relationship with.

It was not supposed to be this way, not at all, and yet...those factors didn't seem to click in their minds.

The two young doctors were here now instead of where they should be. Perhaps it was out of fear from the new changes...perhaps it was some desperate attempt to escape the choices that could never really be undone. Whatever the reason, it drove them here, to stare hard at each other, eyes penetrating deeply. It was these unknown reasons that made them not care that they were probably about to make the biggest mistake of their lives.

The blonde was lying easily on her right side, the dark haired man on his left. Curled up on the not so comfortable bed in the empty patients room, they seemed to be even closer now, their lips merely centimeters away. So close now, they were even able to taste each other's breath, and yet...still not completely together. Another second though, and they would be joined. Only one more inch, and there was no going back...

Suddenly, someone was shouting at them to stop, breaking their concentration. To some, it might make some people jump up out of surprise, immediately separate and hide their heads with guilt or shame. To the two, it didn't even startle them at all, let alone pull them away from each other.

Maybe that was because...they knew they were going to be stopped anyways.

At the queue given, the man's entire body language changed from serious and loving....to full out grinning, which earned a small, happy sound from his equally quirky partner. Waggling his eyebrows at the now giggling blonde, he decided to close the distance anyways, despite the fact that the mirage had broken. As a reward, for maybe their friendship or a scene well done, he leaned in to place a harmless peck on the lips, which only created a few more laughs against his lips, a humorous sounding 'stop' erupting and hardly sounding effective.

"Zach...I said that's a rap," was spoken, the tone sounding exasperated with the young man. Michael had been watching them with...less than interest. And Zach, no longer JD, had pushed himself up on his elbows and turned to grin wildly at the camera man, cracking some lewd jokes that needn't be repeated, rising a laugh from him and Sarah...who had calmed down but was now giggling to herself again.

"Oh, I know. That was for me and her for a job well done," finally replied the actor, not seeming to his director had given up getting an excuse from him and was now talking to someone else. Hopping off the bed, a glance was thrown over at one person in particular, who might have gotten angry at the fiasco: a curly red head who had been sitting offside and...pretending to read something. Normally, Zach wouldn't care if he offended anyone, but this was different....he didn't need to piss off any one's lover. The other man had been shaking his head in slight disbelief at what was going on, although a smile was dancing on his lips nonetheless.

That was good. He didn't need to get the guy jealous now over his antics.

Perking up immediately at the sound of Bill, their main director, calling them all to 'gather round' in a typical fashion, the younger actor turned his attention away to migrate where he needed to go. Actors, actresses, stage crews, extras, everyone was soon huddled in to a small crowd before one of their bosses, quieting down as he started to speak those words that everyone was dying to hear.

"Alright people! I know you've all been working real hard these past few months, some more than others. I am happy to say that was our last scene that needed to get done...and with that being said, this season of scrubs is officially over, and your vacations have begun. We hope to see you back next time."

A typical celebratory cheer followed, although no hats were thrown. Immediately people dispersed, already planning to finish up any menial tasks that had to get accomplished before heading out for a few months. It had been hard work, not just for the actors either. Props, outfits, scenes, it was all a hassle. It was over for now, though. Everyone was excited to take a break for a while and...

Well, only time would tell.


Really...how hard is it to match up some simple pairs? The young actor thought mildly, staring angrily at the alert that informed him no more moves were available.

The small, but very luxurious living room he was currently in was alive with the sound of the television in the background and humming from the computer as Zach stared blankly at the screen. He was adorned with a long sleeved sweater striped with black and gray stripes, black sweat pants, and a maroon knit cap. A bowl of half eaten Cheerios was sitting by him: his crappy bachelor style dinner.

Although, most bachelors probably ate pizza or Chinese take-out...

Sighing and finally receding to start the game over again, he moved to grab his cup of coffee, eyes moving to stare at the news for a minute at the sound of the weather broadcast finally coming on. Apparently there was news about the possibility of a few major storms over the next few days. Highly doubtful, considering this was California, but...one couldn't be too sure. Especially when he had a flight arranged in a few days.

Instead of traveling wherever he could ever go, really...going back home felt like the best plan. Visit family and relax, exactly what he needed.

Eyes moving back to his Mahjongg game, the young actor only needed a second to finally found the match he was looking for. When there was nothing to do except stay home by yourself, the dark haired male really loved to use his mind, whether it be Solitaire, Sudoku....it kept his mind trained, and it was fun. Except when, of course, you ran out of moves.

Point being, he hated being a couch potato...most of the time. Some days were just lazy. Although, you couldn't get much lazier than sitting at home on your a-

Brisk knocking stopped him from his thought process and from clicking on his located tile. A small, confused frown splayed on his boyish face, immediately giving away the fact that he had no expected visitors coming over. And with a quick glance over at the time, it only left him more puzzled.

Nine. Who would be over this late at night? It couldn't be....oh. Oh!

With a barely concealed grin at who it could be, he pushed himself away from the computer and sat up, long legs trotting over to the door on black socks. Quickly he paused to smooth himself out a bit, hoping to God that he looked somewhat decent. With a quick peak through the door hole to verify his suspicions, he took yet another second to try and smother his hair down even further. Finally...semi-satisfied, he unlatched everything to open up.

His guest, decked with dark Levi jeans and an unbuttoned black shirt over a plan white wife beater, was armed with a bottle of wine and an appreciative look aimed in his direction. Dammit, so fucking gorgeous, and yet he himself...probably looked like a hobo.

It didn't help that the other had noticed as well. "Nice, Zach. Those your pajamas or something?" The older man murmured, blue gaze traveling all over the younger's body and causing shivers of emotion to erupt at the now grinning male, who was standing aside to let him in, closing the door after the larger man came through the threshold.

"Sorry John, I don't walk around my apartment in sexy PJs."

A laugh answered him, followed up with one of those big, strong hands moving to ruffle in his messy, non-gelled hair. "Who says I don't find those sexy?" Was asked, the see through bottle held up with a quirked eyebrow, as it were a peace offering. Perhaps it was, in a way only the two could understand.

The wine was grabbed and moved in to the kitchen. This was a temporary home with not much for parties, and because of this there was no fancy wine chillers he could bring out to use. So, simply sticking it in to a cooking pot with some ice would have to do, the dark haired male decided whilst rummaging through his freezer, armed with said cooking pot.

God, how much of a fool must he look like. It was nice enough for John to have come over, let alone bring him expensive wine...and here he was in his jogging outfit putting his guest's present in to a no-brand cooking pot filled with ice.

In his defense, the guy could have at least called him ahead of time.

As this was going on, with slight humiliation and embarrassment might one add, the red head didn't seem to care. Those eyes were traveling again...although this time, they were closely examining the room about him, mostly taking in what went on during Braff's free-time. Although they had visited each other quite often, it had always been at the other mans place, simply because it was closer to work. This would be the first time he had been in the little bachelor's place.

Then of course, after inspection, that gaze moved back to the young man, although the only thing that was available to stare at was a certain someone's backside, since the rest of him was pretty much buried in the ice tray....although the view was not bad, not bad at all...

In fact, McGinley even had to clear his throat before finding the voice to speak again. "So...what's the deal kid, you just sit at home and isolate yourself most of the time?"

A small hum was given as the young actor reappeared fully, the metal pot now half full of ice. The door was closed with a socked foot, and the chilly tub was set on the counter before an answer was given. "Well considering I socialize so much at work already and I don't get any free time to myself.." was offered teasingly, a scrawny arm moving to grab the wine and finally place it in it's new icy home.

"Alright, I get it. Night time is your time," the rough voice offered humorously, the blue eyes lit up as they usually were when off set and out of character. Although they always glowed just a bit more around the dark haired male....even if the owner of those beautiful icy blues would never admit it.

Those eyes, Zach thought while staring at the heated gaze, were beautiful. They always seemed to change shades during certain times. Like when the man was angry, they would always darken in to a stormy sea. They were always so observant as well, as if they couldn't help themselves but to thoroughly explore anything in their path. They did so as they were the eyes of Dr. Cox and McGinley alike.

With a sudden realization that they were staring at each other quite intently, the trance was broken, Zach turning away quickly to go find some champagne glasses for later. Though those eyes were still latched on to the lean back for a minute, before they were catching glimpse of a rectangle of white contrasting with the marble of the counter top. With a small clear of the throat, a strong arm moved to pick up the object. "You are probably the only person who doesn't read their mail right away." Was offered to break the silence, the free hand busy with rummaging through the drawers, hoping to catch a letter opener or a small knife.

Zach snorted, setting the glass down and turning around, leaning back against one of the counters. He was trying to seem uninterested, try to seem nonchalant... but the dirty little secret he had was that he was watching intently, secretly enthralled with watching his guest's antics. No, he did not see 'looking for letter opener' as fascinating, that wasn't what held his attention.

...Those hands. The ones he knew could snap a person's neck in a mere second, or gently brush across skin the most careful of movements. His eyes were enraptured as the powerful appendages continued their excavation through the drawers. "I didn't realize you were supposed to bring wine over when trying to criticize your partner's lifestyle." He forced out smoothly, half away in dreamland, remembering how strong and dexterous they really were...

"I aim to please..." John grunted as his curious fingers found what they were looking for amongst the junk. Holding up the small weapon with a grace that only came from years of experience handling such tools, those same deft little fingers manipulated the handle so it spun in his grasp a few times, elegantly and flawlessly, unknowingly causing his audience to lose their breath at the display, the figure shifting uncomfortably. After humoring himself with the little trick for a few seconds, the blade was moved to slice easily through the envelope, releasing whatever was waiting inside in to the open air. "There you g.."

The offering hand holding out the parcel wavered slightly, the owner finally noticing the look on the younger man's face. "..What?" Was asked, a concerned voice creeping through instantly. Mind you, the look wasn't one of distress or bad, so to say. It was just a look...that didn't seem to fit. It was a hazy, wanting gaze that only came around when well...dirty things were happening. But, surely...

At first, the younger man didn't look ready to share anything. In fact, he looked pretty much like a kid caught with their hands in the cookie jar. When a throat was loudly cleared though, he finally shifted his gaze away, mumbling at first. Then, he blinked and repeated it a bit louder. "I...ah, I just, love it when you do that," was offered quietly, a small blush creeping on to that boyish face of his.

Instead of clarifying, it only seemed to add more confusion though, for all he got in response was a slight tilt of the head, hand slowly manipulating the blade again while thinking...which only exacerbated things, really.

"When I do..." Realizing on how Zach was slowly shifting in to that wanton slut mode he got in to sometimes, blue gaze clashed with steel in realization. "Oh. When I..?" Was offered, the knife held up to clarify. With a shy nod as confirmation, it fully dawned on him. A sly grin started to spread over his strong face, blue eyes lighting in a whole new type of fire. He moved to whirl the delicate instrument around again, bemusedly watching the kid's own orbs of sky trailing after every move of the blade. Slowly, the heavier man was moving forward, still manipulating the knife as he advanced slowly. The grin turned feral as the younger man tried to back up, heat in his face and eyes only growing more.

If that was possible, since he was in wanton slut mode.

"Well kid, I have to ask...is this, turning you on?" He purred out deeply, so close to the other that he stopped his little tricks, as if afraid to accidentally lose control and cause harm instead of enticing. It was now being held backwards at his side, with the blade extending from his pinkie.

Ignoring the fact he was flustered and hard like hell and back up in a corner, Zach only smiled lightly in response, ever so slightly shifting closer in order to relish in the body heat that could now be shared between them from the proximity. Fluttering his eyes lightly in a way that he knew would drive the other mad, he huskily replied with a sentence that sealed his fate for the night.

"Maybe you should come over here and find out for yourself."