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Anyways...WARNINGS FOR THIS CHAPTER: HEAVY MALE ON MALE, ADULT SITUATIONS, AND LANGUAGE. Don't like? Why the eff are you here then?!


It was silent besides the background noise of the room, but there were no words spoken. The two were holding a fiery gaze, despite the icy blue colors that held the heated source. Each side was holding wants and ideas and needs that were entirely different from each other but also exactly alike. Those emotional sources drifted between them without sight, smell, taste, or sound. The two simply felt it, simply knew. That's how the older man found himself finally pushing forwards, up against the other, not only connecting them physically but on some spiritual level that only they knew.

"You are pretty excited..." was murmured lightly, the evidence of his statement pressed against a strong thigh. A twitch from those slender hips occurred first, before shaky hands rose to find shelter in the thick, curly locks of hair, gripping tightly. Zach's eyes were alight with a lazy, smouldering look that sent small tremors through every muscle in his body.

"Didn't believe me?" The dark haired male murmured, grinding himself lightly against that muscled leg.

With a barely contained groan, John bore his lips upon the darker haired male instantly, having to tilt his head up slightly because of the fact that Braff...was actually a bit taller than him. Nevertheless, he was in charge, using his arms to press them as close as two separate bodies could get. Their teeth clicked together lightly as they opened mouths and touched tongues. They never tongue wrestled for dominance...they just danced.

It was never about competition, they always assumed.

"Come here, big boy," was muttered against swollen lips, those big hands urging the skinnier man to wrap his lithe legs around the thick torso before him, the knife already discarded during the fray. McGinley undeniably strong, and it showed in every aspect in life, especially when doing his many stunts for work. But hell, even the way he walked spoke volumes of his sheer strength, which he was using to ease his younger lover up on to the counter top.

Said lover was taking the time to murmur sweet, dirty things in his ear, kissing the skin of the neck before him gently, whimpering when the large palm drifted lightly across his restrained cock. The other fingers were at his head, gently sliding underneath the skull cap and forcing it to slide off, thick digits caressing strands of dark hair.

John finally pulled away with a lazy smile, still ghosting his hand over the front of the other's tented crotch. "Do you know what makes this night really special?" He was smiling, waiting patiently as his lover was trying to catch a well needed breath in order to properly give an answer.

"We can...finally do it without a condom?"

There was a possessive growl at this, teeth moving to nip at the skin of the boy's jaw line. That actually was one of the things that really highlighted this occasion, as a step further in to their future. They had been going out for a while, but for safety's sake and unsure about whether things would become steady between them, they had been using protection. That was before deciding to take the plunge and get a little more committed.

So after becoming something more than just boyfriends, they had went in together to get tested, getting many, many stares. After all, not many guys walked hand-in-hand to a test clinic and asked to get checked up. Nevertheless, they ignored the quirky and evil gazes from the others and patiently waited, secretly urging for the news to be good.

This was the night after receiving the news: both had a clean bill of health.

Which led back to this moment before them. "Well..besides the fact that yes, I can finally have you and feel the whole experience..." a small whimper escaped from the body he was carefully pleasuring with teeth and lips, "The one thing I really am going to enjoy the most about tonight..." the curly head lifted from its attack on the pale neck, mouth stretched in to that wolfish smile again.

"I finally get to taste you."

That small sentence nearly made Zach come right then and there, from the sheer implications of it. Instead, he took a shaky breath, closing his eyes as fingers carefully moved to work at the knot in his pants. Out of every scenario played in his mind, the younger actor would have never dreamed that John would actually offer...I mean, it seemed cliché, but true that he himself would have been expected to...well, get on hands and knees. The fact that it was reversed kept him frozen in place, unable to assist when hands were tugging at the sweats material.

"Kid...kid, do you mind?" Finally broke through, only mildly irritated. "Don't tell me you've conked out on me now."

With a small sigh of bliss, said raven moved to lay on his back, lifting his hips up enough to help shed his lower garments. "No no. Just thinking.." the sentence died, trailing off when his love got a heavy look of pleasure on his face. "What?"

The gaze, he noticed, was...blatantly staring at his crotch, although it moved up to acknowledge his words. "Alright, you're only allowed to wear those boxers around me." Those eyes immediately went down again, as if caught in some kind of...trance.

Zach breathlessly laughed, glancing down at himself. "What? Why?" He choked out, curious digits slipping ever so slightly beneath the black material.

"Those things are tight...they show your delicious cock off too much." It was too painfully obvious. They were almost like latex material, the outline of the hard member inside leaving nothing to the imagination.

Although the site was lovely, the tight, black boxers were removed as well soon, leaving the lower body nude and exposed to the man looming over him. The heavy eyes were still staring hungrily at his arousal, the large body slowly sliding down to align itself properly. Zach moaned, throwing one arm over his eyes and clenching the material of his sweater with the free hand, not able to take in the sight and experience alone, not the first time.

The amused voice reached his ears and his cock, for it was close enough for the breath to tickle the sensitive skin. "I haven't even done anything yet.." A tongue followed after, lightly tracing up a vein on the underside that the young actor was all too familiar with, one that was incredibly sensitive to touch. He had to bite down on the material in his mouth to keep from moaning-only to yelp when his side was lightly pinched.

"Don't keep those pretty noises back."

"I haaaave, know!" Was forced out, roughly because well, it was so damn hard to talk while a certain someone was distracting him by wrapping his lips around the head of the swollen need, lips pursed tightly around the skin. Those big, 'crazy' eyes slid halfway shut, enjoying the experience as much as his lover was. Not to say he enjoyed 'sucking cock', that wasn't it. He just...well...

He supposed he enjoyed sucking Zach Braff cock. The mere thought had been such a turn on, and now that he was actually doing it, the taste, the smell, the could have been enough to get him off, although he might never live that down if that really happened.

With a smirk for his secret thoughts, he pulled the younger man in deeper, throat automatically relaxed for the extra space. Whether this was because he no longer had a gag reflex, or he had been practicing for this very moment on some now thoroughly violated foods, one couldn't be too sure. It was probably both though.

Another thing that John would never admit was the fact that Zach was...actually an inch longer than him. But where he lacked length, he certainly made up for in girth. Not that he was jealous, that wasn't it at all. It was just the fact that even though wanted to take everything in, to be able to please to the was difficult with all that length.

He did his best though, pushing down as far as his throat would tolerate, glad that it was only about two inches that was left unattended, although he took care of that neglected skin by stroking it gently with fingertips and palm. Apparently he was doing a hell of a good job though, since it only took moments until Zach was gripping his hair tight, thrusting once and releasing, the thick, substance flowing down his throat. The older man was careful to pull back though, so that he could actually taste it before it was digested. The taste was actually....enthralling, and he took his time lapping up any spilled and left behind.

John moved up after cleaning up the mess, lightly resting his body against the shaky males below. He reached his arms out to cradle his sweaty face, calloused thumbs gently circling and prodding the skin of the neck as he rained small kisses on to a sticky cheek. Not waiting for the other to recover, he pulled the man upright. He urged the other to wrap limbs around him before picking the young man up as if he were a child, murmuring softly in to the dark locks of hair and pressing gentle kisses to an exposed ear while making the trip to the bedroom.

He finally received a satisfied groan in response. "I can't wait to return the favor," the young man murmured, voice thick from their activities.

"Well then I can't wait either," was given back, and the man paused in step for a minute. " your bedroom door, right?"

A low chuckle was given, and the shaky body half turned in order for a skinny hand to reach over and grasp one of the doorknobs, pushing it open. "Close enough, unless you were planning to sex me up in the bathroom."

The strong body turned, pushing the rest of the door open with the bulk of his back, a deep hum coming from the broad chest and reverberating in to the sticky sweatshirt still being worn. "Well, as much as that being a perfectly fine idea, I think that can wait for another time."

Surprisingly, John hit the bed backwards, falling so that it was the younger actor perched on top, not wanting to crush the lithe body. Although their intentions were clearer than ever before, they didn't move just yet, selecting a few moments to simply lay there, one trying to even their breath still. Blue eyes were entangled once more, and Zach smiled, leaning down to steal a kiss, softly, moving a hand up to brush gently across the man's stubble, feeling the contrast of his own, softer skin. He found his actions mimicked after a moment, the rougher hands still so gentle with his face.

"God, I love you," was spoken out, before a kiss busied their lips, their movements against each other slow and thorough. It's compliment was murmured unintelligibly in to the kiss, but it was heard, and it only increased the pleasure. The large body was pushing up again, carefully moving to push the other back on to the bed, the body moving down once more.

"Ah, Jesus, John...don't tell me you're doing it again."

A laugh was hardly muffled by a bony hip, a kiss following it. "I'm sure you'd love that," the man retorted casually, using his calloused hands to gently separate those long legs open wide. Before any demands could be spoken, a naughty tongue silenced any inquiry, tracing lightly over the exposed skin running just above the boy's clenching ring of muscles.

Zach has never known the pleasure of perineum stimulation, and the feeling was...incredible. He could hardly keep himself from gasping as the wet muscle laved at the skin gently, ever so often brushing against his entrance. And God, if he didn't stop clawing his hands in to the bed, he would have to buy new sheets. He grabbed at the material, pulling especially when those caresses were being focused lower. "Shit!"

John just grinned, lapping at the hole a few more times before moving his lips higher again, this time pressing a kiss to the area before sucking on it lightly, wondering if he could place a hickey there. Meanwhile, one of his hands let go of the trembling thigh, moving to dig through his jean pockets. The younger man didn't notice exactly what was going on below, that is, until something cold pressed up against him, making a noise of surprise as a nimble fingers moved to push inside his body.

'Well well, someone is getting impatient,' the young man was able to process, groaning as teeth were now involved, nibbling and biting delicately. Those digits pumped gently in and out, stretching and scissoring, only a small preview of what was to come. It helped though that they had done this a few times, and Zach knew how to relax enough to get his muscles stretched.

Soon enough, those fingers were pulling out, and the elder man was currently aware that he was..still, in fact, completely dressed. 'How could I survive in such harsh conditions?' he mildly though, now painfully aware that he was swelling quite uncomfortably in the restricting garments. With a barely concealed groan of discomfort, the slicked fingers were now popping off the button and releasing the zipper with gusto, eagerly pulled off along with the briefs underneath them.

With amusement, the older man suddenly realized that the body beneath his own still bore that striped sweatshirt. Well,if the kid was going to keep his shirt on, so would he.

Moving down again, he found himself welcomed in to a warm embrace, pulled close enough so that the hard, thick need was pressed directly against Zach, and it only took a small nudge on both parts until the head was inside with a small, wet noise.

John sighed in to the sweaty neck, continuing to push himself in to the relaxed boy as patiently as he had ever known. God, was it so hard to resist any rough play, though, now that he was finally able to feel without the layer of latex surrounding him. It warm and wet inside, the muscles soft and yet so strong as they tensed around him, causing him to buck slightly and groan.


Zach shook his head in a wordless acceptance, finally able to breathe properly when the man was fully sheathed inside. It was the same for him. Instead of feeling something rubbery filling him, it was..flesh, slick flesh inside him, proving that it was actually his lover that he was united with. He nibbled lightly on the strong jaw line before him, following the curve until it met a pair of desperate lips, pressing together with teeth and tongue.

Zach pulled away after a few second, a thin trail of saliva still connecting them. "Go," he managed, glad that his request was immediately taken and the hard organ inside him was pulling back out, leaving halfway before thrusting in once more, brushing immediately up against his prostate and causing him to buck up, a curse escaping, a hand moving to grip his tightly, the other hand lightly tracing the smooth, soft stomach below.

"So beautiful, Zach...God, I love you, love you.." was spoken hoarsely in to his ear, each word punctuated with a sharp thrust.

It had the pressure and compassion that they felt their very first time, which seemed like only yesterday. So much that they both knew it wasn't going to last long, and so neither complained when those hard thrusts stopped right before completion, a few minutes spent simply holding each other and kissing before starting the pace back up, letting them stay united longer. All good things come to an end though; the pressure soon became too much, their tempo immediately rough and fast, pulling them over almost violently, names thrown in to the night.

"John, ah, fuck..." Zach moaned out, feeling his climax prolong itself at the feel of the other releasing deep inside, something that was entirely new but greatly appreciated. His own essence made itself home on their shirts, something that they would probably bitch about later. It wasn't a concern now, though.

They stayed as they are for the moment, enjoying the feeling of being one. Zach's hands were facing upwards on the pillow, each one next to his head, their mates gently wrapped with them. They were caught in a gaze once more, and John was suddenly asking, "do you want to come home with me? I mean...for the vacation?"

Zach merely smiled and nodded, and that was the end of that.

John took a deep breath in response, pressing a hand down gently on the stomach again and pulling himself out from the other. He couldn't look down just yet, knowing that if he saw his own seed following after, he'd end up losing it...losing it in a good way, of course. Right now, though, all he wanted was to collapse on the bed, which he did....wanted to wrap up with his lover, which he did also....and he wanted...

He wanted...well, he wanted some wine now. "Say Zach...mind if we bust open that bottle now?

".....You're probably the only man I've ever known who enjoys sexing up his partner before getting them drunk."