You may remember a story I told in chapter 28 at the beginning of the chapter in The Renesmee Series. It was a story about Titus Valerius and Nicoleta of the Nastase. It was a tragic love story that I kind of fell in love with and wanted to show to my readers. I was planning to wait to publish it until all the chapters were completely done, but I cave. I want to publish it now. I have two chapters officially completed and the third one is currently in progress along with the next chapter of Horizon. Keep in mind that this story won't have a lot of the usual humor that I have in my other stories and is in fact a tragedy.

Keep in mind as well that this story's publishing will have no faltering effect on Horizon. I'll merely be working on two stories at once, which won't slow me down enough to cause complaint or concern for those that aren't planning on reading this. The story will be listed in my account as And Her Tears Filled The Moon. If you're interested in reading it, I would love to have your opinions on it so far. And aside from the Voulturi and Vladimir and Stefan in later chapters, the characters are all my creation. Please enjoy and comment on it. The story won't exceed six chapters and will not be under four for those that are curious about that.

Please Enjoy,