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Setting: The end of season three's "Time is on my Side." Right as Dean hangs up the phone on the Bela for the last time.

A/N: This is a response to The Guild of the Fantastic Quill's Hate challenge. Prompt words were heat and fire. This is a 200 word drabble.

"I'll see you in hell."

The words had already left his mouth, and he could feel Sam's eyes on him. Damn it, Sammy. Another confirmation that his big brother was going to the Pit.

It was a funny thing, meaning those words. They were final, and they'd helped him let go of it, the hate inside. Dean had quit hating Bela thirty seconds before the fire claimed her, twenty-nine seconds before the hounds were due.

And he'd meant what he'd said, about seeing her there. He didn't know how the big basement below was run, but he knew it wouldn't be pleasant. Hey, at least I'll have a friend.

Dean smiled to himself, knowing his body was tight, his face in a grimace. He felt it in his cheeks, the heat, Hell's touch. Not as gentle as one might expect.

A friend. He couldn't leave the thought alone. A friend who'd taken his only chance away. A friend who'd been willing to kill his brother for a second chance.

Hell of a reunion.

He chuckled to himself.


"We'll find her, Sammy."

Lilith. Not Bela. He pushed the accelerator to the floor. I hope I never see that bitch again.