Samurai Champloo

The Tales of a Pirate and a Ninja

Chapter 1

"Yatsuha-san, are you sure about this? We don't even know were to start looking!" complained a man with a huge mole on the side of his face.

"But if we don't try we'll never complete our mission in time, Otawa-kun," said the woman named Yatsuha replied back to her partner, "Plus if I don't find him I'll never be able to marry him!" She turned into a giggling, blushing, and swooning girl who had her heart stolen and in love.

"Do you even know his name....?" asked Otawa his expression annoyed at the girl in front of him, she may be better at their job, but she still acted immature at times.

"Um.... uh..." stumbled Yatsuha, embarrassed at the fact she did remember the man's name, "he never really mentioned it..."

"Right, well we better get started with Osaka, who knows we might meet the bandit there," said Otawa as he passed Yatsuha on the road.

Yatsuha glared at Otawa, "Stop making orders! that's my job!"

"Hai Hai..." said Otawa as he waved back at his partner.

"What is the meaning of this!?!" Yelled an Official as he clambered out of his carage, and looked at the man in front of him, the Official's bodyguards around the man that had planted himself in the middle of the road.

"Can you not hear!?! we ordered you to clear the road!" demanded the head bodyguard at the man in front of him.

"I don't take orders from anyone, especially from pigs such as you," replied the man as he gave a death glare at the men around him, causing the men around him to get nervous they backed a step back, all but the lead body guard. The man the spoke such insolence was wearing a red shirt, black shorts, and wooden clogs; his hair was unkempt and his sword was worn on his back, his face was cover with whiskers and completed with what looked like a permanent scowl.

"You dare speak insolence! I am Kuroguro Tanaki, magistrate of this area!" yelled the government Official, "Guards kill him!"

"With pleasure..." said the head of the guard as he drew his sword and charged at the bandit.

The man smirked and drew his sword and in the first downward stroke sliced the man completely in half. The other guards drew their swords , but stepped back further murmuring: "What is he?" or "he's a monster!?" But then one of them charged the bandit as he yelled: "Bakemono!" he slashed at he messy haired man, who dodged and spun around the guard, then slashed the guard's back open. The rest charged soon after and were all dismembered and killed within seconds, not a single bow dealt to the Bandit.

"What are you!?" yelled Tanaki as he was now on the ground from surprise and fear.

"Just a traveller whose mood has been completely ruined," said the man as he sheathed his sword and walked away from the area where the road was completely soaked in the blood of samurai. His hands in his pockets, it was now time for him to leave this city of Kobe. Maybe Osaka would provide a better night life then this dump.


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