Disclaimer: All characters are essentially Joss Whedon's, I bow to the genius that is his mind. I can only ever dream of owning them.

AN: Remember that this is an AU fic. If you wonder about the title, it will be explained and referred to within the story.


Buffy Anne Summers held up a summery dress against herself. It was a pale blue, with delicate lilac flowers trimming the hems. She glanced into her full length mirror, and sighed - loudly.

Willow Rosenberg, flipping through a thick, musty-smelling book, looked up. "What is it?"

Buffy turned, still holding the dress. Her long blond hair was tossed over her shoulders. "How does this look on me?"

Willow eyed her critically, narrowing her eyes as she did so. Then she broke into a grin. "It's you," she affirmed admiringly.

Buffy smiled graciously. She turned back to the mirror, and sighed in frustration again. "I just *wish* I could see for myself," she muttered.

In the mirror, the contents of the brightly lit room were reflected. The drawn curtains behind a large table. A book on the table, its pages being flipped by an unseen being. And the pretty blue dress, right in front, seemingly floating in the air by itself.

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