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Chapter 3 - Bethtin, Ezzy, Ledunca, and Brigold

(Challenge 10, Blind Trust)

Harold refused to talk to anyone after the humiliation he had suffered. He wouldn't even look at them, especially not Duncan and Geoff. For breakfast and dinner the day he was mortified and next couple days, Harold would not even eat; when Chef Hatchet dropped whatever disgusting food he served on his tray, he would immediately throw it in the trash and walk out of the cafeteria.

Most wondered how he was feeling since they hadn't seen him eat for three days. The truth was that he was eating, thanks to two people he was still talking to in secret as well.

Izzy and Ezekiel were raiding the fabulous food that Chris selfishly kept for himself (Izzy was raiding, she dragged a very nervous Ezekiel along every time). Every night they would do this, the redhead skillfully avoiding Chef's increasing traps, and she, Ezekiel, and Harold would eat at the boat house.

"I really want to knoo' how Chris Maclean sleeps at night," Ezekiel commented as he munched on a hamburger. "How can he enjoy watching us be so uncomfortable and in pain, eh?"

"I'm guessing the douche bag was treated badly as a teenager, so now he's getting his revenge," Izzy remarked. "Typical stupid moron idiot, takes his pain and unleashes it on the innocent."

"Think that explains Duncan too?" Harold asked as he ate some turkey.

"No, I think he's just a douche bag," Izzy said, laughing. "And he's getting close to second base with Leshawna on the side."

Harold almost choked on his food. "Really? But those two are always arguing with each other when they are among others! You mean that's an act?"

"No, that's love," she said. "Though she's currently really pissed about that prank he helped Geoff pull on you, Harold. Anyway, arguing is their weird way of flirting, via argument."

"Oh, it's like code-speak, eh?" Ezekiel asked.

"No no no, they love to argue with each other. Some couples are like that, like my uncle Joe Don and my aunt Kim. They fight all the time, and times they throw things; I almost was brained by a vase once."

"That's rather sad," Ezekiel remarked. "I mean, I knoo' arguments are inevitable, but I cannot imagine being married to someone who loves getting me mad."

"Me neither," both Izzy and Harold said.

They were quiet for a couple minutes as they enjoyed the good food. Then Izzy looked at Harold and asked, "So when are you finally going to tell Bridgette you like her more than just as friends?"

Harold froze, staring at Izzy. The redhead stared back with 'you heard me' eyes. "What do you mean?" he asked, playing innocent.

"We knoo' you like her, eh," Ezekiel explained. "I think everyone knoo's, you spend a lot of time with her; well, you used to befur the, um, incident."

"I think everyone knows, even Bridgette knows," Izzy said. "She's waiting for you to say it.


"We girls are like that. We want the guy to come forth and say they do, to be confident. Like my Zeke was when he smooched me."

Ezekiel flushed and scratched the back of his head. "I'm glad that worked, eh."

"But Harold, you've talked to her long enough," Izzy continued. "It's time you go forth and ask her out. If you don't, Geoff will; most people think he and Bridgette are going out now, and your silent treatment to everyone hasn't helped."

Harold let out a long sigh, looking away in doubt.

"Look, eh, neither of us blame you for being angry a'boot that," Ezekiel said. "But Bridgette wasn't responsible fur that, and the guys will not apologize. You have to go to her, what's the worse that could happen, eh?"

"That all she'll think of is me standing naked on the pier and crying while the guys taunt me?" Harold asked bitterly.

Izzy and Ezekiel exchanged a nervous look; they hadn't actually thought of that. The redheaded girl was the first to reply to this. "Look, Harold, Bridgette is not going to hold that against you. She's the sweetest, kindest, and most stable girl Izzy knows. You know, when she's not puking or burning down the tent.

"So tomorrow, get off your hinder and go tell her how you truly feel."

Tomorrow morning was not possible, as Chris woke everyone up early for the challenge. He explained that he had noticed there had been a lot of tension within the teams of late; he was mainly looking at Gwen and Harold as he spoke.

"So what we're going to do is see if you all can trust your teammates as far as you can throw them, or hold them up," the host said, clapping and rubbing his hands.

The first of five challenges was a rock climbing challenge. Gwen and DJ were to go as Heather and Duncan supported them from the ground. DJ asked Geoff to watch over Bunny for him.

The challenge was a victory for the Screaming Gophers but not for Gwen; Heather, using a second rope craftily set before Gwen had started climbing, tore off the goth girl's skirt and left her climbing the rest of the way with her underwear exposed to the world.

Bridgette gasped in horror, Harold's eye twitched as he modestly looked away (most of the other boys did not). Both of them seriously considered wringing Heather's neck, which was generous compared to what Gwen wanted to do to her.

The next challenge involved preparing poisonous blow fish as a meal for a teammate, Ezekiel and Izzy on the KB, Trent and Lindsay on the SG.

Ezekiel cooked the food and proved to be every bit a cook as he had claimed to be; Izzy started wolfing down the entire plate when she was only supposed to take a mouthful, and Chris Maclean pulled her away in fear she would accidentally kill herself (which she wouldn't have). Trent ended up with blowfish poisoning, puking and dangerously ill due to Lindsay's terrible performance.

Next was reverse William Tell, which two blindfolded people would shoot apples with a slingshot at an arrow taped to the top of one of their teammates' head.

"The teams will be Heather shooting at Gwen, and Harold shooting at Courtney," Chris said, chuckling happily at how unhappy this made Gwen and Courtney look.

"Are you trying to get her to kill me?" the goth girl shouted.

"I'm not letting that dweeb shoot apples at me, he has no sense of aim," Courtney hollered.

Harold cleared his throat and raised his hand. "Chris," he said, speaking among the campers for the first time since his humiliation, "I cannot be the shooter. I'm violently allergic to apples."

Chris raised a dubious eyebrow and looked over at Chef Hatchet. The large cook was shuffling through some papers, then he looked up and nodded at the host.

"Okay then Harold, sit out this one," Chris said, shrugging. "Geoff?"

But Geoff had gone to 'look' for DJ's Bunny, which he had 'lost' (Geoff, when setting Bunny down for a brief moment, saw the poor rabbit be eaten by a snake, then the snake eaten by an eagle, then the eagle eaten by a shark).

"Izzy, you be the pelter then," Chris said.

The challenge was brutal. Gwen and Courtney both took serious blows, crying out in pain as they were bruised by the shot apples. The difference was that while Izzy was trying to hit the arrow and following Courtney's shouted directions, which caused her to miss Courtney more than hit her, Heather was continuously hitting Gwen.

When Gwen had doubled over fell to her knees from taking a third apple right to her stomach, Heather hit the arrow with an apple. Izzy cursed aloud and threw the slingshot away.

"I hate her so much," Gwen said through her pain as Leshawna and Lindsay helped her up.

The fourth challenge looked like a couple swings over a small pool, two platforms on both sides. Chris explained to the campers that one camper, blindfolded, would be jumping off the platform, and hope their teammate swinging on the monkey bars.

"Oh, and I should mention that the pool is full of electric jellyfish," the host said.

A crackle of electricity from the pool alerted the campers, and they all winced. None of them (well, except Izzy) wanted to fall in that.

"Harold, you'll be the catcher this time," Chris said, patting the nerd on the shoulder. "But after what happened to you a few days ago, I don't know if I'd trust you to catch any of your teammates."

"I'll do it then," Izzy declared happily. "That pool looks fun!"

"No no, I think we're going to have Bridgette be the jumper," Chris said. "Let's see if Harold's feeling generous enough to catch the girlfriend of the guy who left him naked for the entire viewing world, har har har!"

"Girlfriend?" Harold thought, downtrodden.

"Okay Bridgette," Harold called out to his blindfolded friend as he swung over the pool. "Jump... NOW!"

But the blinded surfer girl was far too terrified, as she could hear the electricity crackling in the pool below. She clung to one of the poles, shaking in fear.

Harold groaned, hoping Chris wouldn't count that. "Bridgette, c'mon, you can trust me!"

"I wouldn't," Heather, the blindfolded jumper on the other side, shouted. "I think he'd be more than glad to let you get electrocuted after what your team put him through."

"Shut up, Heather! Gosh," Harold shouted. He looked back to his friend. "Bridgette, I know it wasn't your doing! Please, you've got to trust me here!"

"O... okay...," Bridgette whimpered, letting go of the pole. "Please don't drop me, Harold."

"You know I won't!"

"Okay Harold," she repeated, "I trust you!"

Geoff was clutching his hands in front of his mouth, his knuckles white. Ezekiel bit his lower lip. Izzy bobbled on her feet, wondering what was so terrible about such a fun-looking plunge.

"All right then Bridgette," Harold called out, timing his swings. "Ready... set... JUMP!"

She did this time, reaching out for him. He grabbed her wrists, and she clenched his in mortal fear.

"Victory for the Bass," Chris declared over the cheers of the Bass teammates. "Well done, Harold!"

Chef Hatchet extended a think plank over the water, which Bridgette and Harold dropped down on. The surfer girl raced to the shore, yanked off her blindfold, and let out a happy sigh.

"Oh Harold," she gushed when he was on the shore too. She grabbed him and pulled him in for the most appreciative hug he'd ever received. "Oh bless you so much, thank you, thank you!"

"I told you I wouldn't let you down," he replied.

Then there was a splash and terrible screaming. Harold and Bridgette clung to each other as they stared at Heather, thrashing and jerking around in the electric pool. Everyone stared in abject horror, except for Gwen, who was grinning happily.

"Awesome catch, Harold," Geoff said, thumping him on the back.

"Thanks. Hey, where's DJ?"

"Um, he's...," Geoff nervously tapped his fingers together, "mourning over the fact that Bunny left him."

" 'Mourning'?" Ezekiel repeated.

"Okay, but where's Duncan?" Harold asked.

"You know, I don't know," the party animal admitted. "I haven't seen him since the jellyfish challenge."

Meanwhile, Leshawna was leading a twitching Heather towards the medical tent. The queen bee couldn't see too well, since a jellyfish was attached to her head and partially covering her eyes.

"Karma's a real bitch, ain't it, white girl?" Leshawna remarked, grinning at Heather. "Might want to consider laying off Gwen, ya hear?"

"Shut up, ghetto girl, I don't believe in any karma shi-"

She suffered another zap from the jellyfish. Leshawna rolled her eyes as she watched the queen bee collapse on one of the cots, opposite of the drooling and deathly sick Trent.

The loud sister was about to leave when she saw someone pass by the tent. It was Duncan, walking backwards and holding a carrot down near the ground. A cute rabbit was following close, trying to get the orange treat.

"What on earth?" Leshawna said to herself, puzzled. Was Duncan into cute little critters now?

At the final challenge, all the able-bodied contestants were gathered up at the bottom of the giant hill on Wawanakwa, cheering on their bobsled team. It was Geoff and DJ for the Killer Bass, Lindsay and Gwen for the Screaming Gophers.

It had been obvious DJ's heart was not in the contest anymore before the race started, and his last-minute turns were a bad sign to the Killer Bass. They cringed, hoping the two wouldn't smash into a tree.

Duncan came running up and shouted, "DJ! I found Bunny! He came back!"

When the gentle giant peeped from under his blindfold, he was overjoyed and back into the contest. After the race was over and the Killer Bass came in first, they cheered in jubilation.

Leshawna, despite being on the losing team, was smirking and elbowing Duncan. "I saw what you did there, Baby Boy."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"You got DJ a new rabbit after his old one left," she said, a wide grin on his face. "You couldn't let him think his sweet, fluffy friend abandoned him."

"Don't spread it around," he growled. "I don't want people to think I'm a nice guy, 'cuz I'm not."

"I disagree, my big cream puff," she said, then whispered, "If you are a nice guy, meet me behind the communal washrooms at midnight tonight. Nice guys get kissing privileges."

She strutted away, leaving Duncan red-faced. "Holy hell," he thought, "do nice guys really get rewarded like that?"

(Challenge 11, Master Chief's Army Camp)

Chris had declared the Killer Bass disqualified that day, because DJ had peeked from under the blindfold. This action also got the gentle giant voted off, though Harold had come a close second.

It seemed that after that exhausting day was over, the pranks on Harold came back in full-force. Geoff and Duncan couldn't help themselves.

"Who glued the pages of my favorite graphic novel together?" Harold shouted in indignant rage.

"Who filled my pillow with pudding?!"

"How did toothpaste get in my shoes?"

"Who's made smores out of my underwear?"
When Geoff and Duncan burst out laughing after every prank, Harold could only gnash his teeth and to fix the prank's damage.

Courtney was no help. "Harold, quit whining and get to work on the dishes," she replied after the toothpaste in shoes prank. "It's your turn, and you've been procrastinating!"

When he had thrown away chocolate-covered underwear, the CIT shrieked at what she thought was heavily stained briefs. "You're the most revolting boy I know, Harold," she shot at him before storming off.

"No no no, that's not...," Harold had started, then sighed as he realized it was helpless. He glanced over at Geoff and Duncan, called them, "Idiots," and then slammed the door to boys' side shut.

"He makes it too easy," Duncan said, chuckling.

Ezekiel glared at them. "You both are a couple jerks, eh. Why doo'nt you prank the Screaming Gophers if you must?"

"Can't, dude, Chris warned us that doing anything to the opponent campers could give us a penalty in the next challenge," Geoff informed them.

"And in the meantime, you're just going to torment Harold?"

"Lighten up, it's harmless," Duncan scoffed.

Chef Hatchet had summoned them all to the Dock of Shame a few minutes later. Booming loud, bombastic, and crass, the big man was insulting them and telling them how he planned to 'turn them into real human beings, into soldiers.'

Using a riding crop, he smacked Lindsay, Duncan, and Izzy to get them to stand up straight. When he approached Harold, Master Chief (as he ordered them to call him) almost beat Harold senseless.

"Stand straight," he shouted, smacking him more with the riding crop.

"I am standing straight, gosh," Harold wailed throughout the beating.

"You are the most pathetic soldier I've ever seen," Master Chief snarled, getting up in his face. "I remember when you were but a pup, standing naked on this dock. Small dingaling in the breeze... I think I'll call you Private Winkie, it suits you."

Harold blanched and clenched his fists, to which Master Chief smacked his hand and face. Duncan, Geoff, and Heather were not doing a good job at hiding their laughter, but they managed to suppress it before Master Chief came over to them.

"Don't worry, Harold," Izzy whispered to him. "I'll frag him for you."

The first challenge was to hold up a canoe for an indefinite period of time. With seven members, the Killer Bass had the advantage. It allowed Geoff to hook Harold's underwear with a fishing rod, and give him a very quick, painful wedgie.

"Ow! Idiots," the lanky nerd shouted as he grabbed his butt.

"Something wrong, Private Winkie?" Master Chief barked, stomping over.

"No, nothing, sir!" Harold grabbed hold of the boat over him as he spoke. Master Chief smacked him in the face with his riding crop before walking off.

"Harold, get your act together," Courtney hissed at him over her shoulder. "This should be no challenge, don't you dare blow it for us!"

It didn't take long for the Screaming Gophers to cave in, as Lindsay collapsed and refused to get up (by her will, not because of anything serious).

The next part of the challenge was after they were served 'dinner,' which was last week's garbage still in the can.

"I'm not eating that, it's not even food anymore," Courtney shouted.

"In wartime, you take what you get," Master Chief growled.

"The raccoons won't even touch it, eh," Ezekiel commented. "And that's not natural."

"You wimps saying my trash is not good enough?" the large cook on a power trip barked. Grabbing Harold in a headlock, he opened a trash can and forced a rotten banana peel into the nerd's mouth. "There you go! Private Winkie enjoys it!"

"He sure looks like he does, Master Chief sir," Duncan remarked, grinning at Harold's twisted expression; the punk couldn't help it if the nerd looked so funny when he grimaced.

"Want another one, Private Winkie?" Master Chief asked, also grinning sadistically. He pulled out an apple core, quite brown and growing some fur. Harold whimpered. "That a yes? Okay then!"

"No, don't! Let go of him!"

Bridgette ran over and pulled Harold away from Master Chief, glaring at the large cook. "He's allergic to apples, Chef," the surfer girl shouted at the big man.

"That ain't an apple anymore," Duncan said, chuckling.

"I consider this mutiny, soldier," Master Chief bellowed, the force of his voice whipping Bridgette's ponytail and hood back. "So you're out, blondie!

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get myself something to eat before the next part of the challenge."

As he left the cafeteria, Bridgette helped the nauseated Harold sit down. Duncan volunteered to get him something to drink, and walked into the kitchen.

"Way to go, Harold," Courtney snapped at him, glaring at him some more. "If you had just spoken up and stood up for yourself, Bridgette would still be in this contest."

"Don't blame him," Bridgette said, trying to keep her patience with her friend.

"Why? He never stands up for himself," the CIT continued. "It's pathetic how he needs you to tell Chef that he has a dangerous allergy to apples."

"He had a rotten banana peel in his mouth!"

"Look, Bridgette, never mind okay?" Courtney remarked as she rolled her eyes. "I'm sure if Private Winkie cares enough, he won't let us lose this cont-"

She stopped when Harold let out a loud spit-take, tannish-brown liquid spewing from his mouth. As he sat there hacking and coughing, Duncan and Geoff stood over him, howling in laughter.

"Sorry, dude," Duncan crooned, "that wasn't juice. I must have accidentally got the cooking grease! Awesome spit-take!"

During the next challenge, a mud-coated obstacle course, Harold felt his body convulse when he landed face-first in the mud. Puking mud and hard, Ezekiel flagged down Master Chief.

"Too... much... mud," Harold managed to strain out.

"Get to the infirmary then, Private Winkie, your tour of duty is over," the large cook ordered Harold. As the lanky nerd walked off, Master Chief gave him one smack with his riding crop, right on the butt.

As the challenge continued, Duncan managed to royally piss off Chef Hatchet, and was sentenced to solitary confinement in the boat house. That was the end of the second challenge, with Ezekiel and Leshawna being eliminated.

"What is it with the boys on this team?" Courtney grumbled as the teenagers rested in the cafeteria. "Sexist Ezekiel, Geoff won't take anything seriously, Duncan won't either and I think he's seeing Leshawna on the side, and don't get me started on Harold-"

"Do you ever shut up?" Izzy grumbled, glaring at the CIT.

Leshawna grabbed a bowl of porridge and started to leave the cafeteria. Heather noticed this, and angrily called out, "Where do you think you're going, Leshawna?"

"None of your business."

"If you're going to the boat house, I think some of us 'soldiers' would consider that mutiny!"

"No, we wouldn't," Gwen snapped. "Go on, Leshawna."
Trent and Lindsay smiled at her as well, except the blond had to play innocent when Heather glared at her.

Leshawna headed over to the boat house, and opened the door. Duncan was there, looking depressed until he saw it was her.

"Hey babe," he said, a sly grin on his side. He held his hands out to embrace her, but she pushed the bowl of porridge into his hands.

"Baby Boy, you better listen to what I have to tell you," she said, crossing her arms. "I'm not going to stand this mean boy act you have going on."

"What 'act'? I am who I am, babe."

"No, I know you're not. I've seen your sweet side, I know it's there. And I'll tell you right now, I'm not going to be dating a boy who picks on others."

"C'mon," Duncan whined as he put the bowl down, "they're just harmless pranks."

"They're not harmless, white boy. Now don't make me repeat myself," she said, shaking her finger at him. "You shape up, or ship out, ya hear?"

"Look babe, I'm me, I can't change that."

"You're sixteen, Duncan, so check yourself before you wreck yourself. It's bad enough you got a record, but I won't have my beau be a bully. Got it?"

Duncan sighed and rolled his eyes. "Okay fine."

"Good," she said before turning on her heel and started to strut out.

"What, no kiss?"

"Oh, I forgot to add. No physical contact until I'm convinced you've changed."

She closed the door before her. Duncan stared with wide, horrified eyes, then groaned. "Holy crap," he cursed, "that woman will be the ruination of me."

The final challenge didn't last long, because none of the campers could hang upside down for very long. Geoff fell on his head, Courtney came soon after. Heather refused to do it and jumped down herself, only for a dizzy Trent to land right on her.

Izzy and Gwen stared at each other, both unsure of how long the other could last. "I can hang here all day," the goth girl cried out.

"I long hanging around," Izzy babbled. "I do it all the time at home. It's a great way to pass... the time..."

She was beginning to slur her words. "Because... when I black out... I wake up hours later... feeling refreshed... apart from a major throbbing... on my head."

Izzy fell off, but she didn't land on her head like she did at home; she landed in Ezekiel's arms.

"The Screaming Gophers, thanks to Gwen, have won," Chris Maclean announced.

As the five members of the team cheered, holding the goth girl up in the air in victory, the Killer Bass exchanged glances.

"That's right, Bass," the host continued. "See you at the bonfire tonight. Pick the one who goes home!"

Duncan, who was still brooding over what Leshawna said to him last night, glared at Harold. As did Courtney, who looked even angrier.

"You are so going home, dweeb," she shouted in his face.

"Too right," Duncan grumbled.

The other campers walked off, planning on what do tonight. Ezekiel carried Izzy to the medical tent just in case. Geoff walked with Duncan, trying to figure out what was irking his friend so much. Bridgette walked with Courtney, trying to reason with her friend.

The surfer girl looked behind her at Harold for a brief moment. He was standing there in the same place where Courtney had told him off, not moving.

Before she looked away, she saw him clench his hands and began to shake. He was beginning to tear up as he stormed off, staring down at the ground.

About a half-hour before the bonfire ceremony was to take place, Harold was heading over to the voting box. Lifting if off the pole it was hooked on, he headed towards the outhouse.

"I wish it hadn't come to this," he thought, "but I'm going to do this, and I'm not going to feel guilty about it either."

Just before he could enter the confessional can, someone called to him. It was Bridgette.

"Harold," she cried. "Harold! What... what's that you got there?"

He was frozen, deer caught in the headlights guilt. She approached him, and noticed the voting box.

"What are you doing with the voting box?" she asked, her voice very light.

He didn't answer, he couldn't. Bridgette reached for the box, and he jerked it away.

"Harold," she whispered, "please give that to me."

"No," he replied, jerking it further away. This was a mistake, and he slammed his hand against the outhouse with the box. Letting out a cry, he dropped it on the ground.

As the lanky nerd winced and doubled over, some papers spilled out of his shirt. Bridgette knelt down and grabbed some of them.

" 'Duncan'?" she read them. "Harold... were you going to-"

"Yes," he admitted, hissing air as he clutched his sore hand.

"You... you were going to cheat?"

"I hate him," Harold shouted, startling her. "I hate him so much! He deserves to lose!"

Bridgette stared at him, her mouth agape with astonishment. "Harold...," she repeated.

"He's been bullying me ever since we got on this island," he continued to say, his face contorted with anger. "He's been pranking me and threatening me, he stripped me naked in front of everyone...

"He has been making my life hell, and now that idiot going to get the last laugh too! They're going to vote me off tonight! Izzy and Ezekiel told me they voted for Courtney because they were tired of being bossed around by her, and that was after I voted for Duncan, so it's going to be me."

"But... how can you know for sure?"

"Bridgette, they hate me! And I'm not going to let them do to this me! I'm not going to let them get with bullying me and pranking me, and... and... that horrible ordeal they put through over something that wasn't my fault!"

He picked the box back up. "I'm not going to let them get away with this! I'm not... I'm not-"


Bridgette grabbed his arms, staring pleadingly into his eyes. "Don't do this! You can't cheat, you can't!"

"What am I supposed to do, Bridgette? Let them vote me off after everything they did to me?"

"But you can't go through with this," her grip tightened as her voice cracked, "Harold... I can't let you!"

Harold sighed, defeated. "I know... you're too honest, Bridgette. You wouldn't let someone cheat in this contest."

"No, Harold, I can't let you do this. You can't let you anger get the better of you. You're too good of a person to do something wrong like this!"

They were quiet for a few seconds, only the sound of their emotionally ragged breathing. The two stared into each other's eyes, trying to decipher the other.

"I know it's unfair, it really, really is," she said. "I know it is, I can't stand Duncan either. But you're a good person, you're one of the most honest and kindest people I've met. You helped me feel better when I was at my worst, you always listened to me and tried your hardest in challenges, and you never deserved any of the abuse that was directed at you.

"So please, don't do this. It's not something the Harold I know would do."

He looked into her eyes. Those beautiful, pale green eyes were now moist with tears, she was close to crying. With a long, defeated sigh, he stood up and started to walk back to where the voting box was supposed to go. Hanging it back up, he leaned against the pole.

"It's almost time for the ceremony," he said quietly after a quick glance at his watch. "I guess this is it."

She nodded and sniffed, wiping at her eyes.

"I don't know what came over me," he continued. "No... that's a lie, I did. I'm just sick of it, Bridgette. I'm sick of being treated like crap, I'm sick of people pranking me and laughing. But what I'm really sick of most is how I never have the courage to stand up for myself."

He hammered the post. "I'm such an idiot. Maybe I do deserve to be voted off, I never-"

"No, you didn't," Bridgette shouted. She walked over and turned him towards her. "You didn't deserve any of that crap! You never did!

"I hate those people who treat you badly back where you live! I can't stand Duncan and Geoff for being so mean to you when you never did anything to them! I even hate myself, I wish I hadn't been there giggling with them!"

She seized him and hugged him tight. "Oh Harold... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!"

Harold hugged her back, tears forming in his eyes as well. "Bridgette..."
He pulled her away, holding her shoulders. "If I had been a real man worthy of your feelings, I would have confessed to this a long time ago.

"I... I've had really strong feelings for you ever since this contest began. From the day you accidentally knocked me off the dock and then helped me back up. I never had the courage to tell you, not even when we became friends.

"I even wrote those haikus that you found in your bed. I still don't know how they got there, I didn't have the nerve to leave you secret love poems. I wrote them because I wanted to try to find the right words for someone like you."

He managed to smile as she listened; her heart was pounding just as hard as his was. "You're the most wonderful girl I've ever met. Everything about you captivated me, your incredible kindness, your sweet personality, and your own mad skills."

She smiled back, taking deep breaths. "I... I always thought you liked me... I just didn't know it was this much..."

"Bridgette... I really wish I had the courage to do this earlier..."

He leaned down, only slightly because he wasn't that much taller than her, and kissed her. She closed her eyes and felt him cup her face lovingly. When the kiss ended, he stared into her eyes.

"When I am more of a man, who can stand up to the idiots who pester me, I'll see you again.

"Until then, my dear Bridgette."

He took her hand in his, gave it a reaffirming squeeze, then walked off. She watched him go, watched him walk off without looking back. Tears spilled from her eyes as she leaned against the post.

Bridgette had no idea how long she was there; she even missed the intern who took the votes out of the box to take them to Chris. Her mind was swimming, but eventually something in the back of her mind reminded her there was still the marshmallow ceremony to go to. She bolted forward, tripping over a rock in the process of her hurrying to the bonfire.

When she got there, the campers were standing there with marshmallows in their hands; Geoff had two. He smiled when he saw Bridgette, then he was concerned when he saw her tearstained face.

"Bridgette, what's wrong?" he asked her.

"Harold! Where's Harold?" she demanded to know, looking around; he was not among those with marshmallows.

Geoff pointed at the Dock of Shame, where the Boat of Losers was departing. Harold was on it, sitting down and looking up at the sky.

"Harold! Wait, Harold," she cried out, dashing towards the dock.

"Gee, if you wanted to say good-bye, you could have been here for the ceremony," Chris muttered.

Bridgette ran down the Dock of Losers, calling out to him. He heard her, and waved back. The boat was fast, and Harold was gone before she could shout anything profound to him. Collapsing at the end of the dock on her knees, she sobbed bitterly.

"Why?" she asked the stars above, her tears reflecting the moonlight. "Why couldn't he have stayed? I may never see him again..."

She covered her face as she tried to stop from crying, but couldn't. Someone put their hands on her shoulders, and she looked up to see Izzy, with a look that was uncharacteristic of the redhead: sympathy.

"Bridgette," the redhead said softly as she helped her up, "you'll see him again. Don't you worry."

"How can you be so sure?" she asked as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Because Izzy is sure your hearts will find each other again. Have faith, as Harold would never abandon the chance to see you again, and I know you wouldn't either.

"Plus, I overheard Chef Hatchet say all the losers are staying a swank resort up until after the contest is over. So there's that too."

After the campers went to bed, Bridgette found herself alone in the girls' side of the Bass cabin. Izzy and Courtney had to go brush their teeth; actually, Izzy had to, and she insisted Courtney did too, so the CIT was practically dragged out of the cabin by the redhead.

Why Izzy had left Bridgette alone in the cabin was because she had left more of Harold's haikus on Bridgette's pillow. The blond surfer picked them up and started to read them.


My fair haired surfer

As elegant as dolphins

You are my mermaid


Oh Bridgette, you are

my environmentalist

as long as Earth spins


One million dollars

I'd trade it for, with you, one

underwater kiss


Bridgette smiled as she read them. "It's strange how something that sounds so cheesy," she thought as she held them to her heart, "can be so wonderful at the same time."

She was so totally in love.

(Challenge 12, eXtreme Sports)

The next challenge seemed to go awfully fast for some of the campers, Bridgette and Ezekiel especially. The surfer girl spent the entire day talking to Gwen about what had happened between her and Harold. The prairie boy had a terrible feeling something really bad was going to happen.

"No, I knoo' this feeling," he said to Izzy, who tried to comfort him. "This is the same feeling I got the day my favorite author died."

"Well he's not going to rise from the grave and come after you, my Zeke," she had said to him. "Have a little faith."

He would have continued, but she pulled him close to her and started to kiss him. She put more passion into than before, long and really steamy kisses that made Ezekiel's knees go weak; Izzy was practically holding him up.

"Whoa," he whimpered in-between their make-out session. "Izzy... you're... incredible."

"Izzy's taken in by the romance that Bridgette and Harold were in," she said, breathy. "I don't want to lose you, my Zeke, I've grown really fond of you."

"Me too, eh. In fact, I think-"

She went back to kissing him, and what he was going to say was lost then.

Duncan saw and heard all this, and sulkingly walked away from the kissing couple. He sighed, and looked over at Leshawna, who was busy talking to Lindsay.

"Damn it, this is killing me more than I thought it could," he thought. "It's worse than my cell in juvie! Can't she tell that this is torturing me?!"

Then there were the challenges. Bridgette succeeded in skydiving onto an old couch, while Trent plummeted five thousand feet into the sand; Geoff was bucked off half-naked from a raging moose (he was trying to show off a butt tattoo to Bridgette and Gwen, who had asked at the wrong moment), while Leshawna rode her moose until it collapsed in exhaustion; Ezekiel managed to grab three flags when mud-skiing, and Lindsay scooped up all five as Duncan was launched into a tree in a terrible crash.

What really caught Izzy's attention was how Heather's top had been ripped off during the last stretch, exposing her breasts to Ezekiel. Yet after the contest, Ezekiel just looked disappointed as he leaned against a tree and sighed.

"Were her boobs that bad?" she asked her boyfriend as she approached him.

"Huh? Oh I doo'nt care a'boot that right now," he said, shaking his head. "I'm just upset I didn't win the contest, and that horrible feeling is just getting woo'rse, eh."

Izzy cackled in joy and hugged him. She whispered in his ear, "You do like boobs though, right?"

"Yes, of course."

"After the marshmallow ceremony, I might let you see mine."

She skipped off to talk to Bridgette and Gwen, while she left Ezekiel stand there wide-eyed. Duncan, who was climbing down from the tree they were under, plopped down next to Ezekiel and elbowed him.

"So, how were Heather's boobs?" he asked him quietly.

Ezekiel let out a low wolf-whistle, and the two guys high-fived.

During the marshmallow ceremony, it came down to Izzy and Courtney. Chris stared in-between them and grinned sinisterly.

"Who's it gonna be?" he asked.

Ezekiel was shaking hard, crushing his marshmallow in his hand. Bridgette was holding his shoulder, trying to comfort him. Duncan's eyes were flashing between the redhead crazy girl, the brunette CIT, and the overly-styled-haired host.

All worries and anticipation were suddenly cut off when whirling helicopter blades approached. They came from an RCMP copter, that began to shine a spotlight on the campers.

"IZZY, WE KNOW YOU'RE DOWN THERE," a man from the helicopter shouted over a loudspeaker, "YOU ARE UNDER ARREST! COME QUIETLY!"

"Goddamn RCMP," Izzy cursed.

"You're wanted?!" Courtney shouted.

"Yeah, but I'm innocent, they just won't believe me. Long story. Well, see you all later!"

She stood up and the spotlight focused on her. Izzy threw her fists into the air, and shrieked her reply, one that could be heard all the way back to the campgrounds by the Screaming Gophers.


She ran off, cackling and whooping. The helicopter followed her, as did Ezekiel.

"Wait, Izzy," he called out frantically. "Izzy!!"

"I'll be back, my Zeke," she shouted back to him. "Just let me deal with these pigs first!"

"Izzy," he called out once more, then cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, "I love you!"

"I love you too!"

And they were gone, Izzy and the pursuing helicopter, too far away for human eyes and ears to see or hear them. Ezekiel slumped and let out a heavyhearted sigh.

"That does wrap that up," Chris commented. "That's it for tonight, campers."

The Killer Bass walked by Ezekiel, who continued to stare at where he could last see Izzy. Some patted his shoulder in comfort, last of them Duncan.

"Bet you're feeling really let down, huh prairie boy?" the punk asked him.


"Shame, especially after what she said to you."

Ezekiel frowned at him. "What she was teasing me about after the last challenge wasn't what was on my mind, you pervert."

"Oh, that too, but that wasn't what I was think about either."


"Yeah man, you two just confessed you loved each other, and now she's gone," the punk said. "Damn, that really does suck. I really do hope you see her again, dude."

"Thanks, Duncan."

The prairie boy headed for their cabin, still looking downcast. Duncan would have too, but a whispering hiss from behind the trees caught his attention.

It turned out to be Leshawna. "What's up, babe?" he asked. "You here to taunt me or something? Your team won, so go ahead, run it in."

"Baby Boy, you are so clueless at times," she said.

Before he could ask what she meant by that, she grabbed his shirt collar and yanked him over. Pressing her lips to his, a pleasant shiver ran up his spine.

"Hot damn," he muttered when she released him. "Leshawna... wow."

"You like that?"

"Hell, I love it! So what, you couldn't wait any longer for me, babe?"

"Don't flatter yourself, Baby Boy. I told you you had to prove that you were a good guy, and I overheard you comforting Ezekiel.

Duncan shrugged. "His girlfriend just left with the police after her. I could relate in an introverted way."

"Well you better stay on the straight-and-narrow, Duncan, if you want more of my lusciousness."

He grinned. "Leshawna babe, for you, I finish my sentence and go straight to law school afterwards."

They embraced, kissing heatedly and earnestly; it had been way too long for both of them. The two continued to make out with the utmost passion until midnight, when Duncan pointed out, "Hey, it's midnight, babe," and Leshawna replied, "So what?" and they continued to make out.

(Total Drama Island, Fast Forward)

When the two teams were disintegrated, Chris held a disgusting eat-off of boys verses girls. The girls won after Ezekiel puked out the cockroach shots, even though seconds later Leshawna was hurling too.

Eva and DJ returned to the island after Chris announced it to be a free-for-all. Leshawna won the first painful, FFA challenge, and the vengeful Eva was booted off (much to Bridgette's relief).

During the scavenger hunt, Heather launched a plan to get Trent and Gwen to break up. When Leshawna heard from a brokenhearted Gwen, she rallied the other campers, and Trent got the boot; however, he had a chance to explain himself, and he and Gwen made up.

Chef Hatchet hunted down the campers one-by-one with a water gun, and at the end, Leshawna and Heather had immunity. Duncan rallied the remaining guys to vote off one of the girls (who were too much at odds to work together). The punk at first wanted to vote off Bridgette, but Geoff and Ezekiel wouldn't hear of it.

"Dude, why do you care?" Duncan asked Geoff. "You know that Bridgette is in love with Harold."

"She's still my friend," Geoff said, "and she was our teammate, dude. So please?"

Duncan, who was trying to be a 'nice guy' for Leshawna, conceded. They voted off Courtney instead, and she was not happy.

The next challenge was a cycling match, and Heather back stabbed Lindsay, eliminating the beautiful blond. The other campers glared at the treacherous queen bee, but it was Lindsay who truly stood up to Heather and cursed her out before leaving.

Chris set up a horror-themed challenge next, in which the contestants were judged by their reactions to a chain saw-wielding serial killer with a hook (which was Chef). Duncan defeated Chef, Gwen defeated a real chain saw-wielding serial killer with a hook, and poor DJ had to leave for panicking and running without even seeing a killer.

The campers were sent to retrieve certain animals. Bridgette was the first to win, winning herself a vegetarian meal. Duncan tried to use a tranquilizer gun, and accidentally tranked Chef Hatchet, Heather, and Ezekiel.

"I swear, the thing's aim was so off, you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn," the punk cursed.

But the damage was done, and the votes against him were enough to send him off the island. He did get to kiss Leshawna good-bye for as long as they wanted, because Chef was still tranquilized, and Chris would not dare anger Leshawna and Duncan.

The next challenge, handcuffed together, seemed like retribution from the voted off criminal. Gwen and Geoff bonded during their time together, and Leshawna and Bridgette worked very well together, but Ezekiel came darn close to throttling Heather.

"Stop insulting my girlfriend," the normally calm prairie boy roared at Heather, startling the queen bee who had been berating Izzy upon seeing the wooden bust of the redhead. "Or I'll brain you with the camper who has the biggest head! Who would that be... um... oh, here! Owen! You wanna be brained by an Owen bust, eh?"

Ezekiel and Heather had won the first challenge, and Leshawna and Bridgette won two challenges, leaving Geoff and Gwen the only ones available to be voted for. Geoff was picked, and he left in good spirits.

"You're a really cool guy, Geoff," Bridgette said to him, giving a hug good-bye.

"You're awesome, Bridge. I hope you and Harold are reunited soon," he said, then blanched. "No, wait, I didn't mean it like that! You win this thing, then get reunited with him! I didn't mean to imply that-"

"Relax, party man, she knew what you meant," Gwen said

After she handed him back his camera that she had angrily thrown into the water beforehand, Geoff asked Ezekiel to take a picture of him and the two girls. The prairie boy did, but was squirted in the eye upon pushing the button, and a fish wriggled out of the device onto his shoe.

While Chris was interviewing the campers at Playa des Losers, he tricked them into voting Leshawna off. The loud sister wasn't so loud when she was forced onto the Boat of Losers by Chef, and arrived at the fancy resort with a contorted, thunderstruck expression on her face.

Duncan was throttling Trent, shouting, "You idiot, you just had to try and correct Chris at the end there, didn't you?! And where's that bird?! I'm gonna make it an ex-parrot!"

Amazingly, it was Leshawna who had to cool Duncan's jets. The sister, though furious when she heard the truth, only blamed Chris.

"He tricked you all, and from what I gathered, none of you meant to vote me off," she said to them.

"No, we didn't," Courtney said, who looked guilty. "He just counted us as voting for you for saying your name, even in objection!"

"Yeah, the one time Lindsay finally got your name right," Noah remarked, "was when she said it then. Twice."

Leshawna spent some alone time after hearing their reasoning, and Duncan didn't see her until later that night. She was sitting on the dock of the resort, staring out at the sea in the direction Wawanakwa Island was.

"You okay, babe?" he asked her as he sat down next to her.

"I was so damn close," she replied, melancholy. "Four more campers, just four more. And I'll bet Heather's over there, laughing her head off."

"Screw Heather," Duncan replied bluntly. "That bitch will get hers, there is no way the others will let her win."

"She's come pretty far, Duncan. What if she wins? What if that back stabbing, two-timing, haughty-voiced harlot wins this contest?"

Leshawna bunched up her fists. "Would a fair God allow something like that to happen?"

Duncan shrugged, secretly admiring how attractive Leshawna looked flared up like this. "Well babe, I remember a wise quote from the internet. 'A kind God would not allow such a thing, and a cruel God would have just made the air sulfuric acid.'

"Bridgette, Gwen, and Ezekiel will win the day. Those three are tough. Bridgette could keep up with you during the triathlon, Gwen beat up a real serial killer, and Ezekiel's dating Izzy."

Leshawna relaxed and smiled at her boyfriend. "Duncan, you've come a long way."

"I've learned, Leshawna. You have ripped some of my ego and manliness apart, but hey, I could totally eviscerated by you and be cool with it."

"What romantic words, Baby Boy."

"Ugh, are you going to keep calling me that?"

"Yeah, it has a nice ring to it."

She kissed him, and he kissed back. They smooched under the glowing moon up in the night sky, kissing until long past midnight, when Duncan said, "Babe, it's past midnight," and she replied, "And?"

"Well, we could probably get more privacy in one of our rooms, plus it's cold out here."
She raised a dubious eyebrow, and he held up his hands in defense to the wordless accusation.

"Okay Baby Boy, but you ain't getting past second base."

"Of course babe, I... wait, we're going to second base?"

"Think you can handle me that far, sugar?"

Duncan chuckled wickedly and punched his palm lightly. "Bring it on, sexy mama."

She lifted him up and carried him bridal style. "Wait no," he cried out. "Not like this, Leshawna, what if someone sees us?"

"You'll have to grin and bear it, Baby Boy. A little humiliation is worth some luscious Leshawna, is it not?"

"Damn straight."

(Challenge 22 and 23, Camp Castaways and Wawanakwa Trek)

The first of the two challenges for the final four campers turned out to be nothing but a colossal waste of time and quite dangerous too. Ezekiel, Bridgette, Heather, and Gwen were all given marshmallows, while the "camper" to be voted off was a rat that Ezekiel was caring for under his toque.

"He was all alone on that fake island you left us on, eh," the prairie boy tried to justify himself to the three horrified girls. "I wasn't a'boot to leave him there when there were eagles and giant snakes and possibly interns long ago abandoned!"

The rat was shipped away on the Boat of Losers, where Harold happily adopted it and put in a cage. "Bridgette's an animal lover," he explained to Leshawna. "She'd approve of this."

"Boy, if you think a girl's gonna approve a rat in the house, you messed up upstairs."

The next challenge for the final four actually turned out to be the real challenge, if one could use the word "challenge" to describe it. Chef simply left the four campers deep in the woods, telling them that Heather and Bridgette were one team, and Ezekiel and Gwen were the other.

Despite not getting along at first, Gwen and Ezekiel became friends and won the challenge. It devastated them when Chef gave the last marshmallow to Heather.

"Why didn't we get to vote?" Gwen shouted at the cook, daring to stand up to him.

"Because it was my choice, maggot, and Fancy Pants Material Girl makes for better TV than the sweet, nice, nature girl!"

Gwen would later that night slip laxatives in Chef's stash of chocolate for revenge.

Bridgette walked the Dock of Shame with her bag and surfboard, ignoring Heather's cruel taunting. She gave Gwen a big hug and a kiss on both cheeks.

"You can win this, I know you can," the surfer told her. "You're amazing, Gwen."

"Thanks, Bridgette. Please say hi to Trent for me. Oh, and Harold too!"

"Will do!"

Bridgette then came to Ezekiel, who was shaking with his head hanging. "Zeke, are you okay?" she asked him.

He looked up, and she saw the tears in his eyes. "I'm soo'ry," he sobbed, hugging her suddenly. "We didn't mean fur you to get voted off!"

"Zeke, Zeke," she said, stroking his back and trying to calm him down. She turned and looked at Gwen. "He's been really emotional since Izzy left."

"You're telling me?" the goth girl asked ironically. "He burst into tears when we were out in the woods, sobbing about how much he missed her, and was worried that he wouldn't see her again."

"That was because we hadn't found her 'oot there, and she was last seen fleeing 'oot there, eh," Ezekiel said.

Bridgette said one final good-bye to Ezekiel and Gwen before boarding the Boat of Losers. When Chef Hatchet tried to pull a prank on her by dressing up as the Sasquatchinakwa, she screamed, grabbed her surfboard, and hit him on the head. After noticing it was a mask, the surfer was horrified; she had, after all, cracked her favorite surfboard when she hit him.

Her worry vanished when she saw the large amount of ex-campers gathered at the Playa des Losers dock waiting for her. Beth, holding Justin's hand, leapt up and down.

"There she ith," the farm girl cheered. "And... oh wow, she knocked out Chef!"

"Really?" Justin asked, narrowing his eyes. "Wow! Way to go, surfer girl!"

Bridgette waded through the crowd of sympathetic surfers. Courtney pushed some of them aside as she tried to get her friend to the pool.

"You have no idea how much of a hormonal madhouse this place is, it's sickening," the CIT told her. "All Tyler and Lindsay do is make out, all Duncan and Leshawna do is make out, and all Beth and Justin do is giggle and make out!"

"Beth and Justin are making out?" Bridgette asked, delighted.

"Yeah, but it's kind of weird. They exchange these little kisses because she's afraid her braces might cut his lips."

The surfer girl raised an eyebrow at Courtney. "And you know this how?"

Courtney's face flushed, her freckles being highlighted. She nervously tapped her fingers together and said, "Well... it's not like I stare... or watch... but they are out here when everyone else is..."

Bridgette giggled at her friend. She then noticed someone approaching towards her, and she stopped short: it was Harold.

The lanky nerd was there exactly as she remembered him last: from his green glasses, to his blue shirt with the hamburger logo, right down to his big shoes. He walked up to her, took a deep breath, and spoke.

"I'm really glad to see you," he said to her, "but I'm also really sorry you lost."

Bridgette smiled back at him, nodding slightly. She felt someone tugging at her belongings, and turned around to see Leshawna taking her surfboard and Duncan taking her bag.

"Girlfriend," Leshawna said, "we're freeing your hands. Now go give him some sugar!"

"It's what we've all been waiting for," Duncan said with a wink.

Bridgette blushed, and turned back to Harold. She threw herself on him for a big hug, and then cupped his face in her hands.

"I hope you're a man now, Harold," she whispered, "because you and I will be seeing each other a lot more now."

She kissed him, and when he kissed back, Playa des Losers exploded in cheering, whistles, and applause. Even Eva and Geoff, the latter still a little crestfallen, were voicing their approval.

When Bridgette and Harold walked off to be alone, the campers dispersed to do their own thing. Geoff watched the reunited couple until they were out of sight, and then sighed. A friendly hand patted his shoulder.

"Will you accept a drink from a man who knows how you feel?" Cody said to him.

"Sure thing, bra."

(Total Drama Island - The Last Two Challenges)

Ezekiel won over twenty freebies during the Triple Dog Dare competition. "If I'm gonna date Izzy, I have got to prove I can be as wild as she is, eh," he explained to Gwen.

The goth girl thought this was a little extreme, and when the prairie boy offered her half his freebies, she was startled. "Why?" was all she could ask.

"I'm sick of tired of Heather insulting my girlfriend, eh," Ezekiel said, then winked at her. "Besides, what are friends fur, eh?"

Exchanging a high-five, the two sent Heather down a miserable road of disturbing and disgusting dares. It lasted some time until she disqualified herself when she, accidentally getting her head shaved in the process.

"She looks like that woman from the first Star Trek movie, eh," Ezekiel declared.

"Nah, that woman was attractive," Gwen said. "And if you're wondering how I know about that, my brother's a Star Trek nerd."

"So's my dad, eh."

They were interrupted when Heather let out a scream that could be heard all the way at Playa des Losers. Shouting threats and insults, the queen bee was finally shipped off of Wawanakwa Island.

When it was finally time for the final contest, Gwen and Ezekiel were stoked to see most of their former campers. When Harold and Bridgette arrived holding hands, the two finalists cheered.

"I knew you two were gonna get together," Gwen cheered.

Though Ezekiel was thrilled for the two, as he was for Leshawna and Duncan, and Beth and Justin, he couldn't help but feel discouraged when he saw Izzy wasn't there.

"Sorry dude, no one's seen her since the RCMP chased her off," Chris informed him.

As Chris proceeded to recite some kind of legal statement, which was about as enthralling as Top Ramen instructions, Ezekiel saw Beth trying to signal him. The farm girl tossed him a friendship bracelet, and the prairie boy stared at it. There was a written message on the back:

I'm watching, just still hiding from RCMP a little bit more. Love you! Izzy

Ezekiel instantly brightened, and waved at Beth. She grinned and flashed him a thumbs-up.

Justin looked at his girlfriend strangely. "Why'd you do that?" he asked her. "We're rooting for Gwen."

"I felt it only fair, sthince Gwen's got Trent cheering for her," Beth insisted. "And, Justin, I promisthed Ithzzy."

The male model smiled at her, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "That's my girl. Fair and kindhearted. Makes me wish I could be that generous."

"You'll learn, you'll learn," Beth said, giggling. "If Leshawna can tame Duncan, I can certainly make you more of a fair gentleman."

"Whoa, is that a threat or a promise?"

"Both," she said, and she smiled at him with a determined gleam in her eyes. It almost scared him, but the shiver that went up his spine didn't unnerve him enough to prevent him from smirking right back at her.

"We'll see, Beth, we'll see."

The host finished up his legal speech. "Okay then, Ezekiel and Gwen," he declared. "Are you ready?"

Ezekiel fiddled with the moose hat on top of his toque. "Um sure, eh. You ready, Gwen?"

She rolled her eyes up at the chicken hat on her dyed hair. "I guess, but I still don't know why we need to wear these."

"It's Chris, eh," Ezekiel said with a shrug. He stuck his hand out towards her and added, "Best of luck to you, Gwen."

She smiled and shook it. "Thanks, Ezekiel. Right back at 'cha."

"Ready then?" Chris asked. "Then... ready... set... and GO!!!"

(Total Drama Island - After the Final Challenge)

"And so," Chris Maclean announced, standing at the center of attention of Playa des Losers, "I'd like to once again congratulate our winner of Total Drama Island! Overcoming twenty-one other campers, twenty-three challenges, falling in love, risking life and limb for the grand prize of one hundred thousand dollars...

"... give it up for our grand winner, Ezekiel!"

The prairie boy blushed at the cheering and applause around the resort. "Thanks, Chris," he said, moving over next to the host.

"Must be quite a thrill for you, eh?" the host asked, beaming at the winner.

"Kind of, I guess."

"You guess? Good golly man, you just won a hundred grand! Why aren't you more stoked?"

Ezekiel shrugged. "It doesn't seem like that much right now, eh."

"Is that so?"

The host suddenly grinned at him. "Well then, Ezekiel, we have a little surprise for you."

"What's that, eh?"

Chris opened his mouth, and a high-pitched holler cut him off. He, like so many others, looked around towards the direction the Tarzan yell came from. They didn't see much but a green-and-red blur come in at an arc, and glomp-smash Ezekiel, knocking him and the attacker into the pool.

When they surfaced, his vine-swinging attacker grinned and wrapped a pair of slender arms around his waist. "So I heard you won a hundred thousand dollars while I was gone, huh prairie boy?"


Ezekiel hugged his girlfriend as close as he could, almost sobbing in joy. "Oh God, I missed you so much, eh!"

"I missed you too! I just had to clear up some things with the RCMP that took, like, forever. I swear, some of the 'evidence' against me was so clearly forged that a child could detect it. So after having it out with a lawyer, they let me go with a warning and told me that I wasn't allowed within forty-five yards of a flame-thrower."

Ezekiel listened and waited for her story to come to an end. "Is your story done?" he asked.

"Yes, why do you-mffff!"

He kissed her, four weeks of missing her worth of passion. The crowd went wild.

"That's nice," Chris commented, cranky. "But that wasn't the surprise I was going to offer you! You totally just ruined the setup, Izzy!"

"Oh, sit and spin, Maclean," Izzy replied.

As the campers laughed, Justin noticed Beth was looking at Izzy with keen interest. "Don't tell me you'd ever do something like that?" he asked her. "You're not gonna come swinging in on a vine and glomp me, are you?"

"Naw, I'd be too worried about ruining your good looks, Justin."

Justin chuckled, then looked to the side. "You know... for you, and I cannot believe I'm saying this... I don't think I'd mind."

Beth beamed at him, then put her hand on his face for a kiss.

"Total Drama didn't stop there," Beth explained. "It actually took quite a lot more seasons before we were finally free of Chris Maclean's clutches. But we were, by the end of TDI, so totally in love."

"And even after then, there was a lot of press and fame to be had," Justin added, leaning back and smiling.

"Dad, don't interrupt, mom tells the story better!"

Justin made a comical face of surprise as Beth and their two kids laughed. "Well, kids," Beth said after she was finished laughing, "it's actually time for you to go to bed."

The two children wailed in protest. "Now there, Bertha, Lindsay," Justin scolded them. "You two know how a good amount of sleep is something to be treasured."

"That's because Chris Maclean wouldn't let you sleep in ever, right?" Bertha asked, nodding as she talked and shaking her brown ponytail around.

Lindsay, who had her father's ebony hair, picked at her braces. "Whatever happened to him anyway?"

"That's a story for another time, sweetheart. Let's go to bed now."

Justin went and tucked in their kids, then headed back to his wife. "That's a story for a time a long time from now, isn't it?"

"Oh yeah," Beth agreed, nodding. Her husband sat down next to her and stroked her hair as she sighed. "It's still hard to believe that Chris Maclean died during that last season of TD."

"Drunk on his favorite ATV," Justin mused. "I still remember his whooping scream as he drove right over that cliff."

"I still remember how Chef Hatchet cheered when he went off, and then again when he hit the ground," Beth recalled. "I was too horrified at the time to find it funny, and I don't think I do still."

"Yeah... but he died as he lived, making things difficult for other people."

"Chef Hatchet didn't like hosting, did he?"

"Nope," Justin said, then turned her head to face his and kissed her sweetly. "I still remember how you suggested that this mean he could lay off cooking, and he started stomping his feet like a child having a fit."

"Our kids have yet to throw a fit like Chef could," Beth said, giggling. She lay her head in Justin's lap, allowing herself to be stroked more. "Oh by the way, Lindsay's coming over tomorrow."

"Is she bringing Beth?"


"I still cannot believe you two agreed to name the kids like that."

"Oh hush, you and Tyler were okay with it at the time."

"What could we do? Our wives had just given birth for the first time each at the same time. We'd be sleeping on the couch to this day and beyond if we had argued with you."

"And that's the story of how your mom Izzy swooped in and swept your father off his feet!"

Izzy's audience blinked in surprise, then started to ask questions.

"I thought you knocked him into the pool, eh?"

"Can't daddy be the one swooping in to sweep you off your feet? That's moo'r romantic, eh!"

"How'd you find a vine at a fancy resort, mommy?"

Izzy narrowed her eyes at her three children. "You calling mommy a liar? RAWR!"

She bared her teeth and rose up, her kids shrieking gleefully as Mommy Monster chased them around the house, then into their room. The two little girls and the boy were considerate in that they wouldn't run fast, because mom's fifth-month pregnant belly kept even Izzy down.

Once she plopped down exhausted on the couch, there was a knock on the door. "Can I come in now, eh?"

"Yes, sweetheart!"

Ezekiel walked in, looking upset. "How come I have to leave the room when you tell stories? I love seeing the kids so happy, eh!"

"You interject too often, love. I hate that, and I don't want to get mad in front of the kids, eh."

"That's why you become Mommy Monster, eh?"

Izzy crossed her arms and smirked at him. "Look pal, I have to make an impression somehow! Summer and Skye talk like you, and E-Scope is wearing a toque!"

"You gonna call him E-Scope even when he's not a'roond, eh?" Ezekiel asked as he plopped down next to his wife. "When is he going to get over his mom's nickname?"

"I dunno, I think E-Scope fits both girl and boy," Izzy said as she rubbed her round stomach. "Let's call this one Crow, just in case he never drops it."

Ezekiel chuckled before he kissed her, then kissed her belly. "I doo'nt knoo', I had my heart set on Imani."

"No, I get to name all the kids so long as we keep having them," Izzy said, firm but with that happy lilt to her voice. "After all, you get my big, fat, enlarged boobs as long as we have kids."

"True, eh. But what happens when we decide we doo'nt want another kid?"

"Not possible, since we just can't keep off each other, eh."

"True a'geen."

"I still find it really cool how we both waited for marriage. I'm still surprised we managed to wait that long."

"So totally worth it, eh. But speaking of which..."

Ezekiel cupped his wife's face and said, "Tonight is the anniversary of the end of Total Drama Island, eh."

"I know that, that's why I was telling the kids the story! And you're not supposed to remember these dates, I am and then I get mad and throw things! I haven't thrown something in a long time now, I miss chucking things at people."

"Snoo's reported for tomoo'row, eh."

"Goody. We'll have a snowball fight with the kids, and they wouldn't dare hit mommy and her belly."

"We've digressed, Izzy," he said as he lifted her up off the couch bridal style. "Time for us to relieve that one night where we made out longer so long, I puffed up your lips."

"Ooo, I remember that fondly, my Zeke."

"Go to bed, damn it," Duncan shouted, waving his hands in the air. "Don't make me get a club or something!"

"Duncan, don't threaten Falco like that!"

"Then how should I threaten him?"

"Night mom, night dad! I'm going to bed for real this time!"

There was the sound of a door closing, then Duncan leaned against the counter, sighing miserably. "Explain to me again why we decided to have a kid."

"Duncan, I'll come over there and beat your ass if you keep talking like that."

"Aw come on, Leshawna! We used to have sex all the time, now we're both tired and old and cranky-"

"Speak for yourself, Baby Boy, I'm just tired."

"It's hard to have sex when you've got kids, why didn't anyone ever tell me that?" Duncan complained as he sat down. "No one ever tells you these things!"

"No, they probably did, you just didn't listen," she said as she ruffed his black hair. He looked up at her and sighed.

"I just miss our time together is all, Leshawna. We were so much closer during those seasons on Total Drama, and now it's like we barely see each other. Your job, my job, him being home when we're both home. We have to wait for him to move out until we can have sex any time we want again!"

"Is that your vision for everything?" she asked, smirking. "When we can have sex more often?"

Duncan shrugged. "Well, it's what we do when we have free time. Not my fault if you cannot get enough of me."

"Hey Baby Boy, it's you who cannot get enough of me!"

They play-wrestled a little, then Duncan grabbed his wife's arm and pulled her close for a kiss. "One of these days, I will get you to stop calling me that."

"You've been saying that since the first day we met, sugar. It ain't gonna happen."

"Meh, it's just taken time. I'll wear you down eventually."

"Not likely, Baby Boy. Now c'mon here."

She pulled him onto her lap as she sat down and they began to kiss. Sweet and long, just like they always kissed.

"Hey sugar," Duncan said breathlessly between kisses, "wanna have sex when the rugrat is asleep?"

"Fo' sho', hon."

"What's 'sex'?"

Duncan and Leshawna looked around to see their son standing just a few feet away.

"Um, you tell him, dear," Duncan said to Leshawna.

"Tomorrow is a big day for all of us," Bridgette said to her kids. "Remember, I want you on your bestest behavior when we visit Gwen and Trent. They're very good friends of mommy and daddy!"

The older one, Ocean, nodded. "We promise, mommy! And I promise you too, daddy!"

The younger one, Napoleon, rolled his eyes. "When have we ever misbehaved in front of your friends? We're not idiots, mom."

"No lip from you, young man," Harold chastised his son. "Now go to bed, or ninjas will get you!"

"Eeek, ninjas," Ocean squealed, giggling as she trotted off to her room.

Napoleon raised an eyebrow at his dad and held up his weapon: plastic nunchucks. "I'm not afraid of ninjas, dad, but I will protect my sister from them."

"Good man. Now off to bed."

"Yes, dad."

He walked off, lazily spinning his nunchucks. Bridgette helped them upstairs, tucked them in as she always did every night (despite Napoleon's protests that he could do it himself, gosh), and then joined her husband back downstairs.

"He's still mad mom tucks him in," she said to Harold as she sat down.

"He loves being independent," her husband said, shrugging. "Oh well, Ocean makes up for it by loving to do everything with us, so it all balances out."

"Mmm-hmmm," Bridgette hummed, wrapping her arms around him. "Harold, did you know that today was the day Total Drama Island ended?"

"Vaguely," he admitted. "I remember how Izzy and Ezekiel looked like spy-ops teams when tracking down that case."

"Me too! Speaking of which, you know she's pregnant again?"

"Izzy? Gosh! That's their, what, fourth kid then?"

"Yep. And people thought we were the sexually active ones."

Harold smiled at his wife, and kissed her forehead. "Those were the days, huh?"

"Oh yeah. But we were very lucky I didn't get pregnant then. Mother would have killed me."

"No, she would have killed me."

"No way, mom loves you way too much. The way she would talk about you after you met her for the first time, one would have thought she was dating a handsome young man named Harold."

He laughed at this. They sat there, him stroking her back and her leaning happily against his shoulder. "Harold?" she said, breaking the silence after a while. "Speaking of another kid... would you like to have another one?"

"You want to? Really?" he asked, looking surprised.

"It's not just because Izzy's pregnant... well, it's encouraged it, but I have put some thought into it. I really think Ocean and Napoleon would like another sibling."

Harold tapped his chin. "Gosh, Bridgette, can I think about it for a bit?"

"Of course, hon. But I'm surprised you need to think about it. You know how randy I got when I was pregnant, huh?"

She wiggled her shoulders, accidentally hitting his forehead with her right. After apologizing and nursing the wound with kisses and caresses, Harold let out a soft chuckle. "I just remember how you drove me crazy wondering and worrying about every little thing, as if every tiny movement or sound the babies made was a sign we had already doomed their future."

"I promise I will not be like that this time! Ocean is the sweetest girl in Canada, and Napoleon is like his dad, so things turned out perfectly."

"You know, I did want to have a girl named Samus."

"Are you gonna try to name our kids after your video game characters?" she asked, giggling.

"Well, if she has blond hair like you, and wears it in a ponytail like you did back then, it'd be awesome."

"Oh sweetheart," Bridgette cooed, kissing his cheek. She nuzzled him and said, "Do you remember when we first met?"

"Sure do. You knocked me off the dock with your surfboard."

Bridgette winced. "Oh yeah. I keep forgetting that. I do remember better parts of our time then, like when I saved you after Duncan threw you off the cliff, or when you saved me when I blew the talent show."

"I remember our first kiss," he said, stroking her sides. "Ocean loves me telling her about that day."

"I remember when we were reunited after I was kicked off TDI. Incredible night."

"I remember when we caught Geoff making out with Courtney in the room we were going to make out in," Harold said with a laugh. "Those two were the on-off couple of the show, weren't they?"

"For sure," Bridgette said. "Courtney drove me crazy with her drama queen routine over that." She rubbed her husband's chest. "Harold? Do you remember the night we first made love?"

"You're kidding, right? Of course I do."

"That was such an incredible night. It was everything my teenage girl fantasies were about losing my virginity."

"Teenage girls have fantasies about that?"

"Of course we did, silly. You think only boys do?"

"No, I guess not."

"Hmmm, you were so gentle and loving and yet so passionate and hot," Bridgette cooed as she continued to caress his chest. "I almost thought you had done it before, it was so good."

"Well, I didn't want to admit to you then, but the fantasy novels I read did have a lot of detailed love scenes, so I had references in memory."

Bridgette burst out laughing, as her husband and lover of many years still managed to blush over this tidbit of information. "You wonderful nerd, you," she gushed. "What, were they about human warriors bedding elven princesses?"

"No, the elf ladies were always warriors too."

"Awesome," Bridgette said. "Kind of funny to learn the secret of how I lost my virginity."

"Too weird for you?"

"Of course not, Harold. I fell in love with that weirdness, remember? I fell in love with you, for weirdness or in health, 'till death do we part."

Harold cupped his wife's face, just like he did the first time he had done this, and kissed her. She kissed back, wrapping her arms around his neck. They kissed until Bridgette swooned and leaned back, letting her husband lay on her as they continued to make out.

During the kissing, they repeated the words they loved to say during moments like these.

"I'm so totally in love with you, Bridgette."

"I'm so totally in love with you, Harold."

The End.




So there it is, my overly sentimental V-Day present. Winter-Rae, I really hope you liked it. This was a lot of fun to write, though there were a lot of scenes I had never written before. I hope I wasn't too cheesy or too overdone. Sorry I didn't get too much Beth and Justin in.

Just in case you're wondering why the kids have their names, here's a little guide:

Beth and Justin's Kids - Bertha is the name of Beth's pet pig, and Lindsay is after their fellow TD contestant; it was something that happened when the two Best French Friends for Life gave birth at the same time. Lindsay named her daughter Beth, Beth named her daughter Lindsay, and their husbands didn't get to argue about it.

Izzy and Ezekiel's Kids - Summer is a season like 'Winter'-Rae. Skye is based off of cjl1217's original character on Deviant Art (a city girl who likes the Zeke). Crow is after the MST3K (my favorite show) lovable wisecracker. Imani, Zeke's choice of name, is just Imagi with one letter changed, and she is fellow writer here and the creator of Ezzy pairing.

Duncan and Leshawna's Kid - Falco after the blue guy from the Star Fox video game series. I wanted a video game character, and he fits these two perfectly (Falco's a tough as nails guy with a good heart, and he comes from an unsettling upbringing that is rumored to include an abandoned life of crime).

Harold and Bridgette's Kids - Ocean was Winter-Rae's idea for a girl born from Bridge and Harold, so I guess I stole that (sorry, Winter-Rae!). Napoleon is based off of the obvious inspiration for Harold's character, Napoleon Dynamite. Samus, Harold's choice of name, is Samus Aran from the Metroid game series; she is a woman in an orange suit of armor, and in SSBB, she wears her hair just like Bridgette does.

So there you all are! Much love, romance, and peace to you all!