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"You know... no one have been able to get free from this place" a cock of eyebrow showed the amusement caused by the statement.

"Oh really? Then how about I create a new legend?"

"How many times have I told you, stop getting involved with the god dammed cars!" a flick of the wrist implied an 'I don't care' attitude and she walked inside the office, following a busty blonde woman with a five inch high archive full of pages. She stifled her laughter; it was probably her delinquency report.

Name: Hyuuga Hinata

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 26th of December 1992

Blood type: AB +

Address: Hyuuga Compound, Konohagakure no Sato, Fire Country

School: Shinobi Academy

Medical report:

19/8/2004 : Rape

-collapsed lungs

-cerebral concussion

-Brain Trauma

-Right femur broken

-Broken Mandible

-Penetrating trauma in liver

-Penetrating trauma in stomach

-bruising around neck (attempted suffocation)

-burns in back (note: rose mark)

-Crushing Injuries : 7 broken ribs, 2 broken wrists, 2 broken humerus, Right Femur (broken), 2 broken Tibias, Left Fibula (broken).

-Blunt force trauma: Mandible (broken) and Brain. (Contussion)

-Abrassions in lower arm, elbow, knee, hands, right cheek and right part of the abdomen.

Delincuency report:

-Illegal gun carrying (17/01/2005, 27/05/2005, 19/10/2005, 25/06/2006, 30/11/2006, 21/07/2007, 24/12/2007, 13/04/2008)

-Grand theft with illegal guns(times details in pages 2,3,4,5)

-Agression (see details in pages 8-22)

-Car theft (see: report 546, 1276, 1596, 2003, 5436 in KSA (details in pages 23-29)

-Attempted murder (16/08/2008)

Law Enforcement Facilities:

Sunagakure no Sato, Wind Country (see details in back)

Amegakure no Sato, Rain Country (")

Kirigakure no sato, Water Country (")

Kumogakure no Sato, Lightening Country (")

Five Countries, General Terminal. Delinquency Facilities.

"Interesting report" the young girl looked up and glared at the busty blonde woman. "I talked to your father... he can't use his diplomatic powers to take you out any more. You have to stay here. The court decided that even if you're not of age yet to carry out your sentence in an adult's jail. You have material to repent and they say if you behave well they'll reduce your sentence. Hinata, look at your mother" the pale girl turned to the blonde and the raven haired woman beside her.

"I am your mother Hina and even if this is not a good way of showing it, I love you, and want the best for you. Your father and I tried really hard to convince the court that you're a good kid so they approved for your stay in this place. The jury wanted to send you to an adult's jail" Hinata rolled her eyes.

"Tch, as if I care" the blonde got annoyed.

"Don't talk to your mother like that! She's worried about you and you shrug it off like dirt! She told me you were a good kid before the rape, you used to be calm and everyone loved you for your calm and shy personality" Hinata whipped her gaze towards her mother and, with the mightiest glare, she spat.

"You told her! You dared to tell her! You promised you would never speak of that again!" Hinako looked away, pained.

"I asked her about it, it's here in your file. That guy beat you up pretty bad... is that why you do this?" Hinata forced herself to calm down and turned to the blonde, as stoic as ever.

"What are you, my shrink? You're supposed to run this hell hole, aren't you supposed to have sent me to my cell a long time ago?" she said with an extra load of venom, coating every word so thickly that it almost dripped.

"I am also the psychiatrist in this facility and we don't believe in cells and normal prison procedures" she said taking a sip from her sake cup. Hinata laughed.

"That's what they always say" she said with a roll of eyes. Tsunade slammed her cup down and glared at the teenager really hard.

"Honey, it's almost like a live-in school... the only thing is you will be controlled always and supervised" Hinata sighed.

"Fuck!" Tsunade glared at her again, showing how her curse words weren't appreciated. "Whatever... hey what's that bracelet?" she saw an ANBU officer walking towards her with a big black bracelet. He took her wrist and placed the device. He soon locked it and programmed it making the young girl groan.

"Yamato, take her to her room" the ANBU officer nodded as Hinata pouted.

"Honey, take care... we'll try to take you out of this place, okay?" Hinata glared at her mother.

"What ever" she stood up, without anything like a kiss and walked out of the office. Tsunade rubbed her temples.

"Don't worry about her, I'll make sure to give her an extra special treatment... she's one of the best ones, I've had to deal with kids that resemble monsters... leave in peace. She'll be fine. I'll take care of her" Hinako nodded hesitantly and after leaving Hinata's luggage and bidding Tsunade farewell she left the office. Tsunade plopped down on her chair and opened the drawer, taking out a small sake bottle.

"I should definitely place someone in charge of this facility and retire" she said to herself before downing the bottle in one big gulp.

"Hey, did you hear? There's a new transfer... he's real messed up apparently and has a really diplomatic rich family" a random boy talked to a random girl. Everyone was whispering and bickering. Soon the 'ruler's' of the 'school' came in the lounging areas. It was interesting how men and women were separated at most times except class, lunch and lounging time.

"What's this about a new transfer?" a red-head asked a random kid. The kid turned around as if to yell at the person for poking him, yet he backed down once he saw who it was.

"G-Gaara-sama" Gaara glared at the boy, and his friends.

"I don't have much patience today, Who's the new transfer?" the boy sweat and trembled. It wasn't every day that one of the devils in the facility talked to him.

"U-u-um... it's i-its rumoured it's a w-wealthy kid... s-son of Hyuuga-Hiashi" this made the devils quirk their eyebrows and stare at the boy interested, making him more nervous.

"Hyuuga Hiashi? The vice-president?" the kid nodded. Gaara bit his lip and drew a little blood, surprising the kid, until he simply sipped on his own blood.

"T-the kid's" he was interrupted by a more outgoing guy, short, jet black hair. He was really pale but was really toned.

"is supposed to be pretty messed up, and it's not a guy, you idiot, get well informed. It's a girl. The state's princess. Hyuuga Hinata. A really spoiled brat, probably never knew real life" the guy said offhandedly. Gaara glared at the other boy for giving him wrong information but soon let it go and turned to Sai.

"The state's princess?" Sai nodded.

"Remember the girl from the commercial, for Hiashi's election?" Gaara shook his head.

"Sai, remember, I came from Suna, not Konoha. Though I suppose she's Konoha's little princess" Sai nodded.

"Yeah, I remember her, short, pale, pig-tails. She was the one who convinced the country of voting for him, her father" a blond guy said as he rubbed his chin.

"yeah. Though I haven't seen her yet. I only asked the guard who told me all this info" the blond laughed.

"More like you threatened the poor guy. Who was it this time, Sai?" he falsely smiled.

"Genma" a boy who looked a lot like Sai chuckled.

"You have guts, threatening an ANBU officer" Sai smirked.

"I was one myself, I know every trick there is to know" the others nodded. Soon they heard another ruckus and this time it sounded like trouble.

"oi, you! Midget, what's going on?" a pink haired girl, tough looking, called out at a random girl, she turned to her.

"The new transfer is entering the facility, going in her room" the pinkette nodded.

"Let's go visit the newbie" she said calmly, smiling evilly.

"Oi, idiot, I'm not planning on escaping this shit hole so don't push me and pull me around!" Hinata said, ripping her arm out of his grip. Genma frowned.

"You'll be quite a trouble maker, won't you" she glared at him.

"Keep. Your. Hands. to. Yourself" she said grabbing the arm that was touching her thigh and letting it go. He cocked his eyebrows.

"So you're one of the tough ones? Don't worry honey, soon you'll find out that being fucked by us is better than those animals, here you'll be raped, and there will be no Daddy to help you" he said with a smirk. She punched him down one of the railings and kept on walking. He fell from the second floor railing where he was with Hinata towards the first floor, though he landed safely due to two things. 1. Ninja training. 2. Sai helped him.

"Genma, my friend, any new information for me today? Or want me to tell Tsunade about your sexual harassment?" he said with a smile.

"Sai" Genma spat.

"Yes, that's my name, don't waste it" he said with a false grin.

"New bitch, Hyuuga Hiashi's daughter, the 'state's princess', more like the state's whore. She takes advantage of her father's diplomatic position and never realized he was only chosen for her hot piece of ass, she was the main image of the campaign. Probably hasn't even realized that we're in a prison" Sai nodded.

"Interesting..." Sai dropped Genma on the ground and walked away.

"Autists... I will never understand that kid..." Genma said, picking himself up and brushing the dust off himself.

"Oh! A new girl in town?" a soft nod made them grin.

"Temari!" a tanned blonde turned to the pinkette.

"Going to greet the princess?" Temari asked, sarcastically. Sakura giggled, holding onto the other raven haired guy(not sai) and the blond's arm.

"I'm coming with you, I've got some issues with her prick of a father" the blond said as she cracked her knuckles.

"Temari, did you know hitting someone is not a greeting?" Sakura innocently asked.

"yeah, well, were I come from jail isn't a greeting either" she said as she walked beside the earlier red-head.

"I suppose Sai got you information, right?" a boy who looked like a canine said as he grinned, showing his sharp fangs.

"You suppose correctly" the raven haired guy said. The canine boy nodded.

"Okay... meeting Hinata, I suppose?" the people turned to him.

"Hinata?" the raven haired guy asked, Kiba chuckled.

"give me 2 days and I'll sack her. No one resists my charms" the girls scoffed.

"yeah sure, lover boy. Where's the bitch anyway?" Temari said really annoyed. They saw a hint of indigo and walked up some stairs. It would be interesting.

"You're the new girl right?" I turned to a blonde girl with bright blue eyes. I suppose she's my room-mate... well, definitely charming. Not as horrible as a cell and not as private as a room... definitely the best thing to make you feel better. Truth is, I don't care about this, as long as I'm left alone and have a computer I'll be fine. I need to find the a-hole that did this shit to me, and I won't rest until I kill him. I cocked an eyebrow at her.

"And you are?" I asked rather rudely, but I didn't care, I'm in jail, I'm not supposed to be polite.

"Didn't they teach you to not answer questions with questions of your own?" I snorted.

"Do I look like I care?" I answered simply. She glared at me.

"What ever... you're the little princess right? You'll be in deep shit for being that bastard's daughter" I raised my gaze towards her.

"Really? Oh well, then I'll have to take care of it and send them with a one way ticket to a place where the sun doesn't shine" I stated plainly. Another glare came directed at me.

"I thought you would need an ally in this place, I guess you don't need allies" I chuckled.

"That's just another word for comrades and friends. I don't need those" I said as I plopped down on the bed that seemed unoccupied.

"I guess... but you'll need allies... being a spoiled princess won't cut it this time, Daddy isn't here" I turned to her and glared, making her take two steps back.

"Do you even know me? How the hell can you think I'm like that? I suggest you something, Blondie, I'm nothing like you think, and when you don't know something, instead of blabbing like a retard you should shut that little trap you call a mouth and walk away, cause trust me, you'll end up with my foot dug inside your ass, and that won't be pretty. Now, leave!" I yelled at her. She trembled and nodded as she went out the door. I plopped down again and rubbed the bridge of my nose, my eyes closed. I heard various pairs of steps, but I didn't mind. I simply drifted off for a second, that person's face coming into mind. I clenched my fist and punched the wall as hard as I could, trying to release the tension. I heard a crack and felt some splinters fall on my face. I opened my eyes and stared at ruby red dripping from my fist. I licked my knuckles and curiously stared at the jade eyes directed at me.

"You showed Ino-pig who was the boss, nicely done" I cocked an eyebrow.

"And you are?" she giggled and wrapped a strand of hair around her finger. I simply narrowed my eyes at her.

"Haruno Sakura, ever heard of the famous fighter? I was dropped in this dump due to killing some state officers. Not like I really care about it though, they saw it coming" I nodded softly and plopped down on the bed again, I closed my eyes. I heard a couple of steps come closer.

"It's common manners to introduce yourself as well" I heard her squeaky voice say. I snorted.

"yeah, if you didn't realize it, Bubble-gum, we're in jail. Not exactly a place were manners apply" I said softly, trying to calm my throbbing head and fist.

"What if I threatened you to tell me your name?" she asked sweetly, a little too sweet for my taste. Almost dripping honey. I opened one eye, still laying down.

"You can try, pinky, that doesn't imply I'll answer" I answered. She growled.

"I'm getting tired, smart-ass, stop being a freaking princess and tell me" I sat up and rested my chin on my hand, as my elbows rested on my knees.

"Smart-ass? Freaking princess? Those aren't proper manners. I take it you already know who I am, so why grace you with my name?" she punched the bed and made it shake. I raised an eyebrow and stood up, I took a look at the damage. "You know? This is my new bed and I'd appreciate if you didn't destroyed it due to your raging hormones" I could almost see smoke coming out of her ears.

"...Shut the fuck up!" She seemed about to hit me, but a guy grabbed her from behind and restrained her.

"Calm down, Sakura-chan, she's not worth it" I sighed and plopped down.

"Thank you, would you please take the pms-ing bull dog, away from me?" he turned to me and glared, hard.

"you, shut the fuck up" I rolled my eyes and laid on my bed again.

"Fucking boring" I muttered as I rolled to my other side and stared at the wall with a dent on it.

"I'll handle the bitch, Naruto" I felt something touch my shoulder and pull me up. I sighed again.

"God fucking damn. What is it now? When did I ever even speak to you? Look, if you don't mess with me I won't mess with you. Let's make as if I never arrived here, right? I'm not in the mood for fights" I said nonchalantly until I felt a sting in my cheek. The blonde bitch had slapped me.

"Rule number one in this place, don't curse in front of your seniors" I rolled my eyes.

"yeah whatever, lay off me" I said as I pushed her. I suppose I didn't control my strength and thus she fell out the door. I snorted. "Sorry, guess I wasn't measuring my strength, bitch" she glared at me and a red-head walked in the room. "Another one?" he simply stood beside the door, staring at me coldly.

"So why are you here, slut?" I heard the blonde ask. I chuckled.

"Slut? Do I look like one to you? Sorry, if your looking for action search for that blondie down the hall" she giggled.

"Sense of humour, good, I like that..." I heard the pinkette say. God when will these idiot shut up?

"okay, I'm getting tired, what do you want from me" I asked, already exhausted thanks to their presence. I heard 'Sakura' giggle.

"Finally, what is your name" I sighed.

"Hyuuga Hinata" she nodded.



"Why are you here for?"

"The cops were sick of me?" the blonde and her laughed.

"No, really" I snorted. "I mean it, way too many illegal gun carrying, agression, theft, one attempted murder... and some other crimes that since my file was too heavy they decided not to add, like extortion and illegal racing" I said, deciding not to put a fight any more.

"Oh, a rebellious princess" she said with an amused smirk.

"Okay, I'm getting tired of this, I don't care about my family or my supposed 'father', understand? So stop it with the princess crap" I said already fed up. She raised her eyebrows.

"You know... your father is a corrupt bastard... and has done many bad things" I nodded, unfazed.

"Yeah, I do know, who do you think lived under his roof and rules for 17 freaking years?" I answered, annoyed. As if I didn't know how dirty the guy was, that's why he didn't dare scold me for my 'crimes' because next to his, mine were nothing.

"Yet you still were the main image for his campaign?" the red-head spoke. I raised my gaze to meet his and chuckled.

"Oh, the commercials. Hey, there wasn't much of a choice. It was either do it or leave" I said, already sick of their questioning.

"... leave?" I heard the blonde who slapped me talk, she was standing up, the pinkette had helped her. I made some neck relaxing movements and turned to them once again.

"Yeah, even if the guy was disgusting he had money and that kind of money and houses don't come around that frequently" they frowned.

"Materialistic?" the blonde girl asked me. I cocked an eyebrow.

"Nope, realistic" I said with a fake smile. "Anyway, you know who I am and where do I come from... yet I know absolutely nothing about you" I stated.

to be continued…

Hmm.. this story… I wrote around the last week of november last year. I was pretty much bored and I had just watched Death Race- the movie. I really liked it and part of the plot inspired me to do this story. I hope you like it!