HUG ME – Spanner 27

The boy was close to tears, he knew that much. Although the mechanic was not accustomed to human interaction and had not had a real conversation with anyone in years (reporting progress never counted) it was pretty obvious the young Vongola boss was about to cry.

His lips were quivering, his shoulder shaking, and the chains on his handcuffs clicked with every tremor that shook his hands. The glimmer in his eyes were easily attributed to the salty water that threatened to spill forth, and it would barely be any time before he would start making those noises. The crying noises.

And it wasn't that Spanner could blame him. Tsuna was worried about his friends and, really (Spanner had to be honest with himself) he had just been kidnapped by the mechanic. The blonde mused to himself for a moment, the lollipop switching sides in his mouth.

"Do you need a hug?" Tsuna's head whipped up at the sound that broke their silence, and he gazed at Spanner with a dazed and confused look in his watery eyes.


"Do you need a hug?" Spanner repeated, deciding to tack on another comment. "You look ready to cry."

"Oh!" Tsuna's eyebrows twisted together suddenly, an attempt to stem the wave of worry that washed over him, but ended up just looking even closer to tears. "Oh, n-no. I-I-" Tsuna's voice wavered until it was interrupted by a small hiccup, a precursor to the sobs that would soon emerge. He slowly hung his head, closing his eyes. "Y-yes…"

Spanner stood up and walked over, crouching in front of the young boy. He pushed off the small thought that maybe it was some sort of trap and wrapped his arms around Tsuna's small frame. He wavered a moment, unsure of himself, but his resolve strengthened when he felt Tsuna's hands clutching at his jumpsuit. The boy buried his face in Spanner's chest and the blonde cradled him for a moment, closing his eyes and switching the angle of his lollipop.