A/N- This is in response to the Guild of the Fantastic Quill's Hate Challenge. The prompt words used were "red" and "genocide." The link to the Guild's blog can be found under my homepage link on my profile. This is meant to be just a short drabble, just 159 words. And this is my first Kenshin fic. Please review!

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Justice from Hate

He dreamt about the past more often than he admitted. It was almost a constant occurrence. But he never saw the past, not really. He felt it instead. Which was much worse.

He could feel the hate from his opponents. And eventually, inevitably, from himself. All directed eternally at him. Hitokiri Battosai.

What he did see in the dreams came in flashes. The glint of his sword as he mercilessly cut down his opponents. The spray of their blood, dyeing the ground red. Red in color, pain, and hatred.

He would remember his missions in the dreams. Basically, the removal of the old regime. Almost liken to a genocide. They were wrong, and he was right. That's all that had ever mattered. He would kill them. And right would rule forever. Justice from hatred.


Kenshin's eyes opened, blinking against the sunlight. He could hear Kaoru in the distance, arguing with Yahiko. He smiled grimly.

Hate shouldn't produce happiness.