This would be the chapter for the 'M' or 'R' rating…. I don't want to give anything away, but there may or may not be sex involved… don't like, don't read. Or read until you get uncomfortable, and then skip a little and read the end. It's not so bad…. I promise.


Abby finished her ice cream slowly. She hadn't come over to just 'eat ice cream', and she could tell that he knew it. She knew what he had been trying to get at, and although she joked about it, Gibbs hadn't been the only one having a hard time talking. She had explained her thoughts on singing the song Rehab. Poker Face pretty much spoke for itself, but the third song she had written… she wanted to explain it. She wanted to explain how every little thing he did had an effect on her, she just didn't know how to start; or do it without breaking down.

She decided to take it one step at a time. The first step would be getting upstairs. Abby knew which steps were squeaky and avoided them. Gibbs had tossed an old shirt onto the guest bed and Abby shivered as the cool fabric grazed over her skin.

When she was done in the bathroom she paced the hall silently. She knew what Gibbs had hinted at when he had said he wanted to talk about her show. As uncomfortable she knew the conversation would be she knew it was time that they had it. Gibbs had been cute in trying to bring it up.

"It's now or never, Abigail." She whispered to herself.

Gibbs was asleep when Abby pushed the door open to his bedroom and stepped inside. "Gibbs."

His eyes snapped open and he glanced at the clock. He wasn't sure if he had just fallen asleep or if he had been asleep for awhile. He saw Abby standing at the foot of his bed. "What is it?"

Abby took a deep breath and began. "Your breath on my neck in the morning at work Gibbs, it drives me insane."

Gibbs pushed himself into a sitting position. "Abby." He patted his hand down on the bed, motioning for her to sit down.

"No Gibbs, if I sit down now, I'll never finish and I have too. It's eating me up inside." She paused and started to pace back and forth, chewing nervously on her fingernail. "Your hand on my back at the end of the day when we walk to the parking garage makes my knees go weak. When you kiss me on the cheek or on the top of my head before you leave my lab makes the world spin and I can't see straight. When you leave without kissing my cheek, I wonder if I've done something to make you angry."

Abby. His Abbs. The words were rolling out of her mouth at an impossible speed. He kept urging himself to try and break in, slow her down, but his every attempt to speak was cut off by Abby continuing on her rant.

"And I know you've got Hollis. I'm happy for you, don't get me wrong, all I want is for you to be happy, but… but maybe could you keep her out of my lab. She doesn't like me. I'm ok with that. I can't say that I'm exactly fond of her either. I… I just feel like she's invading my space. I just… it's my lab."

Christ, she still thinks I'm with Hollis. Had she not see the newspaper article announcing her retirement and subsequent move to Hawaii? Finally, Gibbs had had enough. He scooted closer to the end of the bed and when she past him, he reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her to a stop. He watched as she hesitated and then sat beside him.

"Abby. Abbs." My girl, he drew his thumb against her cheek. "I don't even know where to start."

"Just promise you'll keep her out of my lab. That's all I'm asking of you." Her voice was a low whisper and it looked like her lower lip was trembling.

"I will set up a security check for your lab for everyone trying to get in, if that's what you want." He saw her smile and give a slight nod, so he put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a hug. "And I promise you she'll never step foot in your lab again. Likely not on the Navy Yard either. She retired and is moving to Hawaii."

"But you…? She was just at the show with you and…?"

"And afterwards I told her that it wasn't working. So she left."

"Oh." A million emotions crossed Abby's face, but the look centered on confusion.

"Why didn't you say anything earlier?"


"That isn't an answer."

"I don't have an answer."

Tightening his arm around her shoulders, Gibbs touched his nose to her hair, just above her ear, and inhaled deeply before mumbling that he would keep her lab safe.

Abby shivered in response to his warm breath on her ear. "Gibbs…"

Gibbs voice was deep, and his words were soft. "You think all those things you mentioned about driving you crazy only have an effect on you? The reason I stand so close to you in the morning, Abby, is because you make me feel alive. The reason I touch your back is because I like the way my hand fits the small of your back. The reason I kiss your cheek is because your skin is the softest I've ever felt. I kiss your head because then I smell your shampoo. Citrus. It's refreshing. If I walk out without kissing your cheek, you have to know it's got nothing to do with you. Sometimes I just get so caught up with what I'm doing."

He felt her shoulders shake, so he pulled back to get a good look at her. It's only then he realizes she's laughing. "I explain that I'm in love with you and your come back is to tell me that my hair is refreshing? That's classic, Gibbs."

"Look at me."

She hesitated.

"Damn it Abby, look at me. I want to kiss you."


Abby's head snapped up at his request. If she was smiling, he couldn't be sure because his lips caught hers instantly. Although his kiss was sudden, it was gentle. He waited until she got over the shock and responded before letting his tongue touch her lips to seek entrance to her mouth.

Her body went rigid and her hands were clasped in her lap as he leaned forward and kissed her. She had pictured their first real kiss a million times over, yet in her dreams it had never been sitting up on his bed. She had usually imagined throwing herself on him in the elevator at work, away from any prying eyes who might have decided to view the security cams.

Abby brought her hands up to Gibbs chest and pushed back. When he broke away from the kiss she dropped her head. "I can't, Gibbs."

"Oh Abby. Abby, I'm sorry. I just… I thought…"

"No, it's not like that. I do want to kiss you. I have for a while, but…" Abby finally brought herself to look up at Gibbs. "I just can't kiss you and then forget about it tomorrow."

"What if you kiss me and then kiss me again tomorrow."


"…And then you kiss me the next day, and the day after..."

Abby smiled and searched his face for clarification.

"Abby, I'm not looking for some one-night thing with you. I'd never do that to you."

"You promise?"

Gibbs brought the pointer finger on his right hand to his lips and then brought his hand down, his palm flat, to his left hand balled into a fist. 'I promise', he signed his response.

Abby couldn't suppress the grin that stretched from ear to ear. Cupping her cheeks in his hands, Gibbs brought her face close to his and kissed the tip of her nose. "I love it when you do that."

She sighed contentedly at the touch of his lips on her nose. "When I do what?"

He touched his lips to her cheek and kissed a short trail to her ear. "Smile." Gibbs moved to kiss her cheek again, but Abby turned her head so that his lips touched hers. She felt him falter briefly as he registered what happened, before wrapping his arms around her to pull her body closer. This time it was her tongue that first pressed into his mouth.

Gibbs moaned softly against her mouth. He had longed to wrap his arms around her for some time, and now that it was finally happening, he wanted to pinch himself to be sure it was real. Abby's hands moved to his shoulders and then to the back of his head. Threading her fingers through his hair, she pressed into the kiss.

Gibbs shifted slightly as his arousal pressed uncomfortably against his boxers. When he broke the kiss to catch his breath, Abby scooted backwards on the bed and laid back. Her eyes never left his, and she reached out for him. Happy to oblige, Gibbs took her hand and pressed her finger tips to his lips before lowering himself gently over her, his erection pressing against her stomach.

The touch of his erection sent an electric shock through Abby and started a spark between her legs. She could feel heat radiating from inside. Gibbs kissed along her neck and across her collarbone before tilting his head up to nip at her earlobe, his teeth running softly over her skin.

Abby's breathing hitched in her throat when she felt his hot breath on her ear. "Gibbs…"

Gibbs rolled off of her, but stayed close. He pushed his right arm under her shoulders and put a leg over hers to reassure her that he wasn't going anywhere. Running his left hand up and down her thigh, he felt her shiver under his touch. Finally his fingers found her cotton covered mound and he brought his eyes up to look at her. Her head was turned to face him, but her eyes were closed.

"Abby?" He sought permission

"Mmm hmm…" Lazily she opened her eyes and nodded her head. He let his fingers explore outside of her panties until he found a wet spot and rubbed against it. As the wet spot grew, he smiled at his work, and slipped his fingers under the waistband. Tapping lightly on her hip, he signaled for her to lift her hips. As she lifted, he slid her panties down until she was able to kick them off. His fingers found their way back to her wetness and he watched as Abby grabbed at the blankets and twisted them in her hands.

He kept his eyes trained on her face and with his palm facing upwards Gibbs slid his middle and index fingers between her folds and deep into her. Abby gasped the moment his fingers slipped into her core. He curled his fingers upwards and maintained slight pressure as he pulled his fingers back. Gibbs continued to repeat the moment, watching Abby all the while. He watched her lick her lips, her moth gone dry. Her eyes were closed and her hips shifted constantly below his touch trying to capture and hold his fingers in. Every few strokes he would allow his thumb to brush over her clit and he smiled when she whispered his name.

"Gibbs… Gibbs, please."


He pressed his nose against her cheek and nodded while using his thumb to focus more on her clit. With his right arm he pulled her upper body against him as he felt her body start to tremble and then tense. Abby cried out as she came against his hand.

They lay silently for a few moments, while Gibbs waited for Abby to recover. When her breathing was regulated again she rolled over to face him and pressed her lips to his. As they kissed, Abby ran her fingers down the white shirt he was wearing to his boxers. She cupped his erection over the boxers he was wearing, and smiled against his mouth when he let out a grunt. Carefully slipping her hand inside his boxers, Abby started to stroke along his length. It didn't take long before Gibbs felt like he was ready to lose control. Grabbing Abby's wrist, he pulled her hand out of his boxers and pushed her onto her back and moved himself over her.

Gibbs straddled her hips and roughly pulled his shirt up and off before moved his hands to her sides. He pushed upwards along her skin, bringing the hem of his shirt that she was wearing up towards her arms. He gently pulled Abby into a sitting position to pull the shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. Her skin covered with goose-bumps at the onslaught of the cool night air, and she pressed herself forward against his body, allowing his body heat to warm her skin. Her nipples were firm and poked against his chest, increasing the strain on his boxers.

Abby kissed up his chest to his throat before pulling back slightly and looking up at him "Gibbs… I need you."


"Gibbs!" Abby slammed her fist against his chest, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to get her point across.

Gibbs grinned and moved off of her to remove his boxers. He moved to straddle her again, but in a swift motion, Abby knocked him off balance and he fell on his side on the bed. Her laugh was memorizing and he suddenly realized that she had pushed him to his back and she was now hovering over him. He reached down to guide himself towards her opening and groaned when she slid down, taking him inside.

Supporting herself with her hands on his chest, Abby pressed her hips down against him. The feeling of him inside of her, after all the years of want was almost more than she could handle. Gibbs could sense the emotion she felt, and after a few strokes, he pulled her down against his chest.

"Are you ok?"

Abby nodded. "I love you."

Gibbs shifted and rolled her onto her back. "I love you too." Now on top, Gibbs pushed his hips down against hers. He started slowly, watching her face, taking pleasure in the sight of ecstasy on her face. He pushed into her faster and faster as he found his rhythm and as he felt his own release draw closer, he reached between them to rub circles over her small bundle of nerves, bringing her to the edge, only to push her over.


"Gibbs!" It came out as a choke and Abby dug her fingers into his shoulder blades as she felt her orgasm near. He could feel her squeeze and tremble around him as she bucked her hips up against his one last time before she came. Hearing his name, Gibbs pressed his face against her neck and followed suit, spilling his seed inside.

Afterwards Gibbs looked down at Abby, both of them panting wildly. He smiled and brought his lips down for a tender kiss. He started to roll off of her, but Abby wrapped her legs around him and refused to let go.


"I'm not letting you go."

He kissed her again. "I'm not going anywhere. I just thought I might be squishing you."

Abby hesitated and then unhooked her legs, allowing Gibbs to roll off her. He kept his arm around her, and pulled her over to rest on his chest.


Abby woke the next morning wrapped around Gibbs. Her mind went over the events of the night before. No longer could she feel the cold metal blade of the knife against her neck. No longer did she feel second best to Hollis Mann. For the first time in a long time, Abby felt complete as she lay molded against Gibbs.

"What are you thinking about, Abbs?"

She hadn't realized that he was awake. She propped herself up to look at him. "About you."

"Good thoughts, I hope."

"Always good thoughts, Gibbs. Always good thoughts."

"You aren't thinking about that Eric guy?"

Abby bit her lower lip to keep from laughing too loudly. When she had settled down she smiled. "Oh Gibbs, did he make you jealous?"

When Gibbs didn't answer, the smile on Abby's face grew. "Good. That was the whole point."


"Well, I know Jenny didn't hire me to seduce you, that the main point of this case was to get Brent, but Brittany and I agreed that we might as well have some fun, so we used Eric to make you jealous. Gibbs, he's gay. All his touchy-feely behavior was an act."

"It worked."

"I'm glad." She kissed him.

Abby bit her lower lip to suppress a smile while her hand trailed down Gibbs chest, along his stomach…

"You've got some wandering hands there, Abbs."

"You complaining?"

"Never said that." His body's reaction confirmed that he was indeed not complaining. Gibbs grabbed her wrist, moving her hand away from his body and pushed her back before rolling himself on top of her. With her hands pinned above her head, he left a small trail of kisses along her neck. Abby laughed and struggled playfully under him.

Gibbs head jerked up when he heard a knock at the door. He gave Abby a look of apology.

"Go answer the door."

He nodded, placed a quick kiss on Abby's lips and then rolled off her. He pulled his boxers and a pair of sweatpants on, and grabbed his shirt, sliding it over his head as he went down stairs. He still had an Abby-induced smile on his face when he pulled the door open.

"Hello Jethro."

The smile faded. "Hollis. What are you doing here?"

"Actually, I'm not here to see you."Hollis stepped past him into the living room. "I'm here for Abby. She wasn't at her place, so I assume she's here. Upstairs, perhaps? In your bed?"

Gibbs spun around and left the door open. "Get out."

"Jethro, I can't leave for Hawaii until I speak with her."

"No. I won't allow it."

"I need to say what I need to say to her and then I'll leave."

"Don't drag this out, Hollis. Just leave. Enjoy Hawaii."

"You can't protect her forever. You can't make up for something you wish you did in your past. She isn't some replacement for Shannon and Kelly that you need to keep safe."

Gibbs was dumbfounded at her comparison of Abby with Shannon and Kelly.


Abby stood silently in the stairwell. As soon as Gibbs had left the room, she had pulled her clothes on intending to start breakfast. When she heard Hollis' voice, she stopped short and listened.

"…She isn't some replacement for Shannon and Kelly that you need to keep safe."

She had contemplated going back upstairs, letting Gibbs deal with Hollis, but as she heard the words fall from Hollis' mouth, she changed her mind. She marched down the last three steps. Gibbs had his back to her, facing Hollis. Abby stepped around Gibbs and walked up to Hollis. The two women stared at each other momentarily before Abby slapped Hollis across the face.

Hollis moved her hand to her jaw, the skin where Abby's hand had made contact stung.

"Abby." Gibbs hands moved to her shoulders in an attempt to pull her back.

"Don't touch me."Abby shrugged his hands off, and stood her ground, inches from Hollis. She immediately regretted the tone she had used with Gibbs. She wasn't angry with him, but rather with the woman in front of her. She had a hard time switching from one frame of mind to another. "How dare you."

"It's true, Abby. Grow up. He just sees you as someone to protect. He failed when it came to his first wife and daughter. He's only trying to make himself feel better by protecting you."

"Get out." Abby's voice was a hoarse whisper.

"Abby, listen to me. I'm not telling you this because I want him back. I'm telling you this as a woman, trying to protect another woman from being used and then thrown away."

"Get. Out." Abby wasn't whispering anymore, but her voice was far from yelling.


"Hollis, I swear to God, if you don't leave now…"

"I'm leaving, but I just wanted you to hear that. Think it through Abby. Don't set yourself up for heartbreak like this."

Abby followed her to the door, and stepped outside with her, pulling the door shut behind her. "You could care less if I got hurt. But I tell you this, if you come back here again, if you ever mention Shannon or Kelly again, I will hurt you."

"Tell me Abby, how long have you known about them? How did you find out?"

"He told me. Four months after I started working at NCIS."

Hollis was hurt all over again. She had learned the truth from someone else just recently. She looked at Abby before shaking her head and letting out a sigh. "Fine, play with fire, but don't say I didn't warn you when this all falls to pieces and you get burned."

Abby watched Hollis get into her rental car and drive away. Taking a long, deep breath to compose herself, Abby opened the door and stepped inside again. She shut the door and leaned against it, closing her eyes. "I hope she suffers from heat stroke in Hawaii."

When Gibbs didn't answer Abby opened her eyes to look at him. He was staring off into the distance, a look of sadness on his face.

"Oh Gibbs…" Abby pushed off the wall and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in tightly. "She had no right to say those things to you, she was wrong and out of line." When he didn't say anything, Abby continued. "I know you still love them and that you always will. It's ok that you still love them. It's ok. I know you would never try to replace them, and I don't want to replace them. If you ever want to remember them, remember them with someone, let it be me. Tell me about them. I want to love them with you."

Gibbs nodded, but failed to find words, so he hugged her tighter to his chest. After a few minutes Abby pulled away and took his hand. She led him to the couch and motioned for him to sit. When he did, she sat and cuddled up to him. They sat silently, Gibbs running his hand up and down her back while she wrapped her arms around his torso and held tightly.

Eventually Gibbs was able to find his voice. "Hollis isn't sprawled out, dead, on my front lawn, is she? Because if she is, I should probably move the body before people start asking questions."

"Puh-lease, Gibbs. That so isn't my style." She pulled back and looked at him. "The snake venom I carry at all times in my back pocket, and injected into her neck won't take effect for…" she glanced at her watch "another twenty minutes."

Her face cracked into a smile as he swatted her bottom gently. "Gibbs…" she warned.


"You can't do that and then suggest we have breakfast…"

"I wasn't going to suggest breakfast…"

"Oh really?"

"Really…"Gibbs lowered his lips to hers and she understood.



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