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Pairings:Tosh/owen, Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys

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The team turned around as Jack walked out of his office and down the stairs laughing stopping only when he got to Gwen's desk.

"What's so funny?" Gwen smiled at him.

"Rhys just called me" Jack told her "he asked what he should get you for valentines day."

"Really?" Gwen beamed "What did you say?"

"Well, I asked him what he had in mind and he said quote 'I dunno' so I asked him if he thought a card would work and he goes 'I dunno'." Jack laughed again "but don't worry I think everything will be fine…I think"

"That could be bad" Gwen sighed

"Well what are you getting for him?"

"I dunno" Gwen answered making everyone laugh. She frowned "well what are you getting him?" Gwen asked Ianto while pointing at Jack

"I can't tell you or he'll know." Ianto answered and Jack laughed

"You have no idea."

"Well what are you getting me?" Ianto asked him,

"I'm really not going to tell you that" Jack stepped closer to Ianto "Because then you'd know." Tosh and Owen continued to tap quietly at their computers; Gwen, Jack and Ianto smiled at each other and decided to leave it up to Owen, hoping he'd catch the hint.

"Well you can all go home, nothing to do here anyway." Jack smiled.

"But it's three" Ianto frowned and Jack turned around again

"I know"


When Toshiko Sato woke up the next day she sighed today-for her- was just another day. And as always she got up, got dressed and drove to work. She had always hated Valentine's Day, the memories were break ups, and lonely days in the hub. She pushed the button for the doors expecting the hub to be dead empty. She walked in feeling her phone buzz, she stopped flipping it open and reading the SMS

Happy valentine's day, Owen

She smiled, that was sweet but he wasn't here either, which meant he was with some lonely girl who thought he was comfort. She closed her phone sighing. Looking down at the floor noticing a single red rose. Smiling she bent down to pick it up, noticing a piece of creamy paper tied to it.

Really Tosh, Happy Valentine 's Day.

She smiled even wider and went up the small step of stairs to see another rose, the same type of tag tied on

There is one Rose for every time I've been a twat to you

Taking a couple more steps she saw another

For the weekend in the country…I do remember the kiss

The next sat at her desk next to her glasses which she had forgotten

For saying that girls with glasses were ugly

She looked around the hub, searching for the next which lay on Gwen's desk

For the thing that happened with Gwen, she was a rebound, I just didn't want to make you that

Another lay directly next to that one

For calling Gwen a rebound

Tosh read and laughed already holding six red rose's before seeing the next on Suzie's old desk

For Suzie and everything she/we did to you

Tosh could no longer hide the smile on her face when she saw one on the floor near Owen's desk

For the way I treated you when Jack was gone

She saw the next as she stood back up; this one was on Owen's desk in a small vase

For the way I've always treated you

She decided to quickly put all the flowers she had gotten so far into the vase, placing her bag on the desk next to it. As she did this she spotted another on the front entrance to the weaponry room

For the time I forgot the safety lock on my gun…that was a really nice hat though

She'd forgotten that one, how did he remember the hat? The next was on the step to the vaults

For spending a little to much time with Janet

She spun around, swearing she'd heard something but instead found another rose on the floor just near where she stood, though it had not been there earlier

And not enough with you

She smiled seeing the next one near the autopsy room, she was being led around the hub was all she could work out but how and where too, picking up the next she hoped it had a clue

For that thing with the sex alien…not to be repeated although you liked the view

Tosh blushed, she couldn't help it looking down she saw the next at the bottom of the stairs

For scaring you with the ghost machine

She smiled seeing the next in the middle of the autopsy

For making you help with the cyber woman, when you didn't want to hurt Ianto

Looking up she saw the next near the other steps

For teasing you about believing in fairies

She giggled remembering the peter pan discussion

For not helping you through the Mary thing

The next was on the next step

For not defending you from her

The next was up at the top of the stair each appearing from no where

For everything with Diane

She went slowly around the bend of the autopsy spotting the next on the bench

For putting myself into the cage, risking every thing

As she saw the next one at the door of the autopsy room she wondered just how many there could be.

For opening the rift for Diane…when I should have been opening it for you

She nodded as she read this one seeing the next a couple of metres away

For making you betray Jack.

She followed the scatter of rose pettles to the next

For not getting that the phone lines where down

Tosh giggled she now had fourteen more roses, seeing the next one on the steps that lead to the upper floor

For not stopping you from falling for Tommy

The next was two steps up

For picking you up when you fell

She nodded, the next was all the way up the top of the stairs

For not thanking you for holding my hand, when I had to kill that alien

The next was outside the boardroom

For not dancing with you long enough

Another lay directly next to it

For not saying anything when you told me you loved me

She walked into the boardroom, where a white rose sat with a red paper

When I was just searching for the words

She turned around and saw Owen standing by the door 12 roses in his arms

"For all the valentines I've missed and for all the ones yet to come" She walked up to him 19 roses in her hands already "Toshiko will you be my valentine" She burst out laughing

"I'm sorry" She laughed "yes"


Everyone bar Toshiko and Owen walked into the hub together that morning. Telling stories of the stupid things loved ones had done the night before. Tosh sat at her desk tapping away when they walked in.

"So Tosh what did you do…." Jack trailed off when he saw her surrounded by red roses the fragrance filling the hub, everyone stared in silence until the cog door rolled open and everyone turned to Owen


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