"Happy Easter!" Gwen skipped into the hub grabbing out Easter egg's and handing one out to each of the team

"Thanks Gwen" They all laughed back at the most human of them all skipping round with a basket and Easter Eggs

"Hot chocolate, chocolate comes from Easter eggs." Ianto earned a cheer from everyone but Owen "And for Owen a industrial strength coffee with Easter eggs on the side" he heard a whoop from the autopsy bay and left his coffee on Tosh's desk.

"Take this up to Jack for me?" Gwen smiled handing Ianto two Easter eggs in bright pink foil.

"Sure" he smiled weakling up the stairs and tapping lightly on the door, a grunt from inside signalled for him to enter "Hello" he smiled walking to sit on his desk

"Coffee?" Jack asked not looking up from his papers

"Uh, yeah" Ianto passed it to him throwing his Easter egg on the side "you alright?"

"Fine got those reports for me?" He grabbed his coffee mug not needing to look up, Ianto always put it in the same place.

"No I'll get 'em from Tosh for you" he stood up frowning but leaving the room. He ran down the steps and directly to Gwen's desk

"I think Jack's forgotten Easter" he smiled hearing another whoop from Owen

"You seriously think that the man who throws a party for the day we found Janet, has forgotten Easter" Owen said throwing his rubber gloves in a bin as he walked up the steps with a manila folder. "Jack's report" he smiled handing it to Ianto who flipped it open

"You truly are a Doctor" He tutted

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that your hand writing is terrible, I will go give this to grumpy." He sighed

"What's wrong with him?" Gwen smiled "Little Jacky a grumpy boy?"

"Little Jacky has a weevil hunt for you" Jack called from up on the balcony, Gwen laughed and turned around.

"You know I love you Jack"

"Yeah well I'm just so adorable but don't call me Jackie, I had a friend called Jackie once and….uh" He stuck out his tongue "anyways, weevil"


Three hours later

"Well that was fun" Owen grunted driving home "running round in the mud to find a weevil which hid for and hour until Ianto tripped on it and got bitten on the neck, good summary?"

"Very. Few exceptions first of all you did not get in the mud at all." Gwen pointed out, dirt and drying mud striped across her face as she sat back set tormenting Ianto with her muddy hands.

"Neither did Ianto" Tosh smiled her hair turning into muddy strings

"No but we enjoyed watching" Owen smiled at Tosh who squeaked pulling a glob of dried mud from her hair.

"All you did was play a game of hide and seek" Tosh growled flicking the mud at him, Ianto snorted in the back round "you were beaten too"

"He cheated" Owen protested, stopping the car quickly in the Torchwood car park, they all jumped out

"Yeah 'cause weevils always cheat." Tosh smiled as Ianto groaned

"The car is all muddy; I'll have to clean it tomorrow"

"Thanks for offering" Owen laughed

"Bite me" Ianto growled playfully

"Hang on" Gwen wiped her hand on the hood of Owen's car "pay back"

"For what?" He whimpered

"Doing nothing, absolutely nothing" Tosh smiled skipping past him "and we're not done yet"

"Well whatever, can my punishments be fun at least" He smiled cheekily

"Nope….well fun for me maybe" She smiled back.

"Do you think Jack'll give us an early mark?" Gwen asked images of a warm soapy bath in mind

"Doubt it in the mood he's in" Ianto frowned, entering the tourist shop.

"It's uh different" Gwen looked around suspiciously

"Something isn't right…" Tosh moved her hand to her gun as Ianto pressed the amazingly-obvious-not-so-secret-secret button. They walked down the corridor, and stopped at the large cog door and looked through the small port whole window, nothing seemed too odd, it was dark, some areas more shadowed than normal. Tosh clicked the button to open the door but Owen stopped her walking in first. As he did so the lights flicked on, he tripped over a string and a bucket of dark brown liquid poured out its contents. Owen yelled

"JACK BLOODY HARKNESS" as he heard his name a tall broad shouldered bunny rabbit stepped towards Ianto

"That would be me" He smiled, Owen stood up and looked at Gwen and Tosh who stood side by side giggling like fourteen year olds.

"Now we're even" Tosh swiped her finger on his nose "chocolate suits you"

"Give me a hug" He smiled closing in on her she ran

"Get away from me chocolate man" She squealed running up the stairs and coming to a halt "Holy mother…." Gwen, Ianto, Owen and a very proud Jack followed after

"What the hell have…?" Ianto stared wide eyed at the room around him. The once gloomy main level of the hub was covered top to bottom with coloured papers, toy chicks and Easter eggs in small pink baskets

"And you all thought I forgot" Jack smiled very pleased with himself

"I had hoped so" Owen growled wiping at his face with a towel which Ianto had given him.

"Oh Owen really where is your Easter spirit?" Jack smiled though no-one could take him seriously "well you're a happy bunch." He swung back and forth

"sorry Jack" Gwen smiled

"We're just ah a little shocked." Tosh finished her eyes fixed on the large toy rabbit holding a equally large chocolate egg this particular on sat next to her desk, another, this time a duck was by Ianto's, a teddy bear next to Gwen's and a mouse by Owen's each was a metre high holding an Easter egg half their own size.

"Why do I get the mouse?" Owen standing next to it, seeming slightly small Tosh giggled

"Is it insulting you manly hood?"

"No, just, I am not…what is that meant to mean?" Owen stumbled

"Me thinks he doth protest too much" Tosh walked towards him, the last of the chocolate was now on the towel but his clothes were a similar colour to the girls

"Hey uh do I want to know what happened." Jack pointed to Tosh's once clean jeans

"Tosh and I had a wild mud fight" Gwen justified smiling

"Shame I missed it" He grinned "Anyways, I have set up an Easter egg hunt!"

"Please don't tell me that this is going to turn out like the Christmas present hunt" Owen moaned

"Well I didn't know that weevils would attack you if you tried to get presents from there cages." Jack bit his lip "though Ianto got a very adorable scar from it"

"I'll give you a scar in a minute" Ianto growled

"Ok, ok none in the weevil cages, be quick I am an expert hiderer and have made clue's. The team with the most eggs at the end wins! You will be given one clue to begin, and if you look in the right places with the egg you will find another clue. You have one hour." Jack handed papers to each team "Gwen and Owen will be one team and Tosh and Ianto will be the other"

"Bring it on" Owen smiled at Tosh

"Eat my dust." Ianto growled

"Go" Jack yelled and each team split across the room, Tosh and Ianto stopped just near the couch and Ianto whispered the first clue

"Half a horse plus four squared" he clicked his tongue thinking, Tosh tapped her heel and then clapped jumping

"You know a few weeks ago how we found that thing Jack called it Pegasus of something." She whispered

"Yeah but that's doesn't work, it died, correction cut…in…half." Ianto smiled "But wait four squared?

"Uh next part of the story, you were away and Owen was….I dunno, but we got a little drunk and, there was something about a spider with extra legs I dunno but Jack said half a horse and four squared" Tosh nodded, and Ianto frowned

"What does that mean?"

"uh….cold rooms" She ran to the volt where the horse had been stored finding a blue Easter egg balanced on the lock. "pro!" She smiled "next" she smiled as Ianto unravelled their next clue.


"A look on the inside" Owen read running directly to the autopsy room he looked inside a draw to find a pink foil wrapped egg with a white paper hanging off it.

"that was a bit crappy…. A draw?" she smiled

"They'll get harder, Jack always makes them harder" Owen whispered "Read it"


The team assembled at the board room table an hour later Tosh and Ianto at one side of the table, Gwen and Owen on the other, Jack stood hands on the table. So Gwen and Owen have finished on 23 and Tosh and Ianto are on….drum roll please" they all tapped their hands on the desk "21" Jack heard a groan from Tosh and Ianto.

"Can we go home now Jack?" Owen smiled still basking in his victory.

"Oh you people are so boring" Jack complained "what would you say if I were to say no" Gwen looked pleadingly at Ianto knowing he would be able to distract Jack out of a party

"Hey Jack you still got some melted chocolate?" Ianto smiled suggestively and Owen pretended to throw up.

"You can go" Jack said quickly

"Lets stay at mine tonight" Ianto smiled getting up and mouthing 'you owe me' to Gwen.