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CHAPTER SEVEN: The cats away!

Gibbs Rule 9 Never Go Anywhere Without a Knife

Or … while the cats away …

While Abby was … wherever she was, McGee and Gibbs, picked the lock.

"Wow, Boss …Kelly II is looking good."

"Yeah, she's a beauty alright. I'm thinking of changing her name though."

"Nah, Kelly's perfect. She must have been a beautiful little girl, Boss. Oh, ah sorry … I didn't … I shouldn't have … I'm leaving now."

"No, Tim, It's okay and she was."

They stood in silence for several moments looking at the boat. Gibbs never spoke about Shannon or Kelly to anyone, ever. The team only found out about them when he "retired" and went to Mexico. Shannon was not one of the three ex-wives he spoke so fondly of.

"Maybe I should go."

"No, please stay. She was the love of my life."


"No … well yes, of course, my daughter was, but I was talking about Shannon. He glanced over at McGee. I was leaving for the corp. I was leaving home and there she was getting on the same train leaving home too. She said to me … "You're not a lumberjack are you? … I don't date lumberjacks. Rule number three or is it five?" She was so damn cute."

"The rules."

"Yeah, the rules. Everyone needs a set of rules to live by. Like rule number nine."

McGee produces a knife. Gibbs nods his head.

"See, I listen."

Gibbs pats McGee on the back.

"I know you do Tim, I know you do."

"Boss? There's something wrong … what can I help you with?"

"You already did, you picked the lock."

"You know how to pick a lock and you can do it faster than I can."

"Yeah but, Abbs will be mad at you and not me."

"Great, just what I need. Tony's gonna be pissed at me, now Abby? I should just go home before she gets here, then call in sick."

"Come on Probie, be a man."

"Me? You're the one that set me up with Abby."

"And that's why I'm the boss."

With a glint in his eyes, Gibbs handed McGee a block of sandpaper and the two men worked on The Kelly II side by side. Tim felt honored, not only because he was working on Gibbs boat, but the friendly banter that had just taken place, he almost felt like a friend.


Meanwhile … Abby was working on her number nine. Trying to secure a spare … tire that is … for her Hurst. Her Triple A had expired, along with her cell phone.

She was walking and talking to herself. She had those big boots on … the ones with the three inch platforms. She had to walk at least a mile. Her cell phone was dead. No charger in her car. She was getting madder and madder at herself.

See, this is why we should all have rules. Keep your cell phone charged, should be one. Oh yeah … a car charger would be nice and lets not forget … don't put off paying for your Triple A membership. Gibbs could be in trouble … he could be very sick without me there … he must be worried!


After convincing McGee that he was well enough for a small glass of Bourbon (who knew that Tim couldn't handle his liquor?) they were pretty well headed … two sheets to the wind.

"So then, Franks was escorting the prisoner across state lines and he had to take a leak … the prisoner, not Franks. Franks un-cuffed him and then cuffed his hands in front. He let the guy take a leak at the rear of the vehicle. The guy opens up the gas tank when Franks turns his head and pees in the tank."

"I'm guessing, that really messed up the engine."

"Oh yeah, the car was fuel injected, not piss injected!"


I have to get back to Gibbs … he needs me. Ow, my feet hurt.

She finally makes it to the gas station and asks for help. She forgot her wallet. No way was she calling Gibbs, but Tim was with him … she would call him.


"Your cell phone Tim. It's probably your Boss looking for you."

"But you can see me, Boss."

"Di Nozzo … McGee!"

McGee looks at his caller ID, he doesn't recognize the number. He laughs and hiccups at the same time. I thinks it's a wrong number.

"L. J. Gibbs Boat Repair … you run it aground, we'll repair it … hiccup."

"Timothy McGee! Are you drunk?"

He hands the phone to Gibbs.

"Oops … It's your boss, Boss! He covers the phone and whispers, he thinks … It's Abby."

Gibbs hands it back … "tell her that I'm sleeping."

"She won't buy that!"

"Tim, Tim … I can hear you two … drunk men are not quiet men!"

They look at each other and simultaneously say … "We're screwed!"


After hanging up on McGee, she called Ziva. Tony's ankle was too messed up to drive. She wondered what was more messed up, Tony's ankle or Gibbs and McGee?

Ziva arranged for Abby to be picked up and her Hurst to be serviced properly. They both walked into Gibbs house armed with groceries and a sour attitude. The sight they saw could only make them laugh. Abby was grateful … Gibbs was back to his old self.

Tony came by to harass "Probie." Ducky feeling better from the flu, had also stopped by. Gibbs offered Dr. Mallard some Bourbon and in honor of his friend feeling better, he indulged with Jethro and Timothy. By the time Tony had arrived, all three men had drunk themselves under the table. Being careful of his ankle … they tied Tony to a chair and forced him to listen to Ducky's story about the time he rescued a sheep from becoming his family's dinner of Haggis. Of course, Abby and Ziva walked in just as Ducky was saying something about 'neeps and tatties' which peaked Tony's interest, but in actuality is just boiled and mashed vegetables.

Gibbs' team was back together under one roof, his roof. He was happy and a little bit more than tipsy. He wanted to spend time alone with Shannon … Abby, but Shannon was on his mind. It was his team that he needed with him to heal … he was healing, with the help of a little Bourbon and a lot of laughing … at DiNozzo's expense.

Shannon's rule number seven or is eight? ... friendships are the best ships to set sail on.


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