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A battleground in ruins. Loud voices, lots of blood. Dead bodies littering the ground and a dimming sky, the sun slowly dipping under the horizon. Explosions and gunshots, sobbing, screaming. The line, it's been crossed. They went too far. Everyone went too far. The state. Ishbal, everyone.

A blonde woman, only having been in the military for two years, sits. She's in the middle of the mess, the rubble. She sobs into the chest of a barely breathing man. She holds him close, calling for help. No one hears her. She's alone. Almost. He's not dead yet and she is going to save him, if it's the last thing she does.

"Roy…." She cries. "Don't leave me, I can't do this alone." the tears continue to roll down her dirty face.

"Ri…..Riza…." A quiet voice says. She looks at his face, hope shinning in her eyes. His eyes are barely open, and his breathing is hitched. But he's alive, he's speaking.

"I love you." He mumbles, his voice raspy. He rubs some dirt off her face and she grabs his hand, a small, relieved smile playing at her lips.

"I promise I won't leave."

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