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Pain's Redemption

Chapter 1 of 8

This Time, This Place


This time, This place

Misused, Mistakes

Too long, Too late

Who was I to make you wait

Just one chance

Just one breath

Just in case there's just one left

'Cause you know,

you know, you know

It was another day in the Makai like any other. The sun was shining, the plants growing; demons were fighting and some were dying.

Most importantly though, a demon that had made quite a name for himself had just added to his reputation. He had killed three more high class demons that had gotten in his way. He had enjoyed it, death and the spray of blood is what he lived for now. The exhilaration of battle he craved, though he hadn't always been like that. At one time he had been gentle and caring, maybe even a bit weak, but things changed. He had to change, and this is what he had become. There was no going back, not for him, he had done to much, had killed to many.

The demon came to a stop by a small stream, kicked off his boots, stepped into the cool liquid, and began to wash the drying blood from his arms and face, the water around him slowly turning to a dull red. Despite his blood lust, he liked to stay clean. During the meticulous process, he raised and lowered his energy several times, like a beacon in the dark night.

In one very short Makai week, he would have done this signal for seventeen very long years to the day, every day. The day being when his heart had been shattered to pieces, the day he had lost all hope for his future. Seeing that he really wasn't coming clean, he decide to take a full bath. He ducked under the water, clothes and all. Reemerging moments later, he had his pants in one hand. Quickly washing them, he went over to the shore and spread the black material over a large rock. He then removed his dull orange shirt, washed it, and laid it out next to his pants.

As he cleaned his body more thoroughly, his mind wondered back to his problem. He still couldn't believe it already been seventeen years. Seventeen years since he had lost everything that meant something in his life. He had been in love, but had been to young to put a stop to being forcibly separated from the one he loved. If it had been a couple of years later, they would have been mated and no one could have parted them. Though he was grown and deadly now, he was still considered a baby by many, many demons.

At twenty six years old, his facial features still portrayed youth. He looked as if he was maybe sixteen years old at the most and his five foot, two inch height didn't help matters at all. He looked like a little kid and many times was treated as such. The reason being that a mere twenty six years old was nothing, but a drop in the very deep well of a demon lifetime.

He froze in his clean up, his muscles tensing in anticipation. He knew that energy signature. There was no mistaking it. He wondered when he would get there. He looked over his shoulder, an amused smirk came to his lips.

"Hello, Lord Hiei. Please forgive me for not bowing."

"Hn, I have repeatedly told you to call me father, Kaihei. It makes no sense for you to call me by my name." Hiei jumped out of the tree and landed on the ground next to his son's clothes.

"Yes, sir. I'm just trying to be respectful." Kaihei said, turning his back to his father. He had said he forgave his parents for letting that demon take Toushi away from him, but deep down he never actually had. What's the good of being the rulers of the Makai, if they couldn't save their family? He would continue to resent them until his would be lover, his soul mate, returned to him.

"You are always respectful, but you don't have to call me Lord Hiei. You know this so stop trying to play mind games. You've gotten very good at them, but your father is better and I've played with him for years." Hiei warned quietly. "Get dressed, we need to talk." He then jumped up into the tree and disappeared among the branches to give the boy some privacy.

Kaihei sighed, his father hadn't requested the talk; it was an order. He got out of the stream and raised his energy, drying himself off. He slowly got dressed, dreading the coming conversation.

Kaihei jumped up into the big tree and climbed through the branches toward his father's energy signal. He finally found the fire demon in the top of the tree, sitting on a branch and watching the surrounding forest.

"Please sit," Hiei said, looking to his son. "You've been gone for three months this time and Kurama is very worried about you. I told him I would find you."

"How is dad?" Kaihei asked as he sat down next to his father.

"Fine, but as I said, worried about you. We know why you left this time and realize it's hard on you. This time of year, being the seventeenth anniversary of your's and Toushi's separation."

"I know the spy followed Miriee and Toushi for three years. All reports showing that Miriee treated Toushi well. Then the reports stopped coming and it was assumed the spy was dead. After that, we lost track of Toushi and Miriee, they have not been found since…………For all we know he could be dead, or if he is alive he doesn't really care…………. He's not coming back, father." Kaihei whispered softly, as close to tears as he would get. The last time he had cried was seventeen years ago. His last tear gem now hung from an ear ring in his fuzzy left ear. A symbol for what he lost and for the mated mark that should now be at the base of his neck on that side. "I know that now. On the seventeenth anniversary of the day he left, I will stop searching for him. He's not coming back or he already would have."

"No, Kaihei," Hiei shook his head. "Don't give up. Your Toushi will return to you one day, just keep searching for him. Those little nips you gave each other was blood promises to wait. Toushi will be back."

"He knows where I live; if he wanted me, he would have come and claimed me already!"

"That is true in a way, but maybe there is something keeping him from coming to claim you just yet."

"What could possibly keep him away from me? When we were little, we couldn't stand to be apart…. So what can be so important!?" Kaihei was upset, and a little confused.

Hiei wasn't sure how to answer his son. He chose his words carefully, so they would be comforting. He truly wished that his redhead was there, could handle this situation a lot better. "You have to believe Toushi will be back for you. Though inexperienced, that very simple kiss and those nips you two shared sealed the bond. All that is left for him to do is make the mark official, sink his teeth fully into you neck and lay claim to your body."

"Do you think he still has the tear gem I gave him?" Kaihei asked softly while lightly touching his own.

"I'm sure he does, Kaihei. After all you gave it to him, he won't let anything thing happen to it."

"You and dad had everything planned out for us didn't you? But Miriee destroyed it all in one day."

"Yes, we did." Hiei nodded slowly, staring at the green forest. "And yes he did."

"You were trying to keep us together?" Kaihei asked, suddenly feeling very guilty for the way he's been acting towards his parents the last seventeen years.

"Yes, we were. You and Toushi belong together, just like Kurama and I do. You two are very much like us and we saw that from the beginning. There was always a spark between you two, anyone could see it. We did what we could to stop Miriee, shot of killing him, to keep Toushi with you. Your dad even offered for Miriee to stay in the fortress with us. Miriee just wouldn't be swayed, he wanted his son and we had to let him have Toushi."

"You should have told me this before now! I would've never acted the way I have all these years!"

"That's just the way you vented your anger and we let it happen. Kurama and I knew you'd come around eventually, become the son we once had. That day, we didn't just lose Toushi, we lost you too, firebug. I'm glad to know we're finally starting to get you back." Hiei smiled before quickly reaching forward and pulling his son into his arms.

He expected Kaihei to fight the comforting hug, but the kit let himself be held. Kaihei slowly lifted his arms and wrapped them around his father, accepting the first hug he has had since this whole mess began. They both had missed this greatly. Minutes slowly passed, not wanting to break the father and son contact, but eventually having to.

"I think I needed that hug." Kaihei whispered quietly.

"You probably did, you needed some comfort and something to release the tension building in you. A good way to receive both is through sex." A small smile appeared on Hiei's lips. "When was the last time you've been bedded or bedded another?"

"Um….," Kaihei blushed a bright red. They haven't talked of such private things in many long years. "I……"

"You have had sex, haven't you?" Hiei raised an eyebrow. "You are twenty six years old and a demon!"

"I….I….," Kaihei stuttered, getting redder.

"Hn, you're still a virgin, a complete one." Hiei smiled wickedly. "Toushi will have lots of fun with you and I'm willing to bet my lordship as well as my land that you will be on bottom."

"……." Kaihei couldn't even form words, he was just to embarrassed as all demons usually lost their virginity by the time they hit fifteen years old. He just didn't feel right if he looked at another, it was like he was betraying Toushi and that was one thing he wouldn't ever do.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about, Kaihei." Hiei laughed out right. "Your dad's ningen form was a complete virgin when I took him and his Youko form was an anal virgin."

"Really?" Kaihei was shocked by this. He hadn't expected that, not after all the tales he'd heard about his legendary father.

"Yep," Hiei was actually amused by this topic on conversation.. "I was an anal virgin when Kurama took me for the first time. That was the night we created you."

"Wow, you lost your virginity and created me in the same night. You must have been very busy." Kaihei actually teased his father.

"Yes, we were, we had sex three times that night, the last one was multiple orgasms. I was very sore the next morning."

"That was too much information!"

"Well, you wanted to know," Hiei actually laughed deeply. "Besides if you're going to bottom you need to know a few more little things.

"Let's have the sex talk after Toushi comes back!"

"Deal," Hiei held out a hand to his son. The boy took it and shook it quickly. "How about a spar? We haven't done that in a while."

"Okay!" Kaihei grinned, pulling a seed from his hair and instantly forming a black rose.

Hiei stood up and yanked his cloak off before withdrawing his katana. They began racing through the trees, trading blunt hits at each other, nothing that would cause any kind of danger. Two hours later, they both collapsed to the ground sweating profusely, near the very stream Kaihei had been washing in.

"Well you've gotten a lot stronger and quite good with that rose whip, Kaihei." Hiei panted, trying to catch his breath. "I'm very proud of you."

"Thank you, father, though I won't ever be as good as dad." Kaihei spoke as he put the simple rose seed back into his hair. "I think you have too."

"Probably, I train a lot with my fox. How often do you train?"

"Just whenever I come across some demon to fight."

"Hn, you need to train more then." Hiei laid back on the ground. "Will you be coming home with me and staying this time? I need my heir to start learning what being a lord involves."

"I'm still your heir, even after everything?" Kaihei was shocked yet again that day. He had thought he'd lost that honor long ago.

"Of course," Hiei sat up quickly. "You are my first born son and strong enough to handle lordship. Your sister, Tenshi, has a possibility to be heir as she is very powerful, but you have a right to the throne that had been promised to you and you are the strongest of all my children."

"Oh," Kaihei looked down to the ground and was silent for a few moments. "Yes, I'll come home and stay this time."

"Good boy." Hiei said as he got up. "Let's take a bath and then head back to the fortress. Your dad wants to see you." He quickly stripped and then waded out into the stream. He didn't waste any time splashing cool water on his heated body, washing the sweat, dirt, and smell off. He looked over his shoulder and smirked, "Are you coming in or not?"

"Um, yes sir." Kaihei nodded before yanking off his shirt.

The fire demon turned back around to give his son some semblance of privacy. When he heard splashing behind him, he very briefly glanced over his shoulder again to see Kaihei entering the water. He gave his son a brief look over and found him to be in good health. A few new scars scattered on the tan skin, along with the old and faded ones. The kit was two inches taller than him and had a small compact body that was built for the speed he had been gifted with.

The boy had the size where it actually counted though. Kaihei was nicely endowed just like him and his fox, but he had expected nothing less. Kaihei was blushing heavily as he took a spot beside his father and started to wash. It was nice to see that there was some innocence, however small, still left in him. Kaihei was embarrassed. He hadn't been naked in front of anyone since he was nine years old. They cleaned their bodies in silence and then washed their clothes. They both got dressed and raised their energies to dry off.

When he was ready, Hiei turned towards his son. "Well, it will take a day of hard travel to reach the fortress. Let's race!"

"Alright," Kaihei grinned mischievously. "I know I'll beat you."

"Hn, we'll see about that, boy! Let's go!"

Both males instantly blurred out of sight. They raced through the tree tops, each taking turns being in the lead. Much of the day passed in this way. It was fun. When the sun began to make it's downward decent, both demons slowed down considerably and began scanning their surroundings for signs of trouble as they traveled.

"Hey, father!" Kaihei called up to the fire demon.

"Yeah, what is it?" Hiei came to a stop and then turned towards his son.

"I feel a faint energy off that way." Kaihei pointed to his right.


"I don't know, but something is telling me to go that way." Kaihei answered as he took a small step in the direction he had indicated.

"Then let's follow your instincts, something obviously wants you to go that way." Hiei really couldn't say anything else. He felt the faint energy and he would have dismissed it as nothing to be concerned with, but his son seemed to have a sixth sense about these things.

The father and son took off running towards the energy signal, the kit out in front leading the way. They traveled for an hour in silence. The sun was now setting and the thick forest was darkening quickly.

"It's just up ahead." Kaihei called back finally.

"Hn," Hiei grunted, but said nothing else. He already knew that they were close to the energy signal. They came to a stop in a small battle area. A few dead demons were scattered on the ground at least pieces of them were. Trees had been plowed over as well.

Hiei and Kaihei began searching around for the energy signal. Now that they were so close, it was hard to get an exact location and the energy had weakened greatly. With the approaching Makai night, and the fading signal, they would have to the source or wait until morning. Both knew though that they had to find the producer of the energy signal, because the creature probably wouldn't survive the night alone. The fire demon finally spotted something strange under a large. fallen tree trunk. On closer inspection, he found it to actually be a partial foot and the other tangled in braches, both still attached to ankles.

"Kaihei over here!" Hiei called just before jumping over the tree trunk. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Kaihei appeared beside his father, staring down at the demon on the ground. It was obviously a male demon. His green shirt had been ripped open, revealing a well muscled, beautifully defined chest. His head was lying on its left side and he had long white hair that was dirty and contained dried leaves from lying on the ground. He had a black bandanna tied over the top of his head. He also had on black pants that were damp with blood, well at least what they could see. The tree was lying across his legs, starting at his lower thighs.

Hiei leaned over and felt for a pulse on the demon's neck. "He's alive," he announced as he stood back up. "Now, the question is what do we do with him?"

"I don't know," Kaihei just continued to stare at the white haired demon. "What do you suggest?"

"Nope, don't ask me that. You found him and I followed you, so you decide what we do. Just make the decision quickly, it will be dark here in these trees very soon."

"Um….we can't just leave him here like this. He is basically defenseless and will most likely die being trapped under this tree."

"He is and probably will." Hiei agreed to his son's reasoning. "I'm going to search his memories to see what all he's done, to see if he's worth saving." He pulled off his white head band and easily entered the demon's mind. After a few moments of searching, the fire demon withdrew from the male's mind. He had found out all he needed to know.

"He hasn't done anything to bad, so let's get this tree off of him first and see what kind of damage is done to his legs."

"Yes sir," Kaihei pulled a seed from his hair and grew a black rose. "Rose whip," he cried, forcing a long thorny whip from the beautiful black flower.

Kaihei easily cut through the tree in many places, but not one hit landed on the trapped demon below it. The fire demon and kit quickly and easily pushed the pieces of tree off of the male's legs. What they found was not good as both of the demons legs were broken with bones protruding through the skin.

"I guess there isn't much hope for him," Kaihei commented regretfully. He didn't know why, but he truly wanted to help this suffering demon.

"No, but we've come this far and we will still try to save him." Hiei responded, determination in his voice. "Let's get to work, we haven't much time before the light is completely gone."

Kaihei quickly wove a shelter out of branches and vines over the demon. They didn't dare try to move him yet, not until his legs were stable. Hiei got a fire going while his son fixed a powerful poultice for the puncture wounds from the bones and any other injury they might find. Kaihei also found some fairly straight sticks and ripped up the demons shirt to make splints for his legs.

"I'm going to set his bones. When I get them done, you get your poultice on the wounds and then splint them." Hiei positioned himself beside the demon's right leg.

"Yes, sir." Kaihei answered quickly and with a slight nod. He took up a spot beside the demon's left leg, the poultice beside him.

The fire demon ripped open the demon's pants leg closest to him. He gripped the leg and began to twist and pull on it until the bones finally popped into place, pulling a pain-filled moan from the unconscious demon. When the fire demon pulled his hands away, Kaihei set to work. Soon they had set both legs, covered the wounds in the poultice, and splinted the legs as well. The sun had set and the only light they had was from the fire and a few light plants kaihei had set up.

"You did great, Kaihei." Hiei smiled, as he briefly patted his son on the shoulder. "I'm very proud of you."

"Do you think he'll live?" Kaihei asked softly, looking up to the white haired demon's face.

"Well, he has a chance now. The bones have bad breaks; it could take up to a month or longer for them all to properly and completely heal."

"Oh…." Kaihei studied the demon for a moment before continuing. "He's about seven feet tall."

"Yes, I believe so."

"Is that a tail?" Kaihei reached forward and gently pushed the injured legs apart. "It is!"

Hiei raised an eyebrow, looking at the white tail lying between the demon's legs. He had wondered when his son would notice the fluffy appendage. A soft moan pulled their attention up to the demon's face. Unfocused eyes slowly opened and then started to blink rapidly.

Hiei moved up closer to the demon's head, leaning over just a little, and then he smiled. "I'm glad you're finally coming around, ……………. Kit."

"Huh?" Kaihei looked back and forth between the two demons completely confused.

The male's eyes finally focused on the fire demon's face. He smiled slowly as he barely whispered, a relieved sigh leaving him. "Father." The male slipped back into unconsciousness before he uttered anything else.

Kaihei gasped and quickly moved up beside his father. He pulled the bandana off of the demon's head. Two white fuzzy ears quickly stood up.

"Kaihei, look," Hiei instructed, turning the male's head to rest on the right side of his face.

Kaihei gasped again at what he saw, the bandanna slipping from his fingers to land silently on the ground. He reached forward slowly and fingered the earring that contained a purple tear gem, his purple tear gem. One word escaped his slack mouth, but it said it all, "Toushi……."

This time, This place

Misused, Mistakes

Too long, Too late

Who was I to make you wait

Just one chance

Just one breath

Just in case there's just one left

'Cause you know,

you know, you know


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