Title: Project Dunkel

Author: Sybil Rowan

Pairing(s)/Characters: Masafumi/ Hell and Nagi/ Tot. Mainly Schwarz, Schreient, and Masafumi Takatori featured in a large struggle.

Rating: M

Summary:Masafumi gets tired of Schwarz interfering with his plans so he creates a genetic replacement Schwarz. His creation gets out of hand and starts causing a lot of problems.

Warnings: Strong language, violence, references to Tot getting molested.

Author's Notes: This story is for my hubby on the occasion of our fifth wedding anniversary/ St Valentine's Day. Yes, we were cheesy enough to get married on Valentine's. We were broke so this was my present to him.

Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz, its names and characters belong to Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss, Marine Entertainment and Animate Film.

Beta Reader: My totally awesome, and totally picky, husband WingedPanther73!

January 21, 2008

Part One:

"Damn him," Masafumi swore, slamming the front door to his palatial mansion. Hell greeted him with a soft kiss to his cheek.

"I knew we should have gone with you. What did your father say?" He put his arm around her shoulders and lead her to his formal study.

"He refused to give me any money because that redheaded devil was there telling Father every thought in my head. He told Father how I was planning to funnel the money for our new cloning project off of that illegal weapons deal. He was so angry that he's cut my funding and threatened to move that fop Hirofumi in here. All because of that big mouthed German!" Masafumi groused. He parted from Hell and flung himself into his large, cordovan desk's chair.

"That's who you were cursing? Schuldig? I don't blame you," Hell said, coming around and massaging Masafumi's tight shoulders.

"No, it was Crawford I was cursing! That damn American was the one who foresaw my private meeting with Father. He was the one who sent Schuldig. If it wasn't for Crawford's constant meddling, I'd have all of what is rightfully mine!"

"I know, Darling. Unless we can figure out a way for your father to get rid of Schwarz, we'll never achieve your goals."

Masafumi slammed his fist against his desk and bolted out of his chair. He began to pace while Hell watched him with an expression of heavy concern. He gasped suddenly and swirled towards Hell.

"Chizuru," Masafumi said. It startled her to hear him address her by her given name. "You're right. We need to persuade Father to get rid of Schwarz."

"Yes, but he depends on their psychic abilities too much. It'll be impossible to find people of your choosing with telepathy, clairvoyance, and telekinesis. Not too mention Farfarello's immunity to pain and his superior strength and reflexes. Your father sees them as indispensable. Who would you find to replace any of them?"

"I don't know who yet; I haven't created him," Masafumi said with a gleam coming to his eye. Hell began to follow his train of thought.

"I see, Masafumi, but is it possible to recreate Schwarz through cloning?"

"No, My Dear. It's not Schwarz I'll be recreating. I plan on mapping their powers out in their DNA. Then I can fuse all four together into one superior bodyguard for Father. He'll toss Crawford and his men out in no time."

"How are we going to gather the DNA? Schwarz doesn't trust us. Crawford and Schuldig will know for sure if we get too close to them, " Hell pointed out.

"True, but... Oh! That's it," Masafumi said with wide eyes and a bright smile. His expression turned devious. "I think next time Tot decides to sneak out to see Nagi, Neu should go along."

"I see. The other Schwarz members will be out of the house and Nagi... will be distracted?" Hell said. Masafumi nodded. She then shook her head and said, "Tot won't like the idea of us using her to get at Nagi. She can get protective over him. We've tried everything to break them up."

"I know... and she still thinks we don't know about her little rendezvous with that Schwarz brat. After this though, he'll be gone and we won't have to worry about Tot any more."

"But he does seem like a nice enough kid. And she is quite taken with him," Hell said, doubt creeping into her voice. Masafumi's expression soured. She shook her head and said, "I know. I'm also afraid Nagi may accidentally hurt her with his powers one day. Okay. Don't worry, Masafumi. I'll have Neu follow her after school. She claims she's in an art club, but I've been rather suspicious."

"Good. I'll start making preparations for the clone. Just make sure Neu gets all four of their DNA samples. I don't want to give Father any excuses to reject my creation."

Neu got a lock picking tool from the pocket of her jacket. She easily cracked the lock on Schwarz's lavish high-rise apartment and slipped in silently. She put the tool away with a stray curiosity on where she would have learned the mysterious skill. All the woman had was a set of skills with no memories around them; it was unnerving at times.

She had watched Tot and Nagi after school had let out. It was as Hell had predicted; the two snuck off for ice-cream and a walk around a park with a small pond. Neu felt an inexplicable twinge of anger as she watched them hold hands. She shook off the emotion and quickly made her way back to Schwarz's lair.

She kept her eyes moving for any security devices. None. Crawford was either arrogant or stupid. Neu went with arrogant.

Neu found each bedroom and sealed something from each Schwarz member in small plastic bags. From Farfarello, she took a pillowcase and replaced it from the closet. From Schuldig's bathroom, she took a used toothbrush. From Crawford's dresser, she took strands of raven-colored hair from a comb. Finally, she took from Nagi's room a used sock from a cloths hamper.

She smiled to herself as she slipped back out of the apartment. Schwarz was too easily undone. It almost disappointed her.

[one month later]

"This is very promising," Masafumi said, studying the clipboard Hell handed to him. "Very good."

"So you think this one is going to be viable?"

"Yes, finally, a viable embryo. This is the one I want grown, but don't get rid of the others just yet."

"How much longer before we can get rid of Schwarz?" Hell asked.

"Another month if everything goes perfect with this embryo. I want to use that new growth hormone. It'll take him a week to come to term and then about three more to mature and to train him. I have great expectations for this project," Masafumi said.

"Fantastic. The rest of Schreient is getting tired of Schwarz leaving us to deal with Weiss. They always claim they have more pressing matters to deal with; it'll be wonderful to have support."

"Support? My Dear, my new creation will be able to wipe out Weiss and Schwarz. You and the rest of Schreient will be able to just relax and enjoy watching their destruction."

"It will be a pretty powerful clone with all of Schwarz's DNA to enhance it," Hell said, a hint of awe in her voice.

"He. It will be a he. By the way, this will be called Project Dunkel. Also, after he has come to full term, I will be the only one with direct contact with him."

"Yes, Masafumi," Hell said, disappointed she was being cut out from the rest of this project.

[one month later]

The women of Schreient were gathered around Masafumi's breakfast table. It was a bright Saturday morning; they silently ate eggs, toast, and coffee. Soft footsteps caught their attention. They all looked to the door. Masafumi stood there with a smile.

"Good morning, Ladies," he said.

"Hello, Daddy," Tot squealed, flashing him a bright smile.

"Where have you been all this time, Masafumi? We've been worried," Schone said.

"I've put the finishing touches on my project. It's time you ladies meet my newest creation." Masafumi flashed a sly smile. He turned his head and called, "Dunkel! Come meet your sisters."

"Oh... my..." Tot gasped in shock, giving voice to the older women's feelings. The short, young man standing in the doorway had spiky, red hair and pasty skin. His eyes were wide and amber in color. He wore a perpetual bored expression.

There was something about the young man that seemed twisted and deformed, but there was nothing Schone could put her finger on specifically. His features weren't misshaped, but there something ugly and revolting about him: Masafumi's creature.

"Meet Dunkel. He'll be going with us today so that he can meet his... fathers."

The table vibrated briefly, then the coffee mugs shattered, sending shards and coffee flying. Schreient all gasped and ducked out of the way as best they could.

"You can't be serious, Masafumi! You mean this... thing is what you made from Schwarz's DNA?" Schone asked.

"But Nagi is in Schwarz. Does that mean that Daddy used Nagi?" Tot whispered over to Schone. The blond ex-model was about to answer when Dunkel sprang on the coffee table and grabbed Tot by the upper arm before anyone could even think about a reaction.

"You are pretty. So... so... pretty. I like you," he said in a nasally voice as he pulled her closer. Tot screamed; Shone slammed the flat of her hand down on Dunkel's shoulder and shoved him back. His face turned into something akin to a gargoyle as he sprang up and charged at Schone.

"Stop, Dunkel!" Masafumi bellowed. The young man froze and turned to his creator. "Go to the car and wait on us." Dunkel nodded and leapt out into the hallway.

"Masafumi, I....."

"Keep silent, Hell. All of you, get ready to go. I don't want to give Crawford and his boys a chance to weasel out of this. You'll act as our backup. Dunkel can handle the rest." Masafumi turned on his heels and left Schreient staring after him with wide eyes.

"Schone, Tot is scared of Dunkel," the teenager whispered and hugged Schone around the waist. Schone hugged her around the shoulders and patted her back.

"Don't worry. I don't think Masafumi will let that... thing stay around long. Right, Hell?" Schone asked, looking towards her leader. Hell just shook her head.

"Let's not keep Masafumi waiting," Hell said.

"Don't waste my time, Masafumi. I'm not in the mood to deal with any more of your requests for money," Takatori snapped at his oldest son.

Crawford sat back on a sofa beside Reiji and sipped from his teacup. On the coffee table in front of them were several documents pertaining to an upscale hotel Reiji was using to launder money.

Crawford's eyesight faded to be replaced by a photo negative image of a hideous young man walking into the room. This was going to cause a fight between Reiji and Masafumi. Crawford's mind slipped backwards, into the present, and looked over at Reiji. The elder Takatori glanced at Crawford.

"This project is very interesting, Mr Takatori. It maybe worth looking at. I just saw what Masafumi produced. It certainly is ugly, but it must have something very interesting going for it."

Masafumi shot Crawford a nasty glance and walked over to the door. They had chosen the informal meeting room in Takatori's ultra modern skyscraper.

"Ladies, bring in Dunkel," Masafumi called out. Crawford's expression soured at the name; he saw it for the mocking towards Schwarz that it was.

Hell and Schone came in followed by the same hideous looking young man. Crawford rarely, if ever felt unnerved, until this moment. There was something uncanny about the young man, but Crawford couldn't put his finger on it. He could see Takatori was also amazed.

"So what is... he?" Takatori asked, taking the cigar out of his mouth. Crawford had an uncomfortable sensation because the young man's amber eyes were firmly fixed on him. The young man's lips twisted up into a repulsive smile.

"It would be more interesting to ask who he is," Masafumi said.

"Quit playing, Masafumi!" Takatori snapped.

"I would like to introduce Dunkel and offer him to you as a body guard. You'll find that he makes Schwarz obsolete."

Crawford didn't rise to the bait. He sipped his tea while Takatori bellowed out a hearty laugh.

"Schwarz does just fine. They have abilities that I just can't toss out. Stop wasting my time."

"You can compare Dunkel against all of Schwarz. He has everything they have. Stamina, strength, and agility. Not to mention he's telepathic, telekinetic, and...." Masafumi turned and gave Crawford a sardonic look, "...clairvoyant."

"Impossible," Takatori sneered. Crawford didn't share Takatori's dismissive disbelief. Masafumi was the type to always deliver on his promises.

"No, very possible. Why don't you call all of Schwarz up here?" Masafumi asked.

"I'm warning you, Masafumi, I'm not in the mood for games. Come back tomorrow and I'll give your... Dunkel a look."

Masafumi bowed to his father and gave Crawford a smirk. Hell, Schone, Masafumi, and Dunkel all left without a further word.

Another premonition hit Crawford. He saw the young man on top of Schuldig, choking the life out of the German telepath. Crawford was assailed by another one in quick succession. Nagi was in his school, walking down an empty hallway. Dunkel snuck up behind Nagi and hit him with a baseball bat. Crawford could feel another premonition coming on, but he rose.

"Mr. Takatori, excuse me, but I need to make an urgent phone call."

Takatori picked up a stack of papers and waved Crawford out of the office. Crawford got out his cell phone, knowing Schuldig was too busy five streets over and wasn't listening out for Crawford telepathically.

"Damn it, Crawford!" Schuldig looked at his cell phone. He despised it because he could communicate more efficiently with telepathy. Unfortunately, he didn't always know when someone needed him, hence the cell phone. He jammed it back in his pocket and reached out towards Crawford's mind.

:What do you want, Crawford. I'm about to meet with the lawyer Katageri for you,: Schuldig thought.

:I need you to keep your eyes out. Masafumi is up to something. He's has a young man with him that is rather ugly. He claims this... thing... has all of our abilities. I don't doubt that this young man, Dunkel he calls it, has something special,: Crawford thought back.

:So? What do I care about some thing Tokyo's Victor Frankenstein grew in his little lab?:

:I had a premonition he's coming to beat you up along with Nagi and Farfarello. Like I said, there is something about it that's not natural. Just follow my directions and be careful for once.: Schuldig smirked at the annoyance he could sense from Crawford.

:Okay, Brad. I'll watch out for Masafumi's little boogie man. What's he look like?: Schuldig asked.

:You'll know him when you see him. He has your same hair color and yellow eyes. His face... it seems deformed, but I just couldn't tell you how.: Schuldig rolled his eyes in aggravation.

:Thanks,: Schuldig though back wryly before breaking telepathic contact with Crawford.

Renzo Katageri's secretary stepped out of his office and beckoned Schuldig in. Schuldig was the only one in Schwarz who liked the mind-manipulating lawyer. He appreciated the man's work, but the lawyer was a bit of a snob.

As he walked through the massive file room he started to feel a buzz at the back of his head. He paused to look around. The room was empty as far as he could tell. He often picked up the buzzing thoughts from other's minds, but there was something insistent about this. The only thing Schuldig could figure out is that Katageri, a telepath of sorts, was nearby.

"Mr. Katageri?"

Schuldig walked down the aisle of the tall filing cabinets. Schuldig felt his feet give way under him as he flew through the air and pounded against a metal cabinet so hard his left shoulder throbbed. He crumpled to the floor and looked to his right. An over head light swung back and forth, flashing bright and going dark. The insistent buzz pressed into Schuldig's head painfully.

:Who are you? Come out!: Schuldig thought.

He saw a flash to his right, then it appeared. He now knew what Crawford meant. There was something innately gruesome about the young, redheaded man suddenly standing before Schuldig, but there was also something very familiar to Schuldig as well.

Schuldig gave the young man a lopsided smile and thought, :Oh, you're that thing Crawford told me about. Come to play, have you?:

:What ever you say, father,: the young man thought back at Schuldig with a twisted smile. Schuldig was too stunned by the address to make a move. He was picked up and flung through the air once again.

Crawford listened to the buzzing of his cell phone in irritation. No response from Nagi or Schuldig. He hung up the phone and walked to the elevator. He hit the garage button and then he dialed Farfarello's number.

"What?" the Irish assassin snapped.

"Drop what your doing. Go get Nagi from his school and meet me at home. Watch carefully for a young man with hair like Schuldig's. He's very dangerous," Crawford said in English.


"I'm going to go find him right now." A click on the other end with the now buzzing disconnect sound told Crawford the Irishman was off to do as he bid.He had little faith that Schuldig had heededthe warning.

He made an excuse to Takatori so he could run over to Katageri's and check on Schuldig, since the German wasn't answering his phone or listening in telepathically.

Nagi looked up from his chemistry book and turned his head to the door. There was a harsh, buzzing noise in the back of his head. He shot the door an annoyed look and turned back to his book. Schuldig had better not come to harass him at school. He'd sic Crawford on Schuldig first thing when he got home.

The buzzing started to get painful. Nagi slammed his book shut and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He calmed his mind and formed the thought, :Schuldig, just say something or leave me alone!:

There was no answer, just more buzzing. Nagi looked around. His other classmates were all bent over their books while his teacher was at the blackboard.

:Schuldig, I'm warning you! I'll tell Crawford,: Nagi thought. Again, no reply. :Did Crawford send you for some reason? Just tell me and stop playing around.:

"Mr. Fugi," Nagi finally said after no response from Schuldig.His teacher paused and turned around. "I need to be excused for a moment." His teacher nodded and let Nagi be dismissed. Since Nagi was such a serious and good student, teachers generally let him go leave without too many questions.

He walked down the deserted school hallways in search of the redheaded German. Nothing but the echoing of his footsteps kept him company. He turned down a row of lockers and heard a slight rustling sound.

He swirled around expecting to see Schuldig. Instead a bat slammed in his face a split second before his telekinesis blocked it. Nagi blacked out and crumpled to the chilly linoleum floor.

"I don't know where your man is. My secretary told him he could come into my office. I waited fifteen minutes and went to go look for him. This is what my file room looked like," Katageri said, flinging his hand around the horrible mess. Crawford took off his glasses and shut his eyes. Drawing out visions was always tricky.

It finally came to Crawford in a photo negative style. He watched Dunkel put Nagi's limp body in the back of Masafumi's limo. He could also see Dunkel and Farfarello getting into a knife fight soon after that in the woods beside Nagi's school. Crawford's blurry eyesight came back as the vision faded. He put his glasses on and turned back to Katageri.

"I apologize for this mess, Renzo. It would seem Schwarz has a rival. Keep this between us and don't inform Eszett yet. I'm going to figure it out first."

"Sure, but don't take too long. You know how impatient they can be when it comes to little side projects," Katageri said. Crawford nodded.

A premonition hit him as he left Katageri's office. The lawyer was going to call Eszett this evening. Crawford got out his cell phone in aggravation. He would have to beat Katageri to the punch and then deal with Dunkel.

It was worse than fighting Crawford. The creature was mocking him with every swipe of his blade as it dodged and pushed froward. It would let out blood chilling cackles. Farfarello had lived with Nagi long enough to know about telekinesis. He could tell that's what this creature was using against him by pushing back.

Farfarello could also tell that something would break the creature's concentration occasionally. It would perk up as if seeing something far off. That's when Farfarello would dive at it and cut it. The creature would howl in anger, not pain, with every cut. The fight was vicious, but Farfarello was gaining the edge. That's when Hell pounced out of a tree, wrapping a chain around Farfarello's throat.

"He is mine!" the creature raged at Hell while Farfarello struggled. He readjusted his weight and flipped the woman over his shoulder. The creature summoned his power and forcefully flung Farfarello head-first into a tree. He blacked out instantly.

Crawford knew it was no use going to Nagi's school. He was better off hunting down Masafumi and having a word with him. Crawford pulled back his jacket and peered at his .45. He wasn't going to talk to Masafumi without his persuasion.

The man had stepped beyond Crawford's boundaries. He wouldn't tolerate this kind of behavior out of the Takatori whelp. To Crawford's way of thinking, it would be advantages to kill off Masafumi. He knew Takatori wouldn't be too torn up over the loss of his eldest son because of all the mounting hostilities. He also knew he could dupe Hirofumi so much easier and get rid of Schreient.

Crawford turned his car around and headed towards Masafumi's estate. No doubt Masafumi would hide in his lair and send his women out to do his dirty work. Crawford reasoned that Masafumi would keep Dunkel inside to watch over Nagi in particular. That boy could be excessively dangerous when he wanted to be.

Crawford's cell phone rang, interrupting his thoughts on Masafumi. He didn't bother looking at the number. He knew it was Masafumi.

"Looking for something, Crawford?" Masafumi asked as soon as Crawford made the connection.

"Drop the games, Masafumi. I'm coming to speak with you."

"Good. My father just pulled up. I believe we'll be speaking about your future employment with the Takatoris when you get here," Masafumi said and then broke the connection. Crawford tossed his phone on his passenger's seat and concentrated on driving.

To be continued.