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Chapter One: Room on The 3rd Floor.

Esme's POV

I slowly opened my eyes, to face that sunny Monday morning. I was at my fourth year of the Architecture College now, but I wasn't going to attend any special classes today. It was my first day taking care of the Summer Prep-School Kids.

It was like summer activities, but the only thing was that the kids were younger than the others, so we would just look after them while their parents were still working.

My mom came up with the idea actually, since I wasn't going to Florida with her and dad, and there was nothing better to do that summer, and she suggested Prep-School Kids because I love babies and little kids. She said I was going to going to have a great time. And she was probably right.

I got up and glanced at the clock. Perfect. It was 8:00 a.m. I had to be there by 9:00. I would have enough time for everything. I headed to my closet and picked up my old blue jeans and a big yellow T-Shirt.

I slipped of off my nightgown and dressed up with the jeans and the shirt.

After that I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Oh, I desperately had to do something with my hair. So I combed my caramel curls into a high ponytail. Done.

I went down the stairs for breakfast and there was a note on the refrigerator which said:

"Dear Esme,

Your Dad and I had to leave to the airport by 6:00 am. We didn't want to wake you since you'd have to look good on your first day with the kids!

Good luck, I know you're gonna do great!


I was going to have to call her latter to know how the trip had been. I got milk on the door and prepared some toast with grape jelly. Yeah, grape was my favorite!

After that I rushed up stairs to brush my teeth and grab my purse. With a last glance to the mirror I saw I needed at least a little lip gloss. Since I wasn't too much into make up and stuff. I grabbed my transparent mint lip gloss and ran to the car.

As soon as I was in my baby, my yellow Beatle, I turned on the radio and pulled off to the school. I made the radio louder when "Oxygen" by Colbie Caillat started to play. And in a blink of an eye I was at the school.

I parked the car and caught myself smiling at the sound of children's laughter.

I looked out of the window and saw them; running and playing around. They were so sweet; I was just about to have a great time here.

I went to a building that seemed to be the secretary and introduced myself to the woman behind the desk:

-Hi, my name's Esme Platt. I'm here to look after the kids. – I said starring at her.

-Hello Esme, welcome. I'm Alyson. You've left your name here didn't you? – She asked kindly

I nodded.

-Well, Esme Platt… right! Here's your badge, and the list of names of the kids which you'll look after. Your room is the A14, which is in the end of the corridor of the third floor.

-Ok, thank you Alyson. – I said already leaving the room.

-Welcome, just one thing. All of the parents have sign up when they leave and pick up the kids. If the child's gonna leave with someone but the father or the mother, they'll tell you this when they drop them by. Okay?

-Sure, don't worry about this!

-Fine then. Good luck!

-Thanks, bye.

And with that I left for my room on the third floor, [A/N: This is for all of the McFly lovers, which I'm not, but my friends are, so… =D] to meet the kids.

When I got there, there were already two couples, with their kids, waiting for me.

I opened the door and walked in turning around to face them. I ran my eyes trought the page, three of the eight kids I was waiting were already here.

-Good morning, I'm Esme Platt, please come in. – I said smiling at them

-Good morning Ms. Platt, my name's Nicole Hale and this is my husband, Tom. – said the pretty blonde lady that stepped inside the room, as she pointed to her husband that came right after her. – And these are Jasper and Rosalie, our twins. – From behind their dad two beautiful kids appeared. They boy were taller than the girl and had big hazel eyes which were outstanding because of his honey blond curls. And the girl was the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen, she had the same honey hair than her brother, but her hair fell to the middle of her back and her eyes were honey colored too.

-Nice to meet you Jasper and Rosalie, why don't you seat there, and we can talk more latter? I'll just talk to your mom and dad about what you like ok? – I asked them, kindly

-Ok Ms Platt. –Said Rosalie and so she ran to seat on the floor to play with her Barbie doll she's been holding all along. Jasper just stood starring at me.

-Anything you'd like to say Jasper? – I asked kneeling in front of him, so we'd be seeing each other face to face.

-No ma'am, I just wanted to greet you. – And with that he took my hand and kissed the top of it, like an old movie gentleman. I giggled along with his parents.

-Why thank you dear! Now you can go and play with your sister right?

-Ok. – And then he ran off to play with Rosalie.

-Such a gentleman you two have!

-Yeah, I see he's gonna have lots and lots of girls falling for him! – His mom said chuckling; I couldn't help but laugh too.

-Certainly. So, Nicole and Tom, I need you two to sign up here. And in case that someone else's gonna come to pick Jasper and Rosalie, you need to tell me when you come to drop them by ok?

-Fine. I think I'll see you by 5:00 pm then. Is there anything else? –Asked Tom.

-No, I see you guys at 5:00 pm.

-Ok, bye.


As they left the other couple came to give me their little daughter. She was a brunette girl with chocolate eyes, and she seemed to be very clumsy because on her way to me with her parents she tripped three times on her own feet.

-Hello Ms Platt, I'm Reneé Swan and this is Bella our little daughter and Charlie, my husband.

-Hi Bella, welcome. Why don't you go and play with Jazz and Rose over there?

I don't want to, 'cause Rosalie was glaring at me! – She said holding her Teddy Bear closer to her. I laughed and held her hand.

-Ok then, would you like to stay with me to greet the other kids that will be arriving soon then?

Can I? – She asked with a sparkle in her eye.

- Of course – And then I holding her hand and asked Reneé and Charlie to sign the paper and to tell me in the morning in case that someone else but them would come to pick Bella up.

And with that, they left and I was all alone with three adorable kids and a room full of toys and black boars and other funny stuff to do with them.

I sat there and started to pull a puzzle together with Bella and Jasper while Rosalie watched a movie with Cynthia [her Barbie doll] and within five minutes another couple arrived.

-I'll be right back guys. – I whispered to them and went to the door to greet the new arrival.

The little boy that came in was named Henry Richards, and he was a little fat which made him fluff, he had brown hair and hazel eyes and ran to seat next to Rose to watch the movie with her.

I repeated the same explanation progress with Henry's parents. And right after they left a new couple arrived:

Tamara and Greg brought their kids, Emmett and Alice Brandon. Emmett was six years old [he was the older among the other kids] and he seemed to be a very strong boy, he was the bigger one in the room. He had black hair and baby blue eyes. Alice had the same eyes and hair color than the older brother, but her hair cut was Channel style, instead the short messy hair her brother had. She was four years and she was the smallest girl in the looked like a dark haired Tinker Bell version.

-Hello Emmett. Alice. Welcome- I smiled at them

-You are really beautiful Ms Platt. – Alice said grinning.

-Thanks, Alice. – I smiled back.

-Can I beat someone up? – Emmett asked exited.

-Uhm, why don't we find something better to do Em? – I asked trying not to laugh at the disappointed look on his face.

-Ok, I'll just bet something with Alice then – And so the two of them walked into the room and started playing along to the other kids.

Tamara and her husband had also brought their little nephew, Mike Newtown with them.

He was small, just a bit bigger than Alice and had blonde hair and baby blue eyes hidden behind his glasses. He seemed like he would be a bright kid.

As soon as Alice and Emmett's parents left I counted the kids in the room.

Rosalie and Jasper Hale, Bella Swan, Henry Richards, Emmett and Alice Brandon, Mike Newtown… who's missing? I was expecting eight. – I looked down at the list and read the only strange name. – Edward. Edward Cullen, he shall be here in no time.

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