In The End

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have been best friends since they can remember but they both have gone through horrible things that they can't even tell each other. And through love, hate, death, and hurt can they still remain best friends when they can barely stand to live another day? Or will they grow apart and hate each other in the end?


Bella Swan looked up from under her long eyelashes and smiled as Edward sat next to her. They were at school during their free period outside in the courtyard sitting at one of the wooden tables.

"Whatcha doing, Bella?" Edward asked, hyper as always. She smiled once again and looked down at the paper in front of her. She could barely hear her own thoughts with all of the people around her, chatting away. It was half the seniors' free period and everyone hung here.

"Oh, I'm just getting a head start on the history paper Mr. Franklin is going to assign tomorrow. He told me about it last week but I'm just now getting to it." She informed Edward. For some reason she seemed more distracted than usual.

"Wow Bella, you are such a slacker." He teased. But Bella was far from a slacker. She was just working hard so she could be smart enough for herself. She was the kind of person who didn't rest until what had to be done was done and it was done the best it could be done. It was the only way she felt satisfied.

Many found Bella perfect, but not in the way one would think. She wasn't the nerd type, in fact the only reason she did things early was because she had barely any time on her hands. She was a model and she was in a band with Edward's brothers Emmett and Jasper and even Jasper's girlfriend Alice played bass. Bella was the lead singer while Emmett played drums and Jasper was lead guitar. Bella also knew how to play all three instruments.

Bella modeled for many different things. She even scored a gig to model for Victoria's Secret every once and a while. It took forever to convince Edward to let Bella do it. Edward was very protective of Bella. If a guy even looked at her the wrong way he would seriously look like he was going to rip their head off.

Bella was beautiful. It was just a fact, not an opinion. Everyone thought so, even the very few that hated her. She had flowing brown hair that she straightened to perfection each day and big chocolate eyes that made her snow-white skin stand out.

"Oh, yes, Edward I am a slacker. And since I'm such a slacker I guess I won't help you on your English paper." She made an evil smirk and looked up at him again. His face went from surprise to panic and then to rolling his eyes in about five seconds.

"Ha, ha, you're positively hilarious. I hope you don't mind but I'm spotting a hot blond with a big ass about ten feet from here." And with that Edward was gone.

And Bella was alone.