Chapter Three. Sugar We're Going Down

8th Grade

Edward gulped and clenched his teeth together in nervousness. He hadn't seen Bella Swan for two weeks and he couldn't wait to see her beautiful face once again.

He leaned against his locker and sighed. They got new locker assignments ever semester and for some amazing reason he had been put next to Bella Swan, the most beautiful and popular girl in the 8th grade.

Bella wasn't the typical stereotype popular kid. She had bangs that covered her forehead and straitened long dark brown hair. She wore heavy eyeliner and tight, dark clothes. But she was beautiful and everyone liked her, especially the boys. She had just broken up with her former boyfriend, Landon Beach, at the Bonfire a week before. Edward heard that she was pretty broken up about it and he hoped this his shoulder would be the one she cried on.

Finally he saw those short, skinny legs walking gracefully down the hallway he looked from her toes to her face. She wore black high tops she had written various things in different neon colors on, grey skinny jeans, and a red shirt that said Finding Emo instead of Finding Nemo. Her fingernails were painted black and her lips were a light silky pink.

She did not walk alone. Along with her were her best friends Rosalie Hale and Alice Cullen. Alice was Edward's sister and was the opposite of Edward. She was popular.

Alice and Rosalie were preppy looking unlike Bella but they had the same interests.

They liked to listen to music and sketch, but Bella was the most talented.

Bella was smiled and her bright teeth sparkled in the aluminum lighting.

Even thought Bella's best friend was Edward's sister he had never actually talked to her that much before. Alice ordered him to stay in his room. She was in the stage where she was ashamed of her nerdy brother.

When Alice saw Edward leaning against the locker next to Bella's and she stopped in her tracks. She looked over at Bella, who was at least two inches shorter that both of them, and mouthed, "I'm Sorry."

Bella's eyebrows scrunched together in confusion and cute wrinkles appeared on her forehead. She turned and looked forward. Bella then understood. But Bella didn't judge people because they were nerds. She didn't know Edward so she thought it might be fun to have a locker next to him. She shrugged. She didn't care.

Alice pursed her lips when they all finally reached Edward. His green eyes glowed in excitement.

"Hey, Edward." Rosalie said slowly and smiled a fake grin. Edward nodded.

Bella put in her locker combination, put her books in, and closed the locker. Then, she turned slowly, looked up from under her eyelashes, and smiled at Edward through true eyes.

2nd Semester

"Edward, be a dear, and get me a glass of water." Bella smirked. Edward rolled his eyes, but got up and went to get Bella her water anyway. He would do anything for Bella. But he excepted now that they could only ever be friends.

Bella, Alice, and Edward had grown together into one group of best friends. Bella and Alice helped Edward with his style and he had become decently popular. But it surely had something to do with the fact he was best friends with Bella Swan.

Bella and Edward had grown as friends. They had gotten to know each other and they found that they couldn't be more different. Which is why they fit together so well.

Over the years Bella and Edward became more and more comfortable with each other. Bella gave Edward his first hand job and taught him how to tongue kiss. And underneath it all they both felt the spark when those things happened. And over time Edward realized that all Bella and he could be were friends. For a while it made him sad, but then he got used to the idea of Bella caring about him, but not in a romantic was. And eventually Edward's love for Bella was more than friends went away.

Or so he thought.

Back to Senior Year

Bella straitened her hair, brushed her teeth, threw on a t-shirt and some grey skinny jeans, and flew down the stairs. She couldn't wait for Jacob's car to finally come racing down the street and into her driveway. And all this time she thought Alice didn't knew what was best for her. It was a feeling she had never felt before, when she was around Jake. She felt sort of…giddy. He made her forget her past. And that was all she could ask for.

Finally she saw the oh-so familiar Lexus coming down her road. Jake had decided to stay for the semester in Forks before he went away for college and their basketball team was one of the tops in Washington and he wanted to play. Bella felt special because she knew that she, also, was a part of the reason he was staying. They had been dating for only a week and she already felt like they were meant to be, though they had none of the same interests.

He loved sports. It didn't matter what sport it was. As long as it involved competition he loved it. He was also very tall: six foot five inches; Bella was a measly five foot four inches and she hadn't played a sport a day in her life.

He also liked hip-hop and rap, and though Bella liked old school she wasn't a big fan of Kanye West and Lil' Wayne. They were complete opposites. But they had one very important thing in common. They were falling for each other.

Bella ran down the porch steps, almost tripping on her way down, and got into Jake's car. She smiled, opened mouthed, at him and he smiled back, and turned up whatever was on the radio.

"Are you excited for your first day at Forks High School?" Bella asked over the loud beat, almost too excited to finally have a boyfriend she could trust.

Jake rolled his eyes. "Oh, yes, I am so very excited to be in school."

Bella had the urge to stick her tongue out like a child but instead she just smiled.

"But," Jake added, "I'm excited that I can spend most of the day with my new, beautiful girlfriend." Bella's eyes twinkled and for the first time since James she felt special.


Edward had been out sick the whole week with Mono. I guess that's what you get when you share gum with four different girls.

He was finally going to see Bella and couldn't wait to hug her and hang out. They hadn't done that in weeks. Being away made him realize just how much she meant to him.

He got dressed quickly so he could get to school early and hang out just a little before school at Bella's locker. He and Alice were at school by 7:30 and school didn't start until 8:00. Edward got out of the car before he had even turned it off, making Alice put the convertible top down, turn off the car, and shut the door, which annoyed her greatly, but that didn't matter to Edward. His mind was only focused on Bella.

Edward didn't even bother putting his stuff in his locker he just made his way toward Bella's.

But he immediately stopped when he saw his cousin kissing a familiar person. His books fell to the ground and it seemed that the world had turned dark.

Though Edward didn't show it, anger had come into his heart that day, causing him torment and disappointment. Something changed inside Edward. They say changes can be for better or worse. Though he didn't know it then, this one would change his life forever, and it was definitely for worse.

Next Chapter: Bella sniffed. "You know what? I don't need this right now my life is hard enough without you in it." And suddenly the pain she had felt months before when James had left her came back and she started to breathe heavier. If felt as if her throat was closing up.

"Oh, Bella, what is so hard about your life?" He snorted. "You have everything. The only thing hard in your life is your daddy won't buy you the newest Blackberry." He spoke to her like he was better than her and that hurt her even more than him sleeping with Jessica and Lauren.

"You don't know one thing about my life, Edward Cullen. Don't you dare judge me." She was already crying but sobs were coming now and she couldn't hold them in.