A/N: I made three rose-themed Code Geass vignettes today. And of course, Kanon and Schneizel came first in the list.

Happy Valentines!

And, erm... please excuse the fluffy-ness. Heart's day got the best of me. Damn.


The roses were brilliantly red today.

The White Prince stared long at the three red roses that sat on a crystalline vase in his desk. He smiled affectionately at them as he took his seat and started his work silently.

The roses were brilliantly red today, unlike the usual soft white color of the flowers that always graced his desk.

The brilliantly red roses came in three today, unlike the usual bouquet that came in each morning.

And when finally the door opened to reveal his roseatte-haired aide, the blonde had nothing in him to avoid initiating a greeting...

"The flowers are beautiful."

...because he knew his aide hand-picked them today.

For a moment, the aide stood still, a bit shocked at the straightforward manner of his master in saying his thanks.

But then he smiled and walked slowly up to the man and smiled back.

"I'm glad you like them, your highness."

Time stopped when the man extended a gloved hand and grabbed the Earl's smaller one... and slowly brought it to his lips softly.

The Prince looked up. "Happy Valentines, Kanon."

Oh, the roses were brilliantly red.

Need I say what happens next as the aide leaned down?


A/N: (hyperventilate-cough-cough)Thank(cough)you(coughcough)forreading.(faint-wakesup) HAPPY VALENTINES, everybody. I love you. :D