AN: So… I decided to be cliché and churn out a Valentines Day fic for you guys. Slightly AU, merely because I can't be bothered to fit it into a part of canon timeline. And I'm ignoring Milly's 'cupid day' in R2 episode 12, although some parts are obviously inspired by it. And technically... it's over two hours in the 15th here, but you'll forgive me I hope, I got dragged out by a friend who was visiting and got back considerably later than I was expecting. As such, this presently finishes earlier that it might. But... if people want more, I will be brave and attempt it. So, I'll leave this as 'in progress' for now.

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February was not Lelouch's favourite month of the year. Though, if asked, he could probably have spouted off all manner of reasons as to why, it would be unlikely that he would admit the truth. The real reason he disliked February was something many would have found trivial. This reason was-

"Nee, Lulu, pay attention" said Milly, as she brought him back to awareness with a roll of paper to the head. "If you keep spacing out we'll never finalize the plans for the Valentines Day Festival."

Valentine's Day Festival, he scoffed internally; trust Milly to come with that. Milly seemed to think that putting Lelouch in undignified situations was the most amusing past time any one could have. Obviously she received some kind of twisted pleasure from being able to get away with such behaviour to a former prince of Britannia. And this occasion was no different. Milly had set him, and the rest of the student council, up for yet another round of ritual humiliation.

Milly's plan for the Valentines Day Festival, featured each and every member of the student council, dressing up in cupid-esque outfits, and parading around the campus spreading messages of love… or some sappy nonsense like that. And, as usual, he seemed to be the only one who had a problem with it. Suzaku, in his usual approach to Milly's evil plots, was taking it all with his usual good humour, and was actually looking forward to it. He said it would be fun! Lelouch mentally called his childhood friend a naïve fool who hadn't yet learned how truly sinister the other girl could be, and returned to complaining emphatically. It did him no good.

It didn't help, of course, that Milly wasn't the only student council member determined to see Lelouch paraded around in the skimpy outfits of her own design. Shirley for one seemed particularly keen on the idea, as was Kallen, although she wasn't as keen on herself wearing the things. Rivalz too had been initially reluctant, but had quickly realised that if he wore the outfit, the rest of the girls would also be wearing the outfits, and had promptly agreed with the idea.

It could be worse, he supposed. At least Milly was going for the non-classical approach to the cult symbol, and was actually providing outfits. Though he very much doubted she could have got away with not doing so. The costumes weren't too bad, consisting of a small pair of wings and a Grecian style white tunic, accessorised of course, with a small ornamental bow and a pair of sandals. All in all, it wasn't that bad.

What was bad, was that this was February and it was cold. And if there was one thing these outfits were not designed for, it was cold weather. Lelouch hoped that Milly wouldn't make them go outside.

It was now morning on February the 14th and the student council were gathered in the student council room. Milly had already provided them with costumes and sent them to change. Lelouch was the last to return. Instead he was standing outside the door, fiddling with the hem of the tunic, wishing that it were just a little longer. He felt uncomfortable with so much of his skinny legs on display. The carefully disguised harness which supported the wing part of the costume was rubbing against his shoulders. He felt ridiculous. He blamed Milly for this. If he'd had a hand in designing these outfits, he would have done a much better job.

Bracing himself for further doom from Milly, he took a deep breath and stepped into the room.

The first thing he noticed was the sharp intake of breath from a red-faced Shirley as she quickly hid whatever it was she'd been holding under the table. Lelouch assumed that would be a card or gift of some sort that she'd intended to give him. Lelouch sincerely doubted she'd muster the courage to actually hand it to him. She'd probably 'accidentally' leave it in here for him to find later. God that girl was so obvious! But so long as she didn't actually say nor do anything he could maintain his pretence of obliviousness. He really had no interest in Shirley in that way. She was a good friend though, so he didn't want to lose her friendship. This… whatever it was… from her, was one extra reason why Valentines Day was unnecessarily awkward. He didn't really hold an interest in any girl; especially not those on the student council.

Nina was intelligent enough, but even ignoring her plain looks, her lack of self-confidence irritated him immensely. That girl was seemingly terrified of everything, and to this day she still tried to maintain her distance from poor Suzaku, even though, as Lelouch could attest, he was a naïve fool and would never willingly hurt anyone without good reason.

Kallen… well, she was intelligent enough, and he had a lot of respect for her in her role as a Black Knight. She was very loyal to Zero, and had proved her worth countless times. He suspected though that she harboured a sizeable amount of disdain for 'Lelouch Lamperouge', probably due to his Britannian heritage and lazy attitude. He couldn't say he thought much of her sickly pretence.

Milly… well Milly was likely the devil's own offspring, enough said. Besides Rivalz was hung up on her, god knows why, and he was irritating enough without that. Rivalz was currently attempting to subtly eye Milly from the corner of his eye, whilst waving his arms around animatedly in a show of enthusiasm.

Of course, there was one very good reason why he had no romantic interest in any of these girls, and was failing to enjoy yet another valentines day.

A large 'sub-reason' of that reason was standing by the window of the student council room, illuminated gloriously by the morning sun.

Out of all the occupants of the room this one looked the most natural in his costume. The tunic showed off his strong arms and shoulders, and the long straps of the shoes which wrapped around his toned claves did the same for his legs, his relaxed poise belying the power within his form. His back, from what could be seen between the pair of white wings, was an expanse of smooth, soft looking tanned skin, which Lelouch wanted to touch and to taste. Lelouch allowed his eyes to drift upwards, taking in the sight of the other's neck, before rising to that gorgeous head of chocolate brown curls that he wanted to run his fingers through.

All in all, the other boy looked like some form of deity, fallen straight from the pages of Ancient Greek legend. He felt his mouth become dry as Suzaku turned around, brilliant green eyes meeting his, and a radiant smile spreading across the other's was snapped out of his daze by Milly who clapped her hands together to get everyone's attention.

"Everybody knows what they're doing, right?" she asked with her usual cheer. There was a murmur of agreement from the assorted members. "Okay then, grab your bows and baskets, and let's go!"

The baskets contained pink wrapped holiday chocolates that they were supposedly distributing he discovered, as Milly thrust one basket into his hands. Lelouch thought the whole affair was ridiculous, and couldn't wait for it to be over, yet he followed the rest of the student council members from the room.

Half an hour later he was standing in his designated spot, in the middle of the school grounds, handing out the chocolate to passers by, forcing himself to smile at them.

Suddenly, he heard the unmistakable sound of the student council PA system, and the bottom seemed to drop out of his stomach as he experienced a sense of imminent doom.

Sure enough, Milly's voice rang out across the campus. "Happy Valentines Day everyone! Are you enjoying your special chocolate as a gift of love from the student council?! Well, one of our cupid's is carrying a special gift. That's right; a silver arrow of love which if brought to me can be traded in for two free tickets to Clovis Land for you and your date! Oh, and for those lonely individuals out there, have no fear! If you bring the arrow to me, we'll give you a choice of dates from among the members of the student council!"

As she spoke, Lelouch's face paled. He looked down into his basket, and rooting through the chocolate, his hand touched metal. Mentally cursing he pulled the object into his line of sight. It was a short arrow, about six inches long, and had a heart shaped tip. He cringed.

"And who do you need to find to get this prize?" continued Milly, unaffected by the waves of 'shut up!' Lelouch was emanating in her direction. "Why, none other than our very own vice-president, Lelouch Lamperouge."

Lelouch stopped listening at that point. He really should have known something was up when Milly pushed that basket into his arms that morning. Somehow she always managed to twist the occasion to specifically pick on him. He really shouldn't have been surprised, and instead have planned ahead by calling in sick that morning.

He had to get away, before more people turned the corner and spotted him standing there with the arrow. Of course, he could just ditch the arrow somewhere, but doubtless Milly would punish him for that and that would run the risk of said arrow being found anyway, and he didn't want anyone to try to trade it in for a date with him. Such an event would doubtless cut in to his time as Zero, and he didn't want the Black Knights turning on him because he missed a meeting.

He unfroze, as a pair of girls turned the corner. They stopped in their tracks as they spotted the arrow in his hands. Whilst they were still stopped, he turned and ran in the other direction, attempting to quicken his pace when he heard them attempt to give chase.

Cursing his lack of stamina, he turned a corner, and immediately ducked inside an unlocked supply closet. He quickly pulled the door shut behind him, and held his breath until he'd heard the girls run past outside. He let out a sigh of relief. This hiding place wouldn't remain unchecked for long. Where could he go where he wouldn't be found?

His room was out of the question, doubtlessly people would think to check there, and if he tried to hide anywhere in his and Nunally's living space, his little sister would rat him out, and he would be found. Student council room was out of the question also. And any public area of the school was no good. Finally his mind hit upon the perfect spot. Sure, it would be a little cold, but it was worth it.

He opened the door slightly, and peeked out into the corridor, delighted to find it deserted. He quickly made his escape.

Lelouch breathed a sigh of relief, his breath fogging slightly in the cool air. His escape had been successful, and now he was standing on the roof of the school, leaning against the railing and watching the Milly induced chaos play out below. Although for 'chaos' it was awfully predictable, with the students dividing up into their clubs and charging about the campus in groups. He'd seen the equestrian society thunder past below only two minutes before. As of yet, no one had looked up and spotted him. He felt quite pleased with himself really. He was successfully avoiding all that fake tacky cheer going on below. And Kallen wouldn't kill him for losing the arrow to the gardening club, who seemed to have a small obsession with her. It seemed Milly had upped the prize for the successful capture of Lulu and his arrow and was offering a bonus to the club who achieved it. Lelouch was not happy about this decision, but he still considered himself fairly safe.

As time passed slowly, Lelouch was beginning to regret his decision to hide outside. It was cold, and he was bored. There was very little to do besides watch what was going on below, but he'd retreated to shelter by the wall where he was protected from both the wind, and the line of sight of those below. He figured it would have calmed down enough in an hour or so and he could sneak back to his room and change into something warmer.

He was surprised when he heard the roof door open, and he shrank back, attempting to hide himself from whoever had uncovered him. He relaxed, if only slightly, when the head that rounded the corner revealed itself to not belong to someone hunting him down for personal gain. Instead, it belonged to Suzaku.

"I thought I'd find you here" he said warmly, wandering towards Lelouch. "The roof is your favourite hiding place after all; I'm quite surprised nobody else has thought to look here. But then, I suppose not many people know that this is where you hide out when you skip class."

"It would hardly be a good hiding place if everyone knew about it" replied Lelouch disdainfully, trying to suppress a shiver. He failed however as he spotted concern light up in Suzaku's eyes.

"Are you cold?"

Lelouch shook his head, in perhaps a somewhat misguided display of 'machoness', "no, I'm fine" he lied.

"No you're not," said Suzaku. "I can tell."

Suzaku proceeded to sit on the ground beside Lelouch and pull the smaller boy into his lap, pressing his chest up against Lelouch's back, hoping to share his body heat. Lelouch turned a brilliant red colour. The only good thing about this position was that Suzaku couldn't tell he was blushing. Well, that and the fact that he was sitting in Suzaku's lap, and the other had his arms wrapped around his chest. Of course, Suzaku didn't mean any by it other than warming him up, so it didn't count.

"So Lulu," Suzaku muttered into his ear from behind, sending shivers up Lelouch's spine that were not related to the chill in the air. "Why don't you like Valentine's Day?"

"It's a pointless, commercialised holiday, with origins of a violent nature. I don't see what there is to like about it."

"I bet you're only upset, because you don't have anyone to spend it with."

"I am not!" Lelouch exclaimed, neglecting to mention that at present, he was spending his time with the 'someone', but said someone was completely ignorant of the fact.

"Oh, you are…" said Suzaku, practically purring the statement in Lelouch ear. Lelouch struggled in the other's grasp, but Suzaku wasn't going to let him go anywhere yet. "So, who is it? Someone you can't have? Are they perhaps of a status that is unattainable? Perhaps an older woman? Or… maybe it's something else. Maybe they're an Eleven like me, and your friends wouldn't approve. Because I can't think of many reasons why someone would turn you down Lulu."

Lelouch stiffened in Suzaku's grasp. "Maybe." He offered. Well… it was sort of true. Suzaku was an Eleven. And doubtless the fact that he was also male would garner some disproval.

"Come on Lelouch, you can tell me. I promise not to laugh."

Lelouch sighed. It wasn't laughter he was worried about; it was the loss of his best friend.

Suzaku relaxed his grip slightly, allowing Lelouch to turn and face him, and Lelouch shifted so that he was kneeling between Suzaku's legs. Lelouch took a deep breath. He could do this. He couldn't get away with being disdainful of others for lack of self confidence if he wasn't brave enough to take this step.

Slowly he raised his eyes, to look into Suzaku's beautiful emerald ones, which gazed back at him curiously.

"Suzaku…" he breathed out, unable to say more.

Instead, he leaned forwards, closing the distance between himself and Suzaku, brushing their lips together momentarily in something that probably wasn't quite a kiss, but was as much as Lelouch could manage, before he tipped his head to the side, and buried his blushing face in Suzaku's shoulder.

Suzaku remained still. He made no motion to move away, which came as some relief. He remained silent, as if in shock. Lelouch winced, he shouldn't have done that, he'd overstepped the mark and now things were awkward. There was no way Suzaku would treat him the same after that.

He gathered his wits and managed to sit up. He tried to stand, but found Suzaku was holding his arms and not letting him run away.

He lifted his eyes to meet Suzaku's, his own sparkling with confusion. Suzaku's face… well, it wasn't an expression of dislike or confusion. Instead Suzaku looked… happy.

Suzaku moved one of hands and caress Lelouch's cheek, brushing his hair out of his eyes. Then he leaned forward, resting his forehead against Lelouch's.

"Lulu…" he breathed out happily

Then Lelouch's confusion broke. Suzaku's lips were pressed against his own once more. His eyes shot open in surprise, then fell closed as Suzaku's lips continued to massage his own. His heart swelled with joy, and he raised his hand to wrap around Suzaku's neck and pull him closer as he returned the kiss. Suzaku's arms wrapped round his waist.

Lelouch sighed contentedly as they parted to breathe.

"Suzaku… I…" Lelouch started before he was interrupted.

"Ssshhh" said Suzaku. "Whatever's going through that mind of yours, its ok?"

"Hmm…" assented Lelouch.

Their mouths met again, though this time their lips parted straight away and their tongues met, twining together. Lelouch was ecstatic as he took in the taste of Suzaku as their tongues battled for dominance. Lelouch raised his hands to Suzaku's hair, twisting the hair through his fingers like he'd imagined earlier, enjoying its smooth silkiness. Lelouch hummed in satisfaction as Suzaku's hands slid down his back, settling on his hips.

Lelouch pulled away, panting for breath, but Suzaku instead turned to trailing kisses across Lelouch's jaw and down his neck.

"Mmm… Suzaku" he groaned contently as the other sucked at his collarbone. "Wait… not here." He gasped out, and Suzaku pulled away in confusion. "Not here, Suzaku" repeated Lelouch placing a small kiss on the corner of Suzaku's mouth. "It's too cold, and open, and uncomfortable. Let's go back to mine."

Lelouch blushed as Suzaku nodded, clearly understanding what Lelouch was suggesting with that sentence.

"We can tell your sister you're ill, and need to drop out of the festival. If I send her to inform the other's that'll buy us some time." said Suzaku as he stood, and swept Lelouch up in his arms, bridal style.

"Hey!" complained Lelouch, protesting his position.

"Well, we want people to believe us, and not come to find you, don't we?"

Lelouch couldn't protest this. It was a good way to drop out of the 'festivities' early, and go and spend some… private time with Suzaku. He relaxed in Suzaku's grip, as the other carried him off to his room. They left the chocolate and the arrow behind on the roof, not really caring who came and found it after they left. They had more important things to think about.

To be continued???