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Suzaku made his way through the hallways and across the grounds of Ashford Academy, a satisfied grin on his face. Lelouch vi Britannia, former prince, and current object of his affections, was in his arms, snuggled up against his chest as he was carried, and had, mere minutes ago, been sharing some very passionate kisses with him on the school roof. This was the best Valentine's Day ever, Suzaku decided, Lelouch returned his affections, and they were spending time together.

They had run into Rivalz on their way back to Lelouch's building, momentarily stopping to inform him that Lelouch was unwell, and wasn't to be disturbed for the rest of the day. However, if Milly wanted to continue her fun, they'd left the arrow behind should anyone want to search for it. Rivalz darted off to inform Milly, and all potential student council issues were dealt with.

Suzaku had had to return Lelouch to his feet as he grappled with the door to Lelouch's home, but had apologised by nibbling lightly on his ear as he did so. Lelouch flushed beautifully at the action, but frowned and scolded Suzaku; what if someone saw?! Suzaku reassured him that no one was around, before pulling him through the open door, and as the door closed, pressed their lips together once more, desperate for another taste.

After a moment's hesitation, where Lelouch was presumably considering another protest, he gave in, parting his lips and allowing Suzaku to push his tongue into that delicious cavern. Suzaku pulled Lelouch close, wrapping his arms around him, and pressing their hips together, causing Lelouch to moan faintly.

"Onii-sama?" said a voice, and the two sprang apart, Lelouch breathing heavily.

"Nunally," greeted Lelouch, attempting to keep his voice steady. "I though you were with Milly?"

"No… Milly-san said I was to stay here and make sure you didn't run away."

"Nunally," started Suzaku, "Lelouch isn't feeling too good, so he's dropping out of Milly's scheme."

"Suzaku-kun? Onii-sama isn't well?"

"Mm… I think it's because he spent too long running round in the cold. He is fairly delicate."

"Suzaku!" scolded Lelouch, not appreciating the description. Nunally laughed slightly.

"But don't worry about it Nana-chan, I'll take good care of him." As he said this he looked heatedly at Lelouch, letting his desire shine clearly in his eyes. Lelouch, meeting his gaze, and easily catching the double meaning, had to look away.

"Well, if Suzaku says so then I guess its ok." said Nunally. "And if it's Suzaku, then I know my brother will be well again soon." She smiled, and left the two of them to make their way upstairs.

They reached Lelouch's bedroom, a room atypical of a normal seventeen year old in the fact that it was pristinely clean and tidy, but with a lingering aroma of pizza, a fact which puzzled Suzaku who'd always considered Lelouch to be an obsessively healthy eater. Suzaku shut the door behind them, by pushing Lelouch against it, pressing himself up again the other, not caring the least when this rough treatment caused Lelouch to gasp in surprise, and a couple of feathers to fall from the fake wings.

He sought hungrily for the Lelouch's lips, devouring him desperately as his hands searched blindly, but eventually successfully, for the lock of the door. Lelouch's tongue was resisting, trying to gain the upper hand, but Suzaku would not give it to him, expertly dominating his mouth, relishing the sensation of Lelouch's hands fluttering about his upper arms, uncertain where to grip.

Eventually he pulled away, instead resting his chin on Lelouch's shoulder, feeling him pant for breath. As much as he wanted to continue, he felt the need to clarify a few things first.

"Lulu," he murmured, "you like me?"

"Yes," replied Lelouch, one hand resting on Suzaku's shoulder, the other stroking through his chocolate curls. "Of course."

"You like me like me?" added Suzaku, wanting to be completely sure.

"Must you resort to such infantile phrasing?" sighed Lelouch despairingly. "But yes. Why else would I be here?"

"I don't know," Suzaku mumbled in his ear. "Why didn't you say something before?"

"Are you stupid?" responded Lelouch as he pressed himself tighter against the other, unwilling to let go, enjoying Suzaku's masculine scent, and drawing comfort from it. "How was I supposed to know it was a mutual thing? You never said anything either, and you are my best friend. I didn't want to risk that for something trivial."

"Oh? Is this 'trivial' then?" said Suzaku, feigning hurt. He knew Lelouch didn't mean it as such. "If this means so little to you I may as well just leave."

He lowered his hands from their hold on Lelouch, and made as if to step away, but Lelouch's hand moved, sliding to grip him tightly and not let him escape. Suzaku smiled victoriously, making sure to keep his expression hidden from Lelouch.

"I didn't mean that and you know it." complained Lelouch.

"You caught me," said Suzaku, with a smirk. "I'm sorry I never said. But I never would have suspected this of you. I guess that just goes to show how difficult people are to predict. But… you are glad you kissed me, right?"

Lelouch twisted around until he could make proper eye contact with Suzaku, just to make sure that Suzaku could clearly read on his face how stupid the question was given the obviousness of the answer. "Of course," said Lelouch. It had definitely been worth it so far.

"I'm glad," Suzaku murmured into Lelouch's ear, before turning his head to plant small kisses across his face and down his neck, sucking and nibbling slightly as he did so.

Lelouch sighed in enjoyment, but reluctantly pushed him aside when Suzaku tried to mark him. Suzaku looked up, seemingly hurt by the rejection. Lelouch pushed past him, steeping further into the bedroom, and glanced back over his shoulder, scolding teasingly, "Not where people can see…"

Suzaku's jaw dropped in amazement at the sight Lelouch made. The late afternoon sun was peeking in through the window, falling across the boy's form, outlining his features; giving him a soft golden glow, and, combined with the wings on his back… he looked angelic. This impression was contradicted sharply by the expression on Lelouch's face. Flushed brilliantly, and still panting softly, his mouth was twisted in a teasing smirk, and his eyes meet Suzaku's with an expression of pure lust.

He stepped gracefully across the room to perch encouragingly on the bed, reclining slightly, his head tilted back invitingly. He peered up at Suzaku, as if wondering why the other hadn't yet moved closer. Suzaku was still entranced by the wonderfully erotic sight this new side of Lelouch made.

"Are you coming?" he purred up at Suzaku, snapping him out of his daze.

Suzaku was at the bed instantaneously as a shock of arousal flooded through him. He had never expected that Lelouch had the capacity to behave like this, wondered if anyone before had been privileged enough to discover it before. He hoped not. He'd expected him to be blushing, flustered and uncertain, quite why he didn't know since Lelouch was rarely uncertain about anything he did. This Lelouch, though undeniably red-faced, was completely different to the Lelouch of his imagination. He liked it.

He sank to his knees at the foot of the bed, bringing himself to Lelouch's eye-level, staring into his eyes. He leant forwards to kiss Lelouch gently, reverentially, as if not wanting to scare this bold side of Lelouch away.

Lelouch pressed forward eagerly, teasing Suzaku's tongue to enter and explore his mouth once more, his arms holding Suzaku close. Suzaku wanted to do nothing more than rip off all their clothes and take Lelouch immediately. He refrained. The one part of his brain that wasn't entirely caught up in the proceedings reminded him that these costumes were rentals, and if Milly discovered his and Lelouch's costumes in a ripped state, she would probably be rather suspicious.

Thus, whilst Lelouch was pressing his body firmly up against his, muffled whimpers and groans of desire escaping from the edge of the kiss, evidence of his eagerness in the proceedings beginning to make itself known against Suzaku's stomach, Suzaku settled for a gentler approach. He allowed his hands to rest on Lelouch's shoulders and oh so carefully undo the elaborate metal clasps that held the fabric together. The robe fell from Lelouch shoulders, exposing new skin to Suzaku's eyes, but if Lelouch noticed, he didn't show it, seeming rather preoccupied.

He did notice however, when Suzaku pulled back from their kiss, to stare at that amazing breathless expression once more, Lelouch's eyes slipping open slightly as he panted. Lelouch moaned loudly as Suzaku lowered his head to press his lips to Lelouch's shoulder, sucking and nibbling on a sensitive spot, with the intent of definitely marking him this time.

As his mouth worked, his hands determinedly removed Lelouch's wings, sliding them down Lelouch's arms as Lelouch removed his hands from their hold on Suzaku, allowing the wings to come off and be dropped to the floor. With those out of the way, Suzaku allowed his mouth to make its way further down Lelouch's form as Lelouch reburied his hands in Suzaku's hair, his tongue enjoying the smooth sensation of the pale skin, until he arrived at Lelouch's nipple.

Here he hesitated momentarily, glancing up to meet Lelouch's eyes. Lelouch was staring down at him expectantly. Not breaking eye contact Suzaku put out his tongue and ran it across the nipple, feeling it harden slightly, as Lelouch intense gaze unfocused slightly, his eyelids lowering as he let out a hum of pleasure.

Lelouch's grip tightened marginally as Suzaku brought his hand up to tease at the other bud, letting his left hand caress at the exposed portion of Lelouch's thigh. He let this hand drift further down the leg, past the knee, to caress the soft calf muscle, before reaching the strap on the sandal at mid-calf height, pulling at it slightly.

He pulled away from Lelouch's chest. "You're so skinny…" he observed. "Delicate… I guess I'll have to be gentle so I don't break you."

Lelouch glared, shifting his hands from Suzaku's hair to fiddle with the clips on the shoulders of his costume, "I am not delicate." He protested.

"Oh? Is that so?" replied Suzaku. He leant forward to nip at Lelouch's other nipple with his teeth, before soothing it with a gentle stroke of his tongue. Lelouch hand ceased their feeble attempt at undressing Suzaku, instead gripping his shoulders tightly. Whilst Suzaku continued licking at Lelouch's chest, he lowered his hands to undo the straps on Lelouch's footwear and slide then off, stroking the top of Lelouch's feet when they were exposed.

This done Suzaku moved to tracing his way down Lelouch's chest with his mouth, moving towards his navel, whilst his hands shifted to grip Lelouch's hips and loosen the belt that was currently bunching up Lelouch's costume at his waist. Once that was dealt with he finally dipped his tongue into Lelouch's navel teasingly, then pulled back and stood. In one swift motion he pushed Lelouch back further onto the bed and pulled the white fabric from his body, causing Lelouch to yelp with surprise.

Suzaku flung the costume behind him and looked down at Lelouch, admiring the slim pale form below him. Lelouch was breathing heavily, looking down at his nearly nude form as if shocked to discover his clothing had vanished. His underwear, a pair of black briefs, was all that remained, and they were doing a poor job of concealment, stretched tightly over the arousal that lay below.

Lelouch looked up again, meeting Suzaku's eyes, taking a second to admire the lust radiating from them as they raked over his body. He crept backwards across the bed, until his head was level with the pillow. Keeping his eyes on Suzaku, he posed, spreading his legs invitingly, one thumb hooked into the waistband of his briefs, tilting his head back to expose more of his neck, a seductive smirk on his face.

Suzaku made a choked noise and moved to climb onto the bed.

Lelouch held up his other hand. "Stop," Suzaku stopped, halfway onto the bed, confused at the command. "No shoes on the bed."

Suzaku chuckled, and turned to remove the shoes. It wasn't as if they would make a difference; the bed was going to be dirtied anyway. Shoes removed, Suzaku crawled across the bed to drape himself over Lelouch, resuming kissing. He lowered his hips, pushing them snugly into Lelouch's, and Lelouch broke the kiss to moan loudly at the contact

Suzaku pulled back to watch Lelouch face as he pushed their hips together once more. Lelouch moaned again, eyes falling shut, his hair dampened slightly and his hands gripping the bed sheets tightly. Beautiful, thought Suzaku. He ran his hands down Lelouch's sides, watching him writhe as if to escape; it seemed he was a little ticklish. Suzaku gripped Lelouch hip with one hand, holding him still, and then used the other to gently stroke at the bulge in his underwear.

"Mmm… Suzaku… ahh… you're wearing too many clothes," said Lelouch, his eyes barely open, mere slits of that brilliant amethyst gazing up at Suzaku as he grabbed vaguely at the other boy. "I want to- ahh!" Lelouch trailed off, his back arching as Suzaku dipped his thumb into his underwear, his thumb briefly rubbing against the head of his length, before it re-emerged. Suzaku glanced down at it, then, meeting Lelouch's eyes again, he held it to his mouth and licked the small bead of precum away.

"Hmm… I suppose I can do that." Suzaku sat back fully, turning his attention to removing his costume as quickly as he could. Once the toga was removed, Suzaku turned his attention to pulling off the wings. He was surprised when Lelouch sat up, helping him push them from his shoulders, before kissing his neck and shoulders, moving down to kiss his chest, his hands running across his back and torso, taking in the smooth muscle beneath the skin. Suzaku let the wings drop off the edge of the bed and lay down, pulling Lelouch on top of him.

Suzaku relaxed, his hands gently resting on Lelouch's hips as the slighter boy straddled him. He smiled contently as Lelouch's hands continued to explore his exposed torso. The gentle sensation of Lelouch learning his body was at once both soothing and arousing. Lelouch was staring down at his form, his eyes following the motions of his hands with such an intensity it seemed like he expected to be tested on it later.

Suzaku dipped his thumbs into Lelouch underwear again, spending a minute to stroke the hipbones before tugging the underwear down, tipping Lelouch sideways to pull them further. Lelouch snapped out of his daze and tried to cover himself with his hands, suddenly embarrassed, but Suzaku caught them, kissing the knuckles of one hand and assuring Lelouch "It's ok."

Lelouch sat back up, mumbling something about it not being fair, and tugged at Suzaku's boxers. Apparently it wasn't fair that he was the only naked one. "Cute," remarked Suzaku, kissing him on the check and helping remove the final item of clothing.

Suzaku allowed Lelouch to push him back on the bed. The raven haired boy had a determined glint in his eyes and Suzaku knew better than to cross him. The short reprieve from sensation that Suzaku had allowed him had been enough for him to get his brain in gear and decide to take charge of the situation.

'Taking charge' took the form of applying his tongue to where his hands had been before. Suzaku enjoyed the pleasant sensation, gasping when Lelouch gave his attention to his nipples, analysing the response he got from varying the pressure of his tongue and teeth. Seemingly satisfied with the reaction he moved on, working his way lower and lower, and Suzaku tensed in anticipation.

Then the sensation ceased. Suzaku opened his eyes and was met with the sight of Lelouch, a mere three inches away from the tip off his erection, staring at it as if trying to figure out how to proceed with this new challenge.

"You don't have to-" Suzaku began to offer, but promptly shut up as Lelouch nervously put out his tongue and licked the tip. He seemed to consider the taste for a moment, and, deciding he liked it, lowered his head once more. He licked his way up the length from the base, paying specific attention to spots that seemed sensitive, and teased at the head, before taking a deep breath and taking the tip into his mouth.

Suzaku collapsed backwards, unable to keep his attention focused on the other boy; instead he concentrated on keeping his hips still. As much as he wanted to feel more of that moist heat, he didn't want to hurt Lelouch. Lelouch continued enthusiastically, bobbing his head and swirling his tongue, and Suzaku lay there, biting his lip, trying to limit the sounds that were trying to emerge. Lelouch had one hand massaging the base of his cock, the other gripped Suzaku's thigh, keeping his legs spread.

Suddenly Lelouch dipped his head further, taking in all of Suzaku's length, feeling the tip brush the back of his throat as he sucked it, desperately trying not to choke. His hand slipped down to squeeze Suzaku's balls. Suzaku twitched violently at the overwhelming sensation.

"Gnnh! Lulu! Wait, stop, I'm… ahh…" Lelouch pulled off immediately, and Suzaku collapsed back on the bed. He was so close… but he didn't want Lelouch to finish him so soon. He vaguely noticed Lelouch getting up and moving around before settling back down next to him, but was busy trying to relax his breathing and pull back from the brink.

He sat up when he heard a soft gasp from beside him. Lelouch was sitting beside him, his face looking even more debauched than earlier, his lips reddened and a small trail of saliva on his chin. His eyes were glazed, but directed at Suzaku, and as Suzaku watched his expression flinched in momentary pain, but then he groaned in pleasure again.

Confused, not quite understanding what was going on, Suzaku's eyes drifted further down Lelouch's body, and then he gasped in understanding, a thrill running through his body at the incredible sight. He was… Lelouch was…

Lelouch had one hand on his own erection, gripping it lightly, and his other hand was engaged further down, two fingers sliding in and out of his anus, and with the way he was sitting he was giving Suzaku an excellent view of the proceedings. Suzaku could only stare. He was certain that there was no hotter sight in the world.

"Mmmnn… Suza… Suzaku," moaned Lelouch, as he reached to pull Suzaku closer, grabbing his hand and moving it to take Suzaku's fingers into his mouth. Suzaku got the idea, and when he figured his fingers were moist enough he gently removed his hand and lowered it. Lelouch removed his own fingers and helped Suzaku to guide his into his body.

The tight channel seemed pretty well lubricated already, and as his mind focused on the sensation of flesh around his fingers as he gently stretched it, he spotted a tube of lubricant on the bed. He would have wondered where Lelouch had got it from, but he had better things to think about, especially since Lelouch had resumed touching him.

He slid in a third finger, seeing momentary discomfort on Lelouch's face, but quickly soothed it away by poking softly at Lelouch's prostate, resulting in a loud moan. As his fingers continued, Lelouch reached for the lube and applied some to Suzaku's length, smoothing it over thoroughly.

Deciding they were ready, or at least if they kept going any longer, he would come before he wanted to, Suzaku removed his fingers from Lelouch, shifting his position, and raising Lelouch's legs so that the tip of his cock just brushed against Lelouch's entrance.

Shuddering with anticipation, he looked down to lock eyes with Lelouch. "Are you ready?" he asked.

"Of course I am," Lelouch responded, reaching up to grip Suzaku's shoulders to brace himself. "Now hurry up, before I lose interest."

"Yes, your highness" responded Suzaku, smirking. He gripped Lelouch's hips tightly and pressed inwards in one smooth motion, burying himself to the hilt. Lelouch let out a loud cry, and Suzaku stopped, uncertain whether it was in pain or pleasure. It was difficult to hold still, encased in the tight wet heat, but he fought his instinct, watching Lelouch's face, waiting for permission to continue.

"I'm ok," said Lelouch, seeing the concern on his face. "Move please."

Suzaku obeyed, pulling out and thrusting back in slowly, not wanting to go fast too soon, his climax was already too close from their earlier actions. He learned forwards as his hips continued moving, managing to catch Lelouch's lips in a sloppy kiss.

"Mmm… ahh… Suza… faster" cried Lelouch insistently, "More… hahh… harder."

Suzaku moved faster, changing his angle to get deeper. He revelled in the louder noises Lelouch made as he attacked his prostate, but pressed his own face into Lelouch shoulder to muffle his own sounds.

Feeling his climax approaching swiftly, Suzaku reached to grab Lelouch's cock, stroking it with the intent of making Lelouch come first, simultaneously pumping his hips faster.

"Arg… Suzaku… oh god, I'm… I'm… ahhh!" at that Suzaku felt Lelouch release, his hand and chest sudden covered with the other's fluid as his inner walls clamped down tightly. Suzaku desperately managed a couple more thrusts, before following Lelouch over the edge, letting his climax finally overtake him with a cry other's name.

After a few brief moments of pure blinding sensation, Suzaku opened his eyes to find he'd collapsed onto Lelouch's panting form. He mustered enough strength to roll off and out of him, sprawling on the bed at his side, attempting to regain the ability to speak.

Lelouch rolled over to cuddle against him, draping one arm across his heaving chest. "Mmm… Suzaku."

"Lelouch…" he replied vaguely, turning to face him. "That was amazing."

"Hmm…" replied Lelouch drowsily. It seemed he was falling asleep. Well why not? thought Suzaku, feeling pretty exhausted himself. He adjusted them so they were lying under the blankets, and lay on his side, holding Lelouch close.

"Goodnight Lulu" he mumbled, receiving nothing but deep relaxed breathing from the other. He was already asleep. Suzaku smiled softly, stifling a yawn as he pressed a small kiss to Lelouch's cheek. "I love you," he whispered softly, before contentedly falling asleep himself.

They returned their costumes to Milly the next day. If Milly noticed that Lelouch was walking with a slight limp, or that Suzaku was wearing a uniform a little too small for him (borrowed from Lelouch), she didn't comment. Instead she chose to detail how successful the event had been despite their untimely disappearance, and that the prize had gone to a boy in the first year, who had shyly proceeded to invite his crush out over the sound system, at Milly's insistence. Lelouch relaxed. It seemed Kallen would not be attempting to kill him for losing the arrow to one of her fans, and he didn't have to worry about himself being dragged out to a stupid theme park by one of his fangirls.

All in all, he decided, it had been his best Valentines Day yet.