A/N: I made three rose-themed Code Geass vignettes today. If the Kanon/Schneizel spelled "I", then this one spells "LOVE". My favorite CG couple... dundundun.. Lelouch and C.C.!!!

Happy Valentines!


Maybe it was something in her past that made her hate roses but he was certain that he didn't mean to offend her.

Damn - his aim was to please her, but as we say, all plans fail at some time or another.

He gave her roses that day... because, of course - It was Valentines. She frowned and locked herself up in their room.

He ended up knocking on the door and trying to apologize the whole day. It was unlike him - but he knew he had upset her too much.

For she didn't reply to: "C.C., why're you upset? I'm sorry, okay? You can talk to me."

She didn't eat lunch, too.

And then: "C.C., do you hate me that much? Come out now. Aren't you hungry?"

He knew they're both immortal, but he knew she has a stomach and a digestive system, dammit - and she needs to eat.

At three he desperately said: "C.C. - I'm pregnant."

No reply.

"At least laugh, you know!"

By five in the afternoon, he ran out of patience. He broke the door from knob to hinges and served her a heart-shaped pepperoni and cheese pizza. The crust was heart-shaped.

Damn, the pepperoni was heart-shaped, too.

She forgave him.

He never gave her roses again.

Maybe it was something in her past that made her hate roses, but he was certain he didn't mean to offend her.

Decades later in eternal youth, he found something that made him think that something in the past made her at ease with roses once more.

For he found a pressed old rose on the latest novel she had been reading, and he was certain that it was that same rose he gave her - the first, and now... he thought, probably not the last.


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And dang - their songs make you crazy.

Happy Valentines!