A/N: This is the last of the three rose-themed vignettes I made for Heart's Day, and the "YOU" in my 'ILoveYou' for everyone at FFNet. I absolutely adore Gino and Anya, plus my Westlife and BoyzIIMen playlist haunted me like there was no tomorrow.

So... I bring you a cute little thing in here.

Happy Valentines!


What's up with roses today? Those red blooms were everywhere and he swore that he didn't know what they were for.

The Knight of Three could not understand why every guy seems to carry a bouquet of said flowers around and why girls were all giddy and chatty (than usual) today.

He ignored it.

After all, SHE did, too.

So he let it pass. Besides, he's sick of the flowers' smell around the facilities and he's sick of hearing the giggles and the squeals around. It was kind of fun, but it was noisy - and he knew, SHE didn't like noisy stuff. He was childish and noisy himself, yes. But giggles and squeals were not his things - he rather thinks they're ear-splitting.

In the middle of a Knightmare training drill, it (FINALLY!) dawned upon him.

He panicked, he slapped himself and he did what he thinks he had to do - even though he knew she WON'T mind if he didn't, he still thought it proper. It was DEFAULT, OFFICIAL and almost protocol. He always followed protocol... err, not always, but he should follow it this time.

How could he forget it was Valentines?

He did what he thinks he had to do. He didn't think anymore.

And the whole crowd of spectators wowed and squealed (loudly - GAWD!) and gasped and whatever-more-they-did when Tristan (literally) gave Mordred (literally) a whole rose bush (literally), complete with roots and soil and... other particles that should follow the uprooting of a whole plant out of a whim. Literally.

Later, he thought it was rather stupid, even for someone stupid like him, that was stupid-.. no, DUMB. That was dumb.

But she took it anyway, right?

Much later, the Knight of Six came up to him and gave him a smell peck on the cheek.

"I love you too, Gino."

And she stalked off, dragging the rose bush via a bright pink wagon.


A/N: Gino is adorable. Twice that for Anya. And together, they complete my day - plus, Westlife, BoyzIIMen and N'Sync threatened that they'll haunt me in my dreams. Those heartthrobs are freaky - I totally surrendered to their vocal and lyrical charms and ended up writing fluffy stuff. I'm weird, I know. To think I'm an Alternative Rock listener by heart.

Happy Valentines, everyone - I LOVE Y'ALL!