autochthonous \aw-TOK-thuh-nuhs\, adjective:
1. Aboriginal; indigenous; native.
2. Formed or originating in the place where found.

"Pommy, have you gone back to your autochthonous form? I could swear rolling about in the mud is not in the job description of a Hogwarts professor. It wasn't the last time I checked, at least, and I'm sorrowful to say that if I found it there now I would seriously consider a career change," Minerva drawled. Her voice was soaked with amusement. "What are you doing?"
The stout woman looked up, her cheeks covered in damp filth and her hair askew in all directions. Her smile was bright and white. "Searching for jillypod seedlings. They're like little pods of jelly. Student dropped a baggie of them in the soiless mix and didn't notice, then wet the soil. It weakened the paper seed bag and the pods escaped. Care to join me?"

"No thank you, my dear," the Transfigurations professor replied. "I'm not the mudroller I appear."

"Well that will change fast," the younger woman retorted. Her hands were soon about the tall woman's wrist and with a tug, the stern female flew into the mud. She crossed her arms and sat in the filth scowling.
"I haven't the faintest clue as to why I consider you a friend of mine."
"Who will offer you such fun as this?" the Herbology professor replied as she took a handful of mud and pressed it under Minerva's chin. A little blue pod resembling trapped jello fell from the woman's flesh and landed on the shelf of her bosom. The younger woman laughed in surprise. "Oh, oh!"
Minerva reached up and plucked the pod from her chest. She held it up to the light and wondered at the little seedling that shone through the murky jelly within.
"Wondrous creatures, jillypods. Don't you think?" Pommy asked as she gingerly took the pod and placed it in one of the pouches of her belt. She tapped the material lightly and smiled over at her friend. "Thank you. Now I know the story is true. It shouldn't be difficult finding the rest. Now that I have one, the others will sense it and be more likely to come out of hiding. They quite enjoy being cultivated by the wizarding world. Before they thought I was a predator."

"Well, I believe that would now make it my turn for revenge," Minerva remarked with a lopsided ghost of a smile. The woman wielded her wand and directed a long line of mud up into the air, pooling over Pommy. It was all done so quickly that the other woman had no time to block any of it as it splattered all over her top, front, and back. She laughed heartily.

"Now now, that could earn you a detention!" Pommy exclaimed. She twirled her wand in the mud and flicked it towards Minerva. Mud swirled about her, spraying her with dots of mud every which way. The older woman laughed as well.

"We're just two naughty peas in a pod, hm?" the woman teased. The prior sternness of her had almost completely evaporated, or been absorbed by the mud.

"Shall we get going? I can get my first years to help me out with this bunch of pods," Sprout remarked with a fair smirk. It was a joke among Professors that first years were meant to perform the tasks none of the other years would without complaints, and that the youngest magic children would do it with little comment. They were still too new to the whole castle to open their mouths, for the most part. There were always the few…

"I do suppose we should," Minerva replied quietly, still chuckling about the situation she had found herself in. "Off we go."

The two walked off, twitching their wands until their robes were clean enough to be presentable.