The Twilight Ninja

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Chapter One

"Do you really think that this will hold me?" spoke a dark and evil voice, "You are sadly mistaken!"

He roars as a triangle on the man's dark hand glowed brightly, and he had freed himself from the chains that kept him bound. Grasping the sword which had pinned through his chest, he used it and eliminated one of the glowing beings, killing his target. However, their power binds him back, long enough for him to be banished through a portal.

"FOOLS! ONE DAY, I SHALL RETURN!" He screamed as the last trace of the evil man disappeared, and soon... was locked deep within his prisoned state. As the sages mourned for the loss of one of their own, they would know that the reincarnation would soon emerge, centuries from now... and he did.

The hero picked up where his incarnated self left off, and fought against the evil king, until it led to a final showdown where the king was finally slain, and the world of the light and the Twilight was saved from the evil demon. It was several centuries later after that battle for humanity's safety that the land once known as Hyrule had slowly disappeared, as demons rampaged through the land, destroying all. It was unknown as to what had happened, but if anyone knew of the history of the Hyrule Genocide as it would be called, its mentioning in history was lost.

The Goddesses have slowly rebuilt the world; however the race known as Hylian no longer existed, and soon, another race of humans emerged and thus begin the Shinobi World. The Goddesses all watched as the humans emerged, and advancements in technology slowly came forth. The force known as magic was slowly covered by another energy form called chakra, and soon other celestial beings were given form by the humans. The three Goddesses still existed, but for so long, have they governed the planet's life, while these other beings of mystical properties ruled in their stead.

The Realm of Twilight still existed to this very day, however, the evil king... he was still alive however his soul sealed away into some sort of statue that was lost to this world. As long as he existed, so would the Twilight Realm... and now... it leads to today. There is a human by the name Uzumaki Naruto, who have just successfully raided the Hokage Tower, and stolen what was a scroll... in fact, he had stolen two scrolls. The first one he had cracked open, and had learned a jutsu known as Kage Bunshin. The second scroll however, took awhile to open, but when he did there was nothing inside. He never noticed a pool of darkness melting into his shadow.

The bushes rustled, and he looked up to seeing Iruka leaping into view.

"Naruto! What did you just do?" He yelled.

"I learned a jutsu from the Forbidden Scroll. I also took this second one, but there was nothing inside... Mizuki-sensei told me that if I learned a jutsu from this scroll after infiltrating the Hokage Tower, I can then pass my test and become a ninja. Whatcha think?"


The boy and the man turned to their right, seeing Hyuuga Hinata emerging from the bushes. Iruka stared in disbelief, before the sound of a shuriken raced through the air, which was aiming for the Hyuuga Princess.


The sounds of snarls were heard in this sewer-like tunnel of networks. However, the sounds did not affect one sassy little imp-like creature with fiery red hair in a ponytail. Her hair took life, and a bolt of lightning zaps the creature behind the cage.

"Quite you!"

"Twilight Princess! I will devour you! I don't know how you came back into existence but I will destroy you, and this meaty fleshbag!"

The Twilight Princess narrows her sunset colored eyes. "Oh, I do not think so... I know what you are, or what you used to be... you and the eight other demon beasts came into existence after the fall of Ganondorf... I will take pleasure of ridding the strongest beast which had eradicated the land centuries ago."

"Puny cursed imp!" the demon roars, trying to unleash yet another wave of youkai, however the Twilight Princess sneers, and sends a blast of her shadow magic, striking Kyuubi in the skull.

"I may have been reverted back into this form... however, I will find a way to break this curse as well, and regain my true form..." While it was stunned, with the scroll which kept her sealed all these centuries, she sends a charge of energy through the bars and shocking the kitsune. Kyuubi roars in rage, before all of its youkai was slowly being forced through the cage, spiraling into the scroll that Naruto earlier tonight had broken. She seals the scroll one the last of youkai, that evil foul magic, vanished into the scroll. All that was left was a smaller nine tailed demon fox, however the blood reddish orange fur was now chalk white, and it looked much weaker.

It snarled weaky, wishing for her death. With a laugh, Midna sent another bolt of magic at it, killing the evil thing. It slowly disintergrated away, and all she was left is a scroll containing its power. For now, she places the scroll in the cage. She vanished, only to reappear next to the sleeping blonde. She was inside some sort of small apartment complex. She must have missed the whole ordeal with that scroll business being too busy taking care of the fox that was locked behind a cage. She looks over the boy, finding him cute. Even if she had gotten rid of the evil beast, the blonde still has those whisker marks on the cheek. "His hair looks like it's been kissed by the sun," she murmurs. She then looks over the boy's left hand. On it was the same mark she dreaded to see upon her release.

It was the mark of the Triforce. "You are Link's latest reincarnation... what is it with hero's being blondes?"

She then began to plot. It has been a very long time since she has last returned to her kingdom. When those nine demons began ravaging the world, their power was enough to rip through time and space, once again linking the world of light with the world of shadow. How much as the planet changed? She would have to speak with the boy later... for now, it would be better if he got rest... however, she had a feeling that if this Naruto had the Triforce mark, who is the other two?

In the Hyuuga Mansion slept a pale lavender-eyed girl with indigo-colored hair. On her left hand, she bore the same mark.


"Wake up!"

Naruto was smacked in the face, and that had woken him up. Mumbling, he had sat up, only to scream seeing a demon before him. Of course she had slammed her hand over his mouth with her hair.

"Shut up, do you want to wake everyone up?"

"Who... Who are you? Are you a demon?"

The imp scowled and slaps Naruto over the head with a fist.


"I said quiet... now, to answer your question, no I am not a demon. My name is Midna... I'm the Twilight Princess."

Naruto stared at Midna, before snickering. "You don't look like a princess to me."

She glared with her sunset eyes. "That's because centuries ago, a power that blanketed the world was enough to tear a hole into my kingdom in another realm. My kingdom have gotten involved with the nine evil creatures that began to destroy the land, destroying many races across the world; Hylian, Zora, Goron, and all other secondary races. My people and I suffered many deaths as well, however while combating against a lesser evil beast, I was struck, and then I found myself cursed once again into this form, where I was soon sealed away. That scroll you opened finally released me after so long... but now I can definitely tell that the world has changed a lot."

"Uh... um, do you remember who did this to you?"

"No... all I remember is he looked like a Hylian, but he had a glowing red eye which was visible behind some sort of pumpkin colored mask, clad in a buttoned black cloak with a high collar with spines arcing from the shoulders."

"Oh... so, what's this Hylan thing?"

"Hy-lian," she corrected Naruto, "and they're just like you, however take the shape of your ears, and stretch them back into they look like narrowed triangles."

"So they're humans, but with pointed ears?"

"Basically... and now, you are going to help me."

Naruto blinked. "Wait, what are you talking about?"

Midna glared. "Look at your left hand, see that mark?"

"What? This... I had this mark on my hand ever since..."

"That is the Mark of the Triforce."

"Triforce?" Naruto questioned.

Midna sighed. "It is a power that existed a long, long time ago. There are three triangles of each different power, yet equal in strength. The triangles each represent a specific trait. You see, the top triangle," she points at it on his hand, "represents power. This triangle here on your left," she points at the next one, "is wisdom. And the final one is courage." She points at the last one.

"I can tell you more, but later on..."

"Oh crap! The Academy!"

Midna watched as the blonde rushed form his bed to do several activities at once, which was funny to her. As Naruto rushed into the kitchen to prepare himself... ramen? What is ramen? She melted into his shadow.


Naruto entered the restroom of the Academy, and since he was by himself, she emerged, scaring him.

"Silence, you want someone to investigate?"

"What are you doing here? Why are you following me?"

"Well duh... since you have been marked by the Triforce, it's only simple that I follow you around besides, you have to help me."

"With what?"

"In finding a way to break my curse so that I may emerge back into my true form... to return back to my Princess form... oh, and think words in your mind."

Like this.

Huh? Oh... wait, by thinking thoughts you can hear me?

Yes! Midna yelled in his mind, causing him to wince a bit at the volume.

Okay, why are you all shadowy like?

Only you can see me, since I bonded myself to you while I'm in this realm.

But wait, back at my place you weren't like that! Naruto argued.

That's because we were alone, and because I allow myself to be seen to the naked eye.


It means that I cannot survive in the Light World, your world. However, there is a way that you can grant me immunity in your world. All you have to do is willing grant me some of your light energy.


Magic, she replies, your bit of life force can be separated, and infused into me. That will give me the immunity I seek. But not now, you have somewhere to go to, don't you? Then she disappeared back into his shadow. He was freaked out by it, but yes, he had somewhere to go...

When he walked into the room, he could head the arguing between Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino, on who would sit next to Uchiha Sasuke. Of course many noticed his appearance, as Sakura walked up to him.

"What are you doing here, this is for graduates only," she said.

"What do you call this?" He taps the hitai-ate on his forehead. He heard a faint mendokuse from Nara Shikamaru.

"I call you a thief you baka! You stole that form someone!"

"No, actually Sakura I gave Naruto my hitai-ate and got a new one," said Iruka, walking up behind Naruto, "sit down in your usual seating arrangements."

"He never passed his exams yesterday!"

"Mizuki is in prison for trying to turn traitor to the village, and Naruto got in his way, tried to kill him, but managed to stop him. Because of it, he was granted pass by the Hokage. That, and it was discovered half the Academy teachers would not teach Naruto during the earlier years... which explains why half the senseis have been fired today."

Naruto walked over and sat down next to Hinata. Midna gasped within Naruto's mind, grabbing the blonde's attention.

Naruto! Look at that girl's hand who sits beside you!

So what?

She has the same mark as you do!

Oh, Hinata? Yeah, she was born with that birthmark as well... it was somewhat of a mystery...

You idiot! Did you forget? Midna yelled, that means this Hinata has also been marked by the Triforce... you see, Princess Zelda held the Triforce of Wisdom, and so she does as well, as you hold the Triforce of Courage... so, she's Princess Zelda's reincarnation...

Before he could question the girl... if she classifies as a girl, he was called upon.

"Naruto, did you hear all of what I just said?"

"Yeah," he replied. Heard all of what?

"Why do I have a feeling you didn't?"

Naruto sweatdropped.

Yet another crazy... maybe this can work? Who knows... playing Twilight Princess, you tend to get crossover ideas... and since I'm such a huge Midna fan, what better way than to create this? Does it soudn any good? Does it sound bad? Tell me what you think.