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Chapter 1
The sun was just setting on the city of Townsville when Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup started to make their usual rounds around the city. They are now fourteen and have changed a lot since they were little.

Blossom kept her long hair but she now sports a headband instead of the ponytail. Her bangs come out and frame her face just right. She still likes to wear dresses and skirts, which is something that is never going to change. Tonight she is wearing a light pink dress with a black belt around her waist, whop earrings and cute black sandals. Blossom doesn't bother with make up since she believes in her natural beauty but still puts on some lip gloss, cherry flavor which is her favorite.

Bubbles wears has her hair short but is not up in pigtails anymore. She styles her hair into loose curls that reach to her shoulders and takes her bangs and pins them on the top of her head. Like Blossom, she likes to wear skirts and dresses. Tonight she is wearing a light blue skirt with a white button down top, diamond earrings that Professor gave her for her twelfth birthday and a pair of blue flats. She likes to put on a little make up but they are mostly natural colors. She also has on a little bit of lip gloss, blueberry flavored.

Buttercup has now grown out her hair but she puts it up into a ponytail much like how Blossom used to. She still hates dresses and skirts so she now wears shorts and pants. Tonight she is wearing short shorts (Only because her sisters forced her to) and a green t-shirt. She doesn't like make up but her sisters (again) forced her to wear a little bit of kiwi flavored lip gloss.

All three girls agree that they have changed a lot since their younger days but who doesn't? They planned on going to a party afterwards so that's why they dressed up. There is something else that will never change no matter how many years go by, they are still the greatest heroines of all time.

But even though they are strong, their enemies are growing stronger as well. One particular enemy or should they say enemies are extremely powerful: The Rowdyruff boys. They aren't as clever minded or quick witted as the Powerpuff Girls but they can sure put up a fight. The Powerpuff girls hate going against them because they were always so immature when they would battle each other. They would always lift up their skirts or said rude things to them. They are the same age as the girls but have not grown up out of that little boy stage. Professor thinks it's because the Rowdyruff boys like the girls but the girls just scoff at the idea. The boys just hated them.

The Powerpuff girls were just about to finish their rounds when something flew by them make spin around in a circle. They looked in the direction of which the flying objects were heading when they noticed something. Streaks of red, blue and green filled the sky which could only mean one thing.

"The Rowdyruff boys are back." The Powerpuff girls said with dread.

They slumped over and started flying toward them.

"This is going to be a long night." Blossom said.

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