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Sugar, Spice and Chakra Chapter 13

Red eyes. That was all she saw. Everywhere she turned those cold eyes stared back at her as if she were an animal at a zoo.

Sakura gasped as she sat up in her bed. Had those eyes been part of her dream or was she just hallucinating? A voice spoke up that confirmed that it was indeed neither.

"You are awake. Good."

She could see the red eyes in the darkest corner of her room looking back at her. They made her very uncomfortable.

"Who are you? Where am I?"

A pause.

"You are safe."

At that moment, the voice with the red eyes emerged from the shadows.

Itachi Uchiha.

Fear struck through her like lightening striking a tree in the middle of a thunderstorm. But of course Sakura couldn't let Itachi know that he caused this kind of emotion in her so she covered it up the best way she could; by using her anger.

"Why am I here?" she growled.

Itachi was a little taken aback by this animalistic quality from such a beautiful, petite woman but he quickly recovered.

"That information will be released to you at a later time. For now just focus on recovering you chakra; Kisame took too much out of your system for us to do anything with you."

Sakura felt a shiver go through her body.

'What do they want me to do?' She dreaded the answer.

Sakura felt oddly cold all of a sudden. She figured it was because of the freaky pair of red eyes staring at her. It wasn't until she looked down that she noticed she was wearing her cute pink bunny pj shorts. In front of Itachi. Sakura suddenly felt very, very self conscious. She closed the Akatsuki cloak tightly around her and tried to fight the blush that was slowly making its way across her cheeks.

"You may look for clothes in one of the draws if you don't feel like parading around with pink bunnies on your posterior. And when you are done with my robe, you may leave it on the kitchen table." with that he left the room without another word.

'His robe?' she thought to herself.

Absentmindedly, she smelled his robe. He smelled like a forest just after it rains and something else; something sweet that she couldn't quite put her finger on.

Sakura shook her head. 'Why do I care what he smells like? He has been nothing but trouble for my friends and now he has kidnapped me. What do they want with me anyway?'

To get her mind off of her current dilemma, she decided to look for some clothes. After all, Itachi said she could look through those draws. As she began to sift through the clothes her heart began to sink. All the clothes in the draws were black. Sakura had always found the color black to be depressing which was the last thing she needed at this time. And as if that was not bad enough it turned out that all of the clothes were way too big for her.

She held up a t-shirt. 'This must be Itachi's.' she thought.

Sakura threw down the shirt in frustration. Why did this have to happen to her? Especially at this time. The girls really needed her and she needed to be there for them. No. She would not sit here and feel sorry for herself; she is stronger than that. She is the fifth hokage's apprentice god dammit and she was not going to let this get the better of her.

Sakura picked up the shirt again. She could not go walking around in an oversized shirt.

And ever so slowly, a mischievous smile spread across her plump pink lips.


That was the sound Blossom woke up to. Her left cheek was numb from lying on the cold hard concrete for god knows how long. Slowly she picked herself up off the ground and managed to sit up. A quick glance around the room told her she was in a prison cell with the only source of light being a little window on the left hand side of the cell. She squinted in the darkness to try to see anything else but quickly regretted it. Pain shot through her. She brought a slender hand to touch her cheek and winced. Her cheek was defiantly injured. As to the extent of the injury she was not sure of.

"About time one of you lazy asses got up." A voice resonated from the opposite end of the room. The voice was filled with mockery with a hint of joy. Only one voice could hold those tones in their voice and make it sound effortless.

"Brick." Blossom hissed.

He chuckled. "Glad to know you still remember me."

Blossom rolled her eyes. Brick had always been one to make light of everything. Even in life or death situations.

"How could I forget that ugly face of yours?" She said with sweet sarcasm.

"Okay enough with the chit chat." Another voice boomed next to Brick.

A tall fish like man came forward and stood in front of Brick. Just his stance alone made Blossom shrink back in fear. The man really knew how to intimidate.

"I want answers." He bellowed.

Blossom momentarily forgot about her fear long enough to say, "I should be the one getting answers here."

The look on the shark man's face froze her with fear. He picked her up off the ground by her shirt so that they were eye level.

"Listen here Missy. I'm the one in charge here not you. I can easily kill you right now with one flick of my finger. If anyone is going to be receiving answers here it's me!" the fish man growled.

Blossom gave out a little whimper.

"Hey man don't be so hard on her! She doesn't know what's going on and that freaks her out! If you want to get answers then let her ask a few things first!" Brick defended Blossom. This shocked Blossom. Since when did he know her tendencies and fears? She guessed that after years of battling with him he must have picked up a thing or two from her.

The fish man relaxed and put her down on the floor.

"Ask me what you want to know then."

Sakura looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Though she wished she could have had more color to throw into this outfit, she was still satisfied with the result. She managed to widen the neck hole of the t-shirt so that one shoulder popped out and since the shirt was so long she decided it would look good as a dress. She also ripped a strip of cloth from one of his shirts and tied it around her midsection to accentuate her hour glass figure.

Yes she was very happy with the result. The only problem was that there were no shoes that would fit her tiny feet. She opted to go barefoot instead.

Sakura decided that now was the best time to go and return Itachi's robe...and hopefully get a scope of this place so she could get out.

As she walked down the hall she noticed that the place was relatively dark except for the few torches that lined the walls. Sakura was not even sure if she was going the right way but as soon as she smelled the aroma of food she was sure the kitchen was this way.

As Sakura walked into the kitchen, three things surprised her. The first these being that the kitchen was much lighter than the hallway. That's when she noticed the big windows that let in the warm sunlight. Oh how she desired to bath in that light and absorb its warmth. It also meant that it was a way out.

The next thing she noticed was how hungry she was. It wasn't until she smelled food that she realized that she needed it.

The third and most shocking part was seeing Itachi cooking. And whatever he was cooking smelled delicious.

Itachi glanced at Sakura as she sat down at the table.

"I see you've redesigned my shirt." He said as he continued to sauté what looked like to be bell peppers.

"I had to. May I ask what is it that you are cooking?" Sakura asked cautiously.

"Roasted chicken topped with bell peppers sautéed in balsamic vinegar."

Sakura's mouth began to water. She hadn't had a decent meal in the past forty-eight hours due to her hectic schedule at the hospital.

"That sounds delicious." Sakura found it very hard to believe the Uchiha actually knew how to cook. It didn't seem like a stone cold killer would do such a dainty thing like cooking. They remained quiet for a while. The room was filled with the sound of sizzling vegetables and the smell of chicken. Everything seemed peaceful, that is until a loud mouth blue skinned, bad tempered man walked into the room.

The man looked directly at Sakura and, in one swift movement, had her pinned up against the wall three feet off the ground.

"What are you doing you big ape?" Sakura screamed as she struggled with the man's beefy hands around her neck.

"Itachi, how could you let the hostage out of her room? Especially without any restraints."

"Kisame put her down." Kisame hesitated but eventually did what he was told.

"Just tell me why you are letting pinky over there roam free. She could escape you know."

Sakura scoffed at Kisame but quietly. She did not want to make him mad for there was no telling of what he would do next.

"Because she is a member now. We need her to feel comfortable here so she can do what leader wants her to do." Itachi explained simply.

Sakura's nearly choked. They want her to be a member of the evil group? That was absolutely ludicrous! Like hell she would join their group! Sakura had to escape before she was forced to do something she didn't want to.

Kisame rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He walked over to the stove to examine what was being cooked. "Is that going to be enough for those new girls to eat too?"

'New girls?' Sakura thought.

"Hn." was all the answer Kisame got from his partner. Kisame decided to take that as a yes.


Itachi gave him a questioning look. Kisame did not care for their new arrivals nor did he care for the boys. For him to be suddenly considered about their food was quite strange.

"Don't worry Itachi; I'm not going soft on you. I plan to eat most of their food by the time I get to them."

Sakura looked at the fish man in disgusted. But now that he has mentioned these new girls, Sakura was interested in finding out who they were.

"And am I supposed to heal these new girls? Is that what the Leader wants me to do?" Sakura asked, hoping that they will give her some information.

Itachi remained silent. Of course he being a natural born genius he would be smart enough to not play into her little mind game. But then there was Kisame, who fell right into her trap.

"No the 'Powerpuff girls'-" He chuckled at that last part, "-can recover by themselves. At least that's what the boys say."

"So then am I just here to heal everyone?" Sakura asked cautiously, hoping that the Uchiha would not intervene.

"Of course."

Itachi mentally slapped himself. Why had he been paired up with such an idiotic fish head?

Sakura, on the other hand, was pleased by the usefulness of her head games but she couldn't savor it for long. The fact that the girls were trapped here had made her tense and confused and over all scared for the girls. What will they do to them? Then she had an idea.

"Well as medic of the Akatsuki, I must attend to everyone's wounds; even those of a prisoner." Sakura hated the fact that she had just referred to herself as part of the Akatsuki but if it meant getting to and protecting the girls then that is what she had to do.

Itachi had taken a moment to consider the options. Sakura had a point. Every medic made an oath to help anyone in need of medical attention, even that of a traitor. Her becoming a member of the Akatsuki did not change that fact and it would dishonor her to not let her help. But there was the fact that when she was done healing her friends, she would try to break out with them. Of course Itachi figured he could handle that much. And to add to his confidence that they could not escape, the whole base was filled with some of the most powerful shinobi from each village.

Itachi had finally made up his mind. "You may go and heal the girls but under one condition."

Sakura furrowed her brows in frustration. Why did the Uchiha have to be so damn cautious? It just made her plan that much hard to form and follow through with. "What is it?"

"I am to be in the room when you heal them. I cannot have you formulating any plans with the prisoners."

Sakura's eyes narrowed at the red eyed ninja. 'Damn Uchihas. Always ruining everything.' she thought bitterly.

Sakura finally nodded, agreeing to his terms.

Itachi inwardly smirked. He would not be fooled by her no matter how hard she tried.

"Kisame, watch the food for me. And please try not to eat anything."

Blossom had gotten a lot of information from the brooding fish man. The most important pieces of evidence that she had learned were that they were being held as prisoners and that they were supposed to give them information. She couldn't believe this but thanks to Brick, she didn't have to give up much information...yet. This gave her time to think through what they were going to do to get out of here. She could only guess as to what her sisters had experienced. Hopefully the fish man was not too violent with them.

That's when Blossom began to hear a pair of footsteps stop in front of her door. She tensed up, hoping it wasn't the fish man back to get more answers from her. Or worse.

The door opened slightly as if the person did not want to disturb her if she was sleeping. Well, that meant it couldn't be the blue fish. As the door fully opened, Blossom felt a wave of relief wash over her.

"Sakura!" Blossom cheered. She tried to get up but her body was too stiff from staying in one position for so long, so she settled for a beaming smile. But then her smile faltered when she noticed the man behind her. She recognizes him from last night. He was the one who stole Sakura. How could she be with him?

Sakura rushed over to her side and hugged her. "Are you okay? Nothing is broken, right?" Sakura asked right away as her hand began to glow green with healing chakra.

"I'm okay." she stated simply.

Sakura gave her a quizzical look. The Akatsuki were not a kind organization and therefore were not kind to their prisoners. She expected the worst of injuries.

"I'm fine! Really!"

Another pause. Sakura looked her over. She had a swollen cheek, probably fractured or broken, a split lip and she was covered in dirt and grime. But other than that she really was fine.

Sakura was quickly able to heal her cheek, much to Itachi's surprise. He had never seen a medic heal an injury like that so fast. She truly was a top notch medic; she could probably surpass her mentor.

"What's going on Sakura?"

Sakura didn't know how to explain to Blossom that she was now a medic for an elite and very dangerous group of individuals that only existed to cause harm to others. But the biggest burden of all was that she had to explain the fact that her and her sisters were now prisoners for this group.

So instead of answering Blossom's question, she turned on her heel to meet the emotionless eyes of the Uchiha. "How can you put her in a room with these types of conditions? This room is absolutely filthy! And she is covered in dirt! I demand, for the sake of my patient, that she and her sisters be transferred to better living quarters and a nice place to wash up."

Itachi stared at the pinkette in front of him. He could already tell that she was going to be a handful. It almost made him wish he didn't kill their last medic. Almost.

"I am afraid I cannot give them new rooms. Leader has to give the command as to what to do with these girls. For now they must remain in their cells."

Sakura's eyebrow twitched in irritation and felt an outburst coming on. The Uchiha absolutely infuriated her! His emotionless voice made her want to rip out her hair and that smug aura he always carried around him made her want to slap him senseless. But she would never do such a thing like that. She couldn't. He was just too fast for her to even get near enough for her to cause any damage. He wasn't Naruto after all. He knew when dangerous things were coming his way. It only served to irritate her more.

Swallowing down the threat she was about to impose on Itachi, she decided to put on a calm facade. "How about a nice shower for Blossom and her sisters? After they shower they will go straight back to their rooms. Promise."

"Hn." was all Itachi said.

Sakura suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. The infamous Uchiha retort strikes again! Oh how she hated whenever Sasuke would do that to her. She decided to take that answer as a yes.

Sakura helped Blossom up and carried her to gather up her sisters to take them to the bathroom, all while under the watchful eye of Itachi.

This irritated Sakura. 'He could at least help.' she thought bitterly. Bubbles and Buttercup had similar injuries but other than that they were healthy. But they were filthy that was for sure.

As Sakura began to close the bathroom door she caught those intense red eyes staring back at her. She lifted one perfectly shaped pink eyebrow.

"You are a man." she simply stated.

He lifted an eyebrow of his own in question.

"So this is as far as you go. I promise we will be out in an hour."

Just as she closed the door, a hand stopped it.

Itachi leaned closer to Sakura's face. Her breath caught at the sight before her. She never really noticed just how handsome Itachi really was. Now that his face was mere inches from hers, she could see every detail of his face. Long dark eyelashes framed those mysterious yet intriguing red eyes that seemed to pull Sakura in. A long, straight nose and well structured cheekbones screamed of an aristocratic status. And those lips…they were so inviting. Sakura secretly wondered if it was bad that she wanted those lips to ravish her own until they were swollen. A blush began to spread across her cheeks. She had to fight the urged to close the gap between them. Thankfully Itachi began to speak.

"Remember that I can hear everything." he whispered.

And just like that, Sakura was reminded of the cold and calculative shinobi Itachi really was.

She gulped, nodded that she understood and closed the door. She rested her back against the door and slowly slid down and sat on the floor.

"What's the matter Sakura?" Bubbles asked, concerned for their pink haired friend.

She looked at the young blonde before her and uttered one simple word. "Men."

"Tch. Don't aren't they every woman's problem?" Buttercup commented.

This made Sakura laugh. Maybe, just maybe they will get through this alive.

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