Deidara ran into the room giggling fiercely. "What are you doing Deidara?" Sasori asked. Deidara just kept giggling. He ran onto Sasori's bed and jumped behind him. A screaming Itachi could be heard running in the hall of the Akatsuki hideout. "What did you do to Itachi?"

"All I did was eat some of the mochi that he left out… and the dango and some okonomiyaki. And 3 takoyaki balls un." Deidara opened his mouth wide and showed this two hands palms open showing Sasori his 3 mouths.

"I see." Sasori didn't even look up from the puppet he was working on.

"What are you doing Sasori-Danna? Looks cool un." Deidara looked over Sasori's shoulder to get a closer look.

"Get off me! Go away I'm working!" Deidara sat back with a sad puppy look on his face. Again he got up to Sasori's shoulder and hovered over him.

"I just want to see what you are working on Danna, since we both like art un."

"You call those dumb explosives art? Art is something that can endure the test of time and never fade. Things that live forever are works of art. Humph. It's a pity that you consider those pieces of scrap to be art."

"You don't have to be so mean about it Sasori-Danna un. We just have a different opinion. That's all." Deidara went and sat next to the redhead and looked intensely at the work he was doing. Sasori stopped and stared at Deidara with an angry face. Deidara shrugged away confused. "What's the matter un?" Sasori just sat there staring, then after a while growled and went back to his puppet. "Hey! What was that for Danna un? What'd you growl at me for? Did I do something bad un?" Again Sasori looked up frustrated.

"Just leave Deidara! Go to your room or something! Leave me alone!" Deidara was shocked at the way that Sasori was screaming at him. "Now!" Deidara's eyebrows came down to make it look like he was mad. Deidara's eyes were glazed over with tears, but didn't spill over. He quickly left the room and shut the door quietly behind him.

"Dammit. Why am I always so mean to him." Sasori sighed and went back to his work.

Deidara was walking down the hall sniffling and hiccupping with his head down so no one would notice the tears running down his face. Kisame walked by then stopped. "Hey! Deidara!" Deidara stopped and wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Yeah senpai un?"

"What's the matter? I know you were crying. Is it Sasori again?" Deidara didn't say anything. "C'mon. Let's go down here." Kisame was the only civil one in Akatsuki. He was the only one that Deidara could talk to about his "boy" troubles. They went down to the kitchen and Deidara started rummaging through the cupboards for anything chocolaty. "Ok. So what's the scoop? Usually your happy when Sasori's around."

"I just don't know why he's so mean to me all the time un. I try to be nice and like his art, so why is he so mean to me un?" Deidara had found some candy bars and started eating them nonstop. He was still crying, stuffing his face, and talking at the same time.

"I think you should hold off on the candy. It's all over your face and I can't understand a word you are saying." Deidara looked up, swallowed what was in his mouth and went and sat down next to Kisame. Since both of them were… (You know XD)… Deidara could open up to Kisame. Better than Itachi, Kakuzu, Hidan, or any other male Akatsuki member. Konan was an exception because well, she's a girl, and she could relate to Deidara's feelings. If Kisame weren't around, he would talk to Konan. "Just tell him what you're feeling. It can't hurt to be honest with him." Kisame and Konan were the only ones who knew that Deidara liked Sasori.

"But… what if he doesn't like me back and he thinks I'm gross un? And what if the other Akatsuki members find out un? I'll be the laughing stock of Akatsuki and Pein-senpai will kick me out of Akatsuki un. Then… then… I'll never…" Deidara broke down at the thought. "I'll never be able to see Sasori-Danna again un." Kisame twisted his face up and thought of a way to make Deidara feel better.

"The other members of Akatsuki are oblivious. I mean c'mon! Don't you think they would have found out about…" Kisame blushed, "about. 'Y know. Remember? Around Christmas time?" Deidara had a flashback of when he accidentally barged into Itachi's room to find him and Kisame entangled in the bed sheets.

"Oh. You mean that un?"

"Yeah… that." Kisame was blushing so much that Deidara could see it on his sea-blue skin. Deidara giggled and then Kisame loosened up and started to laugh. "Don't you think that if the others were smart, that they would've found out about me? Or you? They're all stupid. It doesn't matter to them." This seemed to cheer Deidara up some. He got up to put the remaining candy bar back in its place and shut the door.

"Uh-Oh… un"

"What is it?" Deidara pointed at the label on the cupboard.

"This is Itachi's cupboard. I ate all his candy un."

"Jeez. First you eat his lunch, now his candy. He is going to be pissed."

"Sorry un."

"It's ok. I'll say I ate them."

"Thanks Kisame un." Deidara got up and started to walk down the hall with his head down. He went to his room with a big sigh. " I wish he would notice me. I try really hard un…" Another tear ran down his face. He swiped it away and straightened up. " I just need to be confident!" He went to his bed and plopped down on it. He took of his shirt and let his hair down so it could fall down to his shoulders. It was dark in his room. He fell onto his bed arms outstretched feeling the satin sheets of his bed. He sighed and rolled over. "OH! I know! I haven't worked on that in a while!" Deidara sat up and ran over to the corner. He was secretly making a little clay sculpture of Sasori, that wasn't explosive. He'd shaped it almost to perfection and now had to do the little details. "Now, when this is done, I'll be able to be with Sasori-Danna even if he's not around un^^."

He looked around struggling to make his eyes adjust to the darkness. "Damn. Maybe in the morning un." Deidara got up from his work and stood at the side of the bed. With a sigh, he started to move down to lie on top of the sheets when suddenly he was swept and gagged with a hand into the darkness. "Umph!" Deidara hit his head and almost lost his consciousness.

To be continued~