As they fled a large thud could be heard. "SHIT" Sasori gasped collapsing to his knees in mid-jump. A series of kunai were embedded in his back, as a dark figure appeared from the darkness. Deidara was finally coming to his senses, and knew what was going to happen. He knew it all too well. That promise. That one thing that bound him to Sasori, would have to be carried out. And he knew it. As much as it hurt, Deidara knew the outcome of everything.

"Fuck you Pein…" Sasori growled pulling the Kunai from his back, setting the healing blonde on the ground. He was dazed, only able to stare Pein in the eyes, while he thought of the terror that was about to happen. What he would do during the battle and what he would do in the end. Deidara was probably the wisest blonde in the world at the time. "get outta here Dei." Sasori pleaded, looking at Deidara with vengeful eyes. His brows were furrowed in pain and despair. Know finally realizing his place in all this, Deidara fled. Just enough though, to conceal his presence, and try to heal as much as possible in the time allotted for him.

It began. Pein stepped into the moonlight, a frightening sight for anyone who's eyes came upon it. " I told you I would break him. Did you not believe me? Sasori." Pein said in a monotone "I'm-better-than-you-mother-fucker" voice that sent Sasori into a frenzy, who abruptly pulled out his only trump card. His 100 puppets. It all seemed to quick, but by his logic it was the only chance that he had in beating Pein.

It was all or nothing. A win or die battle.

A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. 'what's gonna happen…' he thought. 'Deidara'… he had to win. For Dei. For love, for vengeance. For everything that Pein had done to his blonde. His lover. He would pay.

In one desperate assault Sasori let go of all his puppets at once, letting them all attack the spot Pein stood simultaneously. Dust scattered everywhere and the only sound heard was the wind and the rickety sound of old puppets lowering their weapons.

The dust dispersed and he was gone. Fucking GONE. Sasori looked around in confusion, where the fuck did that prick go? 'Doton?' He quickly jumped into a tree in case Pein was hiding beneath his feet. His adrenaline was going so fast, he could barely breath, let alone sense anyone. Not even Deidara who was lurking in the near trees, watching, waiting.

Sasori heard a whoosh of wind when suddenly out of nowhere he was hit. Multiple times. In mere seconds he was on the ground unconscious of what had just hit him. Was Pein really that that strong? While he was still recovering from shock he was kicked in the stomach and sent flying, breaking a few trees along with him. Coming to his senses, Sasori put up a wall of puppets in defense, hoping to conceal himself from the offensive player. One by one, in seconds he could see his puppets being crushed into a million tiny pieces.

Every single one that was protecting him was gone, he quickly put up more, only for them to fall the same way. In seconds, 50 puppets were gone. And Pein appeared before him. His face poised and steadily breathing. Didn't even break a sweat!

'i'm not going to be able to do this…' Sasori screamed in his head… ' but I have to. For Dei'.. his Dei. Sasori lunged forward in a quick attack and actually landed one cut on the unsuspecting Pein before being beat down into the ground, along with 20 more of his puppets. He was picking them off one by one. 19, 18, 17…the numbers kept going down, until he was left with none. And fairly beaten up himself. There looked as if there was no hope.

But that cut. There was no way that Pein would be able to survive his super poison. He had 3 days at most until he died.

"you think I'm that stupid Sasori?" Pein called from high above a tree, landing on Sasori's knocking the breath out of him. "I already have a cure for you're silly little 'poisons'. It really isn't that hard to make one. Especially when you have an expert" and although he couldn't see it, Sasori was certain that Pein was smiling, as he ground his foot into the crevice of Sasori's back pushing his spine to the breaking point, before jumping off. Pein kneeled down to where Sasori's head was. He wasn't even trembling! The poison had no effect? That wasn't possible…his vision was blurring, and he knew he broke something. He wasn't as sturdy as he used to be. Pein smiled and took Sasori's chin forcing him to look into his eyes. "You're pathetic. You know that right?" he cooed.

Sasori just looked at him. Trying to think of a plan, but coming up blank. He slowly put his hand on Pein's arm, to weak to move anything else. This was it. He was going to die. But not before Pein did. He would make sure that he never lived, to hurt Deidara again. Not on his life. Pein let Sasori's face down as his hands wrapped weakly around his arm. "what do you think you're doing Sasori?" he laughed brushing his hand off.

"you wont hurt Dei again…" he whispered, grabbing Pein's arms in his hands, tightening his grip so tight, not even air could escape. Sasori quickly shot up and with his largest, most lethal weapon, plunged it into Pein's heart. Straight through. In one side. And out the other. Of course soaked with poison.

"HEH! That isn't going to kill me!!" Pein yelled kicking the struggling red head clean off of him. "It's just a flesh wound" he announced in monotone. Then quickly popped a soldier pill into his mouth smirking. "Fuck you, and your blonde bitch" he said biting into the pill lunging towards Sasori kicking and hitting him multiple times. Over and over again. Pummeling him into the ground, picking him up and throwing him down again, until Sasori couldn't even move anymore.

"Pathetic" then prepared to perform Harakiri on him. Just then something exploded from his inside. Where Sasori had punctured him. "Wh…what the fuck?" he screamed as nearly half his body was blown clean off. Pein dropped Sasori and cringed on the ground.

From the distance. In the dark, something rustled in the tree's. Deidara came into the moonlight, face dirty and streaked. Another explosion, and another, until Pein was a bloody mess. "D..DEIDARAAA!!" Pein screamed running towards the blonde. Another explosion. Blowing Peins head apart. Blood across Deidara's face.

"Hope you rot in hell mother fucker…" Deidara said emotionlessly as Pein fell in front of him, his brain spilling from the back of his head. As fast as he could he ran over to Sasori, barely breathing. "Sasori?" nothing.

"Sasori Danna!"


"goddammit Sasori fucking answer me!!" a small smirk played across Sasori's face, making tears stream down Deidara's face.

"Don't cry … Dei…it…doesn't suit you.." Sasori choked looking up into his big blue eyes. "I love you…" he held his hand up and Deidara took it in his. " I … love you so much…" another choke.

" I know. I know Sasori! I love you too!" Deidara screamed. "I love you too!!" he crumpled up despite the pain. "I love you too" he finally whispered. Trying to cut back the tears.


It was utterly silent. The hiccups of Deidara the only thing that could be heard through the darkness. And the stench of death.

Then the piercing scream, that could be heard anywhere. That anyone could have felt. That would have floored anyone who heard it, and made their heart hurt so much they couldn't breath.

"I told you…Sasori…" he choked "that…that I would follow you. I would follow you anywhere you went!!" he screamed. " I promised…I promised you anywhere" he sobbed. Picking up a kunai thrown by Pein in his attempts to kill Sasori. "I'd follow you anywhere…" he whispered smiling. "I'll see you soon love…" he held the kunai up.
"very soon…I love you"

That was the last words that came through his lips, as the warm liquid poured onto his chest, as he thudded ontop of his beloved.

Together in that place.


Together, no matter what.

It was a promise…