Chapter One-

It was two days before Valentine's Day and Hermione stormed down the hall in purely passionate anger. She hoped no one would notice as she headed to breakfast just how upset she was. She just couldn't believe that he was making their relationship come to this. They were both seventh years and the age of consent, however she felt that she wasn't at ANY point giving her consent to this. She felt instead of it being consent, that she was being COERCED. She knew she didn't love Ron, but maybe if she tried hard enough she could love him. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and felt that she might get sick.

This is the boy that she has known since before she first entered Hogwarts- why would she be SO uncomfortable with this? She knew that everyone expected them to end up together so why couldn't she give up this one thing to him? Why did it have to be so difficult and why was he being SO pushy? As the tears began to form in her eyes she stingingly remembered the conversation they had this morning.


Hermione woke up to an extremely loud pounding on her door. She wondered if something really awful had happened again and if she needed to vacate the chambers- she looked around her room to assess what she could grab and take with her just in case. Of course most people would just leave, but Hermione KNEW better- she would take what she could. The knocking became louder and more insistent. Groggily Hermione opened the door preparing for a disaster. The only disaster she saw was Ron rushing into her room.

"What in the bloody hell do you think you are doing Ron? I thought something terrible was going on the way you were banging on my door." she said frustrated.

"I'm sorry Hermione, but I just had to see you before we left to go anywhere. I REALLY need you Hermione. It's almost Valentine's Day. Do you realize how many couples that I see holding hands, giving each other "the look", snogging, and I'm sure shagging?"

"Ron, what is your point with this?"

"I NEED you." He grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to him. He tilted her head up with his finger. " All we do anymore is snog, I'm ready to move this relationship to the next level Hermione. I know you want me. I want you too. I know you are scared, but I thought maybe we could get over your fear together."

Ron placed his hand around the back of her head and pushed her closer to him and brushed his lips against hers. Then he began to blush- "I really need you Hermione" he whispered. Then he turned his head gently and entered her mouth, hungrily feeding on her tongue, she responded by doing the same. Twisting her tongue around his in their own style.

Hermione felt flush with embarrasment. He was NOT supposed to be in her room- and what to make of the comment that he needed her? She wasn't sure that she was ready to give herself to him just yet.

Ron kissed more passionately and she pulled his body closer to hers until she felt something familiar. Dear God would he ever be less than a horny twit? The thought aroused her that he wanted her so much, and then she wondered if he really wanted her or just wanted it. She just couldn't decide but she knew that she wanted to spend her first time with someone who wanted her and not just the act itself.

Ron began to push her back to her bed, he carefully began to lay her body down and continued to kiss her passionately. She was finally laying on her bed. She felt the familiar pillows nestling her head comfortably. Ron had certainly done this before it was no wonder he wasn't nervous. She seethed inside as she thought about the girls he must have been with before being with her and here she was a virgin- she had waited for him- for someone to love her completely. She opened her eyes and saw that he didn't close his eyes at all while kissing her. She read in a Witch Teen Weekly that when a wizard had respect and love for his witch he would close his eyes when he kissed. Hermione wondered if Ron really had respect for her or if the article was just utter rubbish.

Ron now completely lay on top of her. He began to reach second base as he reached under her shirt and passionately grabbed her breasts through the white cloth that was a bra. He wanted her so badly. He just wanted to take her NOW.

When Hermione saw the hunger in his eyes she began to feel unsure of this whole situation.

"Ron, it's time for breakfast. We have to go to the dining hall now."

"Let's skip breakfast, I've already found what I want to eat." he laughed.

"Ron, I'm just trying to say I'm not ready for this yet. I know you are, but I'm not. Can't you be patient with me?" she begged.

Ron was extremely upset with her behavior. How DARE she get him so hot and bothered and then tell him he needed to be patient. He had been patient enough. They had been dating for three months. Three whole months and just this morning he had gotten to second base- barely. Ron became completely angry. Something inside his persona just SNAPPED.

"Hermione- I have been waiting for SO many years. Years that I have wanted to be with you. I have waited long enough- and we've had so many snogging sessions these past three months that we have been official. I want to claim my prize. Now!"

"Ron, I'm just not ready yet." she said hoping he would understand.

"So, you just expect me to walk around with a tent in my robes all day wishing for you as I see other couples in the hallway obviously getting ready to shag one another?"

"Ron, I'm sorry."

"Bloody hell Hermione- it is almost Valentine's Day. Do you know what most of the wizards and witches will be doing on this day?"

"Yes I know. I understand Ron."

"Well Hermione, let me just tell you this, " he said with a vigor he didn't know he had. "If you and I are not doing that same thing on Valentine's Day then this relationship is over. A wizard has needs and I can promise you I know of other witches that would meet them for me. Do you UNDERSTAND me?"

Hermione felt like crying and running away, but she realized that Ron was within his right of having what he wanted. She also really didn't want to lose him- they had been friends for SUCH a long time. And even though she didn't really love him- she loved the comfort that he gave to her.

"Ron, I understand. And I will be ready. It will be the ONLY Valentine's present that you get from me though. Do YOU understand ME?" she asked angrily.

"Oh YES. I understand you perfectly- we'll be SO happy together. Oh Hermione- I am SO excited even thinking about it. I will plan the most romantic date and then we can be together. Do you know how long I have waited to be with you in this way?" He had a smile on his face and was talking about a mile a minute like he was manic.

"I'm sure it's been a long time Ron," she thought as she felt disgusted inside as to what she had agreed to. Giving away something SO precious was supposed to feel good- so why did this feel so WRONG?


Hermione just hadn't been herself ever since yesterday and people were beginning to worry about her. Professors asked her if she needed to see Madame Pomphrey and she assured them that she did not. Even though she was feeling very afraid inside. Thank goodness there was a substitute for her Potions class because she really couldn't imagine having to deal with Professor Snape today- in fact he had been gone all week- he was supposed to be gone for three weeks for some wizarding potion convention. She just couldn't deal with her inner turmoil while dealing with such a cruel wizard like Snape. And she always felt like he targeted her specifically to embarrass her in front of the class and take many points away from her house. She couldn't deal with that today, she just couldn't.

After her Transfiguration class ended she walked down the hall still clutching her books to her stomach- Valentine's Day was tomorrow and she had made a promise to Ron that he could have the one thing that was so precious to her. She pondered if she had made a mistake and almost began to cry when she was grabbed violently in the hall. The attacker kept his hand on her mouth so she wouldn't scream. He seemed so familiar and when she turned around she knew why- it was Ron.

He pulled their bodies together and began to run his hands gently up and down her body while he kissed her.

"This is a preview of tomorrow." He panted with lust. "You just wait until you see what I have planned for you. I want you to meet me tomorrow outside of the dungeon at 9 pm. Most everyone will be gone with their dates and we can have some time to ourselves. Snape is out of town for 3 weeks and I found us a place that I can take you without being distracted or bothered. Meet me there and wear something sexy-" Ron slapped her butt and kissed her with a passionate kiss.

Wasn't she supposed to be feeling something about how much he wanted her? She did feel something- she felt the bile rising up in her throat. She ran down the hall to find a garbage can that she could throw up into. Why was she feeling this way? Why did she feel like this was all wrong, shouldn't she be feeling it was right? She wiped the acidic residue from her mouth and decided to go to the dining hall to wash her mouth at with pumpkin juice. Tomorrow night- she would be shagging Ron. Why was she feeling so terribly sick inside?


Hermione walked down the hall whispering mantra after mantra hoping that she would begin to warm to the idea of accepting Ron tonight. She felt nervous and scared and worried. What if she didn't even know what to do? Oh gods she was in trouble!

It was 8:50 and she was almost at the dungeon, she was wearing some silver knickers that she borrowed from Ginny which was sort of weird since her brother was the one that would be deflowering her- but Hermione had nothing sexy to wear at all. She always knew she could depend on Ginny to provide. Hermione wore her hair down with a small white headband, she wore a white blouse that Ginny helped her tie up so that small part of her belly was showing. She wore a short skirt that Ginny also let her borrow.

Ginny assured her that once she dressed sexy she would feel sexy and the fears would go away. She also told her she had to give her ALL of the juicy details of her night as she wanted to blackmail Ron later. Ginny was the best friend she could have ever asked for and much more experienced than Hermione.

Hermione wondered who Ginny was going to be with tonight since she had so many guys wrapped around her finger. That was answered when she saw her in a dark corner with- who the hell was that? Oh good grief- Hermione thought as she saw Ginny snogging passionately with someone with blonde hair- oh my! Was that Draco Malfoy? Hermione laughed and rolled her eyes and continued to walk towards the dungeon.

As she walked through the halls many guys were paying her much attention, some whistling- she knew she shouldn't have dressed like this. It was OBVIOUS what she was going off to do.

She reached the door and saw Ron waiting anxiously for her. His mouth dropped as he saw her- his excitement grew as well as something else. He cast a spell on the door and it opened. He knew he would be able to get in because the last Potions substitute had no idea what she was doing- it was easy to enter. Hermione followed him inside the classroom. What part of being in the dungeons was romantic?

Ron cast a silencing charm on the door and several other charms to make sure that no one would interupt their night of pleasure. He turned to Hermione and said. "Oh Hermione, you look good enough to eat. I think i might just have to do that. Gods how I have waited for you." He tried to smooth his clothes out but they were tenting anyway. He grabbed her hand and led her to a table towards the front of the classroom. He pulled her close and began to kiss her passionately. He used his wand to place a pillow under her. He took off his shirt and looked at Hermione passionately- finally she would be HIS. He had to be careful though as he didn't want to hurt her, well not too badly anyway. He looked at her body and was filled with so much anticipation. Finally- he was going to get to see what was under this pretty package.

He pushed her onto the table and began to unbutton her shirt which was SO sexy when he discovered that she had no bra on at all. He looked at her breasts and began to touch them softly. He made circles around her breasts and then grabbed them. He was SO excited that he almost released but he focused on keeping from that just yet. He thought about the greatest present that he was about to unwrap. She hiked her skirt up and Ron started to pull down her knickers as he sexily rubbed his hands up and down her thighs. "Oh Hermione" he groaned.

Hermione felt like she had left her body and was watching what was happening to her. It was like a medical procedure watching Ron pull down her knickers and look at her with hungry eyes. She just wanted it to be over as soon as possible so she could make him happy, and then she began to worry that he would just want more and more. This just wasn't pleasurable at all. She felt Ron place his hands farther and farther up her thighs until he touched her spot of pleasure. It felt good, but she still didn't feel ready for all of this. Ron climbed on the table with Hermione and began to tease her with his clothed cock. She saw the pleasure in his eyes and didn't feel any pleasure whatsoever herself. She ran her hands through his red hair and kissed him while opening her legs to him.

Just then a VERY loud CRACK was heard. It almost made Hermione sit up, she wondered if that sound might just be a part of this whole process. Maybe Ron had taken her already. Oh how she wished this was over. She felt like he was clumsy and boring- this wasn't what she imagined at all. She wanted it to be passionate and wonderful when she gave herself to someone. Tears began to form in her eyes and he began to grind into her. HE looked lost in passion.

Just then they heard footsteps and knew someone was there. How could they have gotten past his spells? This was THEIR place and not for anyone else but would tell the stupid idiots to LEAVE and get their own room. Someone else must have figured out the same thing he did.

Just as he kissed Hermione again on the forehead preparing to tell whoever it was to leave and the room was there he heard a familiar voice of strength.

"So, you've made yourself comfortable here have you?"

Ron immediately gasped.

Hermione sat up and felt somewhat happy to be distracted- this was just bloody awful.

"So you thought you would take a romp in MY classroom Weasley? And Granger- I would have expected much better from you. One week detention for both of you and 100 points a piece from Gryffindor. Now get the hell out of here before I add more punishment." Snape said angrily.

Ron ran as quickly as he could leaving his clothes behind. As Hermione was picking them up she felt Snape's glare on her. A funny tickle in her stomach happened. She guessed that it must be from being distracted-and finally she came back to her body. Well, this was the most embarrasing thing ever.

"Granger, get a move on- NOW!" Snape ordered.

"I'm sorry professor I'm going now." she said as she buttoned her shirt and gathered her and Ron's belongings.

"And as incredibly disappointed as I am in you Ms. Granger being caught with Mr. Weasley- you will be serving your detention with me. Now get OUT! Before I have you expelled."

Hermione ran from the room as quickly as she could.