Chapter 20

Ron returned to Hogwarts furiously and planned to tell everyone that he KNEW who Hermione's secret lover was. He was going to embarrass them and make their lives a living hell. How could she choose him over her? Didn't he deserve more love than that stupid git Snape?

And he had humored him very well saying that he felt sorry for him. What a liar! Oh how he desired to harm him- but then again Ginny WAS right. How would he fight against Snape? It was bad enough that he was struggling in his potions class. How would he ever harm such a powerful wizard?

"Ron." She exclaimed walking frantically towards him.

'Oh great' Ron thought as he saw Pansy making a bee line for him. She had broken it off with him, what was she going to do now- rub it in his face that she knew she was better than him?

"Hi Pansy." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Ron, I've really missed you. I made a huge mistake in breaking up with you. I realize that we had something special and I'm sorry that I broke it off." She looked VERY sincere.

"You are?" Ron blushed. " I missed you too Pansy. Why did you break up with me?"

"I can't play second fiddle to that mudblood Hermione Granger and I knew that was what I would always be. I guess I just wanted to be your number one."

Ron shook his head in disbelief and finally realized that something that Professor Snape said rang very true. 'When you find her, you'll know her'. And at that very moment Ron forgot completely about Hermione and Snape, pulled Pansy into his arms and began to see his future with her.


"Ginny- ok, so we have the following letters, tghrealnagkeer. What does this all mean?" she sighed feeling totally confused.

"Does your name fit in the letters?" Ginny thought.

"No, there is no h."

"Well, then what about your last name?"

"Ah, I see it- if I take granger out then I'm left with thelake. So what does that mean?" Hermione immediately looked as if a lightbulb had come on in her mind. "Ginny, the lake, he's at the lake! Let's go."

"I think I'll stay here and catch up with you in a bit. I forgot something very important back in my room. See you later."


Was she ever going to show up? If not, that was ok with him because his nerves were completely overtaking him. He was so scared about her saying no. What if this was all way too soon and she didn't feel the same way about him? What if he had grossly miscalculated how she felt about him? Maybe he could still leave- and as he got up and turned to leave he heard.

"I found you." Hermione smiled and her hair waved in the crisp breeze.

"Hello, Hermione." He said as he realized it was now or never. "You're probably wondering what was up with the scavenger hunt- right?"

"Yes, I am, and although it was really fun, I'm wondering why you didn't just tell me the lake."

"I love you so much." He sighed. Then he pulled her into a quick kiss. "I would very much like it if you came and sat down here with me by the lake."

"Ok, sure. What an interesting spot to meet at Severus."

"Well, it's very symbolic Hermione. I was dark and hidden, I was dirty and murky when I didn't have you in my life- and now that you are in my life..." He did a lumos and showed a light on the lake. "I feel as though your light has shined on me and made me feel as though I could live in happiness forever. You bring life to me, you bring beauty to me, you bring peace to me, you make me realize why life is so important. The depths of my love for you are deeper than this body of water or any other bodies of water out there- even deeper than the Mariana Trench."

Hermione felt herself shaking and tears rapidly falling down her face. She couldn't believe that he was actually sharing his emotions with her- it was so unlike him. She sobbed into her sleeve.

"I love you so much Severus. I'm afraid sometimes of how much I love you. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't be with you. You are the love of my life." She exclaimed.

"No Hermione, wait.. I need to share more. I thought I was in love before I met you, and then she died. But the one thing that I didn't plan on was falling in love for real, with you. I can't imagine life without you for another moment." He looked back at Draco and prepped him for the key words. "You make me feel like the luckiest wizard in the worlds."

Draco ran as quickly as possible towards them. "Hermione, help, Help ME- Ginny fell on the way here and has broken her leg. We need your help right away! Hurry- help."

Hermione ran immediately after Draco and as fast as she could to find Ginny.


He pulled out his wand and spelled into the sky "Will you marry me Hermione?" into the sky with fireflies. He bent down on one knee and had the engagement ring box in his hand. She would be coming back very soon and it would be time for him to ask her. This was the most frightening moment in his life- as he waited to find out what she would say. He just hoped so very much that she would say yes.


"Surprise," Ginny yelled.

"What do you mean surprise? I thought you had broken your leg." Hermione was SO bloody pissed.

"Nope, I'm just fine- Draco overreacts sometimes."

"Well, you better get back to what you were doing Hermione. Sorry, Ginny is just fine afterall." He laughed.

Hermione turned on both of them and said spittingly to him, "Draco Malfoy- if you EVER pretend Ginny is hurt again- then I will hurt you!"

She headed back to Severus when she saw him on the ground, was he really the one that was hurt? What in Merlin's sake was going on here?

"Severus." She panted as she was out of breath. "Are you ok?"

"I'm perfectly fine." He smiled.

'Why is he smiling so happily?' Hermione worked her brain to figure out why.

"Perhaps looking at the sky might give you a clue as to why I am so happy tonight." He struggled to speak.

She saw the fireflies- and what it spelled out.

"AAAAAAA!" She screamed for at least a minute. "What is this about?"

She was so out of breath that she couldn't even think. She began to wonder if she was in the middle of a dream or if this was really reality.

She slapped her face very hard.

"THAT was just weird Ms. Granger." Severus laughed and smiled at her looking for an answer.

"I just needed to make sure that I was awake and that this wasn't just a dream." She smiled her answer to his question.

"Ms. Granger, I am wondering if you would be willing to give up your name to become Mrs. Snape?"

Hermione melted into putty- she couldn't believe how happy she was feeling. She grabbed his hands, kissed them and cried so long and hard that a few minutes went by. Severus was starting to worry about what this meant exactly.

"I love you. But I need an answer." He laughed as he brushed the tears out of her eyes and moved the hair as well so that he could see her beautiful face.

"I thought you might read my mind to find out that I am absolutely 100 percent saying YES!" She screamed "Yes!"

"YES- SHE SAID YES." He yelled as Ginny and Draco came out from behind a tree.

Hermione watched Ginny jump up and down for joy with Draco by her side. He gave a simple thumbs up to the happy couple.

Hermione was still standing as Severus took the ring out of the box, and placed it on her finger.

"I have never been happier in my life, than I am at this very moment." He kissed the ring on her finger. "So, you're going to be my wife!" A tear fell down his eye.

"I love you SO much Severus. I will be SO happy to be your wife! My husband- you're going to be my husband. Oh Merlin I'm SO happy!" Hermione's face beamed with joy.

"Wait, Ginny and Draco were in on this?" Hermione asked.

"Of course! They had a large part of getting us together, so they are naturally a part of me asking for your hand in marriage. How does that sound to you- Professor and Mrs. Severus Snape." He smiled at her.

"It sounds wonderful. I love you so much."

"You'll move in with me effective tonight. You'll never have to leave." He kissed her tears away.

"But, what will McGonagall say?" she asked worried still that he would lose his job.

"In her words, she is so happy for both of us. Dumbledore spoke from his portrait- and he said that he knew we would end up together and that together we would make wonderful potions for the wizarding and muggle worlds. What do you think about that for a happy ending?" he winked at her.

She jumped into his arms and they began to kiss passionately. As Severus began to reach second base he waved Draco and Ginny away.

"Thank you, now GET LOST!"

Well, Severus Snape still had his spunk- afterall he would always be a Slytherin, but now he also had someone in his life that he could always love. His life was complete now that he had Hermione. And as they began to make love by the lake Hermione and Severus realized that they were incredibly lucky to be able to spend the rest of forever together. After all, it wasn't every day that witches and wizards found their perfect match.



There are so many things that I would like to say about this my first fanfiction- first of all I'm sad that it is over- for now. I am leaving it open for a part two in the future.

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