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Winner of the Twilight Lexicon Love Letter Contest; Esme-Carlisle category

Dedicated to my husband, who inspired this letter. Happy Valentine's Day, my love.

February 14, 1923

Dearest Carlisle,

My pen is inadequate for this task, to describe my love for you. Not even my beloved watercolors are sufficient. And yet my feelings overflow, yearning for expression on this special occasion.

I know you agonized over the decision to change me, and even now there are fleeting moments of regret. But I tell you, my love, I never truly lived until my heart stopped beating. Nothing in my past could have prepared me for this joy, this sense of fulfillment and completion when you hold me. Only the experience of cradling new life in my arms can rival what I feel for you. Who knew that a silent heart could be so full?

From the moment you lifted me from my father's carriage, you have been a part of me, seared into my human heart. And when the fires of change licked at my body, your angelic face reassured me that the hellish burning was not my punishment; it was a gift. Your compassionate act gave me so much more than immortality; you gave me eternal life with you.

I will spend eternity at your side, giving you the gift of my whole heart.

Yours ever,