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Gibbs walked down the steps feeling lighter than when he had gone up them. The team had finished a case early in the morning, he had attended a boring and uninvolved meeting with the Director, and he had a fresh cup of coffee in his hands. The day couldn't get any better. To top it all off, it was approximately lunchtime. That meant another break for more coffee and a nice time away from the building.

He looked around the bullpen to find only two of his three agents at their desks, glancing around nervously as if expecting him to pop out of nowhere and scare them. It was tempting, but he was in a good mood. "Where's DiNozzo?" Even though he had walked in plain sight to the grouping of desks, Ziva and McGee both jumped minimally, surprised by his presence.

"Uh… he left awhile ago, Boss. I'm not sure where to. Did you try Abby?" McGee returned to his computer, looking slightly uncomfortable, probably putting finishing touches on a report or some older paperwork.

"I'm pretty sure he went to see Ducky, Gibbs." Ziva stood and grabbed her coat off the back of her swiveling chair. "McGee, will you be joining me for lunch?"

"Depends on where you are headed…" McGee's voice was quickly cut off from Gibbs by the elevator doors closing in front of him. Just because they didn't have a case didn't mean that Tony could just wander around without his permission. The elevator seemed to be moving slower, as if its speed were decreasing as Gibbs became angrier.

Finally, the elevator 'dinged' and Gibbs walked out and into Autopsy. Ducky was contemplating some x-rays, no doubt the pictures of lungs belonging to the dead Marine lying several feet from the doctor. Ducky was so intent on the x-rays that he didn't even notice Gibbs' entrance, nor acknowledge his presence as Gibbs stood, quite in Ducky's personal space.

"Where's my agent, Duck?" Gibbs remained calm, realizing that Ducky wasn't responsible for Tony in any way and certainly wasn't to be expected to know the place of every person in the building. But Gibbs had intel from a Mossad officer that Tony had last been seen leaving to visit Ducky.

"Oh, do you mean young Anthony? I sent him home, Jethro. He needed the rest. I'm sure you couldn't have the poor lad working." Ducky turned only long enough to make a stern eye contact with Gibbs, and then turned right back to the lighted board.

"What are you talking about?" Gibbs was glaring holes in the side of Ducky's head now, determined to know what secret everyone was determined to keep from him.

"Poor Tony wasn't feeling well, came to me for obvious reasons, and I sent him home for some rest and maybe a few days off. He must have been feeling quite miserable, considering that he came to me on his own accord. My first thought was that you ordered him, but apparently-"

"You sent him home alone to rest? Have you seen DiNozzo style resting? You might have just sent him to finish my boat and get it out of my basement alone." Gibbs threw his coffee away in the trashcan on the way out. He headed right back into the elevator and forcibly pressed the button for the garage, willing the elevator to hurry.

He arrived in no time at his agent's apartment complex. He screeched to a stop in front of the staircase leading to Tony's apartment, ignoring the empty parking spots just to the right. Taking steps by twos, ignoring his protesting knees, he was quickly in front of the door and unlocking it with the key he had been given. He expected his agent to be watching television or doing anything besides the advised resting. Strangely, DiNozzo was nowhere to be found. The place looked generally clean; a stack of DVD's piled haphazardly on the floor, a pile of blankets on the couch, and a trashcan placed randomly next to the couch seemed to be the only messy qualities. It was only after Gibbs checked Tony's bedroom, bathroom and kitchen that he realized the lump of blankets was Tony. He recognized head of brown hair that he hadn't noticed the first time that stuck out at one end of the tangle of blankets. He kneeled slowly next to the couch, not wanting to wake him up. Gently, Gibbs placed his hand on DiNozzo's forehead, gauging his temperature. He withdrew his hand quickly at the heat, realized that Tony was actually sick. He sighed and regretted it instantly when Tony's eyelids flickered open, revealing familiar green eyes lacking the familiar lively spark. A weak "Boss?" was emitted from Tony's mouth as he realized who was looking at him.

"Yeah, DiNozzo." He sighed again, not really knowing what to say. 'I felt bad for not noticing you were sick so I came over here to check on you' wasn't really Gibbs' style. Instead, he tried to display his concern in a discreet manner. "Why didn't you tell me you were sick?"