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Gibbs wondered again for the umpteenth time why he'd agreed to accompany Abby. Dancing wasn't really his thing. Though watching her swing across the floor, it almost made him want to step away from the wall he was leaning on and join her on the floor. Abruptly the song ended and Abby came bounding over to the corner where he was hiding.

"Gibbs! Why aren't you dancing?!" She gave him a million-watt smile and stood in front of him waiting for an answer.

He stifled a small sigh and smiled affectionately down at his resident Lab Rat. "Because... I don't dance."

"But Gibbs! Everyone swing dances!"

He merely raised an eyebrow.

"Okay... maybe not everyone. But you've gotta admit, it looks pretty fun!" Abby's cheerful effervescent personality was once again busting through Gibbs' stone exterior and he smiled again.

"Yes, it does look fun."

"So Dance!" She began tugging on his arm, trying to inch him closer to the dance floor. Fortunately for Gibbs, he was much stronger than Abby and he stayed put where he was.

Abby turned around and was already preparing her "Gibbsie-please-do-this-for-me-just-this-once" face when a woman walked up to them.

"Excuse me, she said turning to Gibbs, I was wondering if you'd like to dance?"

Gibbs looked at her and began assessing her with a critcal eye. Long, thick brown hair fell in waves over her shoulders as she stood with a half smile on her rather pretty heart-shaped face. Her pale skin only served to highlight her bright green eyes that were crinkled in amusement as she watched him complete his assessment of her. She was wearing a purple tank top and a black skirt which seemed to float about her as it accentuated her slim figure.

In the two seconds his took him to take her all in, Abby had been doing some assessing of her own. She'd never seen Gibbs look at a woman like that before. He was almost Tony-like in the way he looked at her. An idea sprang into her head.

"Yes! He'd loooove to dance with you!!" Abby cried as she pushed Gibbs' toward the unknown woman.

"Abby..." The growl in Gibbs' voice did not intimidate like was intended. All it ilicited was a grin and a cheery wave from the perpetraitor as he found himself being led out onto the dance floor by the strange woman.

I had spotted him the moment he walked in. The Goth next to his side, I recognized as one of the sister's regulars. She had dropped her bag on the floor and immediately run out to dance with her regular dance partner and left the man alone. I noticed the wry expression on his face as he watched the woman he came with spin around the floor. I knew that look all too well. He was one of the ones who got dragged along because they couldn't say no to her and ended up feeling awkward the entire time because they weren't dancing. From my position by the water cooler, I could hear the gossip already beginning to form from the regulars who always noticed someone new.

"Ooh, look at what the Goth dragged in..."

"Damn, what I wouldn't give to be single..."

"Maybe one of us should go and ask him to dance..."

"I bet he's Abby's sugar daddy..."

At that last bit, I stood up and decided that I'd really give them something to talk about. I walked over to them and watched Abby try to cajole the man, whom she called Gibbs out onto the dance floor. When I saw his expression as he looked at her, I knew that he definitely was not her sugar daddy as Megan had so ineloquently put it. That was a look of affectionate exasperation that father's give their daughter's. I ought to know- I got that look more than once when I was younger.

As she began to tug futilely at his arm, trying to drag him onto the floor, I stepped in.

"Excuse me, I was wondering if you'd like to dance?"

I saw his eyes narrow slightly as he quickly gave me a once over. I felt a tingle run up and down my spine as his gaze ran over my body, that I suppressed with a smile. I gave him a closer look as well. Silver hair, blue eyes, well built body, stance good, balance good...I could feel my mind shift to a more professional assessment and I stopped. Tonight was for fun, not business. He was dressed in a simple grey button-up shirt and charcoal slacks. I stood waiting for an answer that came from an unexpected source.

"Yes! He'd loooove to dance with you!!" Abby quickly gave Gibbs a shove in my direction. Taking her cue, I grabbed his right hand in my left and began walking toward the dance floor where a new song was starting. A gentleman, I thought, when he didn't resist or pull back. Or maybe he's just curious, my mind whispered. The only sign he gave to show his annoyence was a growled "Abby..." Hearing his voice sound so gruff, another shiver snaked over my body as I thought of that voice being directed at me.

I turned around and into his arms. His hands went to exactly the right places and we began to move in time to the music. I cocked an eyebrow.

"I was under the impression you couldn't dance?" Skeptism was evident in my voice and I was suprised when he laughed.

"I never said I couldn't, just that I didn't." He smiled as he took me through several turns in quick succession and we ended in the closed position. My body was pressed against his and I could smell him. I inhaled deeply. Sort of like a musky lumber yard, I thought.

"You never told me your name." His voice came from above and I looked up at him gazing down at me.

"Catalina, and you are...?"

He hesitated a fraction of a second before answering me.

"Jethro, call me Jethro"