My Hero

Juana la Cliker-Rooster


Tonight I decided to write a 'hero report'. This is what Daniel Witwicky would have written if he wrote one, with some help from Carly and Spike. Enjoy!

"My Hero"

A Report by Daniel Witwicky

Grade Three

My report is about my hero, Optimus Prime. He is one of the Autobots. He can transform into a fire truck and is red and blue. When he transforms, he has a big axe that he uses to fight the bad guys, like the Decepticons and the Angry Archer. The Angry Archer once robbed my dad's jewelry store, and Optimus Prime stopped him and returned the jewelry to the store. He was so nice and helpful!

Optimus Prime once visited my school and I got to ask him a bunch of questions. He answered them too! It was very nice of him to visit us. I want to be a fireman when I grow up so I can be like him and protect people from fires and other bad stuff, like the Decepticons and that crazy girl, Professor Princess.

Optimus Prime is really tall! When he walks, it sounds like a little earthquake, and I think it's very cool. I wish I could stomp around like him. It looks like he wears a hat on his head, but I think it's part of his head. It's really cool.

Optimus Prime always looks kind of sad, though. I wish I could make him smile so whatever was making him sad would leave him alone, because no one should ever have to be sad all the time. He never smiles is always worried about when the Decepticons are going to return to Detroit. I think Optimus Prime needs a long vacation in Florida, where he can go swimming and play with the whales. He's as big as one, so I guess it would be like playing with a puppy.

I am very happy the Autobots are here to protect us and keep us safe from bad stuff. I feel very safe in Detroit because they are here. I hope they never have to leave Earth and can live here forever. Optimus Prime is my hero because he is nice, and strong and he protects us from the bad guys. He is my hero!

A/N: I do work with kids, so I do know that is a tad sophisticated for that age group. But it was so cute that it had to be written. Took me ten minutes, too, so don't write a review telling me it looks like crap, it's meant to be written by a third grader (8-9 years old).