I've decided to start a sequel. I hope you enjoy this tiny piece of it and get ready to go on another ride that you'll never forget! ;)

You know, how when you're a little girl, and your mom always read you the fairytale stories? Do you remember how the prince and princess always lived happily ever after? When I was 15 my dreams flew out window of being the princess with my prince. My dream was restored when I was 17 and met my prince. He made my life feel worth living. He was my best friend, my boyfriend, the love of my life and now my husband. I had always dreamed of getting the fairytale wedding and living in a big house with my children and a dog. Of course, that was to come later on when I was out of university. My only problem is I might not get to see the last part of my dream come true. How am I supposed to tell the love of my life, the one thing I feared the most?

I'm Isabella Marie Cullen and I'm dying. Again.

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This is a note for you all who read my J/B stories. I'm a bitch and don't have the heart to finish them. I spent all week trying to write the next chapter to Open Road and I can't do it :(. Good news, sort of, is that I'm thinking about rewriting Long Lost Love. Tell me what you think!