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There is so many things going on, and so much fan fiction that I want to write (and not just for Inuyasha or FFU) that I'm constantly excited. But I'm also worried about my audience. A lot of people are afraid of something new, and my ideas are evolutionary and sometimes don't have much to do with the canon. But, if you stick with me, you'll get extraordinary fan fiction of the likes you have never seen before.
I'm only arrogant when it comes to writing. Remember that.

This time I'm bringing to you an all new story: It Doesn't Take Seven Days to Love You or "7 Days".

Summary: It doesn't take seven days to span a river, but a lifetime to keep from drowning.

These are stories within stories. Stories about life, loss, and about the other certainty besides death and taxes—love. LxK

Like my fan fiction Four Seasons, 7 Days takes place over a certain time period—in this case 7 days, or a week. Which is shorter than Four Seasons because FS is taking place over all four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) and "7" doesn't have four chapters per season: equaling 16 chapters.

Instead "7" will have seven chapters, beginning with this chapter (Monday) and ending on Sunday.

As for the time period, 7 Days will span all of FFU, including the 1st and 2nd seasons and FFU: After. And it won't be in order, so you can read Tuesday before Monday and so forth.

To break away from my current trend, these stories will range anywhere from funny, to thought provoking, to dramatic. But no matter which way they fall, I hope that these will be easier to read than my previous attempts at FFU fan fiction.

I hope you all enjoy this, I know I will.

Happy trails.

Disclaimer: I don't own FFU. That is owned by Square Enix and whoever animated it. I just own the plot.

"It Doesn't Take Seven Days to Love You..."

--7 Days--


"38.9 C°. Yep, it's official, you're sick."
Lisa shook her head and waved the thermometer in her right hand, hoping that like pregnancy tests the results could be changed by violent movement.

But just like those tests, nothing changed.

"Does this mean mister has to stay in bed?" Ai asked hopefully, not sympathetically. There was a grin on her face that Lisa didn't like, but couldn't do anything about. Ai and Yu had been kind enough to give them a place to stay and forgive her for lying to them about her mission and herself.

"Well, not everything was a lie..." Lisa thought ruefully. "I do have a boyfriend... Or did anyway."

Pushing away those thoughts, Lisa stood up and shooed the children from the room.

"Come on now, you guys will catch it too."

"But what about you?" Yu asked, clearly worried. "Won't you get sick?"
Lisa smiled. "Of course not. The agency gave me a vaccine for everything, even allergies. Now you two go on, I'll take care of Kaze."
Ai smiled, and was about to make a joke about Kaze's condition until Lisa pushed both Yu and Ai out of the room and turned back to Kaze.
Instead of being in bed, he was attempting to hobble out the door along with Ai and Yu.

"You're suppose to be in bed."
Clearly, Kaze had never heard of the word "sick" before.

"Look, don't make it any worse than it has to be."
Kaze just glared at her as Lisa advanced toward him with a bottle of medicine.

In another world, and if they were Mexican wrestlers, this would be funny. Maybe even hilarious. But Lisa wasn't laughing. If Kaze wanted to play "20 Rings of Death" he could play it alone. Alone and in better health.

He thought he was invincible, and that was the trouble with men. They didn't like to be wrong.

Lisa smiled, it came out as a grimace. "Do we have to bring out the straitjacket, or are you going to stop being such a baby about this and get back in bed?"

To her astonishment, Kaze did as he was told.
Lisa, confident in her ability to make him obey, turned for the spoon to administer the medicine only to find it...

Frustrated, Lisa turned back to Kaze only to see him dispose of it to his Magun like a magic trick.

"I don't even want to know what you're going to do with that... Don't think this is over. You're going to get proper treatment if my name isn't Pacifist!" Lisa glared at Kaze and furiously declared before storming out.

"Is he well yet?" asked Cid as Lisa emerged from Kaze's room.
"Shut up, Cid."

Okay, round two hadn't worked so well. Who knew Kaze could negotiate, and manage to get half way out the door before Lisa dragged both him and his helpers back. This time clearing everyone out of the house, including Yu so Kaze wouldn't have any comrades in his campaign to annoy the hell out of Lisa, Lisa turned toward plan three.

Sweet talk. Laying on the sugar. Being Ms. Jane. Dress up. Acting cute.

Otherwise known as: Kissing ass.

If dressing in a frilly apron and putting on a little lip gloss and letting her hair down (with the addition of high heels and lingerie brought at Fascinations) didn't get Kaze to take that medicine, then nothing else would.
Lisa looked down at herself. Well, she had too much bust to fit Marie Hayakawa's naughty nurse costume.

With determination filling her veins once more, Lisa made porridge and prepared for round three with Kaze.

Cracking open the door, she saw him sullenly sitting upon the bed. Lisa silently congratulated herself for filling the floor space around his bed with humidifiers. Why humidifiers? A substitute for mist, plus its good for congestion. And why mist? Well if Kaze hates Kumo then maybe he'll stay in bed if he has to be reminded of him. At least it's something to keep him from jumping out the window.

With porridge in one hand, and a spoon (plastic this time) in the other, Lisa stole into the room and stood before Kaze.

"I thought you might be hungry." Lisa forced herself to plaster on a dumb grin on her face and leaned forward just enough to show him what was underneath the apron.

Kaze might as well have been gay.

"Damn bastard. Maybe Kumo in high heels would have sparked your interest? Freaking jerk!"

Instead of voicing her opinion, Lisa tried tactic two and sat on the bed by Kaze, placing the porridge between them.
"Just one bite? Please, Kaze. I know you're hungry."
There was just enough pleading in her voice to make it seem like she had given up and just enough fluttering of her brown eyes to make her seem eager to please, not like she had a muscle disorder.

"Just one bite and I'll never bother you again."

"Come on, take the bait you bastard..."

Kaze leaned toward the bowl—

"Yes, yes, yes!"

And threw up all over her.

For a minute there was nothing but shocked silence and the hiss of purified air filling the room. And then, as Lisa was starting to get over the shock of a grown man vomiting over her "sexy mama" outfit, Kaze vomited again, but this time over the side of the bed and on Marie's red pumps and what looked to be half a year's salary.

Lisa stood up, turned around, and walked out the door.

Yu was standing outside, his face priceless as he realized what Lisa was covered in (and what she was wearing).


"Don't say a word."

Incidentally, Lisa had to walk past Kumo to get to the bathroom.
She promptly threw her soiled apron in his face and flipped him off.

Okay, flashing her middle finger in Kumo's face (and giving him a view of her scantly clad behind) hadn't been part of the master plan. But, no matter how much she hated to admit it, she had to call in the calvary.

Which meant Ai.

There was something demeaning about a 20-something woman going to a 12 year old girl for help. However, go Lisa did.

Ai listened sympathetically, then nodded her head and stood up.

"You've been going about this the wrong way."
Lisa nodded her head in agreement. Maybe trying to seduce a person with a fever hot enough to boil an egg hadn't been such a good idea.

"What you should have done was stripped. Then when he was too shocked to make a move, pounced on him and put him in a chocker hold. Then, wrapping your legs around his spine, brought him to his knees and forced the medicine down his throat before inserting a gag."
Lisa's mouth opened up so wide it could have fit a semi. Did Ai, innocent 12 year old Ai, just suggest something that was possibly illegal?

Ai just shrugged at Lisa's reaction. "At least that's what my mom does to my dad anyway."
Lisa closed her mouth and looked at the Hayakawa's in a new light.
Never mess with the child of a reigning S&M queen.

With her newfound plans dashed, and knowing that she had no other choice, Lisa turned to the crew of the Comodeen and Knave for help.

"Well, what I believe you should do," said Knave since the rest of the crew just threw catcalls her way (show one man your booty and you show a hundred), Cid just plan confused Lisa with his explanation of the body and germs and white blood cells, and because Miles was no help since she just agreed with everything Cid said. Lisa had no choice but to turn to Knave. "is just explain your purpose and be honest with him."
Lisa, for the second time that night, was dumbfounded. She hadn't even thought that Kaze might not understand her purpose in trying to help him. In fact, she hadn't even thought that Kaze's world might not have medicine or that this might be his first time being sick.

And here she was, trying to seduce and terrorize Kaze into submission. Trying to bully a man now lying in his own vomit into swallowing, what might appear to him, poison.

"Knave, you're right. I'll go to Kaze right now and explain." Lisa thanked him and turned to go, but before she could leave Knave grabbed her elbow and brought her back to him.

"Wait, before you go..."
Somehow Lisa knew where this was going from the look in his eye and the fireplace that suddenly sprung up in the background.

"...What color underwear are you wearing?"

Needless to say the Kigen dragon was unleashed and chaos ensued, leading to the mysterious sinking of the Comodeen.

This time Lisa was well prepared.

She didn't wear sexy clothes, nor did she carry medicine or any other threatening objects, and she didn't come with a scheme in mind. All she wore were simple cleaning clothes, a mop and bucket, and fresh sheets. Lisa took away the humidifiers, ordered Cid and Yu to bath Kaze, and Ai and Kumo (who was lucky enough to have escaped Lisa's wrath) to find something for Kaze to sleep in while she cleaned up the room.

It was hard work, trying to keep it together and think up an apology, but in the end Lisa ended up going with Knave's advice.

"I'm sorry, Kaze. I didn't think of your feelings. I'm not trying to hurt you, I just want to make sure you get better."

Lisa bowed low and apologized while Kaze dressed in the other room. A single wood door separated them, but he was still able to hear her.

"In the future, I'll try to think more about your feelings." Lisa blushed with shame. If she had just done this in the beginning things wouldn't have been so difficult.

Kaze didn't say anything as he walked into the now clean (and vomit free) bedroom.

With the exception of his metal clad arm, he looked like a kid.
Dirt free, without his glasses or his usual clothes, Kaze actually looked human. Unfortunately, the pajamas that Ai and Kumo managed to find were too short.

Lisa stifled a giggle. Kaze looked so awkward, like a bean pole standing there in checkered PJ's two sizes too small.

Kaze just glared at Lisa, and started to voice his dissent, when a sneezing fit overcame him.

Lisa held back a grin as she lead Kaze to bed.

This time there were no stand offs and things went smoother. Kaze got into bed with no complaint, accepted the medicine once it was explained what it was for, and even allowed Lisa to feed him some of the porridge she had made.

"There, now don't you feel better? If you need anything I'll be in the other room. Goodnight."
Lisa reached over to turn out the light and leave him alone when Kaze stopped her by reaching out and touching her hand.

Lisa looked over her shoulder, staring at his hand over hers in surprise. Then she noticed Kaze's difficulty breathing and a slight blush on his face.

Whether it was from the fever, or having to be taken care of, Lisa didn't know or care. He needed her. And that was all she needed to know.
"Do you want me to stay with you?"
Her answer was Kaze averting his face and turning a beet red.

Lisa smiled and sat by his side, happy that for once they were able to communicate with each other. Even if she had done all the talking.

Communication is the key to understanding one another.

Even if the person you're communicating with has vomited on you in one point in time.

Ai and Yu snuck into the sickroom before dawn.

"Do you think Kaze's okay?"
"I wouldn't worry about him. Lisa on the other hand... Well, I still say she should have tried the chocker hold on him." Ai shrugged and walked in after Yu.

For a minute neither said a word, then they turned to each other with identical grins.

"Should we...?"
"Wake them? Naw, let them sleep. But maybe..."
Ai leaned down and took the tape off of Poshepocket. "Give me a camera."

Lisa and Kaze slept on, oblivious as Ai took a picture of them together. Then, silently, the twins walked out with their evidence in tow.

On the bed, side by side, Lisa and Kaze slept together.
He still held her hand.

(7 Days — Monday—End 9/18/08)