Chapter 11

Utau sat at home, taking a break from the dancing she usually did on Wednesdays. Sighing, she planned out the show this weekend. The suits had apparently liked Amu's voice enough to give her a longer part in some of the songs.

What'cha gonna do, huh? She thought to herself. We've already have has four concerts together and she already has the fans and the press. I guess it can't be helped.

Bored with her work she decided to go to the kitchen and have another coffee. There on the table was Ikuto's violin. Cautiously, Utau approached it. She ran her fingers across the polished wood and smiled. Ikuto had tried to teach her how to play, what a disaster that was. A whole day of screeching and confusion. Not fun.

Ikuto and Amu were out. Ikuto with his manager, Amu changing her hair back to that pink color it was before. Utau looked around, making sure that there was no one in the room and picked up the violin. She didn't dare pick up the bow, pizzicato was enough, besides, a screeching violin was not what she wanted to hear this morning. She plucked the string and smiled.

Amu looked in the mirror and sighed, she missed her hair. The way that the pink brought out her eyes, and the layers framed her face just right. There were so many memories that were connected with it. Like that night at the amusement park with Ikuto…..

"So how do you like it?" The hair dressers voice interrupted her peaceful daydream. "I like it a lot, thank you" Amu smiled back. "Well come by the front and we'll ring you up".

Amu walked across the pristine white linoleum, admiring the other celebrities. She was apparently too famous to go to a regular salon. The press would bombard her in an instant. Plus, they would most likely follow her to her home and discover Ikuto, then the press would never leave them alone. "You're living with the violinist?" "How long have you two known each other" "What's Utau Doing there? Is this some weird arrangement between you guys?!" Amu cringed at just the thought.

"Thank you, ma'am. That'll be all" with that Amu walked out of the salon and into the tinted town car.

Utau jumped at the sound of her cell ringing. She read her caller I.D. Kukai. She smiled and answered.

"Hey pop star how's the routine coming along?" "Just fine Kukai and I'm almost certain you're aware that it's my break day" She said, teasing him. "Ah, good good, uuuh, sorry" There was a long pause. Utau giggled "Kukai you can't only be calling to wonder about how the dance routine is going…." "What's wrong with that?" She could practically hear him blushing. "So umm" Kukai cleared his throat. "There's a rehearsal this evening don't be late!" "Alright Kukai, Goodbye." "Bye super star"

Utau snapped her phone shut, smiling. That Kukai, such a workaholic, he's probably in the office right now. A fashion magazine caught her eye and Utau decided to relax. Flipping through the pages of co tour fashion, she plopped down on the sofa. Her thoughts were then interrupted by that annoying song that almost every doorbell plays. "Ugghhh" she groaned. Just as I sat down to relax. She pulled herself up from the coach and looked through the peephole. Surrounding her door were about seven people, all wearing suits. Damn taxes she thought to herself.

Utau pulled open the door. "If this is about anything tax related what ever is missing is in the mail". Then Utau looked at them a bit closer "Hey aren't you---". Just then she felt a sharp pain to her side and a cloth covering her face. She tried to fight, kicking at the person surrounding her, ignoring the sharp pains in her side every time she made a move, but it felt as if she was moving through water. She felt herself getting weaker, and after a few seconds she felt her body go limp and her surroundings melt into the darkness.